High School Hack and Slash Chapter 45×2


The Masked Clown Harlequin

「… I see. So if you use a monster crystal, you can use skills even『outside』.」

What was held in the hand was a monster crystal the size of a fist.

It was a souvenir that he collected from the temporary party that was wiped out, leaving him alone.

The reason why the academy collected crystals through liquidation.

The crystal, a lump of miasma, was a lump of magical energy that was an all-purpose catalyst.

It was a crystalline body that would end up deteriorating and disintegrating in no time if brought from the dungeon to the above ground, but while still fresh, it could serve as a temporary substitute for one’s essence crystal (soul device).

Takehiko had turned a corner of the corridor into his own『Private Space (Territory)』, where no one would notice him, and he had the『Fighter』 Youko, whom he had brought home from the dungeon with the combo skill of『Possession』 followed by『Evasion (Escapism)』, straddle him.

She was a familiar face who was a regular at the temporary party, and for Takehiko, she was a girl whom he was familiar with not only the face, but also the ass.

Straddling him with her legs spread in an M-shape, the girl, bouncing her hips like a frog, was immersing herself in lust, her mouth open and hearts seemingly reflected in her eyes.

She frequented temporary parties and often formed a party with Takehiko to challenge the dungeon, sometimes returning alive and sometimes returning from death.

Even when she returned alive, she was used by Takehiko, who was accustomed to using his skills, for sexual venting almost every time.

Even if it didn’t remain on the surface of her consciousness, the body memory of herself being developed for pleasure was accumulated.

Moreover, leaving aside if it was only once or twice, she had also become vaguely aware of the languidly satisfied body she felt on the night she returned from the dungeon, as well as the sensation and remains left in her sex organs.

In order to negate the effects of mental-type skills, a firm perception was necessary.

The toughness of the『Self-Consolation (Regenerate)』 penis, which was rigid even as it shot out sperm with a splurt, made the buttocks of the girl, who had been shaking her hips at her own pace, shiver.

Her breasts, which were clad in a tight full-cup bra as she detested to be gawked at by her classmates, were being carelessly fondled as Takehiko sucked on them.

Storing the third ejaculation in her womb, Youko resumed her hip shaking as she also felt pleasure from the pain of her breasts being pulled.

Even the shamefulness of shaking her hips, greedily seeking for pleasure while exposing her obscene lasciviousness, the usual sense of virtue was on the contrary serving as an unbearable spice of pleasure.

From right to left, her painfully protruding nipples were sucked and played with.

「Haa, to think we’d really get wiped out, unbelievable.」

「It can’t be helped, can it? There are also days like that.」

On the bench next to where Takehiko and the others lay, the members of a temporary party were seated, juice in hand.

「Maybe we should find a fixed member soon?」

「I wonder. It does feel like the number of people coming to form a temporary party is decreasing, though.」

「But there are no decent guys in our class, you know.」

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn.」

Crouched down in a Sonkyo position, the girl pressed her hands against the wall, bending backward and panting at the pile-driving of Takehiko, who was overlapping her from behind with the same position.

Remaining sticking to her buttocks, Takehiko continued to ejaculate, leaving everything in the hand of the self-healing ability of his skills.

「Huh? Isn’t this a skirt?」

「Wow. Just whose forgotten article, is it? To be in such a place.」

Her skirt, pushed out of Takehiko’s『Private Space (Territory)』, was recognized.

Her panties, which were taken off at the same time, are in my pocket, so I guess there shouldn’t be any problem, with such an apathetic thought, he made her continue shaking her hips.

「Do you think we should deliver this back?」

「Geez, where to?」

When Youko’s ass shivered with a twitch as she climaxed, Takehiko, holding her up as if to lift those buttocks, would swing his hips as if to finish her off.

Having been made to get used to even continuous orgasms, she squeezed out a husky moan and shook her breasts.

Having no intention to end it even after finishing from the beginning, Takehiko’s ejaculation was shot into Youko’s womb regardless of whether she was in the middle of an orgasm or in between.

Before they knew it, the girls on the bench had disappeared, but fortunately, Youko’s skirt was left behind.

「… Ah… Uu… Ah….」

Making Youko, whose reaction had become dull due to climaxing too much, straddle him and hugging her by the waist, he enjoyed the interval by sucking hard on both of her breasts, raising chuchu sound.

He piled up a number of red hickeys around her nipples, which were modest compared to her size.

The figures of Takehiko and Youko, sitting on the bench as he sucked on her breasts, remained the same even after the effective time of『Private Space (Territory)』 had passed.

Under the academy’s sexual ethics, it was set for them to simply act as if they saw nothing when it came to things they couldn’t see.

Hugging Takehiko’s head and holding his penis deep in her with her recovered female organ, Youko had begun to shake her hips with her head melting from the pleasure of sex.

Shaking their hips together while creating a puddle of fluid beneath their feet, the two were immersed in orgasms, overlapping their lips and sticking out their tongues.

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