Chapter 21: The Supervisor and the New Path


「If I am not mistaken……Aren’t you, the “Supervisor”? 」

It is impossible to forget.

I who had died during a bus accident on my school excursion, met with a “being” who explained the details of my transmigration to this new world, this being was akin to God (or something similar to it)

「Oh my? you seem to remember coming. “This place” those who do not forget about this place are exceedingly rare, oh well, it doesn’t matter」

Oi, Oi, Oi, Wait a minute. Why am I here again? In this place?! Confusion and doubt soars through my mind.

Are you telling me I died from having sex with the Princess?!…………No, no that can’t be.

Or is it that he finally thought it was a mistake to hand me over the Slavemancer Job Class and has come to revoke his offer?………Don’t joke around with me?! Oi!

「Errr, I think you might be misunderstanding something. Your level as a Slavemancer has reached a certain threshold………and I called you out here to give you a “supplementary explanation”」

An additional explanation…….because I leveled up?

「Yes, Because it was such an unusual case, when a job class as special as yours is acquired this kind of thing can occur. Ah, by the way, time in your world has not advanced even for a second so please rest assured」

If this is so, you should of explained it from the beginning…….For the time being I settled down my emotions.

However, because I was finally able to think clearly a new problem became apparent.

「Hang on a second, that’s strange. My level, why would it suddenly rise up at this point in time? 」

I didn’t really use my Enslavement Magic unto Princess Sistina, so how could it increase in level? It just doesn’t make any sense.

「Allow me to explain it sequentially. First of all, a large amount of bonus experience points were given out to you because you succeeded in obtaining dominion over three rare job classes, these include: 【Princess Knight】【Aristocrat Demoness】and 【Princess of Prophecy】」

Kirika, Palmyra and Princess Sistina.

If I remember correctly, when I managed to subjugate the former two people, I obtained huge amounts of experience points.

It would seem that when a certain threshold is reached, an extraordinary bonus is given out…………I suppose it is like getting an achievement in a game and unlocking some sort of a bonus.

「I see, alright I can understand that part. However, why would the Princess of Prophecy be included in the bonus when I haven’t even casted my Enslavement Magic on her? 」

「That is a very simple matter. That person holds you in adoration and devotion, dependence…….or possibly, she has given her life over to you, and has sworn allegiance in some manner. It doesn’t really matter whether you used an ability or not, the term “Domination” is about whether it occurs in reality, that is one of the perks you obtain from being the Slavemancer」

Indeed, the Princess has already become mine. She herself has already declared that fact from the bottom of her own heart.

Perhaps in a certain meaning, making someone completely submit to your will without the use of magic is significantly more difficult. Therefore the difficulty of achieving such a feat is added to the amount of bonus points I acquired.

「No matter the means, anything can be used to rule over others. That is the true essence of being a Slavemancer」

「I understand…….It would have been better if you told me something like this from the start」

「I am sorry, I was only allowed by regulations to give you the minimum amount of information……」

As usual, even though he’s supposed to be transcendent, for some reason he is still bound by the laws of his bureaucracy.

「Well in that case, May I ask you this?………..In the future, if I am able to use my Enslavement Magic on people with rare job classes, or by other means, to take “control” of them, at that point in time, will I once again be able to expect a drastic level up?」

「Yes, it would reasonable for you to think such things」

The first bonus is acquired when I obtained 3 people, does this mean that the next achievement will be obtained when I have 5 people?

It seems, that he will not be telling me the exact number of people I need, but in any case, this is extremely important information.

Placing a priority on people with Rare Jobs is the obvious choice, as it has a direct connection with being able to double the amount of benefits I obtain.

「One last thing,  I will begin my explanation of the special privilege you will obtain along with this Level Up」

「Oh, there’s even this kind of thing on top?」

All things considered, both my job is good and my skills are good, this truly is a world with a game like logic.

Well even in my former world, perhaps it was just the fact that none of us realized that we had been ruled over by such a strange system.

「From here on out, you can choose yourself, how you will specialize your job from one of these two options」

  1. 【Path of Domination】: Along with the amount of people you will be able to subjugate under your rule, the strength of your Enslavement Magic will be increased, this area will be predominantly developed.
  2. 【Path of Strengthening】: You will be able to strengthen the abilities of those you rule over, this is an area which will focus on being able to transmit the maximum amount of magical force and share in that power.

The piece of paper in front of me had those two things written on it.

In short, is this some kind of a Job Class advancement or specialization that I get to choose?

「The Path of Domination or the Path of Strengthening……」

If I choose the Path of Domination, I will be able to amass more Magical Slaves beyond the skill level restriction, furthermore the rate of cancelling the subjugation magic and the speed will all go up, it will also mean that I will be able to more easily penetrate through those with high magical resistance.

In the case of choosing Path of Strengthening, I will be able to drastically improve the power levels of my surrounding slaves, and potentially draw out their latent powers. Furthermore I will be able to manipulate their bodily conditions to my own desires which will translate into a gradual increase in their strength.

If I sum it up roughly, it is basically choosing between the quantity or quality of the slaves and which one I value more.

Naturally, the element that I do not choose to focus on, does not necessarily become obsolete or unable to be improved, this is more about specializing into a style.

They both have their merits and their demerits, this is an indescribably vexing choice to make.

「Well, Please be at ease and take your time to choose wisely. The moment you have chosen, I will send your soul back to your body」

「Alright, in that case……I will….」

「………And, after all that you are telling me you chose the【Path of Strengthening】? 」

Away from the Tower of Revelations, and on the way back to the Cavern Base.

Nina was the one driving the jolting wagon, and Kirika was sitting next to me confirming my choice.

「Yeah, It was a considerably hard choice to make」

By the way, it seems that Kirika has no recollection of the “Supervisor” and it took ages for me to explain what happened. The only one that seems to be able to remember clearly is me, am I that special?

「Fuun (exhale)…….May I ask you, for the reasoning behind that choice? 」

In the seat of the wagon facing towards me, the Princess was sleeping adorably exhaling out (Suu, Suu) sounds, in various different meanings she must have been really tired right?

Palmyra was leaning against Sistina’s body and was also sleeping with a (SupiSupi sfx for sleeping peacefully), they both seemed so blissful…..that fellow, I wonder if she recklessly used up too much magic and got exhausted?

The two girls were wrapped with completely different colored dresses, one was black and the other one was white, seeing them stuck together like this, I could feel a qualitative disparity between them. (TL: In more ways than just color of dresses 😛 if you guys know what I mean)

「There is a variety of reasons……however the first is the fact that increasing our numbers against someone as powerful as Iblis may not yield any results, in fact it is highly likely that just increasing the amount of people will just raise the amount of worries on our hands」

If there is going to be more opponents with  the ability to distort dimensions or have an item of a similar standard to that, there will be no point to having a high amount of numbers, in the end those people would only be useful as meat shields.

Fortunately, we already have an excellent war potential capable of tearing dimensions, that is via using the sword that is currently in Kirika’s possession, the “Alkanshel”.  Moreover, choosing the Path of Strengthening, will allow Palmyra to display her original capabilities much sooner than before.

Obviously, it would have been important to be able to make a powerful enemy, with high war potential betray their own allies by choosing the Path of Domination. However this kind of strategy means that I have to assume that no one else will be able to bend dimensions, because if they do have an ability similar to this, my Enslavement Magic will become useless on them. When facing such a formidable enemy, I don’t think I have the luxury to underestimate them, I need to create strategies which assumes the worst case scenario in all instances.

「You….Are going to fight one of the Eight Demonic Families to the bitter end, aren’t you? 」

「Iblis is trying to obtain the Princess in order to secure the thing called the “Divine Corpse” and this will inevitably mean that our paths will crash. And for me, there is no way in hell that I will be willing to ever let Princess Sistina fall into the hands of those demons」

Well this also applies to my other slaves.

To be snatched away from me, to be killed……..I won’t let such a thing happen to a single person with me. That’s because they are all my things.

Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to become stronger. I needed power, to make this into a reality.

「You are still the same as ever, aren’t you? Odamori-kun just has a high desire to monopolize the people around him」

「I think that all men think like this, you know? Anyways, considering that I have increased the skill level of my Enslavement Magic, the amount of magical slaves I can possess has increased, moreover with the increased amount of power I have right now, I think that it will be sufficient to dominate any demons that come along the way」

「It seems that you fully intend to increase the amount of slaves you have……」

Kirika lets out a sigh, whilst I of course gave her a full smile and nodded.

「Nevertheless, for the time being, it is clear that Himeno-san is my highest war potential. I will be counting on you from here on out」

「Yeah, yeah…..Because of the fact that I will be able to protect the Princess from the demons, I will do what I can to help」

I suppose that’s good, however…..I slowly turn my body towards the Princess Knight who was sitting next to me.

Before she was able to escape I deprived the freedom of her body with my orders, and I violently kissed her soft lips.

「………Tsuu!!? Wait, St……..Nnnn!?」

I took her lustrous black hair and the back of her head with my hands and pulled her close to me, I welcomed her powerless resistance, and I violated her damp mouth with my tongue to my heart’s content.

After spending a considerable amount of time on her lips I finally parted from her. I could see her big pupils were glaring at me as she was slightly tearing up.

Even though the Princess was asleep, perhaps it was because I stole a kiss in her presence, it seemed to have effected Kirika as her cheeks were dyed red.

「Listen up! Don’t get your facts mixed up Himeno-san. You are no longer her Knight. You are mine…..You are my Princess Knight」


Princess Knight which was owned by the Slavemancer.

I continued to make her position clear……and one day, I will make her surrender to me from the bottom of her heart.

That will be my revenge, to Himeno Kirika, who barely gave me a glance in my previous world.

「……..Then, don’t ever forget the words……I told you. Sometime in the future………I will change this relationship of ours」

She is the only person able to face me with such burning determination, her black eyes are dignified and pure.

It is the pupils of the woman who will give me endless amusement.

However, in that time, I somehow felt an uncomfortable feeling I have never felt before from that gaze.

Her eyes, had something other than just hatred………….Something else seemed to be dwelling in the deep recesses of her heart. But I couldn’t really pin point its true colors at this moment.

「Ahh, I will be looking forward to it. If you think you can do such a thing, then please try to overturn my prediction」

The wagon gets closer… To where Siera, Amelia and Nana were waiting for us.

After we meet up the plan is to head towards, Shieyol the forest of the elves.

The enemy is Iblis one of the eight great demons, the key to all of this is the “Divine Corpse”

From here on out….What kind of things will be waiting for us?

It was within my expectations, but the “Supervisor” would not answer any of my questions which were outside of his jurisdiction.

That’s why, the answer to those questions can only be confirmed with my own two eyes.

Around the same time at a certain frontier.

A textile merchant named “Burrows” who will turn 40 this year, was seeing an unbelievable spectacle right in front of his eyes, he was just staring in blank surprise at the situation.

He traveled to a neighboring town by wagon in order to have an important business talk. Unluckily he was blocked by a brutal Rune Bear and attacked in the highway.

Furthermore, it was the first time he had ever seen a Bear of this magnitude and size, the guards he hired to protect his caravan was completely annihilated with surprising swiftness.

“Ahh, I only wish I could see the faces of my wife and child again before my death” just as he was thinking such things…….A shadow of a person appeared abruptly.

And in the blink of an eye, truly in an instant, the huge Rune Bear was made to become completely powerless.

Moreover, He would never expect……. for it to be dis-empowered in “such a manner”.

For that to be possible, what kind of job would you need? What kind of skill?

Even Burrows who saw plenty of able men and adventurers, could not guess who this person was.

「Ah, Thank you so much! Whatever should I do? What do I need to do to show you my gratitude………?!」

Once again he looked at the appearance of the savior of his life, Burrows became even more astonished.

Not only did the other party, not look strong, the other party also seemed to be much younger than he expected. The other party was probably as young as his own daughter?

「Are you a, traveler? I am a merchant who is quite famous around these parts. If it is in regards to money, I will offer out as much as you want as a reward…..」

Then the person in front of him, seemed to be thinking for a while, and spoke to Burrows in a language he had never heard before.

「Then, I want Haagen-Dazs’s Crispy Caramel」

「…..Ha? 」

「Well, I just wanted to say it. I already know that such things don’t exist in this world」

The person seemed to be in a hurry, and leaves behind a bewildered Burrows.

He panics and the middle-aged merchant quickly throws out his voice towards the back of the drifting figure.

「Pl, please wait a moment. At least tell me your name! 」

「Not at all, I don’t really have a name to call myself. Besides, I was only doing what was natural……」

The hand is fluttered, and the mysterious savior adds one last statement.

「……….At any rate it’s because I am a “Hero”」

Burrows could only let his mouth hang open as he saw the person walk further away.

It was the legendary Job, The person who introduced themselves as a Hero, had a thin twin tail that fluttered in the wind………..And their figure quickly disappeared from the highway.

【Volume 1: Me, the Princess Knight and the Princess of Prophecy】Episode End !

Slavemancer Tooru (Level Up!)

Job: Slavemancer LV10→15

Skill:【Enslavement Magic LV7→9】【Contract with the DevilLV1】【Slave StrengtheningLV2→5】???



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