High School Hack and Slash Chapter 14 Part 3


「U, umm, I have no intention of interfering with the two of, you. All I want is to be close to you.」

「That’s a deceit. You won’t refuse should Touma-san make an advance on you, will you? With those flirtatious eyes of yours, there’s no way what you said just now was true at all. It felt good, didn’t it? To be able to entrust your everything and have it accepted, I mean.」

「Th, that’s….」

「Touma-san, I don’t mind whoever it is entertaining you or whomever it is that you embrace. It’s just that it feels painful when you yearn for someone and keep it a secret from me.」

I don’t get this distinctive delineation of Shizuka’s.

I’d be able to understand if she were to completely deny the act of two-timing, though.

No, to be honest, I have no experience in falling in love with someone, so I don’t even know what kind of act is considered to be typical here.

I think Saki’s bewilderment is probably due to the fact that she’s just as clueless about love as I am.

I don’t particularly dislike girls with guts like Saki, except for her modest sized breasts, that’s it.

「… Kuh.」

「Touma-san… you’re receiving bad influence from Seiichi-san.」

Shizuka holds Saki, who is covering her own breasts with blushed face and teary eyes, in her arms as if to protect her and glares at me with reproachful eyes.

Due to me having spent too much time alone, it looks like I’m getting a habit where the voice of my heart ends up echoing through my mouth.

「As, as expected, if my breasts aren’t as big as Shizuka nee-sama’s, it’s not good, huh… Sob.」

「No, I might also like small breasts.」

O conscience of mine that can’t state it with certainty, fly away.

This is similar to the question that plagued me in the past, whether I liked girls with long hair or short hair.

If I have to choose, I’d say that I’m more of a short-haired girl guy.

But a girl with long hair can always turn into a girl with short hair by having it cut.

In other words, it can be said that a girl with long hair, who holds a transformation card in hand, is upwardly compatible with a girl with short hair.

However, there is also the option called artificial hair in this world.

I wonder if it can’t not be said that they are unconditionally and perfectly upwardly compatible with each other, not good, my mind is crashing.

However, the truth I arrived upon after struggling to the point of death at that time, can’t I adopt it into this situation as well, I wonder.

That is.

「I like them big, and I like them small, too.」

In the end, I realized that it was just a matter of my mood at that moment.

「… In other words, you want to collect and enjoy breasts of all size, huh.」

Shizuka, in charge of the big faction, pins up her breasts as she hangs her head.

I thought she’d be repulsed by my lack of integrity, but I seriously don’t get the words she says as she shows such a relieved expression.

「In that case, I don’t see any problem with it. I approve of you, Saki-san.」

「Shizuka nee-sama.」

「There’s no need to call me nee-sama. Let’s serve Touma-san together.」

Serve me, I think she’s being exaggerated with her words again there, but for some reason Saki seems to be overcome with emotion, burying her face and bursting into tears in Shizuka’s chest.

In a play, this would be the ending scene, but the reason why Seiichi is spared of it while I have to bear the full brunt of it remains a mystery.

Ah, Shizuka-san’s gaze is turning cold.

「It’s because you didn’t properly make her yours, that Saki-san ended up being confused, Touma-san. What a poor girl.」

「… My apologies.」

I think apologizing before all else is a bad habit of Japanese people.

Still being embraced in Shizuka’s chest, Saki is staring entreatively at me.

「In your case, Touma-san, you mustn’t do things half-heartedly. If you want to lay a hand on someone, please be sure to get it done thoroughly with the intention of taking care of her for the rest of her life.」

「I want to enjoy pop sex with light feeling, though.」

「Impossible. You must not. I think it will be okay when it comes to a girl like Mai who’s already had it in her, but I bet there’s hardly any girl who can resist you.」

Shizuka-san asserts as such to me.

Even when I check my class, it hasn’t turned into some sort of savage King such as『Harem King』or something.

Shizuka-san seems to understand me better than even I do, but it’s troubling that sometimes she says such incomprehensible things.

「Ah… nee-sama.」

「Before you receive meddling from someone else, right here, right now, what do you say about making you properly belong to Touma-san?」

「Y… yes.」

As I appreciate their very yuri-yuri vibe, the gong for a tag team match suddenly resounds from the two of them.

Reaching out her hands toward Saki’s rear, who is still embraced in her chest, Shizuka rolls up her skirt and lays bare her light blue panties.

Well, I can’t hide my fetish from Shizuka, so she sees easily through the fact that I’m in an erotic mood after watching their yuri-yuri embrace.

◇ ◇ ◇

Asagi-sou, where Saki lives, is located at a place visible from Hakutsuru-sou here.

But since she stayed over in this room yesterday, she’s only gone back and forth between the dining hall and this room.

When I pull down her panties, the remnants of last night’s sexual intercourse releases sexual odor, as if to densely enshroud us.


Saki covers her face with her hands and writhes on top of Shizuka’s lap pillow.

She is taller than Shizuka, but there are many parts of her that are not yet mature as a woman.

Her bust size is modest compared to the boing Shizuka, but soft bulges are certainly present there.

There’s no excess fat on her body, or rather, she has the figure of a sports girl.

I gently slide my fingers into the valley of her secret place.

I stroke the hairless mound and with a squelch, I slip my fingers into the place where I had taken the liberty to intrude myself upon last night.

After she did it with Seiichi, we’d had it properly wiped clean before putting her panties back on, but I guess the sticky something entangling my fingers inside is the remnant of it.

There are no contraceptives at the purchasing department, which sells all sorts of daily necessities.

There seems to also be none at the convenience store outside.

This is because even if you engage in reproduction activities, as long as it is done within the academy grounds, you will not get pregnant.

If there is really none of it in this academy where the sexual code is pretty lax, I don’t know the reason, but I guess that’s just how it goes here.

It feels as if the academy is encouraging us to make babies bareback, and it’s a little bit creepy.

If I make her wait too long, Shizuka seems like going to take the matter into her own hands, so dragging out the stickiness inside, I smear it until the entrance before pulling my fingers out.

I take off my jacket and fold it, take off my shirt and fold it, take off my trouser and fold it, and take off my underpants.

When having sex in bed, I feel uncomfortable doing it with my clothes on.

But this doesn’t necessarily apply to my partner.

Rather, somewhere within me, there’s even the opinion that it is better for her to remain clothed.

The nude faction, semi-undressed faction, underwear faction and other various factions continue to argue in my mind on a daily basis.

The gazes of Saki, who is staring fixedly at a part of me through her fingers that cover her face, and Shizuka’s, who is sitting sideways with Saki on her lap, are intertwined.

Both of them are in their blazer uniforms, but their skirts are poised like that of a waist band, exposing their lower bodies.

My armament has already finished its preparation for battle.


「Y… Yes. Danna-sama, please steal me.」

It’s a mnemonic name that fairly tickles my boyish heart, but if I let someone of the same grade as me call me Danna-sama, I have a feeling that my infamy will roar aloud once again.

Also, I feel like I’m seeing a light bulb popping up atop Shizuka’s head, but I bet it’s just my imagination.

Holding both of Saki’s legs, I firmly thrust my hips into her as if I were folding her in half.


I hug Saki, who turns her chin up with a start, and drill into her depths while repeatedly pulling in and out.

Last night, I had been able to firmly stick in till the base three times until Shizuka and Mai returned, but she seems to have tightened up again after a night.

Shizuka is gently stroking Saki, who is twitching and shaking each time her depths are dug bit by bit.

When I reach her depths, both of Saki’s legs are folded around my waist.

Her half open mouth as she heaves out breaths with teary eyes is amorous.

「You’re showing a very womanly face there, you know? Saki… it feels pleasant, doesn’t it?」

「Hya… yes…. Nee-sama.」

「Now then, Saki, until you reach climax, let master cuddle you as is.」

I’ve certainly accepted the master remark.

Rather, when Shizuka says it, there’s a severe lack of sense of discomfort in it, so on the contrary it doesn’t make me excited at all.

Shizuka-san is also showing a warped expression, seemingly to perceive her failure, but really, what a pretty complicated matter it is.

「… I shall devote myself more into it.」

I continue to smack smack Saki even as I’m having such an idiotic exchange with Shizuka, but it’s troubling that her reaction is a bit too good.

Letting out ahn or hii moans that seem to be squeezed out the depth of her throat, she desperately reaches out her hands and tightly clings to me.

I’m not Seiichi, and I haven’t learned any technique to pleasure women either.

「Please pour your semen as is. That way Saki will also be more secure, I believe.」

「It’s as if my cum is some sort of poisonous substance.」

It was supposed to be a joke, but Shizuka presses her finger on her lips and averts her gaze.

「… Most likely, the reason lies in your class, Touma-san. Since you acquire it, umm, the feeling of being violated is very….」

So the ringleader is Samurai-san from the library, huh

Shizuka, who grows dazed, begins to undo the buttons of her shirt.

Her supple and curving huge breasts, covered with a pink bra, are thus revealed.

I was prepared for this to happen.

I have tried not to touch her, but it looks like we’ve been in too much of a close proximity to each other.

「Alongside with Saki, please train me as well… if we do it together, it doesn’t feel painful.」


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