Himekishi Ga Classmate! Intermission Chapter to Volume 3


Sponsored Chapter: This Chapter is Sponsored by Jeff.P, Tearston, Jonathan,H, Mohammed.H Thank you so much. Well guys as you know, I haven’t been releasing much these past few weeks. I have quite a big announcement to make. I have recently entered into a full time job, therefore, I have been unable to keep up with translations, the good news is that I am slowly getting the hang of how to time manage the time I do have left, but what I am going to do first of all is take off all the donations for the projects I current translate, as I feel totally guilty in being unable to meet your expectations, I sincerely thank you guys and the fact that none of you have actually complained make me feel quite blessed. I will finish whatever is in the donation que, but then I plan to take it easy and gradually translate more as I get used to my new work load. I do love translating and I don’t think I want to stop yet but just know that I will need time to get back in the groove.

In any case guys, Please enjoy this very long steamy intermission super duper special chapter!



  1. Glad to hear your reasons, but when are you going to fix the links to the chapters and images?

  2. Grats on the Job hope its one you enjoy =D

  3. Good to have you back ?

    Thanks for doing this one ?

  4. Always love when this series gets a release.

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