High School Hack and Slash Chapter 15 Part 1


Secret Talks

「I did tell you to have a talk, but you see… I sure was startled to see you having a threesome with Shizuka and Himecchi side by side.」

「No problem, I think. They’re getting along fine.」

「Astonishingly enough, your problem-solving method sure is fundamentally through brute force, isn’t it? Nah, as long as the matter is solved, then I guess it is fine and all, though.」

Seeing Touma and the others – as he did Shizuka and Saki, who were literally on all fours side by side on the bed, alternatively – Mai was taken aback with a wow.

Touma’s party, which had turned into a five strong party upon the turn of the event, was having lunch at the student cafeteria after arranging their preparation for dungeon diving.

Since lunch was not provided in the entry class dormitories on days off, many students were going to the student cafeteria.

There were even carts lined up near the entrance with lunch boxes and breads.

The purchasing department also had foodstuff among their entries, but it was mainly combat rations for sustenance in the dungeon.

However, there were also many students who bought cereal bars for when they were hungry in the dorms.

「Then, Shizuka, Hime-chan, are you okay with that?」

「Yes, I don’t mind.」

「Y, yes.」

The three girls, wearing body armor over their uniforms, were getting animated in their conversation behind Touma and Seiichi.

As they returned from Rashōmon, the material elements were all restored, so everyone’s equipment was brand new.

At a glance, they were like a fresh first-year student party.

「I’ll tell Seiichi not to lay a hand on you anymore.」

「Thank you very much, Mai-san. And umm, I’m sorry for everything.」

Mai, who had the appearance of the youngest girl among them, was on the petit side based on the average stature of adolescent girls.

There was a difference of more than one head tall between her and Saki, whose stature was taller than even Shizuka, who was on the larger side compared to the average.

And the scene of such a Saki meekly bowing her head to Mai was giving off an out of place sense.

「Ah, don’t mind it. That was a matter at the stage where we were talking about in what manner we should accept you, after all, Hime-chan.」

If she were someone who impudently forced herself in between her and her partner, she was intending to get rid of her at once.

But since Saki was leaning more toward Touma, instead of Seiichi, not to mention that Shizuka had no qualms about it either, so Mai also had nothing to say on this matter.

Before factoring the element of love affair, it was more of a realistic pro and con calculation.

It was also a kind of pride that that was exactly why she was worthy of being Seiichi’s partner, while a pure girl like Saki was not good.

Mai had a premonition that things would go out of control, but when she saw how much of a sexual beast Touma was, as he ate the two in a threesome in broad daylight, she arrived at the conclusion that things would seem to be alright even if she pushed her onto him.

Seiichi couldn’t be said to be a good person by any means, but for Mai he was someone she could understand.

In comparison, Touma didn’t seem to be a bad person, but he was so out of the ordinary in various ways that it could be said that he was beyond her scope of understanding.

Maybe, she wouldn’t be able to keep up with him.

She realized that it was exactly because Shizuka was offering her entire being to him while Saki was ignorant thus harboring no doubt about the matter that they were able to keep him accompany.

「But why do you call Shizuka big sister? Is it the so-called pole sisters?」

「Pole? … I, I don’t quite get it, but for some reason, I have a feeling that I should refer Nee-sama as such.」

Shizuka, caressing the innocent Saki, was floating a gentle smile.

「Yup. So you are the little sister attribute, huh, Hime-chan.」

Mai was somehow or another convinced about it.

Passing through the entrance, the entrance hall leading to Rashōmon was more deserted than during weekdays.

There were not many students who carried out dungeon diving even on days off.

Since the opening of the dungeon, Saki had been made to dive into the dungeon almost every day, but had never returned alive even once.

Being told that they would discuss the detailed party SOP in the dungeon, Saki stiffened in nervousness.

Discussing it in the dungeon meant they based it on the assumption that they would return without dying.

「It’s, alright.」

「… Nee-sama.」

Having her trembling hand tightly held, Saki, showing a close to bursting expression, snuggled up to Shizuka.

As someone who hadn’t lost the memory of what happened inside, the dungeon itself was almost traumatic for Saki.

The memories of being repeatedly raped by boys and killed by goblins were deeply etched in her mind.

◇ ◇ ◇

――『Yomotsu Hirasaka』, a branch realm connected to the labyrinth of Perforation Realm, 『YGGDRASILL』――

――The『third』 stratum, 『uncharted』 domain――

「Have you calmed down?」

「Y… Yeash.」

Shaking uncontrollably due to being exposed to the dense miasma, Saki replied as if she was melting away.

Saki – sandwiched, embraced by Touma from the front and by Shizuka from behind – was heated up.

It was ultimately an embrace to soothe Saki, so there was no sexual significance to it, there was supposed to be none.

Giving Mai, who went wow again at the strong soothing performed by the three without hesitation under their gazes, a sidelong glance, Seiichi checked their surroundings and took hold of his trench knives.

「Alright. There is the danger of wandering monsters in the corridor, so how about we create a safe space by cleaning up the next chamber?」

「… Seiichi, you’re adapting to it too well.」

It was a common practice to carry out the recording of the coordinates when they escaped (logged out) from the dungeon in the corridor, rather than in the chamber where there was the risk of monsters respawning.

The exact interval for the respawn was unknown, but when it came to shallow stratums, it was said that the monsters literally gushed forth within a day.

「It’s, it’s time to fight, isn’t it? P, please leave it to me.」

Drawing her short word of the freshmen recommended equipment set A package, Saki was suddenly about to run off.

「Wait, wait, wait. Don’t suddenly go awol on your own.」


With a swoosh, getting herself easily lifted up by the back of her collar, Saki was surprised.

She might be a girl, but she didn’t think Seiichi’s arm was massive enough to lift her body up along with her equipment.

「Touma. What level is Himecchi?」


「Well, guessed as much. First is seeing what she’s got, and power leveling is after that, right?」

With a swoosh, she was passed to Touma, before then to Shizuka like a baton.

「U, umm」

「Shizuka. Guard.」


「N, nee-sama?」

Holding her hand, Shizuka gently told Saki, who was bewildered, that everything would be alright.

「Oh. As expected it’s packed alright… nine of them, huh. In that case, three for each if us.」


Taking out her rod from her tactical backpack, Mai swiftly passed by Seiichi and spearheaded the battle.

「M, Mai-san, watch ou…」

Saki, who had the recollections of being killed by goblins numerous times, was well aware of the threat of goblins, which often appeared in various games as the weakest monsters.

The goblins on the first stratum where Saki had dived into up until now was level 1, so they were opponents which boasted power no more than what their appearance told them.

Their power was merely on the level of their materialized fleshes.

What was frightening was their unwavering killing intent.

Their simple instinct to fight and kill.

Even if you were physically superior, even if you were equipped with better weapons, you would still need the resolution to face that killing intent.

Other than facing it with the same amount of killing intent, there was also the method of simply getting accustomed to it.

「Here you go, Orange Ball × 3, stand by.」

Magic balls that looked like an orange fruit popped up around Mai’s raised staff.

The goblins, noticing Mai’s fruity chanting, rushed on her in unison, shouting 「GIGIGEIGEIGEIGE」.

The pressure of the ugly, weapon-wielding monsters rushing toward her was already no more than a spectacle she had trampled down countless times.


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