High School Hack and Slash Chapter 33 Part 1


Rosanjin-style Mystery Hot Pot

「Speaking of which, what should we do about our plans during the consecutive holidays?」

In a corner of the student cafeteria, a group of boys and girls were sitting around a table.

Fire was burning in the installed burner, and a large-sized earthenware pot was boiling and bubbling.

The time of year when hot pot was in season had passed, but it was by no means too late.

「Well. We can’t leave the academy anyway, so it won’t feel much of a consecutive holidays, though.」

Potherb mustard, shiitake mushrooms, grilled tofu, white scallions, garnished carrots, and highland Chinese cabbage.

The dashi made of kombu laid out on the bottom of the pot, and the ginger floating in the water removed the bad smell.

The name on the menu was Mizutaki Set (Kansai style).

「Me, me. I think holed up in the room and lazing around is the right way to spend consecutive holidays~.」

Mai, swiftly nabbing a few pieces of meat with a bowl of ponzu with momiji oroshi in hand, made a useless person remark.

「Rejected. But, well, I guess resting our bones is indeed necessary, huh.」

「Hmm, like lazing around in bed, reading manga or something while eating sweets, and moderately going nyan nyan with Seiichi who comes over as he has too much time and sexual desire to spare, another one~.」

「… You little, don’t drink ginjo like it’s water.」

The alcoholic beverages that were on the secret menus of the student cafeteria were put under luxury items category and extremely pricey.

This was also true even when it came to regular dishes, as the gulf between the low and high price ranges was extreme.

The daily set meals such as Soba udon and curry ramen were unquestionably cheap.

Instead, the digits of dishes such as wagyu beef steaks jumped up by two, and sweets also turned into luxury items.

This was a thorough differentiation based on the results of one’s dungeon conquest.

In fact, as far as the groups that were steadily conquering the dungeon were concerned, it ended up feeling like they had too much sen, the currency within the academy, to spend.

「I prefer it to be a little more dry tasting.」

「You’re one heavy drinker after all, Himecchi, let’s keep it in a bit more moderation, alright.」

「Indeed, holding a period of respective self-training ought to be worthwhile, too. What’s wrong?」

「Ah, no. It’s you we’re talking about, Touma, so I thought you were going to push for a dungeon binge.」

Putting down his outstretched chopsticks, Touma placed both elbows on the table and rested his chin on them.

First and foremost, the chicken meat in the pot had vanished.

Including the twin sisters who were stuffing their cheeks with bone-in legs in all smiles, they were basically carnivorous girls.

「We’ve all leveled up in one go.」

「Well yeah, we’re proceeding a step ahead of those guys in the class. We should be」

In fact, the rate of class changes and the average number of levels of the classmates from the first-year third group was off the chart compared to that of the entire first-year class.

The sense of urgency, as if they were being chased by something scary from behind, had splendidly given birth to a high efficiency cycle.

However, as compensation if you were to give them some counseling, you would most likely obtain diagnoses such as sleep deprivation and stress overload.

「I believe you feel it too, Seiichi, but our physical abilities have risen so much that it’s out of sync with our senses. We need time to get used to it.」

「Ah, I see. I guess I do feel like I’m being swung around by my own body….」

Touma, putting the ingredients on the plate into the pot, nodded his head.

「Training arc, isn’t it? I can see it!」

「It’s a mystery why Hime-chan looks so happy, but is it that different?」

Mai, who had an allergy with words such as training and effort, cocked her head.

「There may be not so much difference for the rearguard classes.」

For the vanguard combat type classes, it was as akin to the engine they were equipped with had gone from a moped to a limit-off one.

The held aloft prey ended up slipping off hand due to too high of a momentum, a momentous step back ended up turning into a great jump of headbutting the ceiling.

Those who could perfectly handle their physical ability whose potential had been enhanced from the get go were probably only geniuses like Saki, who possessed an extreme natural talent.

「If possible I’d like to have some bouts, please.」

「But I refuse. You can die, right? Just what kind go grudge do you have against me?」

Saki was making an appeal while pointing at herself in a smile, but Touma’s gaze didn’t move.

Perhaps it was the so-called compatibility, but the three of them were delicately mismatched against each other to have some training.

Their lethality was uselessly high, or they were uselessly incarnations of unreasonableness.

「… There’s no helping it. Let’s do a Tsujigiri on the suitably powerful ones then.」

「Stop it. Rather, your way of thinking is weird. What are you, a ronin from the Edo period?」

「I want to know my limits, so I want to fight against those superior than me.」

「Superior than you, Touma-kun, who can throw iron lump punches at the speed of sound, huh…  It’s quite hard to imagine, but the upperclassman senpais are stronger than us, right?」

「But of course they are, duh.… No, that should be the case.」

Giving a sidelong glance to Seiichi, who muttered and mumbled to himself while holding his temples, Mai emptied her glass in one gulp and reached out her chopsticks toward the pot.

「Well, we may do need some skill training, though. Hmm, delicious. Like it’s full of collagen.」

「Full of umami, it is.」

「I can eat it as many as there is to it.」

The ingredients, which were vanishing from the boiling side, were being put into the pot from a newly taken plate.

「Mmm. There is still a lot of it, so feel free to eat up a lot.」

Shizuka, holding a bowl in her hand, remained unmoving and stared at Touma as he took plates out of the empty air.

Despite the fact that none of them had left their seats to make additional orders, the soup had been replenished with meat one after another to the point of it turning cloudy.

A faint refreshing scent of sansho (Japanese pepper) was blended into the rich umami aroma rising from the cloudy soup, which had plenty of umami dashi coming from the meat.

The members’ food reportage-like comments were also rave reviews.

「Mmm, so tender and juicy, yummy. I may like this one better than the first meat.」

「The scent of sansho is superb, it is.」

「This black skin, could it be a silky fowl? It’s so syrupy and delicious. It goes so well with cold sake that it’s dangerous.」

「Yup, a lot of time has been taken to parboil it. The clincher is of course, Zosui.」

A bead of sweat ran down Shizuka’s forehead, who casted her eyes down.

「… Touma-san. Another serving, please.」

Delicacy was — justice.

◇ ◇ ◇

Loving around the twin sisters, whose bodies have turned somewhat glossy and springy, I raise my body from the two, who are clinging to me like magnets.

It may be two at the same time, but these girls have their senses mostly synchronized, so it’s no different from keeping accompany a single person

And then, they are honest good girls, who end up easily getting knocked down since they are particularly great in toughness.

No, it’s not that Shizuka is a bad girl or anything, though.

「I’ll tell Shizuka~.」

Mai, lying face-down on the bed and holding a Pocky in her mouth, smiled like a Cheshire cat.

It’s a matter of who has the initiative, so I’d like her not to say anything unnecessary.

Rather, I’m sure she’ll get fat if she eats a bunch of sweets while lying down.

「Nmm, I’m not gaining any weight anyway. I’ve even lost some weight around my stomach, you see. I’ve been exercising a lot lately, after all~. Hyan, so intense.」

「Being treated so indifferently while in the middle of it, it makes me lose a bit of confidence, though?」

Seiichi, who is straddling Mai’s ass, lets out a sigh.

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