Himekishi ga Classmate!

Author: E K Z

Original Web Novel姫騎士がクラスメート! 〜異世界チートで奴隷化ハーレム〜

Alternate Titles:

  1. 姫騎士がクラスメート! 〜異世界チートで奴隷化ハーレム〜
  2. Himekishi ga Classmate! ~ Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem~
  3. My Classmate is a Princess Knight! ~ Different World Cheat Starting an Enslaved Harem~

Synopsis: Odamori Tooru is a high school boy that doesn’t have a single friend, he got into an accident when he was going on the bus for a school excursion, furthermore he is reincarnated into a new world. The Job Class he obtains here, gives him the ability to control a person, a cheat like occupation, his occupation was called “Slavemancer”. Using this power Tooru promptly begins enslaving the women. However one of Tooru’s classmates Himeno Kirika, a Bishoujo who originated from his world, has a prestigious class occupation Princess Knight, she represents the side of justice and appears before him—-??!? 「If that’s the case I’m going to collect my: Former Classmates, Adventurer’s, Elf’s, Demon’s and Princesses and turn them into a part of my slave harem!」

R-18 Novel:  Action, Adult, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Mature and Seinen.

Caution: This Novel Contains mature themes and depictions that may not be suitable for people under the age of 18. Thus only read this novel if you are 18 or above!

Light Novel Illustrations CAN BE VIEWED HERE!

Volume 2: Me, the Demoness Noble, and the Divine Corpse

Volume 4: Me, The Eight Great Households and the Mayhem at the Devil Kingdom

We have completed translating all of the WN that exists; the author ceased posting the WN on 2016/10/22.

It is our hope to pick up the translation with volume 4 of the LN; we have that in hardcopy, and it was just brought to our attention that it’s been released in digital format as well, which would make it tons easier to work with.

It may not be soon.
If another group desires to pick this up in the meantime, that’s cool.

-Weasalopes, 2020/05/27, updated 2021/02/17


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    Do you have any plan about the release’s speed?

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  7. Do you have the illustrations?

  8. thank you for your hard work sire!! awesome, thanks for doing both this and living cheat!! *bows*

  9. Where the pdf if there are any

    • If by pdf you mean the light novels, they are most definitely unavailable here. You actually need to buy them ~ lol~ if you want the Web Novel, just go to the table of contents and you will find it there.

  10. Mhmm, That was a good read. Looking forward for vol 2

  11. when is the second vol cmng ?

  12. So is this gonna be updated regularly? Or is it a burst update scenario?

  13. Amazing job, Nefarian. After Lygar dropped this, i thought nobody would pick it up. And he was barely at Chapter 5. You have become my second most favourite translator (after Skythewood who was doing Overlord)

    Will you translate the Extra chapters as well? I mean the chapter after 13 and 21 of the first volume.

    • Yes I will be translating the extra chapters. The extra chapter after 13 doesn’t really contain anything though it’s actually just the author (EKZ) promoting the fact that there will be an extra chapter “so look forward to it” is basically what he says. But yeah the extra chapter right after chapter 21 is a full fledged chapter and I will be translating that. Also please do not place any pictures/links which may contain spoilers in the comments, if you’d like, you can either place them in the spoiler section of the forum, or if it’s a mass spoiler like the one you linked, msg it to me first via, either facebook/the forum private messaging system/ pinterest, so that I can moderate it and place them into the correct categories.

      And Thanks for the kind words ~ I want to give heads up to Lygar though, he did a great job translating as well !

      • Yeah, sorry about that, i did not see that you posted the pictures as hyperlinks in chapters…

        I never understood why does this novel not use quotation marks when people are talking.

        Will you make .pdf/.epub of the whole Volume when it is done? I will be making my own version with quotation marks, few typo-fixes if i find some (and i know i will, even the greatest and most awesomest writers make some) and spells done in a different font…if i remember which one i was using…

      • Hey, currently I have no plans to make it into pdf/.epub (Maybe I will do so later).

        I am a little unclear as to what you mean, when you say that you will be making your own version. If by this you mean that you will be re-translating Himekishi from scratch then feel free to do so, but if you are saying you want to use my translations and then fix some typo’s I will have to ask you to stop from doing such a thing xD.

      • Nonono, i meant .pdf version

  14. chapter 5 doesnt seem to be working

  15. I think one of the best parts of this series is that MC completely forgot about the village girls and other adventurers he had locked up in his cave base. You know, the ones he said he’d raped but didn’t have enough slave slots for? I somehow suspect the Author has forgotten about them too lol

    • Yeah. I was hoping the MC would take the many slaves specialization to retake them.

      • But why would you waste your slave slots on some random village girls? I’m pretty sure they can’t resist him even without being enslaved

      • Frankly, I’m curious how they’re being fed since he didn’t leave ANY of his slaves behind to look after them, and he’s been gone for days now.

      • He probably let them go since he had no use for them and didn’t have the resources to keep them captive on the road.

        Plus at this point it seems he’s gotten over raping any random woman and is concerned more with building up his war potential… and proceeding to rape the members of said war potential in various ways.

      • Correction Chapter 22 addresses that apparently. What I’m confused on now is why do they still obey him? He’s established his slave slots are limited so he can’t be using his power on all of those girls unless he has a lower form of control that only works on those without the power to resist but has unlimited uses.

        I say “still with him” because I really don’t see him going through all the trouble to keep a bunch of random women he caught when getting used to his powers captive against their will. It’s too much of a hastle to keep a bunch of people prisoner and he could always capture new women. So the fact he’s going through the trouble to have them taken care of means they aren’t trying to get away.

        I wonder if the author will address how he won them over.

      • Since he finally remembered that they existed, maybe he will. That said, barring the adventurers he’s captured, it wouldn’t be that hard to hold a bunch of village girls in a handful of iron cages. none of them would be strong enough to break out, and they may or may not be under a charm/suggestion spell cast by Tooru or Nina to keep them docile. Even without the charm magic, it wouldn’t be that hard to convince at least some of them they’ve been abandoned and are worthless — They’re likely uneducated village girls from the boonies. Many of them probably can’t even read, and if society is at all like medieval society, a non-virgin girl would be a hard sell to get someone to wife (they’d need a substantial dowry to make it worthwhile, and I suspect 90% of their families wouldn’t have the means to offer that). Not to mention that they’d likely be mocked, abused, and treated like sluts for being kidnapped and raped. All he’d have to do is convince them of that, and then promise to take care of them, and most of them would probably eventually agree.

        That said, I doubt Tooru would use the latter method of keeping them there as they wouldn’t be resisting at all, which gets Tooru off. So it’s probably a charm spell of some sort.

      • Again that’s WAYYYY too much trouble. If he wants random bitches he can get those anywhere. He has literally zero reason to waste time and resources taking care of and transporting a bunch of girls he captured early on. If anything they are just a liability if there is a risk of defiance.

        So they’ve definitely submitted and aren’t resisting as otherwise it would be far too much trouble. Also don’t forget Kirika as I REALLY doubt she’d stay quiet about a bunch of women in cages.

  16. Did you have an illustration for LN volume2and 3. I cannot find any of them on internet. Reading a great novel with illustrations is the best. Well thx for translation anyway.

  17. Could you please post the other illustrations? LIke the ones you are using as a banner on the main page. I like to see all the LN illustrations but always have trouble finding them.

  18. Tnx guys, you’re the best. Read this one in one breath. Really, that’s how all novels should be ^^
    Also Nefarian-dono, you are totally amazing. Your TL speed seriously is not that of a human. Goun wo ~

  19. I will be extremely happy if we get one of each every week #shotsfiredaboutTheManWhoWouldBeKing (love your site keep the great work up)

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    • Yes, thanks so much! I am translating the next chapter right now hahaha~

      • How long does a chapter usually take for you?

      • Hmm I’ve never put a stop watch to myself, but I estimate around 4-6 hours for Himekishi. Realistically, this would probably include cleaning the images, editing and TLC, it may take shorter depends on the length. For example I became a Living cheat only takes me 2-3 hours xD~

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  25. I have a question how does the PayPal donation work? When you reach the quota of $60 are you able to release a new chapter? And this one says $30 but on page with chapter 33 it says $40 reached

  26. Thank you for the translation of Himekishi ga Classmate! Keep up the great work ?

  27. Hey guys, some of you have been trying to post e-pubs, like I said, I don’t allow it, if you want to make it for yourself sure, but if you try to post it here i will delete that comment. thanks~

  28. Hey I know I am not the only one who is dying to know what happens in the conclusion of flamia and toru/palmyra’s battle I need 3 people to fork over at least $5 dollars. I’m poor and I can only spare $5 dollars atm (I’m a college student that works two jobs to make ends meet) and I get my entertainment from online manga and other such translations so let’s finish this everyone lol (plus I’m really hoping for a 3-way between toru and both demon loli’s lol)

    • Donation done, now Nefarian should do chap in 48h 🙂
      btw. I have account with this same nick but forgot password and nothing comes on email (also nothing in spam).

      • Okok, thanks so much for the donation, I Will have one more sponsored chap of Man Who Would be King and then I will work on Himekishi, expect it within 48h! Also I only saw one account but if you want me to reset the password for it, I could just email it to you.

  29. Is it just my computer or is ch.42 just not appearing on the main page?

  30. Question – would you be willing to work on a non-harem web/light novel translation (if the japanese WN writers are even capable of thinking of such a novel (sorry for the pun) concept)? I am honestly tired of the cookie cutter harem novels with rapidly-growing MCs who are constantly swooned over by lovestruck females with no discernible reason. HgC for example is basically a nukige plot without the visual fap material.

    • Yes, I am, and Otoko Aruji I believe is a non-harem novel. I can work on others as well but not with my current schedule, I have too many projects I am translating at the moment to add a new one haha

      • thanks for everything. Currently loving Otoko Aruji. not a fan of harems and pointless lovestruck females but you are doing all the people that are fans of that genre a big one. so TY.

      • You’re welcome, it’s great that you like Otoko Aruji, and thanks for appreciating the translations! I might do more non-harem in the future~

  31. So is volume 2 completely finished now or is there more chapters to go?

  32. Heyyy nefarian, do you already have the chapters for volume 3?

  33. will u do shinmai maou no testament if sponsered

  34. Can’t wait to see the harem interlude well get next week hopefully

  35. forum page of illustrations is broken is it possible to re post them or fix the page?

  36. Hey Nefarian do you know some news about Himekishi ga Classmate Web Novel? It seems to be on a hiatus or maybe abandoned? Last year i checked the last update of the web novel and since then there’s no new update. Maybe someone knows the answer. Please Help.

    • Hey there, you can relax, at the very least I know that there is already a 4th Volume light Novel released so I can always continue on from there, the chapters are exactly the same last time I checked. Furthermore, I believe that it has been updated just recently last few months so it is by no means on a hiatus at all. Anyways Hope that answers your question I am heading to bed.

      • Thanks dude, I’m just a little bit anxious because this is the only Web Novel from R-18 theme that i know, this is my favorite, so it’s sad if this story is on hiatus. Thanks! You saved me! XD

  37. to translator-kun: now that you reached the vol 4…this going to be on hiatus till the full release of the japanese Vol, or you gonna tranlate the web chapters? ?

  38. Thanks for the translation
    Can you tell, the author is still writing this work or abandoned it? And then on all sites the last chapter is 76. And this is only 5 chapter 4 of the volume.

  39. It is always a pain whenever you get in line with the releases.. I mean, you get to read lots of the story but them.. You need to wait for more! This happened since Saturday – it is a Tuesday so.. Three whole days already?!


  40. For some reason it seems to me that something will happen to Sistina.
    1) She is not a slave to the protagonist
    2) She loves him, but because of Kirika, he moves away from her.
    3) And since she is a princess, then most likely in the end she will return to her country without the main character or she will eventually be killed

  41. I understand, at the end of 2016 came 4 volume of LN. Is it final or will the author write 5 volumes?

  42. well, this novel only have 76 chaps or the raw was not updated anymore in the site u posted here?

  43. is this still in hiatus?

  44. But the author is still alive or is working in light novel so he go on hiatus?

    • No ha dado noticias desde 2016. Probablemente murió. No ha vuelto a publicar ni un solo comentario. En la raw los japoneses también estan preocupados.

  45. this is such a deppresins series, i hate that it excites me so much, i mean hes forcing women to be his sex slaves, i bet he woulnt care if he took someones wife…heck what if the girl likes someone else nope yur his sex slave now…really depressing i hate myself for finding it so hot

  46. Tfw you’re having a good read until you cover all the volumes… demn i wish the author to come back…

  47. still no News about a future release?

  48. I think the author is dead???? Is that the main reason why the series got hiatus.

  49. No clue but wish we would hear something. This was one of the best series with a great story.

  50. Hi All, yes to answer your question, the author has not been releasing anymore chapter. We all really hope the author will continue to write and release more chapters, because we will continue translating this series.

  51. The webnovel is on hiatus, but apparently there is a Light Novel (according to Novelupdate). Is it possible to continue from there, since it’s not licensed?

    • that’s the plan! But the LN is not as up-to-date as the WN, LN is still very behind.

      • How of curiosity, how close is the WN to the LN? Might be worth replacing the WN with LN translation since it’s usually a lot better writting and there are differences. But glad the TN is not dead, thanks for the answer.

      • I do not read this novel, so I cannot answer this Qs for you. 🙂

  52. There’s no direct link on the illustration page to Mikura’s dream world (chapter 54)
    Also, since you have all these light novel images, that means you have the light novels? I don’t know if you knew this but each light novel has a bonus chapter at the end. Also some stores have exclusive short stories (mostly toranoana). I’m saying this because neither the bonus chapters or short stories I’m referring to are here.

  53. okay read the first few chapters and I am questioning why anyone would want to route for this guy he literally just used his powers to rape a girl that looks like shes 18 or younger

  54. I the author dead or something? There has not been any new releases for years.

  55. Looking at the WN site, and the Japanese Wikipedia, what appears to have happened is that the author ceased updating the WN on 2016/10/22 at the point we have translated to.

    The LN has now had four volumes published. Amazon.jp gives the publication date of Volume 4 as 2016/10/4… which is prior to the author ceasing to update the WN. Wikipedia agrees on a 2016 publication year for Volume 4.

    There is a manga in 3 volumes to date, Volume 1 published in 2016, Volume 2 in 2018, and Volume 3 on 2019/7/1 per Amazon.jp; the Japanese Wikipedia has not been updated to include Volume 3 of the manga.

    I’d interpret all of this as the author having ceased writing the series with the conclusion of Volume 4 of the LN. Since Volume 4 of the LN is available for purchase as hardcopy only, at least Amazon.jp doesn’t show a Kindle edition for it, someone would need to obtain a physical copy and get it to the translator before we could continue.

    I’m copying this to Nefarian and AmareeLis.

    • I know this post is from almost a year ago so maybe things changed since then, but I just checked it on Kobo ( https://www.kobo.com/jp/ja/search?query=%e5%a7%ab%e9%a8%8e%e5%a3%ab%e3%81%8c%e3%82%af%e3%83%a9%e3%82%b9%e3%83%a1%e3%83%bc%e3%83%88%ef%bc%81 ) and seems to be available in ebook format.

      I’m checking the preview right now on the app too.

      • Hmm.

        Volume 4 does show up there as an ePub, yes.
        With a December 15, 2009 publication date, even. Like, over ten years ago…
        All four volumes have that as their publication date.
        But if you look at it over at Amazon.jp, the Kindle edition gives the release date as being the same for the hardcopy editions, date by date…with the first volume released in 2015.
        Amazon’s release dates match up with the info at the publisher’s web site for release dates.

        All of which is only of relevance in indicating there might be some confusion in regard to when the digital edition was released; I don’t have any preserved records of what showed up with my previous search, except I’m pretty sure I didn’t get to the publisher’s web site at that time. My search skills in regard to tracking down stuff in Japanese online have gotten a ton better since then.

        The important bit is that it is now available in ebook format for Volume 4; I’ll pass the word to the relevant parties, as this would make it a lot easier to get the raws to whoever picks up the translation, and a lot easier for them to work with the text since it would already be in digital format.

        Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
        (And I’m thankful that the commenting software decided this one required approval prior to posting, so I noticed it!)

  56. Really sucks.. stupid author this was a great story and just to end it.

  57. So just another stupid smut story with the protag being an edgy punk, wait no he would have to have some sort of actual personality to be edgy. I’m so sick of these stories and the pathetic authors power fantasty. If anyone gets down here in the comments don’t bother. I said smut, but it’s not even good smut. Author obviously has no idea how to actually communicate the kinks represented. I don’t know why people seem to like this.

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