Chapter 24: Sierra’s past and the Accident in the Forest


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The fist of a huge tree, swung itself downwards, it raises its huge log arm towards the skies and swings it towards the ground.

Kirika and Sierra who flew out of harm’s reach by a hair’s breadth to the side. A blue and light green mantle, the afterimage’s of the two colors went left and right.

「Ku! If such a gigantic figure is raging about like this, the chance for a counter attack is…….!」

「Eei, it doesn’t matter who it is, buy me ten seconds of time!」

Palmyra was floating among the trees, and she begins to collect purple colored magical energy using both of her hands.

The enemy is a tree ogre…….its cranium was eerie and its tree trunk face looked ghastly. It was a ferocious giant tree man.

Once again, that fellow raised his fist which was currently in the soft earth of the forest and prepares to strike again.

「It’s a chance, Nana!」

Immediately after my instructions, Nana came out from behind and the movements of the tree ogre was stopped.

「Nuuuooooooo!! I’ve pinned it down!!」

As if the armored golem was holding on to the large tree, the tree giants arm was firmly captured and there was no sign of them separating.

The giant was using its other arm in an attempt to break free from her grasp by trying to knock down the living armor, however…..!

「I will entrust it to you, Amelia!」

「Leave it to me! Hey you despicable thing, Come and taste my Chained Blade!」

The blade transformed from Amelia’s hands into its whip form, and it shoots out and binds the other arm of the Tree Giant to restrain it.

Using her supple and flexible body, she jerked with strength. Using the Chained blade to constrict the giant tree man she pulled the chained blade with her utmost strength.

When she did, an earth-shattering sound of the tree ogre’s right hand was thoroughly cut by the roots as it flew and crashed into the ground. (sfx: baki baki!)

「Hou, well done, I’ve collected the magical energy! Now then, Princess Knight, Let’s give that a try!」

「Eh? Without testing it out before!? It can’t be helped I guess……I understand, try to match the timing correctly!」

「Hmph, who do you think you are talking to!」

Kirika brandishes her sword the Alkanshel, and leaps into the air using Aerial circles as a foothold.

The tree ogre could not use both of his arms, however, his head which had various thick lush plants and trees growing on it began to undulate, and innumerable ivy roots were shot out straight towards Kirika in a snake like motion to intercept her attack.

However, in that moment, a burst of elemental arrows which wears the magic of the wind came shooting past, and the ivy was splendidly pierced one after another.

「Obstructions………Will not be allowed…….」

「Nice! Sierra!」

All of its attacks were sealed off, and the tree ogre was unable to stop the movements of Kirika.

To its upper part of its thick trunk, the translucent blade pierced into it very deeply.

「Do it now, Palmyra!」

「Kufufu, acknowledged! Embrace death and take flight, the judgment of demonic light!……..Dispersing Demonic Buckshot: Division Bullet!! 」

Kirika released her sword which was still embedded in the tree ogre, and immediately jumped backwards to take refuge.

Palmyra’s jet black Goth loli dress was violently fluttering, as she fired out her intense violet colored magical force. Her aim was, the tree giant………or not, her true aim was the Alkanshel blade which was still stuck to its trunk.

「The blade that is able to affect all dimensions is able to cut through all forms of existence, magical force is another thing it can cut without exceptions. Now, Split and burst open! My Magical Bullets!!」

A thunderous roar like a bolt of lightning struck resounded, the tree ogres upper half of the body, exploded in an eruption of energy and was torn in half. Palmyra’s explosive magical energy she fired, collided with the blade and caused a chain reaction of violent detonations. Moreover, the blade was already stuck into its internal organs……and when the explosion struck, the rampage of magical energy probably destroyed it from within.

「Ohh, We did it!」

The Princess Knight’s holy techniques and the Demoness’s magic from hell, originally such an absurd combination would be impossible to see, and receiving a direct hit from such a spell, the Tree Giant slowly crumbles down like a fallen tree. Whilst I did use my slave reinforcement magic to strengthen them, being able to take down a large scaled Elven monster flawlessly without harm, means that this party has gotten that much stronger.

「Good work, everyone. Please call Nina and the Princess who is taking refuge at the back to us」

「I understand Master. Ah, it ended faster than I expected, I wanted to cut it a little bit moree……」

「Hmph, Anyways, if we proceed deeper into the forest, there will be more troublesome foes that appear」

After collecting the Alkanshel from its corpse and processing the treatment after the battle, we moved onwards, however, I noticed that there was a shadow of a person who was quite separated from us.

She was shouldering her bow on her back, and it was Sierra who stood in silence.


Her cool gaze, increased in profoundness as she quietly watched the forest of elves.

When I looked at her, I remembered the night she told me her story.

「Sierra……Has an important elder sister……..」

In the Bedroom of the Villa. I was holding her from behind, and the temperature of her pure-white slender body felt good. Somehow or other, we were both naked as I spooned her by the bed, whilst listening to her talk.

「Oh? That is the first time I’ve heard of this」

「Although, we are not connected by blood………Sierra is an elf, Elder sister is…….A Dark Elf」

Dark elf.

It doesn’t really signify that they are evil per say, their bodies adjusted to living in dark places, and they are a race of brown skinned beings. They worship the twin sister goddesses, one holds power over death, whilst the other holds power over life. They are named Ashuguin and Teiputori, the dark elves prefers to live in caves and underground basements where they will build a community.

「Sierra and Elder sister…….Was brought up together as if we were true sisters……….」

Their tribes holds a very old friendship and cultural exchange, and Sierra’s tribe and the “Elder sisters” tribe had a custom of entrusting the children to each other when they were very young. Supposedly Sierra and her “Elder sister” both grew up together happily.


As they grew older, the “Elder sisters” mother fell sick and suddenly died, that was the turning point. She ruled over the Dark Elves tribe festive rituals, apparently she was one of the Shrine Maidens lineage. When the predecessor dies, she was elected as the new Shrine Maiden, and she was forced to return to her own tribal village.

「So it was a sudden separation. Were you lonely?」

「Yes……..But, it was inevitable………Elder sister, was already prepared that such a day will come…..however」

Sierra had one thing, she was worried about. Dark elf’s who are a part of the lineage of Shrine maidens are given special powers, but in exchange, they have a curse placed on them to shorten their life spans. “Elder sister”, her mother, and even grandmother……. From the perspective of the long lived elves, they lived exceedingly short lives. In other words, she would also be the same…

「That’s why…..Sierra wants to find any methods in order to get rid of the curse……Sierra has to find it somehow」

The elders of the elf tribe says “We have never heard of such a thing”, and they told Sierra to give up silencing her requests. However, Sierra was not able to give it up. That’s because, she thought her “Elder Sister” was too precious to give up on.

「I see. Is that why you headed out of the forest and became an adventure in order to look for the means to cure her curse?」

Sierra nods in assent.

Nina and the other also knew of this fact, and whilst they were commissioned to complete other requests, they always had their eyes open for a way to help Sierra out.

「However, I have yet been able to find any methods until now……..That’s why, returning to the forest without any results……..makes me a little depressed」

She grasps the bed sheet which was in front of her full and heavy chest with her thin hand. Although I couldn’t see her face as I was behind her, for sure, her expression was one of self-contempt and powerlessness.

「So because of this, the moment I talked about entering the forest of the elves, your started to act strangely….」

「…….Hya, Hyaau!? Ah, my Lord……!?」

Surprise, Sierra voice jumps out suddenly. Her long honey colored ears, was being nibbled by me.

「Sierra strong merit is that you are a very responsible person, however, your weak point is that you tend to try to carry everyone’s weight on your shoulders, you know that?」

「Ah, Auu…………….Hyaauu, M, my breasts also…….!?」

In addition, I started to fondle her unthinkably voluminous breasts with my hands. Her breasts had a special characteristic of truly sinking into my fingers, and even comparing it to Kirika or the Princess, it was an one of a kind.

「You don’t have to panic so much, you still have plenty of time right? If we search for it together we are bound to find the solution」

「It, it might be like that but…………Nhaa, Ahh My Lord…………!」

「Whilst we are searching for the whereabouts of the “Divine Corpse”, I can also help you search for some clues as well. Moreover, it may be that Princess Sistina will be able to use her powers of prophecy to solve the problem, you know?」

As one would expect those were convenient words spoken in optimism, however hearing this directly from me would probably take some load off her chest. Holding a personal reason with so much responsibility all to herself, probably put immense pressure and stress on Sierra’s mentality.

「Ah………Thank you, My Lord………」

「Don’t worry about it. Understanding and solving the circumstances of his loyal slaves, is also part of the Master’s duties」

Sierra is mine. Her usual cool and calm demeanour is fine, but having such a depressed and dark face makes me feel troubled. All my slaves are such exceptionally beautiful women, it would be a shame if their condition are not always at its peak.

「Ahh, Moreover, Sierra’s “Elder Sister” must also be a gorgeous woman. It would be a shame for her to die at a youthful age, I’ve decided that along with her “Younger Sister” I will also make her mine」

「Mouu…….. My lord is, ecchi……….」

When I said such things with my honest intentions, Sierra’s face became red all the way to her ears as she looked downwards. Also, the Shrine Maiden of a Dark Elf may just be a rare job.

「What are you getting embarrassed for. Well, of course right now, Sierra has my full interest」

She was firmly resting her back against me as I spooned her, and I continued to caress her sensitive ears and chest, her elf vagina was becoming really wet and I slipped my penis right into it. Nyubububu……..I was wrapped in a feeling of weightlessness and a comfortable resistance.

「Hya, Hnyaaah…………Ah, Ahh!? Nhaaaahh!!?」

Her tight elven vagina which was smaller than a humans was being pierced thoroughly by me, and Sierra was releasing a flirtatious voice which was totally unlike her regular self.

The only man to find out that, such a cool headed elven daughter can make such a lovely voice, in this whole world is only I.

「Kuu, in this position your tight pussy allows my cock to enter all the way to the interior…..!」

「Nhaa……….My lordd’s thick cock is…….Piercing Sierra so deeply in the centerr…….!!」

I was squishing her tits using my fingers, and the shape of her enormous breasts was really interesting as it molded and changed according the shape of my fingers, I massaged it to my heart’s content as I did her from behind. The bed was clattering as I shook my hips, I rhythmically pushed into her thin body with my cock.

「Don’t worry about unnecessary things, Sierra. Whenever you feel helpless, I will always be here, to relieve you, like so!」

「Yes, yes………….It feels, so goood! My lord, when you hold me so tightly I feel safee………..HyaaannnAhhhh!! 」

I was play-biting her long ears that smelled really nice, and generously kneading her soft mounds, as I lightly shook my hips back and forth’s.

Utilizing the elasticity of the bed, I began a piston motion, Every time I would scoop out a different spot as I put pressure on her pleasure centers, Sierra body was being changed into a lewd musical instrument.

「That’s right, just like that, you can just let it all out, you will feel much better that way!」

「Nhyaauuu!? I will, I’m becominggg……….! My Lord, I’m obediently becomingg crazyy…………..HIgii, HyannnnuuuaAhh!?」

Her narrow elf vagina was contracting and pressing hard and Sierra obediently accepted the pleasure of her body displayed by her unrestrained tone of voice.

「Kuu, It’s becoming even tighter……! I’m coming, just like this, I will pour it into you, Sierra!」

「Comee………..My Lord’s hot thing, please pour as much as you want into Sierra……….Hiuu, Hnnnnnuuuaahh!!?」

Gochun!! I pierce her tiny womb so deeply that it gave the optical illusion of reaching her chest. Sierra’s shining hair, was disheveled as she arched her body backwards, her slender body excluding her chest was intensely accepting my full lust and desire as I violently released it all into her.

「Ahhhh My Lordd…………Nfuuuaaaa Ah Ah Ah Ah !!? Ahhhhhh〜〜〜〜!!」

Dobyubu, Dobyurururuu!! Dokuku, Dokun Dogyunn!! Byugunn!!

「Uuoh…….Uhh! It’s not just narrow, but the force of your vagina squeezing, is truly amazing Sierra…….!」

An attractive female from a different kind of species was basking in the pleasures of being poured into by his cloudy fluids, the male was at his greatest moment.

Still holding on Sierra, we collapsed into the pillows.

「Thank you………My Lord. I’m feeling, a little…….better」

「Is that so…..That’s good then, well it’s time for round two」

「Auu………..A, alright………..If My Lord wants to, then………」

Feeling her comfortable body warmth whilst still being connected, I started to stroke her hair which was braided on the one side. It was as if I liberated her from a heavy amount of pressure, Sierra had a faint smile on her face, and I continued to gentle kiss her pretty ears.

「Ahead……We will soon, reach the settlement village…………」

「Ah〜, We’ve finally arrived! As expected of Sierra, has the Princess also arrived safely?」

「Yes, I was just worried of being a burden to everyone…….」

The combination of Nina in her housemaid outfit, and the Princess walking side by side, were unexpectedly a good match as they smiled at each other. After the Tree Ogre, we managed to overcome many dangerous events, and with the guidance of Sierra we managed to close in on the elven village.

「…………Wait, everyone!」

Suddenly, Sierra’s ears twitch, and she held out her hand to stop our advancement. Immediately after that, an arrow had come flying and stuck to the ground right in front of us, from an unknown direction!

「Ohh, What is it? Is it another enemy!?」

「It is different…………..This arrowhead……….Belongs to the Dark Elf tribe」

After saying that, there seemed to be rustling….. The rustling of leaves could be heard resounding in the forest. From the surrounding bushes and trees, the Dark Elven tribe who was brown skinned and dressed with lightweight equipment started to appear. However without an exception, each of them were holding a bow with a knocked up arrow, all taking aim at us.

「Oi, isn’t this situation a little be strange somehow?」

「Certainly, this blood lust……Hey Sierra, aren’t the Dark Elves a brethren of the elves?」

「It shouldn’t be like this………Listen! My name is Sierra, I only want to take my friends to my previous hometown……….Why do you obstruct us?」

Sierra’s voice who was questioning them was evidently disturbed and quite shaken. One of the Dark elves which was still covered in killing intent, shouted out a reply.

「You an elf that ventured out of the forest?……..Hmph, it seems that you do not know of anything. Right now, the Elven scum have become our enemies!!」

Woman Soldier Amelia (Level UP!) She accumulated this experience when she was taking separate action

Job: Soldier LV7→8

Skill:【Sword Techniques LV3→4】【Shield TechniquesLV4】【Cooking SkillLV1】 ???

Special Equipment: Chained Blade, Given name: Byuto Blade

Elemental Archer Sierra (Level Up!) This Growth was accumulated when she was taking separate action.

Job: Elemental Archer LV6→8

Skill:【Bow Techniques LV2→3】【Elemental MagicLV2】【Stealth actions LV2→3】 ???

Magical Being Armor V 7 (Level Up!) Accumulated experience during separate action

Job: Armor Golem LV6→8

Skill:【Hand-to-hand Combat LV3→4】【Toughness LV2→3】【Self RestorationLV1】 ???

Demoness Palmyra (With Tooru’s growth, a part of her original power has been regained)

Job: Demoness Noble LV8→11

Skill: 【Magic from Hell LV6→9】【Magical ResistanceLV2】 ???



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