Chapter 90: Reginshion Trade Company


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Reginshion company is a huge enterprise that deals in all kinds of slaves, from the best to the worst, arms and armor, daily necessities, food, and even horses and horse carriages, somewhat similar to a mall.

It seems that they were yet to get into real estate business, but apparently they are planning to make connections with royalty that have land and property rights and open something like an agency.

Receiving a brief explanation of the company at the meeting room, I nod along.

「Our company has longstanding relationships with Count Inge-sama, Viscount Sorama-sama, and also Marquis Amond-sama of Binz principality. As such, we are proud to say that apart from the capital, we are the biggest firm of this country. However, to our regret, all of the slave traffic related to the royal family is controlled by the Koshmar company, so we are finding it a bit difficult to grasp more power in the capital.」

As he muttered those words regretfully, his stern face grew even darker.

It seems that war prisoners, foreign royalty and titled nobility that were reduced into slavery, in addition to nobles of Karluk Kingdom, that were enslaved after being disinherited, and those that in the past held significant positions, first go through the king, then through Koshmar company, then presented at the slave auction, and only then common merchants like Rabia can get their hands on them.

Why do they go through the royals and Koshmar company? That’s because they will become the property of the royal family if royals will be pleased with them, and if they catch the attention of Koshmar company, they will be sold by them.

In other words, only left-overs make it to the auction.

「Mm? But today’s auction had a person of pretty ancient and honorable origins……」

When I voiced my question, Rabia made a slight nod.

「Miss Catherine Halfen. A person that was a daughter of Fruke Kingdom’s upper nobility. In her case, there are some special circumstances involved.」

「And by that you mean?」

When asked, Rabia slightly lowered his voice.

「……Miss Catherine’s beauty was known even in foreign kingdoms. After all, when she was only twelve she received marriage proposals from royal families and dukes of three countries, including those considered major powers. Being a small kingdom, Fruke Kingdom used a long time to carefully investigate the other parties in order to get into the marriage that will allow for the most profitable alliance. However, facing that blazingly fast invasion from Blau Empire, they were destroyed without even a chance to ask their neighbors for help. But well, with those amazing attacks of Blau Empire of that time, the surrounding countries had no choice but to become more cautions. So they would’ve received no help in any case.」

As Rabia continued by shrugging his shoulders with an ambiguous expression while saying that they got lucky that the previous emperor met his demise, I only nod, hiding my nervousness.

「Well, as such, the current Blau Empire, being preoccupied with internal affairs, began to sell war prisoners en mass, but even being surrounded by countless other jewels, that precious gem stood out too much. Thus, although being the economic power and yet lacking in military power compared to the other kingdoms, Karluk royal family couldn’t make a swift purchase of her.」

So, to put it simply, since she had too many influential people in the surrounding countries after her, Karluk Kingdom decided to pass on that purchase.

Well, from what I heard there were probably other good looking ex-nobles, so the royal family didn’t have much of a reason to go out of their way to get her.

「……But the more I hear, the more it seems like the people are nothing but a commodity here……」

I muttered, being quite fed up, but unable to understand it out Rabia only tilted his head.

「Ah, our conversation got a bit long. Then, Diego. Bring our sign of gratitude.」


Ordered by Rabia, Diego brought two rectangular boxes. Opening, something akin to small narrow knives were enshrined there.

One of them was a very simple straight knife, another one a splendid ornate knife of silver color.

「We will give you one. Please, take your pick.」

To Rabia’s words, I fold my arms. Their materials are different, probably a simple knife can turn out to be a better one.

As I was observing them with those thoughts, Ayla and Yuri spoke up at the same time.

「How unusual. Mithril knife.」

「And this here is a silver knife.」

Perhaps surprised that they saw through this with just a glance Rabia eyes opened wide while Diego leaked an astonished voice.

「Oh my, as one would expect. Even viscount won’t have much contact with mithril… So, Taiki-sama is an upper-rank noble after all……」

Ignoring Diego’s comments, Ayla and Yuri tilted their heads while still surveying the knives.

「……But this mithril knife. Has a little weird color……」

Saying that Ayla looked at a ring on the index finger of her right hand.

「Eh?! Mithril ring?! And on top of that even an ornamented one!」

Seeing how Ayla nonchalantly revealed that her ring was mithril-made, Diego went into complete shock.

「It seems to me like it’s different from mine as well.」

And as if to deliver a final blow, Yuri pulled out a dagger from her bosom. As she drew it from a magnificent white sheath, an extravagant and yet very delicate double-edged short sword showed itself.

「Entirely mithril made dagger?! And such a luxurious and gorgeous one…… Only royalty can have something like that?!」

As Diego was shouting, almost foaming at the mouth, Rabia sat with a forced smile, while dripping in a cold sweat.

「Ho-how mean of you…… To think the two here were the masters…… No, being told so I can’t help but realize my mistake with that elegance you possess. I believe you are a royalty of prominent countries…」

Rabia’s speech turned strange, could it be that he is confused. And while I sat with a wry smile, Aifa, that until now stayed silent, with a sour look blurted out something unnecessary.

「Insolence. Taiki-sama is a king in his own right, those two are royalties of other kingdoms.」

That bombshell announcement froze time for Rabia and Diego.



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