Chapter 23: The Princess and her Knight and their Respective Roots


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

It is said that there is a clue to the existence of the “Divine Corpse” hidden within the Forest of Shieyol.

It is a vast sea of trees which extends to the south west of the Ranbadeia Kingdom. This place was famous for being the place that elves reside in.

Since several thousand years ago the long lived elven race, has time and time again, joined the humans in their fight against the demons. Whilst there wasn’t much interaction between the humans and elves, the main point is that they built a favorable relationship with each other.

Though most elves spend their lives within the forest, there are also people like Sierra who venture forth from their homelands, within these several hundred years, this trend has seemingly increased.

However, having said this, the belief that the Large Forest is a safe place, is absolutely not true.

If you exclude the various scattered elf villages, the winding paths that were not connected to any roads, and the geographical location which was like a maze would be enough to thwart most intruders. Another thing that will need special attention is the diverse monster ecosystem which exist in the vast expanse of trees. Apparently, the dangers when within the deep forest are multiplied as opposed to when being in an open field.

Even though there is Sierra acting as our guide, without the proper preparation of provisions, there can be no guarantees that we won’t encounter danger to our lives.

Whilst waiting for the preparations to finish, if you were to ask what we were doing in our new base……

「Uu……This kind of thing, I knew that it would happen sooner or later, but…..!」

「A, are me and Kirika really going to be doing this…….T, together?」

「Isn’t it obvious? The Princess and her Knight, being serviced by both the lord and her retainer is a man’s romance」

At the Villa of the Earl: I was sitting down on a king-size bed, Kirika and Princess Sistina were kneeling down and crawling towards my nether regions.

Seeing the spectacle of two of the finest girls in front of me, My penis was ecstatic and ready to burst into action.

「Ahh, it’s Tooru-sama’s vigorous thingg…That is…..I still don’t have much experience, so would it be alright if I watched Kirika for a little while to study…..?」

「Eh, Ehh!? Being watched b, by the Princess, such a thing is embarassingg……Nha!? M, my tongue is moving on it’s own………..Nuuu!」

Using my Enslavement Magic, I made Kirika extend her lovely tongue in a vulgar way, and lick the sensitive glans of my penis head.

Against her will, I made her dance her tongue around the tip of my cock, which was dark red in color and engorged with blood. The Princess Knight made my penis glisten with her saliva and her delightful tongue.

「A, amazing Kirika, for you to be able to move your tongue in such a manner….!」

「Fua, Nhaa………Reryo, Reroro…….Y, you’re mistaken Princess, he is making me do it against my will……….Nnhyaa, Nchuujururu!」(exhales, slurp, lick, slurp)

Princess Sistina’s big chest was throbbing in excitement, whilst watching her Princess Knight suck me off in fascination.

Being watched by the Princess who was her close friend, made Kirika’s face turn completely red, even up to the ears.

「Now then Princess, come and try replicate what she is doing」

「Ah, Y..Yes……..Nnchuu, reroo……….! Nha, reroo, chupu, jupaa………is, is it like this….?」

Learning by imitation, Sistina tries her utmost to replicate Kirika’s movements, she uses her pink colored tongue very boldly and lewdly.

My cock was standing tall and aimed towards the heavens, I was in the middle and on my left was Kirika and on my right was Princess Sistina, they were both using their wet tongues to perform a highly contrasting tongue dance across my member.

「You are quite good, Princess. This time, you should both respectively alternate between sucking on the tip of my cock to licking it all the way to the bottom」

「Chuu, you are ordering way too much……Nn, reroruruu, reryoroooooo…..!」(Kiss, mm, lick/suck, lick slurpp)

「L, like thiss……? Chu, Nyuchuuu, Nyuroorooo……..!」

A neat and prim straight black hair and a platinum blonde wavy hair, was rocking back and forth as they went up and down my member, they traced along the veins and bumps of my penis with their tongues and lips.

Although both of them were born from different worlds, they were both idol like existences to the people around them and both had rare jobs, additionally they were both extremely beautiful women.

These gorgeous women were giving me a double service, and it was truly visual tantalizing to watch them in action.

「Fua…….Kirika is so experienced in serving, Tooru-sama, aren’t chu…..Chubu, Nnchuumumu…….!」(Exhales, kiss, kiss, suckk)

「Eh, Ehh!? I, I’ve only been trained against my will…….Nchu, Nnryuryu! P, Princess don’t you dislike, this……..?」

「I only want, Tooru-sama to become happy………Al, although it’s shameful, being able to be of use to the person I love, makes me feel really happy desuwa……..Nnchuuuu!」

「Eh, ah, uuu………H, how could it be, I’m different from Princess, I don’t feel happy in the slightest……..besides I don’t even like him, so this kind of thing is………Jubupuuu, Nnchuruuchuuu!」

Whilst it was true that I was using my Enslavement Magic on Kirika, it seems that she was dragged along by the Princess and she gradually became more proactive and daring in using her sweet lips.

The two lovely well-bred ladies was blushing as they made vulgar noises whilst sucking me off, before they noticed it, they were beginning to fight for my penis and they were scrambling to lick and suck on it, it was becoming more unbearable.

「Kuu, That’s it you two……..Alright, next is use those big tits of yours and wrap it around my cock!」(Illustration: Double Oppai Attack!)

「Wh, what’s with that, wait…..My body is moving on it’s own, Nhaa!?」

「Oh dear….Use our breasts….L, like this?」

Kirika was wearing a blouse whilst Sistina was wearing her white dress, four white gigantic marshmallows swelled out and were out in the open, as per my instructions they gathered close to my stiff rock hard cock and tightly squeezed from both sides.

「Uohh, this feels unbearable good, way beyond my imagination…..!? 」

Their enormously soft tits were exceptionally elastic yet it was also resilient and firm.

It was impossible to choose between which of these gorgeous soft mounds. The overwhelming feeling of being crushed by such voluminous things from all sides, was a bliss.

「Hah ahhhn, Nnnu!? It’s brushing against Hime-sama, this… isn’t goodd, Nhaa!?」

「Ahh…….Kirika’s breasts are glued closely to mine…..I, I’m starting to feel a little bit weird desuwa, but, there is also a feeling of comforting softness… Hauu!」

「Alright, get close an intimate with each other, don’t be shy and push it closer together………Yotto (there we go)!」

Using their saliva as a lotion, I started to buck my hips up and down in a piston motion.

Nyuupon, nyupa, Tapotapa………my fully erected shaft moves thoroughly whilst sticking to their breast meat, sliding up and down.

「Iyaa, Yaaa!? This sounds so lewdd…..Also it’s getting hotter and hotter, my breasts are…….Fuaa!? 」

「Ah, Haau…..It, it’s so hot desuwa…….! My chest is becoming one with Tooru-sama’s penis and it feels like it’s melting togetherr…….Hyaauun!?」

「This is terrific! Kirika, Hime! your tits are the best…..Uuu!」

My rod was being completely drowned in a sea of tits that seemed to want to suffocate you. My engorged head would occasionally show itself at the top of the valley as if to breathe from being tenderly squeezed and milked by the soft mounds of flesh.

My delighted penis leaks out its cowper juices rubbing against their sensitive nipples their skins were turning a pink color as their bodies began to flush.

「It, it’s so hardd and stiff and its wriggling in between my breasts….」

「Hafuu!? the tip of your shaft is hitting mee, stiff penis-sama is prodding my nippless………Hyaaan!」

I felt like I was floating and a feeling of weightlessness passed through me. This soft heavenly valley was melting my tactile sensations.

No matter how violently I moved my waist, the heavenly cage was not letting go, there is only a feeling of sinking pleasure that comes back to my brains.

It is not possible to stop, I don’t want to stop, and I’m not stopping for any reason.

「Ahh crap, I’m going to cum soon! I’m about to cum bucket loads and I can’t decide which one of you will get to receive it! 」

「Eh, wh, what’s with that……St, stop it okay? If you are going to soil the Princess in front of me! th, then I’d rather you, sspray it…….all on me!」

「Ah, Kirika don’t worry about me…..T, Tooru-sama, please pour all of your hot liquid on my facee……! 」

Nyupan! Nyupupu, Nyurupo, Taponn! double paizuri BGM resounds.

Kirika risks her body for the Princess, whereas Sistina hopes for my seed to be plastered on her face.

「I see, is that how it is? You guys both want my semen that badly?…..In that case I will give you a special service!」

「Eh, Kyaa!?」

「Ahh, EhhEhhh?」

The left hand holds black hair, the right hand holds the blonde hair……in the midst of this he suddenly pulls them close and both of their soft cheeks were glued to him.

And inside the four great mounds of flesh, he moved his energetic spearhead at a recklessly fast speed rubbing against the soft dangerous weapons.

「Both of you should shower in my semen!! Kirika, Sistinaa!! Kuuuuuuu!!」

「Wa, wait a minute…….KyaaaaaaAhh!!?」

「Eh, that, umm, Ahh…..Fuaa, NbuaaaaaannN!!?」

Byuururuu, Byupaaaaa!! Byukubyukunn!!

DobyuruByuu, Byuchachu, Dobubupa, Nechaaaaa……….! !

His meat tube was being pressured by the double tits and it made him spurt out all his cloudy sperm, right into their pretty little faces with force and vigour.

Their cheeks, their shapely nose, their forehead, eyebrows even up to their ears, not only were all their cute and lovely parts all defiled, it also fell into their beautiful silky hair. They were covered in the smell of my genetic material.

「Haah, Pua, Puhahh……..Nuuu, just how much do you plan to let out before you are satisfiedd……idiott! Iyadaa………….My face is all dirtyy………! 」

「Fuaaa, Nfuaaa………! A, Amazing…..Whenever I’m covered in it, the smell makes my head numbb……….I can feel the sensation of being dominated by Tooru-samaa…….! 」

Kirika’s beautiful face was soiled and it was hot and steamy, and whilst she had this frown on her face, she also seemed to be quite dazed and absentminded.

Sistina seemed spellbound, she was drunk on my semen marking as she repeatedly took short breaths gasping for air.

This supreme view made my lust and desire to monopolise fully satisfied.

「Eh, Wait, Hime-sama, you’ve done these kinds of things before!?」

「Eh…….? Accepting the semen-sama of the gentleman that you love, isn’t it one of the accomplishments of being a lady……? 」

「Wh, wha, whaaa………What did you teach her?! You pervertttt!?」

Just when I was thinking of closing the Princess’s mouth so as to not let anymore unnecessary details slip through, the door was being knocked out impatiently before being opened immediately after.

Amelia and Sierra who entered were flabbergasted at the sight of the two people bathed in sticky cloudy fluids.

「Ahh! It’s not fair! How come you two have already started? Please let me join in as well! 」

「Sierra also……….Wants to participate…………」

Since it’s come to this, I suppose the sumptuous feast will start, it’s now or never…

This continues from morning till night for a couple more days, the harem play that feels like a dream with my loyal slaves, seemed to never end.

Even though it’s been said and done, it’s not like all we did was sex, we also made preparations.

After enjoying enough 5P which consisted of making Sistina and Kirika cum with my hands and piling on and thrusting into Sierra and Amelia.

I called Amelia into the artifact room which was being managed by Nina.

「What is it? Did Master have something to give to me? 」

「Ahh, although it isn’t anything glamorous, it was something I found stashed away in Earl Yurina’s mansion」

The gift was a long sword which was very similar in size to the one she would normally use. It was almost like a retractable knife, there was an innumerable amount of segments in which the blade could be manipulated with.

「Apparently, it’s called the Chained Blade. It’s a compound weapon that can change the shape of its blade」

If a short incantation is given, the blade will split and change its shape to a whip like weapon with a steel wire, in an instant.

It’s kind of like those weapons you see in anime and or games from time to time.

「Ohh, This is Amazing! Is it alright if I get something like this, Master? 」

「Of course. I think that this will be a useful weapon for you to be able to adjust to the situation and fight at a distance, even if you are mainly in the position of vanguard, I thought that this weapon suited you」

Amelia’s eyes were sparkling, and she gladly played around with the chained blade continuously changing its shape.

She really seemed like a child who just got her favorite toy.

「Thank you Master! Ahh〜, I really want to try this out in combat! With this kind of weight balance, even in its whip state, I think that it can still deal some serious amount of damage…….fufufu……….!」

That’s good and all but, her eyes are glittering with a very dangerous look right now. It feels like she was about to slice and dice someone right at this very instant.

「Ahh, When Amelia finds a good weapon, she will switch into her battle maniac mode…..」

「Is, is that so?…..Please just do the trial cutting on a log or something, alright? 」

Somehow or other, I am beginning to understand the reason of why some men do not approach beautiful women.

「Oh by the way, Nina, have you completed the enchantment I asked you to do previously?」

「Ahh, yes! I’ve completed it just moments ago! Please have a good look, my Master」

I immediately put on the bracelet that she handed to me, and the moment I invoked the magic on the item……

The shaking of the curtains, Nina’s wink, Amelia who was running outside, all the movements of the surroundings, entered a super-slow motion.

I counted in my head, 1 second, 2 seconds…….up until 5 seconds, and then this state would end and everything would return to the way it was before.

「Being able to process everything at 10 times the speed, will allow me a period of 5 seconds in real life」

「For the time being, if I use reinforcement magic to accelerate Masters thought processes, the limit will be around that time. However I believe that if I were to improve in time-space magic, I will be able to make it go for longer…….」

In the end, the magic that was activated a little while ago, only accelerated my perception of time, making me able to think at super human speeds, but it wasn’t like it made my movements faster.

This is a means, to earn as much time as possible in order to obtain a situational awareness and build a strategy.

Well, it might also be useful in situations where I need to avoid a direct blow, although I shouldn’t get overconfident just because my reflexes can increase.

「Even just using it once, will expend a considerable amount of the energy charge, and it is not possible to use it consecutively, so please be careful」

「Ahh, At least for now, this will be good enough. Good work Nina」

「Ehhehe, I tried my best!」

There is one thing in this party that can be considered a fatal weakness to a certain extent. It is no one other than myself…

No matter how high my Slavemancer level is, it doesn’t change the fact that my stamina and durability is akin to a normal human being, and it’s not like I can just wear a really heavy armor to negate this weakness.

I can’t use my own Slave Reinforcement magic on myself, furthermore there is a limit to how much Nina can reinforce me with her magic.

I am the pillar of the party, yet I am also the weakest in physical combat…….Additionally, if the enemy finds out that I am the Slavemancer, they will be able to take countermeasures against my attacks.

If something can increase my survival capacity by just a little I should do it. I realized this fact, in the battle I had with Groom, this will be one of the key problems in future fights as well.

「Bracelet of time perception accelerator…If I have this, it seems that I will be able to raise my survival rate by at least a little」

Rather than failing due to not putting enough effort on my defense, I think that doing this will improve my chances.

Well, honestly, the best course of action is to utilize my loyal slaves so that they will be positioned to create a safety zone……. However, they can’t always be around to babysit, so this is all the more necessary for the future.

「By the way, Nina. Since a while back I have been quite curious…….Recently, why have you been wearing those kind of clothes? 」

The thing she was wearing is the lovely housemaid outfit, with the frills and the ribbon.

Which reminds me, she must have brought the clothes from the tower of revelations. On top of her shoulder length blonde hair, she also had a headdress equipped.

「Eh? Doesn’t it look good on me? 」

「No, on the contrary, it really suits you…….However, why maid clothes? 」

「In that case, there is no problems. Well that is, for someone like me who is really uncharacteristic and lacks a good “punch” to my looks, I thought that acquiring a fresh new look would be good…..」

I don’t really understand her reasoning, however, if that is what Nina wants to do, I’m not going to stop her.

「With that being said, from hereafter I am the Maid Sorceress Nina! I’ve been calling you Master to begin with, so I think it’s perfect! 」

「Y, yea……I don’t really get it, but, please work hard」

Though she does look really good in it, honestly, as a magician wearing a robe makes a lot more sense than wearing a maid uniform…….Anyways I decided to fully enjoy the fresh look of my loyal slave.

Late at night…

I just came out of the bathroom after a long day’s work with my spear, and I went towards the second floor out into the veranda to get some fresh air and take in the cool weather of the night.

I was enjoying the two moons which existed in the sky, which was definitely unlike earth, when I started to hear the clanking of loud footsteps draw near, it was obvious as to who it was.

「Nana, is that you? What’s the matter? 」

「Umumu…….Master, Recently, Nana is very lonely! 」

It was the gigantic figure of a brown Armored Golem, she was taking an exaggerated gesture of lamentation.

「Master has only been playing around with everyone else, Nana has been completely forgotten」

「Ahh, I’ve done something bad to you haven’t I? Then, how about you sit here with me, even if it’s just the moon, let’s gaze at it together whilst we have a good talk」

「Umu, Certainly!」

Nana lowers her heavy waist and for some time, we were just enjoying the beautiful moon.

Incidentally, I remember something that I’ve wanted to ask her.

「Oh yeah, Nana, when was it that you met up with Nina and joined her party?」

「Ahh, That is…..Those three, found me when I was lying dormant in sleep. …..At a historic ruin」

「They found you? At some Ruin? 」

For sure, I thought that she was created by some sort of alchemist, or perhaps that she was bought for a price, but quite unexpectedly, she was actually found in such a place.

「So you were always alone for such a long time, until they found you whilst searching around the historic ruins? Since when? 」

「Umu……It seems so. However, Umu…………that is, I cannot really remember, Master」

It would seem that Nana could not remember anything from before she was discovered. Who she was, and when she was made, she remembers none of it.

Nana did not have any place to be, and Nina and the other girls thought to include her in as a companion…………It was really a decision they made on a whim.

「Armor V7, Given name Nana, on the pedestal that Nana was sleeping on, those characters were carved on it」

「I understand…..Do you ever feel bothered by it? Not knowing your own roots? 」

「Well, things I don’t understand, cannot be helped. Nana is plenty happy, just having fun with everyone」

Her camera eyes, were glittering from the slit of her helm, she raises her head to look at the twin moons on the skies.

This fellow, is quite the interesting magical living being, isn’t she?

However, if that is truly the case, then it may be possible that she is a fairly old creation……..and just as I was thinking about Nana’s potential birthplace.

「…..My lord」

「Oh, Sierra?」

This time, the cool Elf Sierra came to the veranda.

Her pointed ears were standing out, and her feature hairstyle which has three forelock braids hanging down on just one side.

She was wearing a thin dressing gown, when she suddenly pressed her heavy bust against me.

「From here on out, I will be returning, to my birthplace in the forest……..My lord, there is something that I want you………to hear」

「You want to tell me something?」

Sierra’s reserved voice, became more serious than it’s ever been before.

「The reason…….Sierra left the, forest」



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