Chapter 20: The Time I was Connected with the Princess


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Emergency repairs were done to the door that was on the first floor of the tower, furthermore it had been reinforced with magic. Black eyes were staring from the other side.

Standing this far from the door Kirika couldn’t hear the voices from the other side…..Though it seems that Kirika was still blushing from imagining the events which were going to occur inside the room.

The Princess surprised everyone with her proposal, and once again, there was three girls waiting outside of the room.

This time around there was no order from me, to not get close to the room, however due to the circumstances of Sistina’s willing proposal, it was not easy for them to approach.

What were Tooru and the Princess doing at this point in time? ——.

「After all aren’t you guys curious about what is happening with those two?」

「I, I am just……A little surprised that the Princess would utter such things of her own volition…..」

「Well that is indeed true. However, after finally being able to meet the person she was so fond of, being able to dedicate everything to that person, this kind of thinking is not that strange for a maiden’s first love」

「Is…..That really the case? I don’t really know much about such a thing」

Kirika had a sour look on her face as she was worried, Nina let out a little giggle.

「When the Princess came out of the tower of prophecy she had a really anxious look on her face. Besides, wasn’t the vision she saw really scary? It is possible that she wanted to be embraced by Master so as to relieve her anxious heart」

When that was said by Nina, The Princess Knight was taken aback.

「I……Did not notice such a thing. My head is filled with so much confusion……its bad isn’t it? I’m a failure as her Knight, no, I maybe a failure to her as a friend as well」

Kirika was feeling depressed as her face sunk down, Nina grabbed on to her cheeks and pulled on it.

「Nnyaa…….Fuaa!? Wai, what are you doing Nina!?」

「You can’t be like this, you are going into a strange depression cycle. Aren’t you normally the one to say that our Master is an ecchi person and complain? You should just be yourself and scold him as usual that suits you much better Kirika-san」


Kirika noticed that she was being cheered up by Nina, her facial expression softened a little.

「That’s right, Thanks Nina………I’m going out for a moment. If I keep staying here, I have a feeling that I will start thinking about strange things again」

「Yeah, I think that’s a good idea」

Kirika says her thanks and bows towards Nina, before separating from her and going outside of the tower.

Whilst she was looking at the red damp ground, she suddenly had a thought.

(I think, that in reality, I have completely misunderstood the Princess)

The strong heavy pressure she receives as the Princess of Prophecy, that anxiety…….Her troubled thoughts all of these pricked at Kirika’s heart.

It always turns out like this with me.

Class President and Honor Student. There was a lot of friends around her, she was also favored by her teachers.

However there was a lot of superficial, noncommittal associations, and the question came to her mind, “did she really have any friends who she could deeply trust?”…….

(Maybe, I still don’t understand who Odamori-kun………. is)

Even when they met again in this world, he said “Himeno-san doesn’t understand me” with an ironic smile on his face.

Even now this hasn’t changed. She thought about his overbearing arrogance and the way he behaved himself.

She simply could not attempt to copy his way of life, his freedom in the way he did things.

(In that case……what about the Princess?)

If it is Princess Sistina, is she able to understand the human being named Odamori Tooru?

The two people seemed to get along really well.

She thought that the both of them acted on their bold and unconventional ideas, they were quite similar in this respect.

The Princess seems to be really taken with him, and he doesn’t reject any of her advances either.

Moreover he was answering her expectations of him being the “savior of the world”.

If things were to continue like this, then it would be more than she ever wished for……and yet.

(Then in that case, why am I…..feeling so irritated……?)

Is it because the man I can never forgive, is taking away my precious friend and the lord I serve?…..Or is it because…..

The true answer as to why her feelings were whirling around, she did not know it yet at this point in time.

「To, Tooru-sama…..If you look at me so intently, I will feel embarrassed desuwa…..!」

The naked body which resembled a fairy was lying on top of the bed, everything was being exposed right in front of me.

The things the Princess wore on her body was merely her: White long gloves, and lacey white over knee tights, an elegantly designed garter belt and last of all her tiara.

「This much is a natural thing, isn’t it Princess? I mean, we are about to do something even more embarrassing right now」

She was blushing more and more with his words, her right arm was covering her beautiful rocket gigantic breasts, and her left hand was desperately covering her most precious spot.

It was my order for her to take off only her brassiere and panties.

「Now, Don’t hide your most important part any longer and show it to me…….Sistina」

「Ah, ahhh………Y, yes…….」

When I intentionally called her by her first name, the Princess quivers her body and her breathing gets more and more rough.

Her slender fingers are timidly removed and her crotch was being slowly exposed.

Her pubic hair was the same platinum blonde color as her hair and her pussy was a nice pink color. She was feeling a mixture of tension and arousal and this led her to become slightly wet.

The sanctuary where normal people could never hope to lay their hands on, was dedicated just for my sake……!

「It’s beautiful, as expected of the Princess’s vagina. It looks perfectly unblemished giving off an atmosphere of a high class noble」

「I, I have shown to another man, to Tooru-sama my most shameful parts……Ahh, Hyaa!?」

I was already naked, I approached her pink and defenseless figure and I began to trace her trembling slit with my middle finger and my ring finger.

It was surprising how fast, her slit bloomed and it became slopping wet as the sound of water continued to grow.

「Even though it’s your first time, you get wet really easily don’t you, Princess?」

「Th, the truth is that since yesterday…….Since the time Tooru-sama gave affection to my chest I’ve been feeling so hot here……..Even during the time I had to enter the tower, I couldn’t calm myself down……Nhhhaaa!?」

The Princess was making a shameless confession as she covered both her eyes and mouth with her own hands.

She served me with both her breasts and her hands, experiencing my thick semen plastered over her whole body and being marked with my essence, it was surely an impactful thing for someone who is as pure as the Princess.

「I suppose I did a bad thing, I was the only one enjoying myself for a long period of time. Well, I will be sure to pay it back in full…….」

「Eh? Tooru-sama’s fin, fingers iss, going so deep into…….Ahahhh, Hyaaaaa……!?」

It’s so tight and soft, the noble vagina which was not supposed to be permitted to be invaded was being affectionately played with.

She was breathing as if she was preparing herself for my thing to be inserted into her, and this only increased her anticipation for when that time came.

「Finally it is wet enough, Are you ready for my thing to be inserted, Princess?」

「Hiii, Ye, Yes! Tooru-sama’s huge venerable cock, although I am a little afraid, I will do my best to be able to receive it properly…….! 」

I rubbed by stiff cock against her royally wet vagina to lubricate myself.

I gripped both her legs and spread her apart, I pressed the tip of my penis into her vagina which was beginning to open by itself slightly, I felt the impending time for which I will finally be able to penetrate her noble vagina and my spine starts to vibrate in excitement.

「Alright, just like I taught you a little while ago, say the words out loud, Princess Sistina…..!」

「I….I the Third Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom Sistina, yearn for Tooru-sama’s huge cock….I have protected my purity for a long time for Tooru-sama, I hope that he will ravage me violently……! 」

Her eyes were tearing up in a mixture of shyness and expectation. Her face was so red that she felt like she could die from the shame, as she obediently recited the words I made her confess.

「Please take my virginity, with, with your venerable cock……Please enjoy it to your heart’s content……….Nhyaaaaaaauuuunnnnnn…….aaAAhhhhh!!?」

Zununu Nyuruuru………….Pichichi, Puchi Chuchichi…………..Nyuruguun!!

「AhhAhhAhhhhhhhnnnHaaaaan!!? It, it’s inside of ….me….! 」

She firmly grasps unto the bed sheets with all ten of her fingers. Her platinum blonde hair was lightly waving about, and even her tip toes were twitching and quivering as her whole body shook.

The sense of oppression and the pain of her interior womb being penetrated fills her lungs, and the Third Princess of the Kingdom lets out a scream.

「Kuuu…….! Ahh it’s inside of you, I have just taken Princess Sistina’s first time! 」

The bed sheets are dyed with a thin amount of red blood and it shows that the purity of the Princess of Prophecy had been taken.

The feeling of obtaining the highest class wench as a man provided me with overwhelming sense of conquest, a spark runs through my brain like electricity.

「Nhaa Ahhaaauu…….! It, it hurtss…….Fuaa, Hiiiinnnnnnuu……nnnn! 」

「Does it hurt? Shall I stop my movements for a little while, Princess? 」

Whilst I was containing the urge to explode by accident from my sense of accomplishment, I was fairly gentle as I offered to stop my movements, even I thought that I was being really nice, I smiled wryly in secret.

I was probably a little bewildered because the other party completely submitted to my will and invites of her own accord.

「Ah, Haauu………Thank you for worrying about me……! Ho, however more than the pain, I feel happier that we are finally connected as one……! 」

Though she was drowning in tears, the Princess who gave me such a brave smile was truly adorable.

「Tee, Uoo………..!? Princess, your insides are automatically tightening on my thing! 」

「Ehhh!? Is, is that true…….? 」

It first her first time and yet she sweetly tightens her Royal Princess vagina for me.

This part of her body approached me with so much desire and greed that I almost forgot that she was an elegant high noble virgin.

「I think that it, it is surely……Because it has gotten used to Tooru-sama’s thing…….it’s so happy to be made into a woman……that….it’s reacting…..!」

Whilst she inclined her body a little, her enormous breasts swayed wonderfully, and in combination with a faint voice that was saying such a cute remark, I withdraw my statement of being patient.

「Kuu, I’m sorry Princess! After all I’m going to move……! 」

「Hyaaaaannnn!? So suddenlyyy!? Tooru-sama is shaking my insidess……Ahfuuaaa, HyaaaaanHaaauuu!?」

Nyugu………Nyugunn, I slowly made her digest my fully erect cock.

In the beginning I was taking it nice and slow, but I gradually increased my pace…………I violated her beautiful flower, and I taught her the forbidden pleasures of the body as the feeling of conquest rose within me.

「Where do you feel good? Let’s find that spot together, Princess…….Hora, What about this spot?!」

「Ahhhhaaaa!? So many times near the entrance……….Da..Dameedesuu (Not allowed), that is…I can’t hold back my voice from leaking outtt………..HyaaaauuuuaAhhhhh!?」

「When the Princess says 『Dame』it means 『More』isn’t that right? So it’s here isn’t it Hora Hora(Look, Look)!?」

I continued to apply pressure with my palm to her lovely protrusion as I lightly pinched on her clit, at the same time I stirred the inside of her vagina and pushed up the upper walls with the tip of my head.

I was in the process of developing all her erogenous zones simultaneously, the Princess was panting for air as her huge breasts were jolting back and forth’s, she was giving me both visual and auditory stimulation of the highest quality.

「To, Tooru-sama……My br, breasts, please touch them like you did beforee…….Hahiiiinnnn!! Tha, that’s itt! I can’t stand it when you play with my nipples and dig into them with your fingersss!!」

I gripped her sinking nipples with an eagle grip, I slipped my forefinger into her nipple hole and started to dig it up.

When I synchronize my movements with the strokes of my cock, The Princess’s reaction rises even further.

「For your neat face to become so disheveled and this being the first time you are having sex, you are such a lewd Princess deep inside aren’t you? Sistina? Did you want my cock that badly!? 」

「Ha, Hyaaaai(Yesh)!! I’m sorry, even though it’s my first time, I’m so sorry that I’m such a shameless woman………Please don’t hate meee………!」

「I’m not going to hate you for such a thing, You are my lovely Princess!」

「I’m so glad…….I’m so happy right now! To be embraced by the man I adored all this time, a feeling is starting to well inside my stomach Ahhhh!!」

As a part of the Royal Family……..She has lived her whole life bound to be the Princess of Prophecy that serves her country, and as of this exact moment, she must be feeling so liberated.

Moreover, she was being held by the person she’s admired all this time, it would be like achieving her long life dream.

When I thought about it like that, I felt that she was so precious and my feelings of conquest reached a whole new level.

「Are you happy to be embraced by me Princess?! You’ve been dreaming about being penetrated by me all this time, your slopping wet vagina is really happy to finally be hollowed out by my cock, isn’t that right, Sistina!? 」

「Th, that is soo! This happiness, I thought I would never be able to attain it for my whole lifee, that’s why……….Haaahyaaaau, it, it’s so deep ehhh!!?」

I drove in deeper and stronger, her undeveloped virgin vagina was being pushed open by my cock and feeling the pleasure for her first time.

She tried to match my grinding with her hips, her tiara was beginning to fall off her platinum blonde hair and her large breasts were shaking, her beautiful naked body was glistening with sweat.

「Princess Sistina, You will forever by my thing! Your body is dedicated to me not as the Princess of Prophecy, but as my woman! 」

「I will, I want tooo!! Please make this lewd Sistina into your everlasting woman Tooru-sama!! FuaaaaaHaaaaannnnn!!」

I continued my intense piston movements and the sound of her growing love juices was proof of her feeling the pleasure.

Both her pure body and her noble mind was thoroughly melted by me as I carved the pleasure of being a woman into Princess Sistina’s body.

Her vagina was trembling and going into convulsions little by little, and the fact that she had already reached innumerable climaxes was transmitted to my cock.

「Allrightt, That’s good, Cum for me even more Sistina! Let your body go to the pleasure, allow my cock to make your virgin pussy cum over and over again!!!」

「Ye, Yess……..! Please take mee alongg……..Using Tooru-sama’s venerable penis, please take me to that placee……….Haaauu!? It, it’s going even deeper than beforeee Uuuu!!?」

I gripped her garter belt which was like a white petal and used it to  control her thin waist, I used both my hands and with all my strength I pulled her into me, stretching the garter belt to it’s limits I shoved my cock into her deepest inner most parts of her vagina.

Gugu…….As if her womb had been impatiently waiting for my ejaculation, the moment the tip of my cock touched her uterus, the Princess arched her back like a bow.

「Th, this issss!? So biggg Ahh…………I’m cumming, cummingg, I’m cuminnng so harddd, NhaaaaaaAhhAhhhAhhhAhhh!!?」

「Uooo, You’re squeezing………I’m going to let it out Princess! Inside of your womb! I’m going to shove all of my genetic seed into youuu, Kuuuuuaaa!!」

「Yess, Please give it to mee!! Inside Sistina’s most precious spot, let it all outt!! I want to dedicate everything to Tooru-sama and be painted in his colorr Ahhhhh!!」

With the overwhelming amount of pleasure, my waist, my brains and my cock is melting. I’m melting and becoming one with the Princess.

She is treated as the most precious treasure in her kingdom, so important that no commoner’s seed could ever enter her……..Her most important place, as if boiling out all of my desires I let out all my thick milk inside of her.

BuByuuuu………Dobyururururupupu!! Dobyuto Dokunnnn!! (sfx Spurt, gushh, pulsate)

Byukun, Nbyuuu! Gobyuuu………….Byupaa, Byuroro!

「Ehhh AhAhhh……….NhaaaaaHaaaaaaa!!? Th, this is Tooru-sama’s………..Hyaaaaaannn!! Fuaaa, Ah, Ahh, Ah…………!!」

「Kuuuooo……..Uoo, Amazing……….This is amazing Princess, this sensation of release……..Kuu, Kuhaaaa! 」

The Princess clings to my back and digs into it with her nails, at the same time Princess Sistina shivers with an overwhelming sense of pleasure whilst reaching the height of her orgasm.

The penis she swallowed in her royal pussy was being thoroughly squeezed, she tightens every part of mucous membranes and shamelessly wrings out every last drop of my cum.

「Ahh, Fuaa, Ah………To, Tooru-samaaa…….! Please, won’t you give me a kiss…..?」

「Of course, I will give you as many kisses as you’d like……….」

I firmly held unto her body which was trembling timidly with the reverberations of climax, I gently caressed her platinum blonde hair and softly planted a kiss on her cherry lips.

Being accepted for who you are from the bottom of somebody else’s heart, was not a bad feeling at all…………

Just like Kirika said, perhaps it might be good for me to go become the man that the Princess wants me to be for the time being………I thought such a thing.

「Ahh…….Tooru-sama………I…Love…. you very dearly…….」

A taste of a kiss that melts sweetly in my mouth. A sense of floating in the air wrapped around our bodies as the intense wave of pleasure began to pass.

And………..At that time.

「…………..Eh? 」

My consciousness…..was abruptly dyed in white.

The Princess’s body temperature, her smell, her breathing, and the room everything seems to rapidly float away.

It was as if my soul had suddenly separated from my body, like it was continuing to ascend somewhere……!

Suddenly, my consciousness took shape again.

Before I was aware I was already in clothing, and I notice myself sitting in a cheap looking chair.

「Yes, The next fellow please……Oh la la? It’s been a long time hasn’t it? 」

Documents were piled up on the table in a disorderly manner, in front of me was a desk that often exists in an office.

The person in front of me seems like an oriental person, or a westerner. He wore a grey suit and glasses………..And he talked in a businesslike manner.


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