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[Rare Exclusive] Raid Quest Information Exchange Thread part26 [Zombie Attack]

5: Anonymous Onmyouji

>>1 kudos

6: Anonymous Knight

So this is the new house, huh

7: Anonymous Robber

>>1 kudos

Death to the early comer who can’t hold out until filling up the templates

8: Anonymous Fighter

Just in case, I tried to make one

But don’t you think this thread is necessary?

9: Anonymous Samurai


Yes, yes, yes, it is totally necessary-degozaru lol

For the first years who don’t know the ABCs of raiding, 「template wife lending」is enough LoLoLoL

10: Anonymous Knight

Oi ninja lol

You’ve got the wrong class, don’t you? Go CC it

11: Anonymous Pimp

(゜д゜)  The sweet materials are circulated inside only, after all

I don’t know if it’s going to be much of an information exchange…

12: Anonymous Newbie

I’m sorry

I’ve got a question about raid quests, but….

13: Anonymous Mage

Template wife lending

14: Anonymous Warrior

Thread Winter… . φ(゜д゜*)

15: Anonymous Necromancer.

Come back again after attaining third class

16: Anonymous Newbie

I’m sorry, somehow my name ended up becoming Newbie

17: Anonymous Fighter

No, no, no, the ↑ name is automatically set

Are you by chance not a figurative, but a real newbie first year?

The name is automatically set by the script when you access the site through the PC where you log in with your student handbook ID number

The board itself is anonymous, but it’s leaked to the academy that manage it, so be careful

18: Anonymous Robber

There are also soldiers who set their own private server, though, lol

In fact, I bet those ones are being monitored too…

19: Anonymous Knight

When the underground servers are exposed, there’s nothing but hater, after all

I’ve got nothing to do, so I’ll keep you company, first year boy

If you’re a girl, send a picture

20: Anonymous Newbie

I’m a boy lol

I went to participate in a raid quest for the midterm exam supplementary lessons, but…

21: Anonymous Knight

Motivation DOWN (‘, 3_ヽ)_

22: Anonymous Onmyouji

Leaving the boy alone at once lol

Rather, there was also this compulsory raid for supplementary lessons, huh

I’ve been in a rut lately anyway, so I guess becoming a jump in participant is also a good idea

23: Anonymous Spirit User

During the supplementary lessons, you’re forcibly locked up, so it’s really dull, you know?

If there’s someone you don’t like, it’ll end up turning into an endless killing each other

24: Anonymous Samurai

You’ll be able to fish women with a fresh feeling-degozaru lol

At this time of the year, you’ll be able to have your picking among the newly enrolling naïve girls-degozaru lol

Mixing in with the enjoy group, acting Ore TUEEEEE feels real good-degozaru LoLoL

25: Anonymous Knight

Oi, failing mark ninja lol

26: Anonymous Newbie

I sent it while in the middle of it

We cleared this quest called ‘’Goten no Zakurosan’’, but will we receive something?

27: Anonymous Warrior

Zakurosan huh, my condolences

I remember I was made to enter it last year too, but it’s a locked up condition for about a month, isn’t it?

Not to mention that A class monsters pop up even in the safety zone and all

28: Anonymous Mage

Extreme Class Onigashima and Zakurosan are truly no joke, aren’t they?

It’s like a survival game condition lol

You’ll generally engage in a trip orgy where you decide the superior ones to escape from reality at the end, and you’ll have a change in personality once you experience this

Even my classmate, the plain girl-chan, turned into a great sex addict

Even now, she still sucks my dick every night and won’t let go lol

29: Anonymous Robber

Huh, can we brag about being our cock slave today?

>> Picture

30: Anonymous Knight.

The grass is growing for the full leather skinned dick (male) slaves, so stop it

31: Anonymous Pimp

No, aren’t the idlers who would save such a dead thread doing it while engaging in sex?

Here are some raw sex SS (Service Shots) of your classmates for you, Kouhai-kun

The first one >>striped panties

The second one >>polka dots

The third one >>pure white

32: Anonymous Newbie

Um, the second girl, she looks like my classmate, though

33: Anonymous Pimp


Then I’ll give this girl to you, Kouhai-kun

Tomorrow, if you tell her that you see her in the thread, she’ll stick out her ass and let you stick in right then and there

34: Anonymous Newbie

For real?!


35: Anonymous Onmyouji

As expected of Pimp-san, I’m tingling with admiration for you

Ah, I guess I’ll have a one-night stand in the dungeon too

I should have joined the supplementary lessons

36: Anonymous Spirit User

It’s turning into a typical idle talk thread lol

37: Anonymous Fighter

You guys are normally ignoring the matter, so I’ve gone to look it up in some other threads lol

Zakurosan getting extinguished seems to be a legit shit

38: Anonymous Knight


It’s an Extreme Class, you know?

Did the guys from the Eternal Garden (Vingólf) get in?

39: Anonymous Robber

It’s impossible even if that’s the case, isn’t it?

Before talking about how powerful the Boss is, Zakurosan is a raid where you can’t get to the Boss due to its terrain effects

Just how are you supposed to beat the double Boss of Nue and Plasma Thunderbirds flying in the sky?

40: Anonymous Dragon Knight

I’ve come from the idle talk thread

To talk about raid in the idle talk thread, and have idle talk in the raid thread, lol

41: Anonymous Fighter

The most plausible explanation is that it self-destructed.

I hope it’s not because the Bosses blended in and came outside

For Extreme Class Bosses to wander around the area, that’d be no joke dude

42: Anonymous Robber

What if the Other Realm was in a critical state due to the Bosses devouring each other?

Isn’t that real bad?

43: Anonymous Spirit User

Looks like we’ll have to fix the template raid list in the next thread


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