Chapter 89: The cause of dispute


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

「The slave I bought from him ran away!」

「And as I said, your bad management is to blame……」

「Bastard, the hell did you say?!」

The shouting man and the scared man that refutes him anyway. After arguing with each other for a while they turned to me.

「Mister Noble! He is the one to blame, right?!」

「No no, Master. What this fellow is saying is incredibly selfish……」

For some reason, the two asked me to resolve this, but naturally, I had no such authority. It seems they mistook me for a high ranking aristocrat that walks around with beauties and a bodyguard capable of controlling a golem, but it’s not like I had any power in this kingdom.

Nonetheless, telling them to scram after coming to them myself would be strange as well. So I decided on getting as many details as possible from them and giving the fairest judgment I can.

「I regret to say this, but this side is right.」

Objectively evaluating their arguments I decided to support the merchant.

「Wh-why is that?!」

The shady man opened his eyes wide and took a step in my direction.

「Well, you had a contract, and you put your name on it, I don’t think you can overturn that. After all, it states that no guarantees are given for what happens after the deal.」

「N-noo waay……!」

The man was clearly disappointed with my decision. But it can’t be helped. A contract is a scary thing. Surely, next time he will pay more attention to a contract before making a deal.

「Sh-shit! You’ll regret this, Diego! You dirty merchant!」

Seeing the man running with such parting words, the one called Diego made a wry smile.

「……Good grief, what a brazen fellow. Well, but if it wasn’t for your aid. You really saved me here… Being killed over such unjustified resentment would be unbearable.」

Since he can say that with a smile, this Diego fellow should be quite used to tough situations.

「In the first place, if you buy criminal slaves just because they are cheap and then go lax on supervision, it’s merely obvious that they will run away. Putting additional limitations on troublesome slaves is common sense, refusing to do that since there is supposedly no money…」

Smiling wryly at Diego mumbling in anger, I raise a hand.

「Well then, We’ll be leaving at this.」

When I said this and tried to leave, Diego made a startled expression and spread his hands.

「Ah, please wait one moment! If you have time available, by all means, please visit our company! It might be a trifle, but I’d like to give you at least a token of gratitude……」


I feel kind of reluctant about getting chummy with a slave trader.

Thinking so I was about to softly decline, but Diego donned a merchant-like smile.

「Other than slaves we also deal in a great variety of other goods! After all, in the country to which I belong, our Reginshion company competes for the first or second place. I serve as an assistant to the deputy branch manager there.」

Diego said proudly.

I wasn’t sure how assistant to deputy branch manager was different from a common employee, but I understood that it was quite a large organization. If they have goods other than slaves, then I indeed would be interested in taking a look.

「If you insist this much, then I guess I’ll pay you a visit.」

When I replied, Diego exclaimed in delight and pointed to the area further down the road.

「Ooh! Then, please, over here! Let me show the way to the company where I work!」

Looking at Diego strolling slightly ahead of us with those words, Ayla groaned with an inexplicable expression.

「……I wonder if it will be alright with a slave seal. What if they mistake me and Aifa-san for merchandise…」

「That won’t happen. But even if it did, should I will trick them by saying that you are my slaves?」

As I unintentionally made such a black joke, I turned around to see Ayla’s with slightly reddened cheeks.

「Ta-Taiki-sama’s slave…… This is good in its own way……」

And also Aifa nodded confidently, while Ayla kept mumbling something to herself.

「It’s a jo-joke? A joke! Okay? We are going to lose sight of Diego-san!」

Feeling like I flipped some weird switch, I, flustered, ran after Diego.

After that Ayla kept acting weirdly, shaking her head with her hands on her cheeks, while Yuri looked at that spectacle with a soft smile.

What a suspicious lot. And with Diego in the lead that suspicious lot reached an intersection of the street filled with slave stores and a street where ordinary stores were lines up.

Pointing to the most splendid building that stood at the corner of that big intersection, Diego spoke.

「Now, now, we arrived! This is the capital’s second branch office of Reginshion company! The one where I work! 」


Looking up at the store I involuntarily said.

It was a three-story building, of which I didn’t see many in this town. In addition, each floor was even taller than the previous, so in fact, it was as high as a four-story building, a mammoth of a store.

Merchandise was lined up, even in front of the entrance on the first floor, the customer traffic also appeared good. Women in skimpy dresses that were waving their hands from the veranda-like section of the building on the second floor, bothered me a little, but at first glance, it appeared like a very fine building.

「Manager! Manager Rabia!」

As Diego shouted, calling the manager, in a short while a lanky man with a lean appearance appeared from the interior.

Furrowing his brows, the man hurriedly made his way towards us with a gloomy expression.

Then, struck Diego on the head.

「Don’t make a racket in front of customers. It will make people question the class of our establishment. How many times do I have to repeat this before you understand.」

As he was scolding him, Rabia shook Diego’s head grabbing it with both hands.

And while still in the process of chastising Diego, he finally noticed us, and looking at A1 and Aifa his eyes opened wide.

「……Sorry for showing you this unsightly scene. I’m the one entrusted with this store, the name is Rabia. Diego, introduces himself.」

And after making such a greeting he released Diego. On the other hand, the released Diego laughed cheerfully and patted himself on the chest.

「This is the nobleman that saved me in a pinch! Ah, which reminds me, I didn’t ask your names! Everyone, can we hear your names?」

After hearing Diego’s introductions, which hardly can be counted as such, Rabia struck him on the head with a fist, while still looking our way with a charming smile.



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    It is not rocket science to figure out what will happen to her after being delivered to the guy’s home. Moreover, no matter how strong of a front she had, she is still a young lady who probably never dealt with severely bad situations before…..Even so, despite his random acts of kindness, he couldn’t decide to help her…….just wow.

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      She was sold for 1000, he said he only brought a few hundred with him.
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