High School Hack and Slash Chapter 45×3 Part 2


The lower body of Amane, who closed his eyes and pressed his forehead, before he knew it had had even the underwear stripped down, exposing his foreskin-wrapped penis.

「That’s not good, Amane-kun. Open your eyes and look at the reality.」

「Ahn, aahn….」

At the nude figure of Erika, who was in an obscene state and having the places that should be hidden being wholly exposed, his warped, immature penis jerked and twitched.

「We, the『Three Wise Men of the East (Magus)』 club, are actually not the first of our kind. I believe you know it already, but when the club president graduates, the club will end up getting disbanded without the option of getting inherited. However, those who have inherited the philosophy of the『Three Wise Men of the East (Magus)』 are calling themselves the new『Three Wise Men of the East (Magus)』.」

Slender fingertips supported Amane as he drew closer to Erika with a sleepwalking-like gait.

So that there wouldn’t be any mishaps for his first deed, the tip was firmly fitted into that hole.

「It’s not only the philosophy that we’ve inherited. Even among them, this is a secret arts to make one have a class change to『Catalyst』, the tools that will allow us to perfectly exhibit our power.」

「… Hii.」

Amane’s penis, whose foreskin was peeled by the intrusion through the flesh chasm into the narrow flesh cave, twitched inside the hole.

Letting out a scream and having his hips, which had been reflexively moved back, being held back from behind, he poured the first semen of his first copulation into Erika’s womb.

「If possible, a first year girl who has not acquired any class yet would’ve been preferable. Ah, right, this secret art, you see, fundamentally it’s limited to women only. Maybe it can be adapted to men as well, but there’s no male club members who are interested in doing it, after all.」

Amane, who was in the state of being sandwiched by Erika who was fixed on the seat and the female club member on his rear, was invaded by the intermittent pleasure of ejaculation as he stuck out his tongue and shuddered.

「The『Catalyst』 ability is to absorb and release magic power. We’re here to make them learn this cycle with their flesh. There are many cases where a class whose requirements had been met and is suitable for you to be chosen when performing class change. That’s the reason why there are so few『Arts User (Magi)』 who wield magical energy, a power that is unfamiliar to us present-day. That’s why, we’ll make them learn it with their flesh. Like this, okay.」

For him, it was the same act as using an onahole to excrete semen.

The methods of imbuing the magical energy stored in the tanden (dantian) into the semen and pouring it into the womb of the girl.

Secret arts developed with sex as their main axis existed in every parts of the world.

Bouchujutsu, Tachikawa-ryu, Kamasutra.

Among them, according to the Taiji philosophy of Yin and Yang, the man who released semen(spirit) was Yang, while the woman who received it was Yin.

To begin with, women were gifted with the ability to receive semen.

The semen, or magical energy, that was received in the tanden circulated through the flesh and was released through the liberation letter arts that was imprinted on the chakra points.

「If we take them to the『Cathedral』 after letting them get used to it with their flesh by carrying out this training over and over again, let’s see… We’ll be able to create『Catalyst』 with about a 20% success rate. Well, if we fail, they’ll generally end up being a『Debauchee (NEET)』, though.」

「Ah… AH… Ahn….」

By means of the letter arts imprinted on the chakra points, the astral, which was referred to as magical energy or perhaps SP, of the flesh of the prepared first year girl was close to zero.

Greedily absorbing the magical energy that was bestowed upon her, she was made to forcefully disperse it.

Amane continued to writhe in agony as he felt the sensation of getting absorbed by Erika’s vagina through his still-loaded penis.

「As I thought, you’re sensitive to magical energy, huh. It’d be easier if you move and distract your mind with the pleasure of the flesh, you know…. Look, just like this, slowly, okay?」

Remaining glued to Amane’s back, she moved her hips together to guide him.

The coupling part of the penis, which transmitted a pleasure equal to the pain felt by Amane who was biting his lip, sloppily mingled with the sex organ of Erika.

「Yes, go ahead and let out all the frustration and resentment you’ve been feeling. There’s nothing to worry about. She’s going to be yours after all, Amane-kun.」

「… Ah… Uh.」

Erika, who had been in a state of hypoactivity similar to that of suspended animation due to astral deficiency, shook her head and began to let out a painful, coquettish voice.

「My oh my, looks like she’s ended up getting enslaved already, huh. I wonder if it’s due to the magical energy filled first semen, or due to it being imbued with a very strong feeling, or both?」

「For us, the strength of the thought is crucial, you know. For Amane-kun’s sake, looks like we have to carefully train and turn that puppet doll into a『Catalyst』.」

「You’re right. There’s no use in keeping a『Debauchee (NEET)』 around.」

The female club member warmly watched over Amane, who was already dying to shake his hips of his own volition.

With his mouth remained upon and breathing roughly, Amane put his hands on the seat and laid waste to Erika, who had bullied him in the class ever since they enrolled in the academy.

Even when his penis slipped out due to the unfamiliar hips swing, he put it back in the right place on his own and continued the training.

「Now then, I guess I’m going to replenish some of my magical energy too. Oi.」

「Yes. Master… Please take it for yourself.」

◇ ◇ ◇

――『Yomotsu Hirasaka』, a branch realm attached to the labyrinth of Perforation Realm, 『YGGDRASILL』――

――The『second』 stratum, 『charted』 domain――

「Geez, what the heck are you doing? You’re really one dull guy!」

「I, I’m sorry….」

A vigorous voice echoed in the dim and damp dungeon.

Monsters that reacted to sound were also large in number, so originally it was an act that was not very much advisable to be done.

「Here we go again. Eri truly has a strict personality, doesn’t she?」

The closer it was to the outer layer of the dungeon, the more its structure resembled the underground caves of the present world.

This was proof of it receiving influence from the above ground, and the differences between it and the present world were not yet great.

Before Amane, who was tripped up by the stair-like steps, could crouch down, Erika, standing in a daunting pose, stopped him.

Amidst the members of the party consisting of girls from the first year Northwest group, Amane, a boy, was mixed in by his lonesome.

At a glance, it might look like Amane’s harem party, but in reality, he was treated as a small-time baggage carrier (porter).

Having been made to bear the brunt of the battle against monsters, sometimes as a shield, sometimes as a decoy, it was inevitable that Amane was the first in the party to be able to attain class change.

「Kyahaha, but Amane being dull is real.」

「Yes, yes. It’s annoying just to look at him, isn’t it?」

「He’s real useless. It feels like he’s trying to die on his own accord.」

Though, this did not make his treatment change for the better, on the contrary, he was abused to vent their anger.

「!,… Can you guys go on ahead for a bit? I’m going to discipline this guy.」

「Uwa. Scary.」

「Keep it in moderation, okay? It’d be a real hindrance if he can’t walk on his own feet, after all.」

「Without Amane’s magic, won’t fighting against goblins be a pain in the ass?」

「I bet it’s going to be a walk in the park.」

The girls, still clad in their beginner’s set equipment, proceeded to the depth of the corridor one after another.

「I, I’m sorry… Amane. But if I don’t do this, those girls will….」

Erika’s eyes were moist and her face was flushed from the sense of guilty pleasure of abusing someone she shouldn’t be allowed to.

The master-slave relationship that had been trained into the marrow of her body had easily transformed her mind into an appendage.

The young mind – whose ego, which served as the linchpin, had yet to be nurtured enough – was as fragile and cheap-looking as sugar candy.

「That’s why, it’s all because of those girls… Ahn… I’m not at fa… Ahn, hnu…」

Roughly getting pressed against the wall of the dungeon, Erika’s voice was cut off by the crawling of the penis that had been inserted into her skirt before she could even roll it up.

Amane’s penis, which had been inserted countless times every day since the end of the test break, had had the foreskin peeled off from the glans and drilled into the vaginal flesh in a conspicuous umbrella-like state.

「I’m, sorry, Amane… Forgive me, ahii, your dick is amazing, Amane.」

Without changing his expression, Amane continued to obligingly pound Erika’s ass.

Now that he’d gotten used to doing it, he could use even Erika’s vaginal hole, where he had to desperately endure his urge to ejaculate every time he penetrated it in the beginning, with ease.

After being gang-raped and filled for three days and nights by the senior from the club, according to them, Erika’s hole seemed to be a normal pussy, neither good nor bad.

He was recommended a classmate girl who was said to have better sensation, but the one Amane received was this hole.

He thought that if it was a normal one, then it would be best suited for practice.

And then, when he raped Erika in the state of harboring pent up frustration due to being abused, his feeling became very exhilarated.

Every day, while Erika, whom he had freshly creampied right up until before the beginning of class period, was chatting with her friend with a composed look on her face, when he saw the sperm that he had let out was dripping down her thighs, he got an erection like a monkey.

It was on the level that he wouldn’t be satisfied unless he took her into a hidden corner and rape her during every break time.

Erika, whose pride alone was high, seemed to have been able to keep up her appearance somehow, but on the contrary, Amane was starting to get pleasure from such a situation.

「Amazing, so amazing…. Amane, it feels so good.」

The spasming at the compulsory orgasm due to receiving ejaculation into her vagina, and the sense of loss seeping out through the magical energy diffusion imprint left at her belly button.

At the two-layered pleasure, Erika’s ass shuddered as she squirted.

「Ahn, back to back? Amane, you’re so amazing. So manly.」

「Shut up. You damned cock slave!」

「But… But, your cock is so amazing, after all, Amane.」

Grabbing her waist with the hands that had been put inside Erika’s skirt, with his eyes remained shut, he swung his hips around mindlessly.

It couldn’t very much be said that he was anywhere near being accustomed to sex, but he was addicted to the pleasures of the flesh like a monkey in heat.

「Ahn, comiiing. I’m going to cum before I get cummed intooo. Amane’s cock slave, feels so goood.」

「If you become a 『Catalyst』, I’ll use you for the rest of your life okay, you cock slave.」

「I willl. I’ll be one, soo…. Ahn, coming, comiiing!」


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