High School Hack and Slash Chapter 14 Part 2


「I’m, sorry… it was, my first time, so…..」

Saki, leaning limply on top of Touma, murmured with a dazed expression.

As the bed creaked at a slow rhythm, in a trance, the sensation trained by the Onmoraki was resurfacing.

It was just, unlike the feeling of having only her genitals played with, for some reason she found the fishy smell of a man which she could feel all over her body pleasant.

Seiichi, who had just stepped down on the floor and was about to drink a can of coffee, froze.

「You were not a virgin, were you?」

「Y, yes… Umm, I’ve been raped by a youkai, but, hnn, ahn…」

Touma moved his hands toward her modest breasts – which were smaller than Mai’s, let alone Shizuka’s – and pinched the stiff parts.

「Also, I’ve been gangbanged, in the dungeon… ahn, but, I alone don’t forget about it.」

「Even though, you’ve returned from the dead numerous times. It’s, that Onmoraki, huh, that means it’s secured your essence crystal, huh.」

It was said that Onmoraki was a youkai that appeared when a deceased person was treated carelessly and not offered a memorial service.

A monster that possessed the body.

Originally, such a monster did not live in the dungeon.

It was a coincidence, an accident due to Saki being possessed and cursed from the start.

「Rather, a real-life exorcist family lineage, to think that they really exist.」

「Ahn, ahn… but, papa and mare are normal, ahn… people, ahn, hnn, ahn, ahn.」

「Yea. For now, let me cum.」

Saki, held up face-to-face in a cowgirl position by the cross-legged Touma, bent backward and shook her hips on her own accord for the first time.

「Hya… ahn… am, amazing, Touma-sama’s dick, amazing.」

Locking her legs tightly around Touma’s waist, she arched her back and convulsed over and over again.

Seiichi felt like laughing, seeing Touma who was showing a face like that of a statue of Budha even as he was having a sex.

He guessed that was probably a confused face, and it was more or less right.

Saki’s reaction was too good.

Before her long separated essences had a chance to adapt into her flesh, Saki was easily taken captive by Touma and Seiichi, whose rank had risen, as she received semen from the two of them.

Mai had by no means foreseen up to this point, but it could be said that the accustomization was progressing ever faster.

The handcuffs that had been restraining her wrists were removed.

The handcuffs that Shizuka had found were not the boorish ones used in restraining criminals, but a special-purpose product made of elastic resin.

Her hands, which had red marks but no injury, were then reached out toward the crotch of Seiichi, who was sitting on the bed.


「I have to, properly service you…. As Shizuka nee-sama told me to.」

Having her ass held up and penetrated from below, Saki, facing upward, stroked Seiichi’s penis in an inexperienced manner.

「I’m sorry, Seiichi-san. I will properly learn it, so… hnn, ahn.」

「Ah, fine. I’ll train you, too. Looks like you’ve been swallowed up by Touma in no time at all.」

The person in question might have done it subconsciously, but their honorific title had changed in an easy to understand manner.

It was just, Seiichi couldn’t understand the reason why even Shizuka, who had turned into Touma’s dependent, was treated with veneration as well.

「Fwa, ahn. Ahn, ahn….」

As Saki went limp with her legs remained spread open, the member was pulled out of Saki’s crotch, which was oozing steams and a load of sticky fluid.

The same went for her, but it had rejuvenated to the point of being able to continue going at it even for a whole night.

「L, let me, clean you up… Nmm.」

As Saki sucked a man’s member on her own accord for the first time, Seiichi moved into her rear and plugged his fingers into her hole, which was twitching and oozing bodily fluids.

Spreading the valley of her ass with one hand, he slipped his fingers into the gaping hole beyond the pleats.

「Before it gets accustomed to Touma’s thing, let me enjoy it too, okay?」

「Fwa, y… yesh.」

Straddling Saki, who was intending to earnestly accept anything and everything, Seiichi began to rock the bed.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Are you from Asagi-sou, Hime-chan?」

「Y, yes.」

The student dormitories of Toyoashihara Academy which housed more than five thousand student bodies were divided through the academy grounds.

The dorms where new students or those of the enjoy group whose capital could only cover for their daily necessities resided, they were commonly known as the entry class.

The few wooden buildings that were remodeled from the old military drill quarters were scattered around the academy, as if they were half blending into the forest.

Even though they were normal dormitories that did not require extra sen to live in, breakfast and dinner were provided, and the necessary tools for daily life were also installed.

But there was a need to clean and arrange the dormitory, including the shared bathrooms and toilets, themselves, and of course there were also the indispensable problems that came with a communal life, such as scrambling for the washing machine and clothes-drying area.

One rank higher than them, or what was known as middle class dormitories, the appearance of the building changed drastically.

The four dormitories, Suzaku-sou (Vermillion Bird Manor), Seiryu-sou (Azure Dragon Manor), Byakko-sou (White Tiger Manor), and Genbu-sou (Black Tortoise Manor), were basically providing private rooms with ensuite bathrooms and toilets included.

There was also a large bathroom open 24 hours a day, a dining hall staffed by professional staff, as well as laundry and room cleaning services.

The high-end class, Qilin-sou, probably had an image closer to that of a suite room in a first-class hotel.

It had a comfortable living space with a living room and a bedroom, and all sorts of room services.

If they wished to, there was also a personal attendant (optional) arranged for them.

The dormitories for the supreme class students were exclusively arranged in the name of Kin’u-sou (Golden Crow / Sun Manor) and Gyokuto-sou (Jade Rabbit / Moon Manor), so these were ultimately the ranks of dormitories for general class students.

「Then, I guess we can impose ourselves there in return when things get uncomfortable over here.」

「You’re right.」

The gap of Shizuka nodding her head at the pretty vivid girls’ circumstance and Saki hanging her head with a blushing face was surreal.

Saki – who was treated as a shared property, or rather like a pinch hitter – was meek, as she prioritized herself to be accepted by them.

As far as Saki was concerned, she had been a genuine inexperienced girl until she enrolled in the academy and was ignorant of the mad relationship between men and women, so she was completely on the receiving end there.

It was just, even then she still felt that perhaps it was quite an abnormal-ish relationship.

In the act of her stealing glances at Touma and Seiichi, who were sitting across the table from her, blushing and hanging her head over and over again, there was no shadow of princess play in the slightest.



Seiichi stabbed his fork into the pancakes that were piled five high on his plate.

Today’s breakfast at Hakutsuru-sou was a combination of pancakes, bacon and eggs, hash browns and salad.

「Our opinion?」

「Give it up.」

He took two bites of the pancake, which was drenched in maple syrup.

Incidentally, in addition to syrup, there were also other garnishes arranged such as whipped cream, honey, berry jam and ice cream.

「I don’t particularly dislike sweets, but as expected I guess I still prefer a bowl of rice and miso soup in the morning.」

「Talk it over with Shizuka.」

Seiichi, who had no particularities about food, bluntly dismissed his opinion.

He’d heard that, using some sort of unknown method, Touma seemed to be able to take care of Shizuka even in Kurou-sou, a boys dormitory, so he showed no restraint on the matter.

「Umm, the breakfast in my place, the meal is delicious.」


「Is that so?」

As Touma reacted to it with interest, Shizuka’s words followed along to give him a follow up.

Staring at Saki, who was hanging her head, and Shizuka, who was cutting her pancake in silence, Seiichi heaved out a sigh.

「About today’s dungeon dive, what do you say about getting it started at one in the afternoon?」

For the dungeon opening on Sunday, which was a day off, the opening of the gates was at nine in the morning with a temporary closing of the gates at noon.

The opening time from the afternoon was just as they did on weekdays, with the closing of the gates time set at five in the afternoon.

「I want to earn sen at once, though.」

「Before you do that, have a talk and straighten out your differences first. Mai, you go shopping with me.」

Touma couldn’t understand the reason why Mai, who care freely replied yes to Seiichi, was giving them a grin.

◇ ◇ ◇

They are supposed to be made of the same material, but it sure is a wonder that I’m feeling a subtle sense of discomfort as I’m seated on Mai’s bed.

Saki and Shizuka herself are sparsely and quietly occupying Shizuka’s bed.

The subtle sense of distance between them is for some reason giving me a sense of pressure.

Seiichi has also similarly entangled his body with Saki’s, but the reactions of Shizuka and Mai, our respective partners, are very much different.

If I have to put it into words, I would say that Shizuka’s reaction is heavier.

The three of us simply staying alone in the room facing each other like this won’t bring us anywhere, so let’s try asking her straight out.

「Shizuka. State what you have in mind.」

I can’t help but think to myself, Is it a trial?, but the technique to ease the mood by chatting doesn’t exist in me.

「Yes. I’m jealous of Saki-san who was embraced by you, Touma-san. I feel a tingle deep in my chest. I feel like crying when I imagine about what to do if you were to take fancy of Saki-san and decide to dump me, Touma-san.」

「Thank you.」

So easy to understand.

I’m a dull person, so I’ve asked Shizuka to always be direct with her words.

But, perhaps not used to such an open judgment, Saki continues to hang her head with a blushing face.

In typical fictional stories centering around adolescents, there are many instances where love affairs between men and women become the source of troubles.

「… If I have to categorize it, it is more of a sordid one, like the ones in ladies’ comics or daytime melodrama.」

「I see, it’s completely out of genre. Do you have any reference books?」

「I shall select it at my own discretions.」

Shizuka is well-versed in this kind of subculture, but she tends to nonchalantly mix in ♂×♂ genre into it, so I can’t let my guard down.

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