Chapter 19: The Princess of the Palace and the Divine Prophecy 


In the vast corners of the of the Devil Kingdom dimension, there was a boundary called the Sea of Endless Flames.

This flame was the vestiges of foolish Large Devil Families of each territory who decided to plot treason against the former Devil King, the flames have been burning for several thousand years and remains as a testament to those who would dare oppose the mighty King.

For Devil beasts with a low level of tolerance against fire, it would only take approximately ten steps before the Burning Sands of Hell would penetrate into their bones and turn them to ashes.

In the center of that kind of uninhabited area, the castle of one of the eight great devils Iblis was there.

The fortress was dark blood red in color and it seemed to be formed with an unrefined magical stone that gave off an ominous feeling. A sweltering heat that would make someone burn up with a fever would constantly be flowing around as part of the atmospheric current, because of this the Demonic Palace was given a nickname, it was called the “Hazy Castle”.

「—- Are you telling me that the Demonic Knight we sent to secure the “Princess of Prophecy” has stopped ——- reporting in??」

The flooring and the walls and even the hall, everything was shining with the dull color of blood.

In the middle of the room was a Crimson Orb, 3 meters in diameter, Although it did not let out any sounds, it pulsed with an overbearing psychic waves.

High density amounts of magical power was circulating around the room. There was a shadow of a person with long hair………..The faint image of the master of this castle Iblis was vaguely visible.

『What about the item?——Didn’t I confer to him the dimensional distortion armor “Dislocation Armor”? 』

「Yes. Any person below the fourth class rank would not be able to scratch that armor……However if it was one of my 12 cursed swords, it would be a different story」

A giant who had a lion’s head advanced and went out into the open, he bowed gracefully. He was wearing black like a butler’s clothing. Behind him was 12 swords of various shapes just floating about with the sharp end pointed down towards the ground.

He was the Devil Swordsman known as “Stral”.

Before Iblis became one of the eight great demons, the Stral was working under Iblis as a loyal retainer. He fought with a dynamic combat style and was able to simultaneously use innumerable Demonic swords, he is a Demon Leader feared as someone with the capabilities to match a thousand warriors.

「What I cannot understand is, he also had the “Possession Rebirth Ability”. Even if his body was destroyed by chance, he should have been able to acquire a new “Vessel” and continue on with his mission……」

All of these precautions had been taken by Iblis all for the purpose to capture and take control of the “Princess of Prophecy”.

Being able to monopolize the details of the Prophecy is an important thing for the Iblis faction, don’t even mention the Three Archdukes, even the Eight Great Families could not be allowed to know of the existence of such a valuable person.

「……..Ah–, I suspect that probably it was this kind of thing that occurred」

A voice that did not suit the place, a muffled and barely audible sound came out of the background. From within one of the pillars a thin figure appeared from the shadows and was wrapped in a white robe.

Under the hood, a silver mask that was polished like a mirror covered the face.

「He who was defeated by an unexpected opponent of great strength was pressed to find a vessel without being able to select one of his choice.  He must have unfortunately possessed someone with a high magical resistance and performed an imperfect merge……..This is likely to be the scenario」

「Lord…Cruz. Certainly if that were the case, the story would fit together, however」

The demon with the swords looked at the newcomer with eyes of distrust, it would seem that the newcomer did not possess a formidable physique and had barely any magical power flowing out, it was as if the newcomer was a normal human being.

In actually fact was this man behind the mask a human being? Honestly the rumor that this person was not a demon but was in fact a human being had started to die out, however the old-time retainers of Iblis could not stand the fact that someone like him was given an important position by their master Iblis.

「Cruz—–In that case, what do you propose we do?」

「In relation to that, I have heard a very interesting rumor as of late. The Princess of Prophecy has been kidnapped by an Evil Magic User and her whereabouts has disappeared………Moreover that that magic user is in fact the legendary Slavemancer」

「What did you say? The Slavemancer!? Isn’t that the legendary existence whose revival was hinted in one of her prophecies…..!」

「The Kingdom of Ranbadeia is already in a big uproar, and they have sent out men in search for the whereabouts of the Princess. Wouldn’t it be plausible to think that the Demonic Knight was defeated by the Slavemancer? If it is as great as the legends have foretold, than even high ranking demons will have to submit their will and obey the Slavemancer」

「Mumuuu…….!」(sfx of frustration)

『Slavemancer—–Wasn’t Palmyra investigating and searching for the legend?』

As if it suddenly remembered, the existence within the Crimson Orb spoke out the name of its bitter enemy.

「Ahh, it is the demoness that our family has a grudge against. Incidentally, there was a rumor recently that she had opened the boundary gate between the human world. If this is true, it cannot be said for certain that these two cases are unrelated with each other」

Since a little while ago, Stral was wondering “where does this fellow get his information from?”………He who was wearing a lion mask, was staring right at Cruz who was wearing a silver mask.

「What do you think Iblis-sama? If you leave it up to me I will be sure to re-obtain the Princess of Prophecy. As for the former Demon Knight, we should just assume that he has already died」

「You bastard! Are you trying to wager his life, and mock the loyal service he has given!?」

The demon swordsman shot out an angry voice, when Cruz ridiculed the service Groom has already dedicated for the past several decades. All twelve cursed swords surrounded Cruz in an instant with their sharp ends all pointed at him.

However Cruz doesn’t appear to be agitated in the slightest. And—in that critical situation—–.

「Elder sister-sama! Elder Sister Iblis-sama! 」

An even more out-of-place sweet voice resounded, and the tense air was broken in an instant.

At first glance a sweet and lovable girl about 15 years of age floated down from the sky, into the spacious hall of the palace, she seemed to be wearing some sort of long-sleeved kimono dress which was like Japanese clothing.

She had long purple hair with a trace of blue, big amber colored pupils filled with mischief, and two protruding fangs. On her forehead was a red demonic crest.

The Kimono was beautifully decorated with a gold colored pattern, her snow white thin shoulders and her collarbone was boldly exposed for all to see and from her shoulder blades, a bat like wing was flapping.

「Is that you Flamia?—–」

When she her name was called, the Demon girl clings to the Crimson Orb and rubs the orb with her soft looking cheeks as she smiles.

「Uu, Younger Sister-kun…..Since when have you returned from your mission to subjugate the territory? 」

「Just a minute ago, why? Crushing two gigantic hydras was way too easy that I got bored」

Flamia was Iblis’s real younger sister, and she had a fearsome title called the “Mad Princess”.

Though Flamia possessed a tremendous amount of magical power within her, she willingly cooperates with her Elder Sister Iblis and is only willing to listen to her Elder sister’s words. She is an irregular existence that is treated as a separate war potential.

「More importantly, did someone mention Palmyra’s name? Even though she lost to Ane-sama she still acts all audacious in front of us. If it’s a plan that will involve teaching her a good lesson, I also want to travel to the human boundary〜! 」

Stral who wasn’t good with dealing with Flamia had a grimace on his face, Flamia as if acting without a care in the world was just skipping and prancing around in the air as she addressed the Crimson Sphere.

「Ahh if I may interrupt, the matter in relation to the Princess of Prophecy is a strictly confidential strategy. If Flamia-sama was to enter then human boundary and rampage about, it will be slightly troublesome……」

The person with the silver mask obstructs the conversation with the elder sister, Flamia turned towards the culprit with blatant disapproval.

「Fuu〜n (exhales), are you that newcomer Cruz? Don’t you think you are being disrespectful? If you think that just because my elder sister likes you a little bit that you can act so cocky…….I will crush you like a bug, you know? Just like, this! 」

Her fangs are bared as she clicks her thin fingers.

In an instant one of the pillars in the spacious hall was crushed by a gigantic hand, it was like a dust cloth had been twisted, turned and distorted into a bundle of mess.

「Woops!…….How scary」

「Even if you tell me I can’t go, I have already decided that I will go, understand? Anyone who dares to be a hindrance to my Ane-sama will be popped and crushed by yours truly」

She was one-sidedly rattling on about extremely dreadful things with a melodic voice, her thin bare foot which was peeking out of her kimono began to swim in the air as is flew out from the spacious hall.

「Dear me……Imouto-kun is also quite troublesome to deal with」(TL: Imouto-kun is just younger sister and Ane-sama is elder sister I will be changing and mixing it up until I see what is better to use in what situation, any suggestions are welcome if you find something amiss xD)

「Well, I suppose we could use her as some sort of a distraction or camouflage. In the meantime, I will be focusing on re-obtaining the Princess of Prophecy and use any means necessary, Iblis-sama」

Another arrogant remark was made, However Iblis was just silent and no objection was made against Cruz, this implied that she approved of the plan.

『Good, I will allow you to try—–Everything is for the purpose of obtaining the “Divine Corpse”』

「The Divine…..Corpse? 」

It was a word that came out of the Princess’s mouth as she just came out of her vision.

The Princess who came out of the tower of prophecy nodded with a somewhat pale expression on her face.

「That is the thing that will make the world fall into a crisis……..It was clearly shown within my prophecy」

The Princess’s body suddenly trembles.

It must be a considerable crisis… It is quite an ambiguous explanation though.

Is my being the Slavemancer and “Saving the World” have anything to do with that thing?

「Palm-chan, is there perhaps a special meaning from a devil’s perspective?」

「We’ve never heard of such a thing. Is it an object? Or perhaps a completely different thing?……」

Although I knew this, but the thing known as a prophecy is seriously abstract it’s bothersome.

It’s to the extent that I wished there was some sort of help button or FAQ function, although obviously the Princess did not have such a function.

「However, fortunately, I have had a vision which gives us a clue. ………….It is in the Large Forest of Shieyol, desuwa」

「Large Forest of Shieyol?」

「It is in the Southwest of Ranbadeia, a broad expanse of woodland. It is famous because many elves live in that forest」

「Ah, If I am not mistaken, isn’t that Sierra’s birthplace? !」

I see, if we meet up with Sierra it seems that we will be able to get a more detailed information about the place.

It’s about time for the Kingdom Soldiers to return to the capital and leave my cavern base.

「You wouldn’t happen to know any other concrete information, Princess?」

「Yes Kirika, it’s a shame to say……..However if I approach the place that appeared in the vision, a more clearer prophecy will be able to be dreamed, that is the instruction I received handed down orally via the Royal family 」

In other words, all I have to do is bring the Princess into the Forest of Shieyol. (TL: シェイヨル anyone help me out with a better word for this forest ~)

At any rate, for now it is best if we part from this country in order to avoid the pursuing party sent out by the kingdom.

「Alright, then after we leave here and return to our base, we will aim for the Great Forest」

「Thank you very much, Tooru-sama. For you to trust in my vague prophecy……」

「Don’t worry about it, I am just living the way I want to, Princess. Furthermore, doesn’t it seem interesting to travel into new lands? 」

A new location is equal to new encounters.

Not only Sierra, I’ve heard that elves are a very beautiful race with many beautiful women.

「You are thinking about strange things again, aren’t you Odamori-kun?」

「No, not at all?」

I dodged Kirika’s gaze, and tried to prepare for departure immediately.

「Ah, excuse me…….If only this is possible, I would like to make a request, Tooru-sama」


Her slender hands were gripping unto her voluminous breasts which was barely contained by her pure-white dress.

The Princess casts her eyes downwards and blushes red, in a voice that seemed to vanish she spoke barely audible words.

「That is…..Before we depart. Would it be alright, if you were to embrace me……? 」

Right next to me, Kirika became completely speechless.


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