High School Hack and Slash Chapter 36 Part 5


「Y, you know… you, see?」

Private room of Kaien-sou (Storm Petrel Manor), a girls’ dormitory classified as an entry class dormitory.

Sitting on the bed, Mikan slowly moved her hands that were outstretched towards Touma, who was standing in front of her.

The thing that had just been pulled out of Rinko, who was already stark naked and lying face-down on the bed, was unable to be fully grasped by Mikan’s tiny palms.

「You see, it’s not that I don’t like it. It’s true…. But, I’m a shorty, right?」

Being held up in his arms, her body was laid down on the bed.

「Th, that’s why. Umm, you know…. A boy’s, d, dick can’t get into me.」

Lying face up and covering her face with both hands, Mikan confessed.

Her petite frame is poorly developed and her features as a woman are not yet mature.

When Mikan first enrolled the academy, she had been sexually assaulted by the kind of lolicon fetish like a swarm, but things had never reached intercourse in its truest meaning.

Though, it meant none other than that the male organ was unable to be inserted into her female organ.

That was why, she had no intention of feigning ignorance in front of Touma, but she was just afraid of disappointing him.

「That’s why, you know….」

「It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you, Mikan-senpai.」

「No, that’s not it. I want you to do it properly until the end, Touma-kun….」

Carefully and slowly, Mikan’s body, which had been raised with the nourishment of nutrition that had been finally sufficiently provided since enrolling in the academy, began to bloom.

「… Hnn… Nuu.」

The small tip of her tongue licked Touma’s thing, which was supported and sandwiched between her hands.

Straddling Touma in 69 position, Mikan’s secret place was fully exposed to Touma’s gaze.

As his tongue crawled over her smooth pubic mound, her labia, pushed open by his fingertips, were stretched to both sides.

The hole of Mikan, which was wet and sufficiently aroused, remained small.

Mikan’s handling technique, as she stroked the pole and kissed the tip, boasted dexterity that had been trained in the compensatory act of not being able to insert it.

「If it’s you, Touma-kun, I’ll do it for you anytime… Nmm, nmm.」

「I’m about to cum.」

「Yes. Feel free, to let it out as is…. Huh, funya.」

Having their positions suddenly switched, Mikan was flustered as she was completely pinned under Touma’s body.

「Aah, aah, you know, you see….」

「No can do. I’m going to make you my woman, Mikan-senpai.」

「Aah, aah… The tip pops and gets stuck into the entrance.」

With saliva and precum serving as lube, the lump of the glans wriggled and buried in the womb.

It was probably more influenced by the feeling of acceptance by Mikan than anything else.

Once the glans made its way inside, the rest was to spend time endlessly pistoning her, drilling Mikan’s vagina until the entrance of her womb.

When Touma’s orgasm reached a critical point, Mikan would let him finish with oral sex, and as he reinserted it again, they would change positions and together look for an angle that was easy for insertion, immersing themselves in the fulfillment of penetration until the night wore on.

「Ahn, ahn, amazing… Amazing… The pit of my belly… It’s going thump thump.」

「Yes. It’s sex. It’s totally sex.」

Hugging Touma face to face, as he was sitting on the bed, Mikan, turning her hands around him and clinging to his back, shook her hips on her own.

「I’m having sex with Touma-kun…. I’m having sex with him.」

Time slowly passed as he mingled with Mikan, who kept saying it repeatedly as if in delirium.

◇ ◇ ◇


Before the morning assembly, in the classroom of the second year third group, Mikan screamed as she sat down on her seat.

She stiffened, trembling and shivering as if she were soaked in hot water.

「Hmm? What’s wrong, Mikan-chan?」

「Au, Ringo-chan.」

Rinko, her eyes more sleepy than usual, tilted her head with a triangular pack of milk in her hand.

Seeing Mikan pigeon-toed on her seat and trembling like a newborn goatling, she nodded knowingly.

「… Why are you showing such a motherly smile, I wonder?」

「Hmm. I’m just happy for you.」

「What are you talking about, I wonder?」

Mikan’s puffed out cheeks were bright red as she turned her head a little downward.

「Hmm, actually I thought that perhaps Touma-kun’s was impossible. It’s pretty big, after all.」

「… Me too, the moment I saw it, I thought, this is surely no good.」

「I thought about stopping it if I were to hear you scream, but dear me, I guess you can manage somehow, huh. Yeah, what a surprise.」

「… Ringo-chan, you were awake?」

She stared at her best friend with moist, wet eyes.

「I mean, it was your defloration after all, Mikan-chan. I thought he would be a little more docile since I let him vent it on me first, but that boy really was a sex beast, huh. He even used a potion on the mostly unconscious you to help you recover, Mikan-chan, and stretched you until you securely became his exclusive use.」


「Even you, Mikan-chan, who was convulsing at the beginning, seemed to get better midway and started to make cute noises.」


「To be frank, wondering of how long you two were going at it, I stopped pretending to be asleep midway, sat cross-legged and watched you.」

Mikan, who had been flapping and writhing about, plopped down on the desk with steam rising from her head.

「Even though it looked like only had half of it was inserted into you, I was wondering if your body was okay.」

「… Yes. Touma-kun also told me not to force myself and to get used to it slowly.」

「That boy is especially sweet to you after all, Mikan-chan. I understand his feeling, though.」

「But it feels like there’s still a hole in my body.」

「Hmm, that boy really knows no limits, huh. We’ll have to teach him to do wait.」

Rinko, hungover and sleep-deprived, yawned and crushed the now empty pack.

「Nah, maybe he would end up feasting on us all in one night.」

「Th, that, even it’s Touma-kun, I think that would kill him….」

「I guess that’d be an easy feat for him. Fortunately, it seems that he’s accepted our girls as well…. I wonder just how out of the norm that boy is.」

He was on the level that was astounding in two ways: in terms of vigor and in terms of capacity.

Even so, like night and day, it was clear to Rinko he was way better than the boys they had been made to associate with thus far.

After shooting the crushed pack into the trash can, Rinko turned around with half-closed eyes.

A student that was not their classmates, who only a handful of them had arrived in the class, was coming straight at them through the door.

She didn’t know his name, but she had some recollection of him.

He was the partner of one of the club members, a boy from their grade who had come meddling even with the other club members.

Rinko stepped forward, covering Mikan – who had taken on a fighting style brimming with no intimidating air whatsoever, like a kitten turning up its fur – with her body.

「What business do you have with us so early in the morning?」

「… Tch, damn it.」

Clicking his tongue in annoyance, he took out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and tossed it onto Mikan’s desk.

Giving a sidelong glance to Mikan, who reflexively grabbed it with a whoa, Rinko glared at the other party without letting her guard down.

「That’s what you want, isn’t it? With this, I have nothing to do with this anymore, okay. You hear? Be sure to tell him!」

「What are you talking about?」

「You fucking whores, messing with me like this…. No, I have nothing to do with this. As if I’d want to face him head on. This is no joke, damn it.」

Just like that, he turned on his heel and headed out of the classroom as if he was fleeing.

Rinko scratched her cheek, knitting her brows at the denunciation she had no recollection of.

「What was that, I wonder?」

「Hmm~? Ah, isn’t this a partner name change form?」

The crumpled piece of paper that Mikan unfolded turned out to be an application form to change the holder of the partner registration.

It was a blank paper of attorney with only the boy’s name and seal filling the entry field.

It was used to cancel or perhaps change the name of the partner.

「Huh, huh? Why did he hand over such an important document?」

「… Ah. Perhaps he’s received a letter of challenge from Hentai Gentleman-kun.」

Pressing her finger on her lips, Rinko laughed kukkuku from the depth of her throat and crooked her lips into a crescent moon.

In a mobile restricted environment, the transmission of information was largely through gossip.

The hearsay oral tradition spread slowly.

「A hentai Gentleman-san?」

「You’re right. He’s so much of a hentai, but he’s a sincere boy in his own way. Well, I guess it’s good that things are going well.」


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