High School Hack and Slash Chapter 58x Part 2


Haa… Haa… Haa…Ugh…

 One audience, who was peering through the window with one eye, let out a muffled groan.

 Solitary juices spilled out onto the weeds beneath his feet.

 For as many times as he had comforted himself with his right hand, cloudy liquid dripped all over the place on the ground, giving rise to a dense smell of male sexuality.

 He was hopelessly aroused by the figure of a familiar partner being raped, the naked body of a classmate’s girl who was being used as a plaything, and at the silly face of a party member’s girl he was close with who was being seeded and exposed.

 When was it that he had ended up noticing it for the first time?

 At first it was just a small sense of discomfort that he had passed off as him imagining things.

 Eventually, as he noticed a change in the girls where they began to show gestures of females little by little, he ended up becoming aware of it.

 Tailing those girls, he ended up witnessing the conclusive scene.

 The academy’s wildly disordered sexual ethics that that had secretly become a talk even in their classroom.

 It was a scene that could be said to be very embodiment of that thing: a gang rape orgy.

 The three girls, Yuka, Honami, and Riru.

 The comrades as well as intimate classmates whom he had been chatting with just a while ago appeared as a related party.

 Being pounced on by several male students alternately, during each occasion, they panted and squeezed out mushy moans all over that made him want to cover his ears.

 As their creampied buttocks were subjected to a spanking, they whimpered like a dog, spread their legs in an obscene manner, and exposed the figures of them masturbating as commanded.

 It was a Sabbatarian feast where common sense and dignity were trampled and desecrated.

 As he did a little research, he managed to easily find out what kind of group they were.

 It was not a group of delinquents who committed crimes out of people’s sight, but a group that was approved by the academy as a club.

 They was an infamous in the name of Wanted Men (Wild Bunch), but what they did was within the acceptable range and did not deviate from the rules of the academy.

 Was it when he wound up finding things out that a dark and shadowy zeal was born within him?

 Watching the figures of the girls continuously being raped selfishly and without regard to their will, before the thought of feeling sorry for them crossed his mind, he ended up feeling this way first.


 More than his feeling toward those girls, he felt stronglyenvious, jealous toward those guys who played with them as they pleased.

 As far as he himself was concerned, these feelings were not something he could acknowledge.

 Thus, he pretended not to notice them.

 He averted his eyes from what he knew and the fierce urge that was akin to an ember burning inside him.

 Even so, what made him end up occasionally checking on the condition of these girls was not his concern for his classmates slash party members, but his own uncontainable sexual curiosity.

 The peeping tom that he was had naturally been noticed by the members of Wanted Men (Wild Bunch) Who were acting as lookouts.

 And, on top of that he had been left alone.

 It was partly due to the inclination of the club president, but to put it bluntly, no one cared even if a mere first year was drooling and peeping into the orgy scene.

 As he continued to peek through the window, leaning against the outer wall, he saw that Riru was beginning to get violated inside the room.

 Being lifted up lightly in the position of having her arms pulled from behind, the back of her skirt was rolled up by the protruding parts of the boy who was sticking to her.

 As she lifted his downcast face, Riru’s expression was completely that of a female.

… Huh?

 As the door to the room was opened once again, he, who was clutching his erect thing, let out a small cry.

 The one coming into the room while being hugged in an over-familiar manner by a boy was the last of the three female members of the party, Yuka.

 She used to be the favorite of the club president of the Wanted Men (Wild Bunch), but due to a dispute within the club following their fall in ranks, she had been neglected and ended up being out along with Honami and Riru.

 Things had actually turned out exactly as the prospect where it would be overlooked even if they were kidnaped as newcomers, as opposed to associate members who were trained by the club members.

 All three of them were cute girls who were among the top ranked ones in their class, but there were plenty of girls of similar rank in the academy.

 They weren’t the kind of top-notch girls one would bother getting obsessed over.

 Thus, the bright defectors ending up carrying off the newcomer girls altogether was all according to plan.

 Seeing the sexual act that was taking place in the room, Yuka and the other closed the door in a fluster.

 Yuka turned her face away and closed her eyes while the boy showed a lewd look on his face.

 Most likely, they had come to do a swapping, exchange of girls, just as the second group.


 The voice he heard through the window was definitely that of his classmate slash party member, Shinnosuke.

 He shot a lustful gaze at Riru, who was being violated from behind while remained standing, but the boy waved his hand at him curtly.

 Shinnosuke, who was disgruntled but still floated a menial smile on his face, turned around and reached his hand out toward Yuka, who was looking away with her arms crossed as if to cover her breasts.

 As he rolled up her skirt from behind, the inside was panty-less, just like Riru.

 And then, abruptly pulling down his pants along with even his underwear, Shinnosuke inserted himself into Yuka in a way as if he was familiar with the act.

 Placing her hands on the door to support her body, Yuka simply let her buttocks be used in silence, engaging in no conversation that she tended to exchange with Shinnosuke in the classroom.

 *Smack, smack* A fierce pounding sound echoed all the way outside the room.

 The hand grasping his erection was moving violently.

 If it was an upperclassman, he could still resign himself to it.

 However, the thought of Shinnosuke, whom he had thought of as a friend, using her, whom he had harbored goodwill for, made restlessness that seemed to burn his chest gradually throbbed within him.

 He was envious of Shinnosuke, who, after an unknown length he had gone with her already, was displaying such a casual sex.

 Pulling out his penis and crouching down, Shinnosuke twisted his mouth in the most obscene manner he had ever seen as he spread the hole where he had inserted himself into with his fingertips and peered into it.

 Stirring around the sperm he had poured in with his fingertips, as he had rubbed her raw ass enough, he readily reinserted himself into it.

 Shinnosuke was vigorously pumping his erect thing in and out of Yuka’s ass, but he didn’t make her moan and lose control of herself like Riru and Honami did.

 It was only Shinnosuke who was going wild due to the excitement of having sex.

 It was only natural, for things to turn out that way.

 Shinnosuke and Yuka were almostequal.

 Even though she was in a state of being neglected, Yuka, who was enslaved by someonesuperior, would not easily yield.

 That’s why, the current me is unable to make Yuka mine.

 Such was, what this scene taught him.

 And, even if it was to snatch Honami and RIru away, hisrank (level) was nowhere near enough.

Haa… Haa! … Ugh.

 With his buttocks twitching, Shinnosuke held Yuka’s ass.

 After ejaculating while rubbing his hips against her as if he was screwing her in, Shinnosuke separated himself from Yuka’s lower body.

 After a short while, sperm flooded out of Yuka’s easy delivery-type ass with a plop.

 At the same time, cloudy mucus was dripping down under his feet too.

 Taking his eyes off of Shinnosuke, who was rubbing Yuka’s buttocks seemingly with pride, he departed the place with his teeth clenched tightly together.

 He held no grudge against Shinnosuke, who was probably having his way as he pleased with those girls through the senior-junior relationship they had as fellow dorm mates.

 It was just that, ah, he was also envious of such a thing.

… I get it. Let’s go to the dungeon. I just have to hunt, hunt and hunt monster all over and raise my level, right?

 For some reason, the scent of salt water was wafting from Tatsuya, who muttered to no one in particular.


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