Extra Chapter 5 – Yuri’s elegant Heavenly Castle life, Part 2


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A good smell is drifting from the kitchen and I have to fully enjoy this moment now.

As I think that and raise my head, I saw the figure of Rant pushing the food preparation cart from the kitchen at the perfect time.

「Thank you for waiting, Yuri-sama.」

After bowing at the opposite side of the table, Rant arranged the dishes on the table in front of me. The delicious smell became even stronger and my stomach almost spontaneously made a sound.

「Oh my, it looks delicious.」

When I said that, Rant laughs happily.

「Yes. You are not mistaken because it is Taiki-sama’s recipe.」

「I see. I am looking forward to it. Well then, Itadakimasu.」

When he heard my reply, Rant made a bow and returned to the kitchen.

I turn to the dishes again and take the round bowl with soup first. It is a bowl with a strange sensation that fits softly in my skin. I took the spoon while the steam from the bowl warms me and brought the soup into my mouth.


Even though it is simple, I can properly taste the flavor of salt and some sort of meat. It’s a soup with a warm and gentle flavor. The ingredients are simple, such as something like vegetables and slices of meat, but it is still really delicious.


I breathe out and unconsciously relax my cheeks. Yesterday’s dinner was surprisingly delicious, but this morning’s soup is also exquisite.

I already tasted nearly 10 cuisines, but all are really delicious. The type and complexity of the dishes are also linked to the length of the country’s history. Since when has this Heavenly Country been flying in the sky? It may also become a research material to explain it.

「…… Let’s see, next is this bread.」

I picked up the bread to study it properly. It’s a nice aroma that stimulates my appetite.


I eagerly bite the edge of the bread. I thought it had a crunchy texture, but the next moment I was surprised by the pleasant chewiness of its soft texture inside. A sweet and fragrant aroma passes through my nose. And a moderate sourness, saltiness and sweetness spreads in my mouth.

As expected, it is delicious. It looks simple but it has a very deep taste.

「This is also very delicious…」

After muttering that, I reach my hand for the salad. Something called vienna sausage is contained in it. As far as I can see, it is some kind of meat? It’s unusual shape and slick surface are strange.

It has a sweet smell. I unconsciously swallow my saliva at its unique smell that tastes subtly sweet.

A juice overflowed when I stabbed it with the fork. As I thought, it must be a meat. I gently bring it to my mouth and bite it with my teeth. It has a crispy texture and overflowing juices which unlike the time with the bread. The strong taste of meat with a strange chewy feeling is delicious.

Before taking the next bite, I put the fresh vegetable in my mouth. The fatty meat fades at the refreshing taste of the vegetable and a refreshing sourness spreads gently inside my mouth. It is probably not from the taste of the vegetables, but from a fruit sap with strong sourness or something. It tastes a little sour, but it is also pleasant while eating the meat.

In no time, I finished eating the bread, meat, salad and soup. It was a breakfast that I would still like more of even though I should have finished a decent amount of food. It is very unusual for me who doesn’t eat a lot in the morning.

「…… Now, I am curious about this food called Pudding.」

While readying myself with some kind of resolution, I look at the thing that’s shaking on the plate. The whole thing is yellowish and covered by a dark brown sauce.

When I touched it with the tip of the spoon, it shook gently with ‘furufuru’.


I have to psych myself up once again. It looks interesting and cute. I also can’t let my guard down to the faint sweet smell.

Digging in the spoon timidly, I scoop a bit and bring it into my mouth.


Sweet…… It’s so sweet.

The moment it entered my mouth, my voice unconsciously came out because of its sweetness.

It melts when I chew the jiggling texture and its sweetness spreads in my mouth. It is mild and sweet. The fragrant smell and slight bitterness enhances the sweetness even more.

「…… Delicious.」

My thoughts came out of my mouth that I didn’t know how many times it was anymore.

All of it was delicious, but this dessert called pudding is definitely the best food in the world for me.

I finished eating it in an instant and look sadly at the empty plate.

「How about another one?」

And such an attractive proposal has been made by Rant who seems to have come next to me before I knew it. It is unconventional to eat too much here, but I want to eat pudding even if I throw away the etiquettes at meals that was hammered into me since I was a child.

The instant when I thought that, my mouth was already asking.

「Please. I want to eat pudding again.」

I could barely express a smile. When I said that and turned around at Rant while smiling, Rant held his breath with a red face. And he froze up for a while, he immediately turned around and returned to the kitchen.

「······ Ara?」

He looked strange, but I wonder what happened to the pudding?

Perhaps there is no stock of pudding already. It was clearly a high-quality dessert made with rare ingredients, so maybe he went to check its ingredients.

I hope he can make another one. As I was waiting quietly while praying that, Rant came out of the kitchen with quick pace. He is carrying a thin plate in each of his hands, but he is walking quickly towards me so I hope he won’t drop it.

「He, here you go. Yuri-sama.」

After saying that, Rant put the plates in front of me. There are cute puddings on them. In short, two puddings are lined up in front of me.

I am happy. I am honestly very happy, but this is probably……

「Say…… this is probably the shares for Taiki-sama and Ayla-sama, right? I am terribly sorry for taking their shares. It is regrettable, but……」

When I said that regretfully, Rant waved his hands hurriedly.

「No no no, it’s alright. Taiki-sama’s and Ayla-sama’s shares are left properly. So this is Schnee’s and my shares. We will make puddings again tomorrow because everyone likes pudding, so don’t worry.」

Rant said that while showing an embarrassed smile. There seems to be no lie in his word and it is also probably true that it is alright because they will make pudding again.

It’s an unbelievable story, but is it a dessert that can be eaten everyday regardless of their status? If so, I would also like to live in this castle.

While thinking that, I cut one of the puddings with the spoon and put it into my mouth.

My thoughts vanished like a mist as soon as the sweetness and soft texture spreads in my mouth.

「Ah, delicious……」

A sincere voice came out of my mouth. While looking at me, Rant laughs happily.

「That’s good to hear. Go on, please help yourself.」

「Thank you.」

After answering that, I cut a portion of the second pudding with the spoon and bring it into my mouth. I only cut a little because it is the last one.

「…… it is so sweet……」

I unconsciously break into a smile.

「The pudding is delicious, right?」

「Yes, very.」

As the two of us are having such a conversation, Schnee forcefully rushed out of the kitchen.

「Rant, do you know where’s my……!?」

After looking at Rant, Schnee noticed that I was eating something and she looked at the table. Maybe because she guessed everything at a glance, Schnee glared at Rant with demon-like eyes.

「…… Rant?」

When Schnee called his name, Rant averted his eyes.

「I’ll make it again tomorrow, so-」

「You probably won’t make it, though.」

In the blink of an eye, it became a situation where the two is about to start a quarrel.

Not good. As I thought, the pudding was precious. I am sorry that I ate another two of such a precious food for my own desire, but above all, I was ashamed as a royalty.

So I hurriedly stand up and speak.

「I am sorry……. It is because I said I want more……」

I uttered a word of apology, but it didn’t enter Schnee’s ears. Rant remembers my presence and tries to calm Schnee, but it didn’t seem to have an effect on the furious Schnee.

What should I do? I wish I could do something.

While I was being worried, this time Torraine showed up from the kitchen. Torraine shows a troubled smile and stands in front of them.

「Hey, both of you. You are in front of the guest, you know? Are you trying to humiliate Taiki-sama?」

When she said a few words, Rant and Schnee suddenly stopped moving.

After seeing that, Torraine narrow her eyes.

「Yes, very good. I will give my pudding to Schnee, so calm down, okay?」

When Torraine said that kindly, Schnee took a step back awkwardly.

「Ah, ye, yeah. No, I wasn’t angry because my pudding is missing, but…… No, I’m sorry. I won’t say anything anymore.」

Schnee was trying to say something, but immediately started to apologise after seeing Torraine’s eyes open a little. Rant, who also saw it, immediately bows his head.

Maybe because she was satisfied with them who are sorry, Torraine nodded and smiled greatly.

「We are sorry for the trouble, Yuri-sama. It seemed that you like pudding, so we will prepare more tomorrow. Right, I was told that Taiki-sama and Ayla-sama will show you around the island today. Please enjoy touring within the island leisurely without worries.」

Being told that, I reflexively gave a bow.

This person called Torraine is probably a hidden powerful person.

I carefully carved this matter into my memory.



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