High School Hack and Slash Chapter 30 Part 2


「Fvck, seriously? Well, whatever. Just tell me in more it later please.」

「I think it’s impossible for you, Eiji.」

「Zip it… So, how is it these guys in your 『eye』?」

Suppressing his voice, Seiji jerked his chin at the corner of the boisterous kyakya ufufu classroom.

Byakuya, resting his elbow on the desk and covering half of his face with his hand as though he was concealing it, closed his right eye.

From between the fingers that was concealing it, his left eye, which was housing an engraved pupil, peeked out.

Magic items found in treasure chests in the dungeon were not limited to goods.

There were also bestowal items that granted skills to the user.

They couldn’t be passed on, they offered benefit to none other than the user, and there were some skills that were bestowed directly to the flesh that could be used even outside the dungeon.

In other words skills that did not consume SP.

In particular, the 『magic eye』 type, which utilized eyeball as intermediary, was the standard category of skill-bestowing items.

Even amongst the past legends, the legend of evil eyes had been passed down throughout the world.

Weakening the one who looked directly at it, beckoning one misfortune, turning one to stone, or causing one to die.

Even the fact that there were such various types of power could be said to be the traits of magic eye skill.

「… Not a big deal. We’re stronger than them.」

「Ha! See, as I thought. We won’t ever lose against such depraved weakasses who always flirt with women.」

「Such a line typical of those with sandbag roles might end up erecting a flag, so you better stop.」

Byakuya looked at all of the members of Kazuto’s party, and then at his classmates while he was at it.

He was able to read all their information.

At the same time, it also proved that they were lower in rank than him.

It was a zero-cost magic eye skill with strong effects, but it was not very effective against those who were higher in rank than him.

「Shou, are you sure the girls are not running because of your vulgar comments?」

「With such a punk-like face, can’t you stop being so idiotic?」

「Fvck, as expected it’s the looks, huh. Even though I worked so desperately to raise my level.」

Their looks were not by no means so bad to beget such an exaggerated grief.

The sense of style of having a uselessly aggressive hairstyle and men’s knuckle, the unkempt state of being hunched over and having half of the face concealed by the long hair, the tension which was too light and didn’t match the others.

Leaving aside the material, the three of them were all of the type who visual-wise wouldn’t be accepted by the general public.

「Say, we’re strong, right?」

「Well, yeah.」

「We’re way stronger than these guys, right?」

「If Byakuya says so, then I guess we are. In fact, even I don’t think I’ll lose against them.」

「… Are we, the strongest in the class?」


Shou, lying on his desk, yawned.

The person who was asked was also averting his gaze and scratching his head.

「―――No way.」


As he tilted his head and turned around, he caught the sight of Byakuya with his mouth twisted into a strange shape.

Noticing the large bead of sweats dripping on his forehead and the strange laugh faintly escaping from his mouth, he realized that the classroom had suddenly become quiet.

「No way, no way, no way. What the heck is that thing….」

「Ah, you should stop forcing yourself to look at it.」

Shou, remained lying on his desk, pulled Byakuya, who was staring fixedly at the entrance to the classroom.

「There’s no need for you to look at it. That guy’s beyond help, my asshole is cowering intensely.」

◇ ◇ ◇

It is a refreshing and invigorating morning.

Being able to see Mikan-senpai’s face in the morning is a good omen.

It’s something that naturally makes a smile appear on your lips.

「Say. Touma-kun’s mouth is like that of a joker in playing cards, though. Has he made up his mind to destroy the world?」

「That’s a face when he’s thinking about something naughty.」

「Just what kind of bizarre play is he fantasizing about? … That creeps me out.」

The hearts of our female members are very much dirty.

「Yes. It’s the result of Touma-san’s training.」

According to Mikan-senpai, there aren’t enough materials needed for the creation of Saki’s katana.

No, even now it’s not impossible to create it, but the Plus value of Blue Sword that serves as the base seems to be high, way more than they expected, so might as well, we should create an even better one, or so Mikan-senpai’s insatiable ambition.

To be specific, she seems to want a material that can serve as the core iron.

The best options are ones that are tough and flexible as well as have a good magical energy conductivity, such as monster bones, claws, fangs, horns, scales, etc., she stated.

Saki was also very enthusiastic.

It’s Mikan-senpai we’re talking about, so I’m sure she’s aiming for something that can split the sky and tear the earth in one swing.

「Don’t set the bar too high. You’ll make Mikan-chan-senpai cry, you know?」

「That’s not bad in its own way.」

I think it’d probably be very lovely.

But without a doubt, the equipment of Mikan-senpai and the others, of the 『Adept Workers』, are all fine items.

It’s a good idea to make it a little more popular.

I should try to help promote it here.

I look around the classroom, where the air is somewhat milder than usual.

Compared to the other class, the first year third group is very quiet and rarely makes any noise.

This way, it looks like I’d be able to do some stealth marketing in a casual manner without being particularly standing out.

However, if Seiichi and the others were involved, as expected it would give rise to an unnatural feeling, so leveraging the opening when their gazes are away from me, I leave my seat.

I take out from the Item Box the 『Adept Workers』 specials, customized goblin series weapons, which I have been entrusted with as a sub weapon.

In my right hand I hold a goblin knife and a goblin dagger that had been designed for ease of use, and in my left hand I hold a goblin axe as a recommendation item.

It’s not that I don’t have a feeling that the classmate seated beside me is hyperventilating with a startled look on his face.

In order to make an appeal of the weight balance that is the result of customization, I make a show of juggling the axe lightly with my left hand.

Juggling two swords with my right hand is quite high in difficulty, but I still challenge it.

One of the swords goes flying somewhere, but that is due to my lack of skill, so I’d like them not to mind it.

However, perhaps making a mistake is as expected something that deserves some jabbing, it feels as if the gazes in the classroom are being directed at me.

In fact, though, except for Seiichi, who is looking up at the ceiling with his hands covering his face, and Shizuka and Mai, who are looking at me with wet eyes, all of them are turning their faces away.

It’s a complete failure.

I should practice properly before challenging it again.

Things have reached this point, so it may be a good idea to use these items as promotional gifts, giving them to those who have achieved class change among my classmates.

There just happen to be three guys who seem to be on good terms with each other, who I think to be in the same party, so I casually make an appeal on the sharpness of these items and make them Presents For You.

By the way, the goblin knife that was blown away was sticking in the middle of the blackboard.

I think that serves as a good appeal on how sharp it is, but I end up getting seen by Midori-sensei, whose face is as white as a sheet.

◇ ◇ ◇


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