Chapter 22: The Two Visitors and the Woman Knight Arrives at the Capital


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「…….Exactly, who on earth, are you? 」

Two people were sitting down on the sofa, one of them was me, and the other person was staring at me with a gaze full of distrust.

A vast room with a wide ceiling, and plenty of gorgeous furnishings in it.


The person before my eyes, is the Lord of this mansion, her name is Earl Yurina.

Though it seems that she was still in the prime of her youth around her twenties, she wore a gorgeous dress with an overpowering green color, and whilst she seems like a beauty, her gaze hinted at her strict and uptight personality, it gave her the atmosphere that she wasn’t an easy person to approach.

「Be silent and answer the question. For what reason did you attempt to sneak into my Mansion? You can’t mean to say that you did not want to steal anything and you just came in to sit down here right? 」

I was currently in the clothing worn by normal people, both my hands and feet were bound by a band which was enchanted with magical characters………the band was akin to some sort of a seal which would steal my freedom and prevent me from moving.

Additionally, a butler who seemed to be at the prime of his life, was standing right at the door entrance, his eyes were shining and he was prepared, he kept his eyes on me in at all times, in case I made any unwanted movements.

Her guards were also nearby, and if I even attempted to start chanting some sort of spell, without a doubt, I would be dealt with very swiftly.

「That’s because, I thought that you were the perfect candidate」

At last, I finally opened my mouth, the youthful earl faintly raises her thin eyebrows, and asks for an explanation to my mysterious words.

「”just perfect?” What do you mean by these words? 」

「The territory and location of the mansion, the advantage of being a distant relative to the royal family, and being an unmarried woman…………Furthermore, being a misanthrope, a capricious character that likes to act on selfish whims. Especially that last point, is particularly excellent」

「H, how insolent! What nonsense are you spouting out?!」

Yurina raised her folding fan up high, as she tries to use it to slap me.

She has a more childish demeanor than the rumors have stated.  For political reasons, she was sent out of the Capital to become the overseer of Shieyol forest, she was assigned to this remote region in the countryside.

「There has been rumors within this territory that you took a young house maiden to the bedroom in order to play around with her and use her as your “distraction”. You have also declined your marriage proposals with determination, are you by any chance afraid of men? 」

「S, silence! You are just a measly servant, whose origins are unknown, how dare you speak to me like that, who do you think I am….?!」

She shakes her folding fan and lowered it……..It stopped right in front of my face.

The circumference of her pupils was faintly blinking with a green light, it is unlikely that the butler at the back would notice such a slight change, right? And, she faced the direction of that butler.

「……You, Get out」

「Yes? However……」

「I told you to, get out. I want to talk with this man, in private. If I am in need of you I will call for you」


Most likely, the butler was used to receiving commands at the whim of his Master, He also could not feel any danger coming from someone who seemed as weak as I did. Therefore, even though the butler was a little suspicious of me, he still bowed and quickly left the room.

The moment the butler left the room, Earl Yurina immediately came towards me, and recited the commanding words to unseal the magical binding that was sealing the movements of my hands and feet.

「Fuu, Thank you. Well then, Shall we discuss your task for the future?….Let’s see, first thing’s first, how about you suck on my cock whilst you hear my explanations?」

「Yes, Master. Because it’s my first time I’m not sure if I can do it well, but please allow me to serve you to the best of my abilities」

She was left under the rule of my Enslavement magic, thus she kneeled before my groins without a glint of hesitation and she kissed my half erected penis with her high-class looking lipstick.

Whilst the rumors in regards to the kidnapping of Princess Sistina had already spread, It was extremely unlikely that anyone would be capable of deducing that a person as young as me, was the culprit Slavemancer.

「I’ve heard that close to your territory….There is a villa in the woods that is very closely positioned to the Shieyol forest, apparently the residence is hardly used, correct? I will be making that place as my new base of operations」

「Yes, Master………Nchu, Ahh…….This, has such an amazing smell, desu…..!」

「After all, I have travelled a very long distance without rest. Also, soon enough there will be wagon that arrives, the village daughters inside will stay in this mansion, and their needs should be taken care of. It is only a camouflage for your usual “interest” in women……………..Ahh, therefore, do not even attempt to lay your hands on my things, you understand?」(TL: wowowow, he actually remembered about the pitiful village daughters LOLOL, I assumed they were gonzies or something in that cave)

「I understand…….Rero, Chupu……..Chupo, Nbuu……..Nnnnu!?」

She was performing fera for the first time with her elegant mouth, and I thrusted deep into the back of her throat whilst she clung to my cock with her red rouge lips.

Her complex wavy hairstyle which seemed to take a very long time to create was becoming more disheveled. She had light brown hair and I impudently grabbed unto her head as I started to swing my hips back and forth using her mouth like a pussy.

「Before I depart, I will give you a list of things that I want you to gather for my journey. Additionally you are not to mention my existence to anyone, employees should also be given a gag order which should be imposed severely」

「Nnnnn–!! Npuaah, Fuaa, Fuhaiiii (Yes)…….! 」

「Alright, good girl……..By the way Yurina, are you by any chance still a virgin? 」

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she was coughing adorably, Earl Yurina made her confession.

「Keho (Cough)…..Ye, Yeshh……….I, I’m a virgin, I’ve been so scared that I haven’t dared to use it………! 」

「Okay, then I will also take that before I head out. Are you happy? 」

「Y, Yes…….! Please take Yurina’s first time…….! Umm…..Master? If I may ask, could you please give me your honorable name? 」

Which reminds, me I haven’t actually told her my name….She was looking at me with a bewitched happy expression, as I light slapped her cheeks with my penis and told her my name.

「Tooru. I am Slavemancer Tooru……..I am your first and also your last Venerable Master, be sure to properly remember my name」

Capital of Ranbadeia.

The Dame Celesta, she was restlessly fidgeting with her flaxen ponytail. She was walking in circles around her own room, with a bland looking dressing gown.

Although she was in an aristocrat’s residence, her room did not have any gorgeous looking furnishings in it, the only thing which stood out was her family armor, which had a dull shine of silvery white and red.

「Why, why am I not the one being sent out to pursue the enemy….?!」

“Crimson Rose” although nobody doubted her high abilities or her loyalty to the country because of her fame, she was made to take responsibility for the failure in not being able to defend Princess Sistina who was known as the “greatest treasure of Ranbadeia”, since then she has been placed on house arrest as a form of disciplinary action.

「Who else other than I! Can hope to regain the Princess from that: cowardly, vile, personification of evil Slavemancer………Even whilst I am stuck here, the Princess is yet to be saved!!」

According to the reports that happened during that time, the Tower of Revelations had been emptied out and the Slavemancer wearing a silver mask killed off anyone in his path (Celesta is the one who reported this) The previous High Priest Groom’s remains were also missing.

Also the two wagons sent out by the royal family disappears from the site, and it was both later discovered respectively in different locations. It was said that the man who hid his face behind a silver mask, hired some thugs to drive the wagon as a diversion…..In other words, right now Princess Sistina’s whereabouts are completely unknown and no further progress has been made.

「Could it be that at this time, the Princess is being forced by that vile beast, just like Kirika was forced……….Kuu! How did she fall so low, she’s supposed to be the Princess Knight…….How pathetic……..! 」

Don! She punched the wall with her bare fist. Her long and narrow pupils were dyed in chagrin……….she was grinding her teeth.

Princess Knight Kirika who was a rival to her acted like a completely different person, and her foolish appearance still lingered in Celesta’s memories like it was just yesterday.

「Princess Sistina’s body which is so pure and unsoiled. By that kind of man……….That kind of…….Beast……..!」

She allowed her body to fall head first into her bed, she feels her hot blood running mercilessly around her head.

It is impossible to forget what that fiendish brute has done to me, it is the utmost shame and disgrace as a woman.

There was not a day that passed, in which she did not think about this in her mind…………And, the more she thought about this humiliation….

「Uuuu, Ku………! It, it’s happening again, my body is…….Wh, why is this happening to me……Ah, Ahh!? 」

Before she was aware of it, her fingers moved towards her squirming thighs……..closer to that spot which was violated by that vulgar male.

Chuku (slosh)…….a lewd sound could be heard, as per usual two of her fingers were easily being swallowed in.

「Nnnuuah…….Hyaa, Uaaaauuu!? Ahh, shitt……..! Wh, what am I doingg Ahh…….! 」

Zubu Zubu, she inserted her fingers deeply into herself, she was thinking about that man, and her anger was building as she frantically stirred her own insides, she was lusting insatiably for pleasure.

However, this kind of thing was no comparison, to the thing that I was made to suck by that man, the thing that was plunged into me……Suddenly such thoughts passed her mind.

「That scum, Slavemancer Tooru….! He must of done something to my body with that evil sorcery of his, and changed my true nature, I can’t be wrong…..That must be itt, Ahhhhh, HiiiiinHaahhhh!?」

“By my magic, you shall soon fall just like Kirika has fallen”…..that man laughed as he violated me.

That’s why surely, the magic still remains and her body was becoming strange, Celesta was convinced of this.

The Court Magician who examined the Woman Knight, has already stated that there was currently no magic power being activated in her body, however, she did not believe such a thing.

「I, I won’t forgive him, absolutely nott…..! Tooru, Tooru……….Taking my first in such an animalistic like manner, humiliating me in that position and doing me so violently, that horrible man! Higuu, HaahhhUuuAhhh!?」

She was continuing to move her fingers whilst lying face down, she looked towards her family armor with watery eyes… that time, her symbol of pride was dirtied and soiled thoroughly.

She was afraid that others would know of such a thing, and since returning, she has not allowed anyone to touch her armor.

Pride…….The only way to regain her honor, there is only one method she can think of.

「Tooru, Slavemancer Tooru…….! I, I the Dame Celesta swear to regain both the Princess and Kirika………..A, and I will make sure youuu, Ahahhhhhuuu!!?」

She bent her flexible body in an arch, her ponytail is disheveled on the bed, Celesta pushes her ass up high.

That posture was exactly the same posture that she had in the wagon, during the time that hateful man took her purity.

「I will make sure, to use my own hands, to kill you…..!! Hyaa, Ah ahhahhh…….Higuuuunnnnnn!!?」

Simultaneously with her words of determination, she raised a spectacularly loud moan, as her love juices spurted out of her (sfx pushuu)……….the bed was sprayed a hot splash.

She modestly tried to refrain her voice from leaking, however, she could not stop her tender limbs from twitching and trembling from her orgasm.

「Haa………Haaa………I, I’ve done it, againn………! Uuu, lately it’s been happening more often………! 」

She could not tell anyone else, about her playing with herself; and the intensity and frequency only increased as the days went by. She was taken in by the fear that her body will no longer belong to herself, and even though she was afraid the Dame could not fight her impulse to act upon her desires.

「………My Lady, are you in the room? 」

All of a sudden, the distant voice of a maid and a reserved knock resounded. Celesta was so shocked that her heart nearly flew out of her mouth.

「Wh, What is it!? W, wait, tell me what you want without opening the door!!」

「Y, yes…….That is, there is a strange guest that claims to know the whereabouts of Princess Sistina and wishes to speak to My Lady.」

「A strange guest, you say?」

「That is….How shall I describe it… their face is hidden behind a mask, so their age is unidentifiable their background is also uncertain. Shall I send them away? 」

A Mask……! That word, made Celesta snap up from her bed.

「Wait! I will meet them! Listen up, don’t let that person leave the residence! 」

「I am called, Cruz. I am pleased to make your acquaintance」

The man? That was waiting outside the courtyard was not the person she expected……He was wearing a silver glass mask, and it covered his whole face.

The voice was a low mumble, he was wearing a white robe and the height was also slightly different from that Slavemancer Tooru.

「Though it is unfortunate, I have no intention to humor a guest who is going to hide his face in the presence of others」

「How severe of you…..Well, I have this ugly wound on my face, and I would like to beg for your pardon」

It was obviously a blatant lie that he spouted to Celesta, but she felt like even if she pursued the matter it he would be slippery as an eel and dodge her questions somehow. The person called Cruz who introduced himself whilst wearing a glass silver mask, had a similar atmosphere to the Slavemancer, and it made Celesta irritated.

「Alright then, get to the point, you said that you know about the whereabouts of the missing Princess?」

「Nn〜, To be accurate, it’s not exactly like that. I actually have information about the Slavemancer who took the Princess away…」

「…..What did you say!?」

Celesta leaned forward instinctively, Cruz spread out his arms as if he was joking around.

「Though it is not possible to reveal in detail, I am a person who is hostile with that fellow. The enemy of my enemy, is a friend, you have heard of this saying, haven’t you? 」

「Assuming that is true……Are you trying to manipulate me, by not revealing the full circumstances? 」

「No, no, You’ve mistaken my good intent. I will leave the freedom to choose whether I help out, furthermore I won’t ask for any backup in return」

For a while, Celesta silently thinks to herself.

Cruz is without a doubt a suspicious person, however, it was obvious that she needed the clues in regards to the whereabouts of the Slavemancer.

「Then what kind of help, do you think you can be for me?」

「Hmm, let’s see…How about this, for instance」

Abruptly, Cruz’s figure disappeared from her field of vision.

Goosebumps ran through the back of the Dame.

She turns behind using her intuition, and in the moment she tried to move her body in reflex…..!


Bachi (sfx snap), the scruff of her neck felt like some sort of spark ran through it along with a little bit of pain.

The sound of something dropping to the ground.

「Wh, what’s going on…..!?」

「Fumu, As expected it was you who possessed it」

It looked like the Rumein holy mark, the circular dark red mark was diluted, and it seemed like some sort of a dying spider as it wriggled and twitched about.

When he placed her hand on the nape of her neck, there was a sort of wound that was scabbing on her neck and he pulled it off to the ground.

That kind of thing……Could it be that it was stuck on to my body for such a long period of time?

「You, Ba…st…ar…d… Wh…y… GiGyaa!?」

The dark red mark which Cruz pulled out and threw to the ground, was trampled under his foot as he grinded it against the floor.

Immediately before he did that, I heard a faint sound almost like a groan coming from that thing, is it just my imagination?

「That was a really dangerous situation. That thing was the black magic of the Slavemancer. It was trying to possess you」

「Wh, What did you say!?」

Incidentally, the oppressive hazy feeling that continued for a long time since that day had finally vanished.

Is it the after effects? I can only seem to remember small parts of what occurred that day……

「I….I am indebted to you, Cruz-dono. Ku, for him to use this kind of filthy magic on my body…..darn him! 」

「With this, do you think you will be able to trust me a little? From hereon I plan on giving you information in regards to that fellow」

「Ah, Ahh. Both of us are his enemies. As long as I can defeat that fellow, I will not stop, I will follow him to the depths of hell! 」

If my disciplinary action won’t be lifted, then even if I had to escape and go alone, even if I had to throw away my knight’s honor, I’ve made up my mind long ago, that I will chase that man to the ends of the earth.

「Very well, Celesta-san. In that case, let’s prepare the “weapon” we can use to defeat that fellow」

The man in the silver mask nods approvingly. It was not possible to see the expression concealed within the mask.

「Just you wait, Slavemancer Tooru…..! That name, even within my dreams, I will not forget it for even a moment…….! 」

Slavemancer Tooru

Job: Slavemancer LV 15

Skill:【Enslavement Magic LV 9】【Contract with the Devil LV 1】【Slave Enhancement LV 5】???

・Present Slaves (Remaining slots :2 people)

【Princess Knight Kirika】【Sorceress Nina】【Soldier Amelia】【Elemental Archer Sierra the Elf】【Armor Golem Nana】【Demoness Noble Palmyra】【Earl Yurina】



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