High School Hack and Slash Chapter 45×3 Part 1


Three Wise Men of the East Magus

 The『Three Wise Men of the East (Magus)』 was a club belonged to that of A rank, which was limited to only twelve in slots.

The A rank and above club was made up of the upperclassmen dungeon group, and those who scouted for new first year recruits were in the minority.

Even if they wanted to keep girls for their good looks, there was no need to accept them as members of the club, and if they were high rankers, they could just eat them in private.

The reason why the『Three Wise Men of the East (Magus)』 belonged to the minority was purely due to a lack of members, as the requirement for joining the club was limited in that you had to be of the『Arts User (Magi)』 class.

The one with the smallest overall number of archetype classes included in the six basic classes was『Arts User (Magi)』.

Even in dungeon battles, there was a high demand for classes of『Arts User (Magi)』 branching that could be play a hug role against a large number of enemies.

Despite possessing the drawback of bad fuel efficiency, they could be said to be the strongest class in terms of firepower.

「Welcome. Amane-kun.」

Amane, a boy from the first year Northwest group, stepped into the club room with a nervous look on his face.

The female club member who was guiding him smiled at that innocent gesture of his.

The boy, boasting thin lines and fragile appearance, was on the level that he had ended up being mistaken for a girl during the scouting process.

Along with his unmanly name, it had become a complex for Amane.

「Looks like you’ve decided to join the club. I welcome you.」

「I, I’m… still, uh…」

Seeing that unconfident and timid appearance of his, the female club member held his hand as if to reassure him.

「It’s okay. We’re on your side. As long as you are a member of the『Three Wise Men of the East (Magus)』, you will never be bullied again.」

「Why, me?」

「Because we, 『Arts User (Magi)』, are elites chosen by the dungeons.」

Smiling widely, the girl was infinitely serious.

「There’s no need don’t have to mind the small fries who are jealous of your talent, you know? You, who have skipped class change into a『Spirit User』 from the beginning, definitely have talent, Amane-kun. You are qualified to be one of us.」

Amane shivered at the words of self-affirmation that pleasantly permeated his heart.

For someone who lacked self-confidence and had never been recognized by others, it was an unbearably sweet temptation.

Amane’s glasses, which would eventually become unnecessary in the course of repeated dungeon dives, were removed.

「I’m not going to force you. Just take your time and think about it.」

Amane nodded wordlessly to the words whispered in his ear.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hi there. You must be the promising newcomer, Amane, right?」

「It, it’s nice to meet you, Senpai.」

The club room provided to the A rank club was distinctly different from those provided to the B rank and below.

All kinds of facilities, such as training rooms and shower rooms, were for the exclusive use of the club members.

The upperclassman boy, showing a seemingly languid look on his face and having a towel hung around his neck, looked very mature to Amane.

「Hey, Amane-kun hasn’t joined the club yet, so don’t pressure him.」

「My bad, my bad. Don’t mind me, just go ahead and take your time. You may not be a member of the club, but you’re still one of us, after all.」

It was by no means intimidation, if anything, at the seniors who were of the similar type as him, Amane’s wariness was loosening.

「By the looks of it, are the trainings by chance done?」

「I’d say so-so, I guess. It’s done together with the other puppet that might be of use, after all.」

「I wonder how many of them will be able to turn into『Catalyst』 this year.」

The female club member, with her fingers on her cheeks, let out a languid sigh.

「… Umm.」

「Oh, I’m sorry. We’ve been preparing a gift for you, Amane-kun, but it’s not ready yet.」

「Maybe it’s just right. He also has his own preferences, after all. Let’s let him take a look and pick one himself.」

「That’s certainly true. There’s also a matter of compatibility, so we can just have him give them a try.」

The back of the confused Amane was pushed and he was led to the depth of the club room.

To Amane’s surprise, the elevator where he had brought into had the display for three floors above ground and even a floor underground, all of which were the club rooms of the『Three Wise Men of the East (Magus)』.

Inside the elevator which slowly descended, Amane was met with an admiring gaze as he looked around the surprising surroundings.

「As I thought, it appears that you understand. An artificial dungeon space is reproduced in the underground floor of the A-rank club building.」

「Th, that’s…」

「The miasma pressure is only about the same as the dungeon first stratum, but for better or worse, you can still use skills and monsters might also pop up. Well, occasionally, okay?」

「A training ground for skills, something along those lines, I suppose. This is also another privilege for those of A rank.」

The other side of the door, which opened with a ding electronic sound, was different from the dimly lit dungeon that Amane had ended up imagining.

With a white ceiling and monochrome interior, it was a floor that looked like a modern training gym.

It was by no means huge, but it boasted plenty of space for moving one’s body.

In fact, there were also training machines that Amane had never seen before, and a number of them were in use.

「It looks like no one is here, though?」

「Everyone’s taking a break. As expected, even if you are able to replenish yourself in a dungeon space, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t accumulate mental exhaustion. We’re in the middle of a three-day weekend that started yesterday, so they should be in bed taking a nap right about now.」

「I wish the boys could put in more effort, though.」

Giving a sidelong glance to the seniors who were chatting amiably, Amane gulped down his spit as he stared at it that no one was using.

It looked like a piece of equipment used for performing weight training while lying down.

Perhaps for safety reasons, the flesh-colored puppet doll lying on the seat had its arms and legs fixed with belts.

The carelessly opened and fixed crotch was ten in number, exposed in front of Amane’s eyes.

As his mind went blank and his body stiffened upon seeing the scene that was still unreal to him, his back was pushed.

「Hmm, now then. I wonder what kind of taste will it have?」

Pushing Amane forward, the female club member reached out her hand to a first-year female student who was lying on her back, in the posture that looked as if she was placed on a delivery table.

If anything, it was a club with many of those with methodical nature.

The puppet doll had been cleansed and washed clean before the break in training.

However, the queer paint on the solar plexus, between the eyebrows, and on the throat parts had clearly been re-drawn.

Deliberately inserting her right hand, covered with a rubber glove, into the crotch, she played with the labia, which ended up remaining gaping, open to the left and right even after being cleared and tidied up.

The girl, who had closed her eyes and showed no slightest movement like the other first-year girls, began to writhe and shake her ass.

Under the fluorescent light, so faint that you wouldn’t be able to see it if you weren’t paying attention, the markings painted on the limbs were reacting.

「It seems that there is still some magical energy precipitating in the womb. It seems that the capacity of the flesh is plenty enough. I wonder if it’ll be able to properly serve as a present for Amane-kun?」

「Eri, chan…..」

Firmly sinking her middle and index fingers into Erika’s pussy, she widely bared the mucous membrane.

The pink folds in the center of the flesh lips stretched out, opening up the hole in the depth.

The frothy cloudy juice that was being squeezed out of the wriggling pink hole dripped onto the seat.

「I wonder if you’ve laid down your virginity yet, Amane-kun? See, here. This hole is pussy. The small hole on top of it is the urethra. And the small protrusion where the folds meet is the clitoris.」

「Ah, ah…..」

「This girl, she has a gaudy appearance, but it seems she doesn’t fish for men very much. Even though she tended to bully you, Amane-kun, her pussy is still that of a beautiful pink one.」

「We thought you wouldn’t like it either if it has some kind of strange habit. So we’ve arranged for this girl to be filled alternately by all club members.」

「It’s a puppet doll arranged for you, Amane-kun, but unless it’s able to accomplish a class change into『Catalyst』, we’d have no more use of it, you see. It’s a good opportunity, so I wonder if you can use it as well, Amane-kun?」

The restraint tool, put together with a pipe, made a clanking sound.

The male club member pulled his sweatpants down to his knees and straddled one of the first-year girls who were installed in the row of ten.

「Like this, it’s been copulating until just a while ago, after all. There’s no need for preparation… or rather, you seem to be all prepared, huh?」

「Ha, ha…. Why, why are you doing, such a thing?」

Seeing Amane breathing heavily and bending forward to hide his bulging up crotch, the female club member, removing her rubber gloves, smiled.

「Hmm~. I wanted to give you, who have been unjustly looked down upon in class, a chance to take revenge, Amane-kun, such is one of the reason.」

For the『Three Wise Men of the East (Magus)』, they boasted a sense of value where the class of『Arts User (Magi)』 was one that ought to be respected.

There was a strong sense of elitism, belief-like idea of being the chosen ones, at their root.

「But that’s ultimately just a secondary one. The reason we’re collecting and training these puppet dolls, you see…. It’s for the sake of creating『Catalyst』.」

「Kah, what in the world is, a『Catalyst』…?」

With a mix of excitement and tension on the level of making his heart pounding wildly and his ears ringing, Amane repeated her words.

「『High Class Magician (Magus)』 like us are the strongest class. We are the chosen ones who wield the miraculous power called magic, which boasts overwhelming destructive power as well as universal application.」

It was an oath that was akin to a feverish swoon.

It seeped into the ears of Amane, who had become as sticky as mud and as hot as scorching heat.

「However, even such『High Class Magician (Magus)』 have a weakness. It is exactly because we are able to wield powerful magic that we tend to end up running out of magical energy. However, that’s by no means a flaw. If we don’t have enough, we can just make up for it, that’s what the『Catalyst』 class is for.」

「That’s right. The『Catalyst』 may be a class categorized under『Arts User (Magi)』 branching, but we treat them as different ones. The catalyst that merely gathers magical energy from the surroundings and stores it. It’s a meaningless class that can’t use any other magic on its own. However, if we use it, it can also serve as a tool that produces a wonderful synergy.」


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