Chapter 88: Exploration of Karluk Kingdom’s Capital part 2: The auction


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

「Thirty five.」



「Here we have it, fifty! Any other bids? Then fifty it is!」


In such casual manner people were bought and sold.

The men that with 50 gold coins won the bid for a young female slave went to the back in order to receive his goods, apparently having no intentions to bid anymore.

The auction’s host though presented everything with an unchanging smile on his face in a lively and humorous manner still proceeds with things very quickly.

Then points to the amount of merchandise, the slaves.

「Then, today’s main article! Coming from a major noble family of Fruke Kingdom, the surviving member of Count’s Halfen house! Miss Catherine Halfen!」

When the presenter called the name, three beauties appeared from the backstage and came forward. To the sides, two girls in something similar to a bunny girl outfit, showing a lot of skin, and a girl in a white dress to the center. Swaying her magnificent, almost sparking blonde hair, the girl raised her head.

The strong gaze that wouldn’t allow one to suspect the tiniest bit of nervousness towards the fact that her fate will be shortly decided by an auction.

Perhaps she was rousing attention with her dignified bearing, but the venue grew silent as every participant had their gaze glued to her.

「Fruke Kingdom that recently was erased from the map in conflict with Blau Empire. The daughter of a high ranking noble from a small but renowned kingdom! Fifteen years old, just recently reaching a marriageable age! Both her body and soul were polished into that of a high ranking noble, thus the highest quality! Of course, a virgin! Being a premium-grade slave only one contractor is permitted, limitations can be applied, however, death link is not allowed.」

Explained the presenter with an unprecedented passion. By the way, death link is a special slave seal that kills the slave upon the owner’s death. Before this, a number of slaves with such marks applicable appeared, mainly those that would be used as a substitute for soldiers or maids.

In short, it’s required to prevent betrayals. In Catherine’s case, I guess she is too valuable, so her dying like that would be a problem.

And as I was observing with a sour look, the auction for Catherine finally started.

「Well then, for this lot we will start from the lowest price of 10 gold coins!」




「One hundred!」

The price spiked with outrageous speed and excitement in the venue grew proportionally to that.

「……Taiki-sama, will you participate as well?」

I reply to the question of Yuri, that was sitting beside me, with a sigh.

As I took part in conflicts with Azur kingdom and Blau empire, I received post-war settlements, reparations so to say, furthermore, I also received various riches and treasures as a proof of friendship, so I had funds.

However, even if I bought out all of the slaves in this venue, their number on the next auction will not change and it won’t work as a solution.

I won’t say something as arrogant as I’d fix slave’s issue, but I also feel murky about buying and saving one or two here.

As I fought with emotion that I didn’t clearly understand myself, a man, so overweight that his rear stuck from the sides of his chair, raised his hand.

「One thousand.」

With those words the venue became silent.

Moments ago the bids were in the 500 area, and now the price just doubled. Murmurs run through the venue, but no one dares to raise.

「Ye-yes! Then, one thousand gold! Is this fine? Then, sold for one thousand gold!」

As if he suddenly came to senses, the host announced the winning bid. The fat man laughed with his whole body shaking and overlooked other participants with amusement.

While many frowned upon his crude manner, some appeared to know the man and hurried to avert their gaze.

So he is either a noble or a powerful person of some kind.

Looking closely, he appeared more like a villainous merchant. Combined with his gaudy red and gold clothes he seemed to me like nothing but a tasteless upstart.

「……Even in Karluk Kingdom, one thousand gold is a large sum, right?」

「It’s an outrageously large sum. You can erect a mansion at the capital for such money. Ah, but in Karluk Kingdom, it will only net you a two-story house…… A normal slave would be bought for silver or one gold coin at most. As expected, being a daughter of a high ranking noble, that beauty will be a huge point.」

Almost ending up as a slave herself, Ayla was quite well-informed. I brought a few hundred gold with me, but now I instantly became afraid of carrying them around.

The host started giving a closing speech, so I guess it’s the time for us to leave.

Getting outside, under the light of the sun, I stretch my limbs. I think we sat there for at least three hours.

As I look forward, pondering on what we should do next, a certain scene entered my sight.

A man of suspicious appearance wearing leather armor and leather boots was pestering a merchant-like man in a turban.

Robbery. Such a word came to my mind.

「……For now, let’s help him, I guess. A1?」

Saying just that and turning to A1 was enough for him to make his way to the scene in long strides.

「Whaat? Want to screw with…… Go-golem?!」


The astounded duo.

「Well, let’s not start a scene…… So, what was the reason for your argument?」

I asked them in an amicable tone, trying not to agitate them too much, but the two went pale and averted their gazes.




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