Chapter 17: The Princess’s Decision and a Soft Heavenly Feeling


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「Then……You are saying that you saw me within your dreams of prophecy and learned about me? 」

Whilst I was sitting down and receiving Nina’s recovery magic treatment, Princess Sistina told her story to the group.

For the time being I will put off using Enslavement Magic on her.

「Yes, the more I dreamt about the legendary Slavemancer, Tooru-sama’s appearance became gradually more clear…….The reason I was able to obtain your name is because of a dream I saw right after Kirika cut off all contact with me 」

She was sitting in front of me in an elegant seiza, her cheeks were slightly blushing as she turns her face away from me, she is beautiful.

She must feel embarrassed about the fact that she suddenly clung to me moments ago.

「Ho, however Hime-sama. Why would you say yourself that you are this fellow’s personal thing!? I’m sure that you are aware, but a Slavemancer is a job that forcefully……Turns people into their S, slaves, it’s an inhumane job, you know ?」

Kirika was in a fluster, she didn’t know what words to use to explain.

To what state she was currently in? To what was done to her?……..Kirika was totally confused as to what extent she should convey to her lord and friend who was completely untainted by this world.

「Certainly, this power might be dangerous for humanity and is a power which exceeds the law. However…….I saw it. Slavemancer Tooru-sama, using his unique power he “Saved the World”, it was a vision I saw in my prophecies」


Did she really just say “Save the World?” Is she really talking about me? This kind of me?

To her unexpected words, Kirika’s mouth and my mouth, both were open and flabbergasted.

I mean, what is she saying I will save? Sure the demons are a big threat to the humans, but it’s not like they are planning an all-out war with the humans in order to destroy them, right?

「Of course, it is but a hazy vision right now…….That is the precise reason that I came here, it was to ascertain the truth. Being unable to see through the plot of Groom with my abilities was a huge mistake on my part…..」

Indeed……For me, I’m not particularly convinced that I will rise to become the savior of the world, but at the least I think that the Princess being so convinced of such a fact about me is surely a convenient thing.

The fact that I just saved her from a demon a little while ago, will surely lead to her trusting me even more, right? The way the Princess looks at me, is like she is seeing some kind of hero or something, what a fortunate misunderstanding.

If she is able to follow all of my wishes without me invoking my Enslavement Magic on her, isn’t this more than I could ever hope for?

「Then will you use your powers as the Princess of Prophecy, and dedicate your body to me? So that you can help me to redeem the world? 」

「…….Yes. The fact that the demon race has their sights on me is a clear indication that I must do something. May I be allowed to stay by Tooru-sama’s side? 」

「Si, Sistina Hime-sama!?」(TL: I am starting to like using Hime more than Princess I may start using this more often)

Such a beautiful maiden like her just spouted out such unexpected words, indeed everyone in the room would be speechless.

「Do you……Know what this will entail? Perhaps, you will never be able to return living your life as a Princess, do you understand this? 」

「I have made my decision desu」

She looks straight at me with her big blue eyes, she shook with determination and tension. I could not see any lies within her eyes.

Of course such a wild arbitrary decision, would not be permitted amongst the royal family or anyone from the capital for that matter. This is the reason she kept this plan a secret, and sneaked out from the castle with only a small amount of people as her guards.

She separates from her family, and travels to this tower with the resolution to throw away her pampered life as a princess……..As I thought, she is an exceptional Princess-sama who has made an unthinkable action and the ability to be determined enough to mobilize.

「Si, Sistina Hime-sama…….!」

「I’m sorry, Kirika. I didn’t consult the matter with you beforehand, and I have made such an important decision alone」

「No If this is what the Princess has decided……Then I….B, but……..」

Kirika was perplexed because of such an unexpected development, she kept alternating looks between me and the Princess.

The fact that the Princess may be able to travel with her without being made into a Magical Slave, and that she is actually willing to travel with me from her own volition. Kirika could not decide whether she should be happy or worried, she is confused.

「Fumu (Palmyra’s trademark of speaking), This has become such an indescribably strange situation 」

「Umm…By the way, who might that person be? She has a horn coming out of her head」

Princess Sistina was looking mysteriously at the Black Goth-loli girl who was floating with her arms crossed.

「Ahh, This is demon who is subdued by me, her name is Palmyra. Lately she works faithfully for me as a support unit or explaining various things, you can be relieved that she won’t hurt you」

「Wh, what is with that extremely impolite way to intro us!?」

「Oh dear! I don’t really understand too well, but it seems that Tooru-sama is able to make someone of the demon race into his companion desune……. As expected of the gentleman who will save the world, I am not mistaken! 」

「Hi, Hime-sama? That is, I think I need to talk to you for a little bit……..Muguuu!?」

Before she said anything unnecessary, I shut her mouth up with my subjugation magic.

「Thanks for the medical treatment Nina, Please release Celesta and look after her. I have a “great deal to talk about” with Princess Sistina privately. Make sure that nobody comes to disturb me」

「Yes, My Master」

「I’m relieved……I will be able to reunite with Celesta soon desune」

She didn’t notice my wolf’s gaze which was hidden behind my smile, she was just showing me an attractive smile which seemed to sparkle with brilliance, she was the huge breasted Princess.

Though there are certain aspects of her thought processes which seem really intelligent/full of wisdom, there is another part of her which indicates that she is a natural airhead.

I grabbed her white hands which were in front of her chest, and it jiggled and jolted along as she followed me.

「Nn–tsu!? Nnnn–Nnnn-Nnnnnn——tsuu!!?」

「What’s wrong Kirika, does your stomach hurt?」

「Ahh, She must be feeling overwhelmed with emotion due to being able to reunite with the Princess. Let’s just leave her alone for now」

「?? Well if Tooru-sama says so……」

Kirika was trying to warn the princess with a gaze that said “Princess! Don’t go along with that beast/brute”, but of course the power of my compulsion is absolute and she cannot say a single word.

I took the Princess’s hand and proceeded to go towards the first floor of the tower, in here there was a room/residence where a bedroom exists, and I successfully brought her here.

I wonder if it was being maintained by magic? The double sized bed in this room looked like it was cleaned every single day. I sat on the bed along with Princess Sistina.

Most probably, this is the first time she has been in a room alone with a man, excluding any family visits.

「Excuse me, Tooru-sama. You said you wanted to talk……Kyaa!?」

She had a surprised tone of voice and it was a very sweet voice.

My fingers slid across her high-quality lace dress and unto her huge swelling melons, both sides were grasped all of a sudden. Munnyuri (squeeze), I used all five of my fingers to sink deeply into her extremely soft mounds. This volume and softness is truly……!

「To, Tooru-sama, what are you doing all of a sudden……..Fuaahn!?」

「Hime…….You told me that you would become mine. Do you understand the real meaning behind a woman dedicating her body to a man? 」

Although this is mainly for the purpose of fulfilling my desires, it was also an act of testing the Princess.

Does she really plan to obey/follow me sincerely?

Her determination, needs to be confirmed to make sure it was not but empty words.

And on an off chance that she was only trying to use me for her own benefits, doesn’t this need to be confirmed?

Considering that I am not using my Enslavement Magic on her, this fact needs to be properly established/confirmed.

「Nnhaa, I, I am……!」

The sensation of being impudently groped and attacked by a man for the first time. Her well-developed bosom is continually toyed with.

Her platinum blonde wavy hair was lightly swaying, and the top of her head there were various precious gems and a silver tiara lined with gold, the tiara was trembling a little……and then it stopped.

Her eyes which were the color of the blue sky, became moistened like the sea as she gazed at me.

「I, I understand……! That’s because for a long time…..If it’s Tooru-sama, even if it’s like this I feel that it will be fine」

She gets slightly heated up as she makes such a confession. On the contrary, this makes me feel really shocked/startled.

「Although it may be immodest/improper for me to say this……But every single time I continued to meet Tooru-sama within my dreams, your figure and your voice, it started to give me a mysterious sensation that welled up within my chest. Tooru-sama, for me you are my first special…… one and only man」

Before I knew it, Princess Sistina already let go of the strength in her body, and she entrusted her weight to me.

She was as light as a feather, the feeling of the highest class garments worn by noble aristocrats along with her silky smooth skin brushed up against me. My nose is softly tickled by her aromatic scent.

「Hime….Are you willing to give both your body and mine over to me? 」

「………Yes. Al, although it’s really embarrassing, but if that is what Tooru-sama desires, Sistina will give her everything……! 」

I placed my fingers on her perfectly curved jaw line and faced her towards me.

The Princess who understands what I was about to do, gently closes her eyes. Her silky smooth lips was like a cherry blossom, and I slowly came closer.

「Nn…..aa……..fuaa……! 」

The Princess of the country, moreover she was said to be Ranbadeia’s greatest treasure the most beautiful maiden, she who was not permitted to be defiled much less kissed, has dedicated her first kiss to me, this would easily become a huge uproar if people were to find out that I have taken this liberty.

I embraced her shoulders and held her firmly in my grasp. Her royal huge breasts were rubbing against me and its shape transformed whenever it squeezed against me. When I prodded my tongue into her pearly white teeth, the Princess accepted my invasion although she was surprised.

「Puaa, Nnn……..Ahfuu…..!  Nnchuu, rerro….o! 」(Sfx exhaling, kiss, lick)

At first she was timid, but gradually she starts to mimic the movements of my tongue and entwines it together.

The supreme flavor of her nectar was amply savored by me, when we separated a line of saliva spanned between our lips as it fell down.

「Hau, Haaaah……! I was kissed by Tooru-sama」

Her blue eyes was entranced and it became increasingly moist as she continued to gaze into my eyes from a close distance.

That was without a doubt a glance of a maiden in love. In regards to the me in her dreams, she probably started to fall in love with me since she was young, and for a person who wasn’t used to associating with a man…….I will change that dream by turning it into a reality for her, through my actions.

「Tooru-sama……Aah!? My, chest…….it’s embarrassing, desuwa…..!」(desuwa is just a really feminine way of speaking, it’s basically the same as desu)

I was holding the Princess from the back and I held her in my arms as she leant her back towards me.

I took out her beautiful huge breasts which were protruding out of her body from the left and right, from within her delicate dress which cupped her figure. (Illustration: Princess Sistina Being Fondled)

「Ohh, this is….More than I ever expected, a really big chest, Hime」

「Th, that kind of thing please don’t say it….! Lately it’s been swelling up more and more, so much that I have many brand new dresses made just to compensate」

It’s really terrifying to think that her breasts can still grow any bigger than this.

Her breast tissue was pure white like the snow, and the large volume kept bouncing (purun) yet it was still shaped and held up very nicely even though it was slightly pulled down by gravity, the shape resembled a smooth hyperbola.

And her nipples were the same color as he pink cherry lips, the center of her mammary areola’s had a slight cave/ditch and the nipple is hidden…….It was the so called sinking nipple.

「It’s really shy of strangers isn’t it, the Princess’s shameful hiding nipples. If I massage it, will it come out? 」

「Eh? Isn’t this normal……ah, Hyaaaan!? Fua, Hafuaaah….To, Tooru-sama’s fingers are……Mnnnn! 」

From behind I grabbed her huge breasts, no her gigantic breasts like an eagle and I started to grope/fondle her to my heart’s content.

Her sensitive chest is being fiddled around with by a man’s rough fingers, and with this being her first experience, her platinum blonde hair trembles as she starts to gasp for air.

It was something impossible to envelop with my fingers, it was like a gigantic marshmallow, I kneaded it, pulled on it, pressed/crushed it, I toyed around with it however I liked.

「I can’t get enough of this, no matter how much I tease it……..However, it’s not coming out is it? Then I will do it directly」

「Nnuu, Eh, what do you mean by th……..Hauu, Hyaaann!!?」

I scooped out the left side of soft globe, and burying my face in her mounds I bit into her sunken nipples.

「Yaa, Ahiinnn…..To, Tooru-sama if you do this, you look like a cute baby desuwa………HyaaaYaaaannN? 」

The flavor of her breasts were exquisite and I inhaled a faint but sweet fragrance, as I continued to lick and roll around my tongue on her nipples. Her nipples started to twitch and tremble and a small tip started to protrude outwards.

「Puha……Look, your bashful hiding nipples are starting to come out, you know Hime? 」

「Th, that is….You are such a tease Tooru-sama, you’ve made me experience such an embarrassing thing…..auuu」

「It’s only just starting you know? That’s because I’m going to get Hime to pull out the other side by herself」

「Ehh!? By any chance….are you telling me to do the same thing as you…..!? 」

Her left nipple was becoming wet with my saliva, and the Princess alternately looks at her right nipple which was still hiding itself.

I gently pick on her left nipple with the tip of two of my fingers, I continued to increase the pressure as I whispered in her ears.

「Now, lift up your own breasts amply and start sucking on the tip with your lips…….With how big Hime’s tits are you should be able to do it」

「That kind of thing!? Umm, must I really do such a thing….Ahhaauu! Please don’t tease the tip, I, I understand, I will listen to Tooru-sama’s words……! 」

Her sensitive nipples that isn’t used to coming out was caressed a little violently by me. The breath of the princess who was forcibly made to follow my lewd instructions, gradually becomes rough.

Ten fingers wrapped in pure-white long gloves, she raised her own breasts which were very voluminous and….Nchuu…….her pink lips kissed her own areola.

「Alright, you are such a good girl, Sistina Hime……..Try to copy the movements of my tongue as I dig into your left nipple, begin to pull on that shy tip by sucking on it yourself」

「Nn, NnNnn…….! Nchuuu, Hapuuaa……..Nnreroooo…..! Nchuu…….Ahhh, It, it came out, it’s starting to be pulled outtt wa……! 」

「Well-done. When you tease it like this, don’t you start to feel really good, Hime? 」

「Ah….Y, yess……..!」

To the pleasurable stimulation and shameful act of continuously teasing her own nipple, her pure white skin starts to become slightly tinged in a pink color, it was shaking as it slowly rose up.

Showing me such a delicious scene, I start to lose my self-control.

「To, Tooru-sama, What should I do next……Kyaa!?」

I turned to the front side of the princess who sat on the bed, and I liberated my erected penis which was stiff since a little while ago.

The princess is popeyed and she stiffens……The pure princess who has never seen such a thing in her life, is presented with my large grotesque male penis pointed right at her, With just this much my feeling of conquering her is rising rapidly.

「What’s wrong? Don’t tell me that you don’t know the thing that is attached to all men? 」

「I, I am aware of it….How, however I didn’t think that it will be in this kind of form and it’s so large…….I, I can feel an amazing heat pulsing out of it」

「Try touching it with your hands, hora, there is no need to hold back」

「Y, yes….Ah!? It’s hot, it feels like it’s about to burst…….Doesn’t it hurt? 」

Her thin fingers which were wrapped in a smooth silk cloth, was timidly touching my glans, trunk and blood vessels like a feather.

Having Sistina Hime touch me like this, it feels like my penis is trying to cry in happiness as electricity runs through me.

「Uu, Kuu…..! Rather than saying that it hurt’s it’s more like it’s agonizing, when a male see’s such an attractive female in front of him, it becomes like this. Hime, it’s your fault that I’ve become like this」

「Is that really so?! Am I really attractive?…..B, but if Tooru-sama is in pain, what should I do to relieve it? 」

My cock was fully erect and wriggling as the blood vessels were popping out and love juices were coming out from the tip of my cock, it was an ugly red colored engorged cock, the visual stimulation I’m getting just from looking at this innocent/beautiful Princess face who was looking at me anxiously was really way to dangerous.

If there is a man who isn’t affected by this scene and is able to hold himself back, feel free to let me know.

「First of all….. Dedicate 100 kisses to my cock, I want the Princess to mix together her saliva and the fluids that is coming out of the tip of my cock」

「Ye, yes…..Tooru-sama’s venerable cock, I only have to dedicate my lips to it and make it all wet, is that alright? T, then please excuse me……..Nn, Nnchuuuuuuu….! 」

Like a natural airhead, she just spoke extremely lewd words without even realizing it, she gently propped up my penis with all ten of her fingers and using her pink cherry lips she gave my penis a full covered kiss without hesitation.

Since she was born, the Princess’s mouth has only been eating the highest quality of foods, or wiping her mouth with a hander kerchief. She lived a life of luxury that normal people could only dream of, this royal lips/mouth was……sucking on to the tip of my ejaculation hole and dedicating her wholehearted kiss to it.

「Al, alright…….the liquid that’s coming out from the slit of my penis, use your tongue to scoop it up and mix it together with your saliva, use that liquid and plant me kisses all over my penis」

「Ye, yesh……Chuumuu, rerorooo……! Chupa, Chupa…..Nchupuu, Chupapaa……..! Puuaa, Hamu…….Nryuun! 」(sfx kiss/suck, lick, kiss, kiss, gasp for breath, envelop penis….. slurrp!)

The outer glands of my cock, the tip of the neck, the visible veins, the tendons, the root, she ran her royal virgin lips all across my cock, using the saliva and the fluids she drew from the tip of my penis, she repeatedly gave me obscene kisses. Her hot breath that leaks from her nose was also a spice that tickled my penis.

I gently patted her soft gold hair and when I let my guard down, pleasure that seemed to explode by accident vibrates all throughout my spine.

「Pua, Npuaa, Nchukuu………..rero, Nyupuu…….Buchuuuu, Nchuuu…..Puhaa! Hyaa Tooru-sama I’ve completed the task of kissing it one hundred times…….! 」

She looked up at me with a happy expression, and entranced dilated blue eyes. A translucent liquid was bubbling from the edge of her lips a little, and a string of liquid was still connected between her mouth and my cock.

With words that seemed to indicate that she faithfully counted each and every kiss, my desires shot through the roof as I thought that she was really cute.

「You have done very well, it is truly admirable Hime. Then, I shall do this, with my cock….! 」

「Eh? H, hot!? You’ve wrapped your venerable cock with my chest……! 」

From the first time my eyes landed on her, I already dreamt of doing such things.

To the princess with an overwhelmingly gigantic breast size, my penis was completely enveloped in her breast as she performed a royal paizuri.

Her soft meat completely wraps around my cock like a cage, the tip of my penis was slightly appearing and disappearing.

「Look, use both of your hands to squeeze your tits……On top of that I will place my palms on top of your hands, “This method” please be sure to properly remember it Princess Sistina」

「Th, this method? What do you mean…..Fuaaa!? My chest is slippery and it’s moving, this……Nhaaa, You want me to knead your venerable penis, like this…..!?」

My thick and hard meat which was slippery wet with her saliva was placed in between her heavenly smooth and flexible skin that was like marshmallows, she kneaded it, rubbed against it, and crushed it, and it was like swimming in soft clouds.

It placed me in a dreamy state of ecstasy, in a certain sense, it was even greater than sex, it was a healing and heavenly experience.

「This is unbearable, the inside of Hime’s tits! It is not easy to experience such a pleasurable paizuri such as this」

「Pa, paizuri……I thought that my breasts were too large and it was really ugly……..But seeing that I am able to make Tooru-sama so pleased, I am truly happy…….tsu! 」

The princess floats an expression of happiness, and her hand that starts to move in bigger motions and she uses her delicate breasts to service my meat rod.

I also start to rock my hips back and forth, I pierced her bundled milk valley horizontally……it was the so called standing paizuri, my penis was sinking into her mounds of flesh easily.

「This is amazing, even from this angle your breasts are able to contain my cock up to its roots………….nnKuu, draw it more towards the center and apply more pressure to that area, Princess! 」

「Li, like this? Fuaa, it’s so hot and full of vitality…….it’s almost like a flaming sword,  it’s like it is trying to pierce through my breasts desuwaa!」

This is on the level that one can call it a breast vagina, the combination of softness and tightness is better than most of the first-rate vagina’s, my straining penis was entirely drowned in the swelling peaks.

My impulse to release my syrupy fluids rose from the depths of my cock, I was violently moving and banging this breast-vagina and accelerating faster and faster.

「Kuu, Hime, I’m approaching my limit soon! I’m about to release my semen from my cock……….get ready to be showered in my sperm, my thick essence, that is about to come out and explode from here on out!!」

「Eh, th, that kind of thing will….? Wh, what should I do!?」

「As a ceremony to dedicate your body to me, first of all allow me to plaster it all over the Princess’s elegant face! This is a natural thing for a woman who will obey a man! 」

「Fa……Face desuka!? Ye, yes…….I understand, if that will become proof of my dedication to Tooru-sama then I will dedicate my whole body no matter the place……! 」

Although what I said was a pack of lies which were purely driven by my desires, I found it amusing that the Princess would be so sincere in wanting to act upon my wishes.

That obedient personality of hers stimulates my sadistic heart, the internal pressure within my penis that was going in and out of her breast-pussy was rising rapidly as I reached my limit…..I was slipping and sliding vigorously in front of the Princess’s eyes.

「Kuuuuu!! Place your hands under your jaw and form a cup, open up your mouth and stick out your tongue!!」

「Ye, yes! Nhaa……Issz itt awight likee thiss…….? 」(the gibberish = is it alright like this?)

She opened her mouth widely with an (Ahhn), her eyes are gently shut together, and the Princess who dedicates this defenseless pose to me looks exceedingly erotic.

If the king or any of the people of the kingdom saw her right now, they would probably faint at such a spectacle, on the brink of exploding I rubbed against her soft mounds…….and all of my rampaging desires were released.

「I’m Cumming Princess Sistina !! Bathe in my semen, the mark which will signify you as my thing!!」

「Haa, Hahiii……….Npuuuaa!!?」

Dobyuuuuuu, Byubaabubaaa, Dobyuuruuuruuuruuu!! Byukun !! (Sfx spurt, splatter, splash)

Bichaaaa, Buchaaaaa Bechaaaa!! Nechaaaaaaaa ………!! (Sfx soaked, drenched, all messy)

「Kyafuu, Nuuuaaa!? Hapuuaa, H..Hott!? It’s spurting outt….one after anotherr…………..Puuu, Ahhaaaaa….Ahh! 」

It splattered all over her: the tip of her tongue, the shapely bridge of her nose, her perfectly shaped golden eyebrows, to the edge of her pink colored lips and lastly inside of her warm mouth.

A thick cloudy liquid that was released because of her heavenly paizuri, covered her pretty face and polluted her with my mark.

The baptism that covered her face, although she was slightly surprised and twitched when my semen hit her face, she didn’t even try to run away, and she bravely received everything I spurted at her.

「Uu, Uohhh, Kuuuuu!! I’m still coming……..Kuhaaa! 」

Defiling such a beautiful thing, the pleasant feeling that came along with it surprised me as I let out enormous amounts of rich semen. Her lovely wavy platinum blonde hair and even unto the silver tiara on her head was all covered in semen. Being engulfed in my hot manly smell, I sincerely believed that she had completely become my thing.

「I can’t open up my eyes ahh………To, Tooru-sama’s smell, my face is full of it……it is filled with it…..」

Princess Sistina started to inhale the smell of my semen with a (Haa, Haa) whilst breathing in my scent, she half opened her eyes and let out a faint smile.

Unbearable feelings of conquest, and an overwhelming desire to violate her rises within me. Things were just getting started.

「There is still plenty of things which I need you to remember, Princess. For the time being, I will begin by teaching you the cleaning fera and the drinking of semen」

「Ye, yes…..Please teach this Sistina a lot of things, Tooru-sama………..No matter what it is, I will be sure to carry it out desuwa…………..!」

Her neat and pretty face was thoroughly contaminated with the sticky fluids I excreted.

Ranbadeia’s greatest treasure was just like my Loyal Slave as she made her oath to me.


Palmyra was lounging about in the spacious hallway. The sticky black nasty smell on the floor…….This was the subordinates of Groom’s one of the Hell warrior’s corpse, she was staring at the remaining vestiges with a suspicious gaze.

When she compared it to Groom’s physique, the remaining vestiges of his body seemed lacking in comparison to the size of his body.

「Is it just our imagination?」

Just as she was about to approach and examine the corpse, Nina entered from the entrance of the tower and ran up to her.

「It’s Trouble! It’s really dreadful, Paru-chan! 」

「If we are not mistaken we have asked you to refrain from calling us by such a name? So, what’s the problem? 」

The Sorcerer, spoke her words in a total fluster saying everything out in a single breath.

「Celesta who was supposed to be in the wagon…….I cannot find her anywhere in the vicinity!!」


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