Chapter 9 – Just met


Translator: “Drey”

The moment when the elevator door opened and my eyes met with the girl, I reflexively raised my hand and said.

「Good morning」


The girl immediately hides behind of A1. And, A1 looks this way silently.

Although I didn’t mean to scare her, I feel like being accused by A1 for some reason.

Hmm? I haven’t said to bring the girl to the dining hall, so I wonder why A1 came here together with the girl?

No way, I wonder if he isn’t a gentleman but actually a feminist. There’s plenty of possibility that he will listen to the girl’s request rather than the order of his master.

When I stared intensely at A1 with ‘jii’, the girl cut in and timidly said.

「……. U, um, would you be, the Great Magician-sama…….?」

「Oooh! Japanese! Seriously!」

When I reflexively raise a cheer to the words of the girl, she immediately hid again.

She’s scared.

Because I have been living peacefully as a simple and harmless human being, I didn’t expect that I will make anyone feel scared of me, let alone a young girl.

But now seeing her reaction makes me feel somewhat troubled.

When I quietly feeling depressed, the girl showed up again and looked at me with her big puppy eyes.

「Wha, what do you intend to do, to me……?」

What does she mean?

Do what?

「What I will do to you, you say?」

I softly ask a question in return. Softly. Kindly.

However, the face of the girl is full of tension. Why is this happening to me?

「I, I am just a village girl…… so I don’t have anything, I don’t know, anything …」

She said that in a faint voice and I finally understood.

Haa, she probably thinks I’m a kidnapper.

“Uwaa. She’s right….. she’s also taken away to an unknown place while she was unconscious. I didn’t consider this……”

I have to solve this misunderstanding somehow.

I thought that and look at the girl, but she’s still showing wariness.

Sighing, I laughed and said.

「For now, why don’t we eat a meal? Please follow me」

When I told her that and turns around, I can sense that the girl behind me is puzzled. However, I can hear her footsteps following me when I start to walk with A1.

「She will feel happy when her stomach is full. Don’t you think?」

I tried saying that in a small voice to A1 who’s walking by my side, but A1 remained silent as usual.

【The girl with red hair POV】

A young man with black hair and black eyes. Our age may not be very different. I wonder if he is about 20 years old?

That young man who is one head taller than me, was wearing a slender and unusual type of clothes for a magician. It looks unisual, some sort of gray top and black pants.

「Follow me」

He said that in a surprisingly gentle voice and I follow behind the young man and the golem.

The young man was saying something to the golem with a calm face. As expected, I’m sure that he is the one who made the golem. Don’t be fooled by his appearance.

Once again I arrived in a strange place, though it looks different to the room earlier. I don’t know what kind of fur is on the floor but it’s probably a carpet. However, I wonder what are the lights that shines on the left and right side of the walls and the ceiling?

The wall is solid and looks smooth, and the light is not your standard white light, maybe due to magic. I think they aren’t even a lamp as there is no flickering.

I’m also surprised when the doors slide open and close by themselves, I went up some floors and arrived in a different place. I am fascinated, it seems like the people who live here are very powerful and can do anything.

The young man and the golem took me to a bright room, then they both stand in front of a long table.

「Please sit down there」

I saw a simple chair in the direction where he pointed. Although it looks pretty normal, but this may also not be an ordinary chair.

I sit down on the chair timidly, it was soft and comfortable.

I look around the room while feeling restless, in the room that was very well organized, the young man was doing something using a fire.

Suddenly, a good smell is wafting.

While I’m feeling uncertain, the young man brought a beautiful white plate and a transparent cup.

The plate and the cup are placed on the table in front of me. There was noodles on the plate. The thick noodles look amazing, but it looks like a simple dish made by boiling water with salt.

But, I wonder if I’m very hungry? Because the smell makes my mouth salivates.

The transparent glass next to the plate comes into view. I thought that it’s a glass, but I wonder if it is something else? It’s a transparent cup that doesn’t really have a color. Even the shape looks so unique.

I tried touching it with my fingers and raised the cup.

While I’m staring at the cup carefully, the young man was tilting his head as if in wonder.

「I, I’m sorry……」

I quickly put down the cup and look at the food on the white plate. There was a fork at the side of the plate, so I grabbed it and wound up the noodles.

I was a little hesitant, but I eat it resolutely.

I chewed the silky smooth noodles and savoured it inside my mouth.


Unintentionally, such words escaped from my mouth. It’s spicy but it has a slightly sweet flavor. I think the slightly strong flavor is also deepening its deliciousness.

I became engrossed as I moved my hand and mouth to the deep taste even though I know it’s naivete.

The noodles that was on the plate has disappeared, I unconsciously raised my face and look at the young man.

「Do you want a seconds?」

The young man said that while smiling wryly and my face becomes hot.

I am embarrassed just like a dog who has exposed its shameful appearance.

While various thoughts wanders around in circles inside my head, although it is too late, I elegantly placed the fork next to the plate and got the cup.

A transparent liquid is swaying inside of the container.

Let’s calm down by drinking a cup of water.

When I thought that and put the cup on my mouth, a refreshing scent with a certain sourness has tickled my nostril.

It’s a fruit water. I also liked it and I used to drink it often.

While I was feeling nostalgic, I sipped a mouthful of fruit water. It has a slightly bittersweet gentle taste.

When I’m drinking the fruit water very slowly while reminiscing, the young man said.

「I’m Shiihara Taiki. You are?」

「………… I am, Ayla」

When I gave him my name, the young man named Shiihara Taiki delightfully laughed.



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