Chapter 25: The Captured Slavemancer and the Reunion at the Sacred Temple


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Gachyan! In front of my eyes, the door to our caged cell was closed.

Looking carefully, it wasn’t an iron bar that I was used to seeing, it was more like a hard wooden material which was strengthened by magic.

「Don’t even think about running away, Human. This Iron Wood has a strong tolerance for impact magic………..Even if you are a mage skilled in destruction magic, it will not be possible for you to go out」

A dark brown skinned, dark elf comes out of the shadows, she has a thin body line and was a beautiful girl, her long slits narrowed and was watching me.

Clearly, it was a gaze filled with hatred for the human race…………It would seem that her duties are to be the guard dog of this place.

「Run away? I have no intention to do such a thing. So, where is Sierra? It seems that only she is taken to a different place」

「There is no need for you to know」

At the time we were surrounded by the Dark Elves, I let half my party members escape, and I passed judgment that the remainder was to be caught.

Nana grabbed the Princess and Nina running away, whilst Kirika and Palmyra withdrew in different directions, it was a three-pronged escape.

The people who remained raised both our hands and stood still, that was: Sierra, Amelia and I.

If they were planning to kill us, they would have likely just showered us with a rain of arrows, however the first arrow was a warning shot.

Therefore, in order to investigate the private circumstances, I judged that entering internally was the quicker option.

According to my expectations, they did not pursue the withdrawing party, they arrested us………….And took us to their vast underground village.

「Well……..What should we do now, Master?」

Amelia was leaning against the hard clay wall, as she asked me this question.

Her special weapon the Bute Blade, and her shield was taken from her, and was placed besides the cage.

「Let’s see, first we will get out of this cage, and then we should retrieve information. Please cooperate with me, Amelia」

「Cooperate…..S, so after all……’s that isn’t it?」

「What did you say? Oi, What are you talking about, Humans!?」

Naturally hearing talk about breaking out, the Dark Elf who was on guard duty looked at us with a suspicious gaze.

I totally ignored her, as I proceeded with my actions, Amelia’s face was reddening as she guessed my intentions, when prompted her hands were made to be placed on the wall whilst her waist was perked up.

「B, but is it really ok to do it at this kind of place……Iii!? Master, it’s so sudden………AhhhnnnUahhhh!!?」

My erect dick was taken out, and the leather armor covering her luscious hips was turned over I grabbed on to her ass which was really tense and in one go……I submerged into her tight hole.

Contrary to her surprised voice, her sacred place was already wet and it firmly responds to my abrupt insertion.

「Wha……….!? Wha, What are you, guys doing!?」

For us to suddenly start having sex in our jail cell, it is to be expected that the dark elf was watching us with blank surprise.

「Hora Hora! How does it feel to be watched by a dark elf stranger as you get screwed, Amelia?」

「Ahhh………Uaaah!? Hyaa, Auu! Ma, Master, I’m so embarrassed…….Higuuunn!?」

Both of her sun tanned arms were gripped and pulled back, Amelia stood up as her delicately supple body curves like a bow, I continued to attack her weak spots from the back.

An abnormal situation, being watched by an utter stranger, it seems that Amelia’s body is much more sensitive than usual and it responds to my slightest movements.

A slopping wet sound was coming shamefully out of her hole and gradually becoming louder, and it resounded in this narrow dungeon quite easily.

「You are much wetter than usual aren’t you Amelia!? Are you getting aroused being watched by her!?」

「Please don’t tease me Masterrr! Being conquered from behind in this position by Master makes me so turned on, please screw me more with, Master’s huge cock!!」

I was younger, and far inferior in terms of physical strength, yet I made her mine, I made her feel the perverted pleasures of submitting to me and I awakened her desires.

Unlike other parts of her body where her muscles are composed together without any waste, her vagina was meltingly soft.

「Wha, what the……..You are almost like animals, is this what a human copulating looks like……!?」

「She’s talking about you, Amelia. Look, whilst you are being violated like an animal from behind, beg for your masters cock!」

「Ye, Yeshh! I am Master’s loyal dogg, Please grace me with you holy cock and spurt your cum all over my ass!! Wo, Woof woof…………..Wooahhhnnn!?」

Instead of a tail, Amelia sways her hips back and forths and applies firm pressure to her tight hole servicing me properly as a loyal dog.

The dark elf who was just flabbergasted at the shameless scene in front of her was left with her mouth hanging open, finally regaining her senses her face was dyed red from embarrassment and anger.

「Ha, haven’t you had enough! you animals! Don’t you understand the position you guys are in?! Oi!」

She rudely approaches and reaches her hand towards my shoulder.

An expected result. Of course, I placed my body in this position so that, she would have to do this exact action.

To the dark elf who approaches me carelessly…..I instantly applied my Enslavement Magic at the critical moment.

「Uu…..Ahh, Ah……..? Th, this is……….!?」

Her brown hand is separated from my shoulder reflexively, and her silvery hair was in a mess as her head shook in confusion.

The subjugation was not entirely complete……….However, it was already as if she had fallen under my control.

「Hyaauuu!? It’s so deep in me, Master………Hyaaunn, Woof Ahnn!?」

「Hii, Hiuuu!!? Wh, what’s happening to me? My body is so hot……..Ah, Ahhh!?」

The moment I scooped out her insides, both Amelia and the Dark elf let out coquettish voices.

The plump thighs of her legs rapidly shook and twitched, a sudden onset of an unknown kind of pleasant feeling was being transmitted……..I was tuning their senses together sharing the pleasures of the flesh, to the completely shocked dark elf girl.

「Now, listen to my voice………I am your Master, you are the same as her, my loyal pet. You understand, what you need to do, don’t you?」

「Nhaaa, Nhaaaaa……..I can’t, I’m not allowed to listen but………My, my body is moving on it’s own…………Ah, Ahhh!?」

Light green subjugation magic was flittering about the dark elf’s silver hair.

Her meagre resistance was erased easily, she voluntarily rolls up her loincloth with trembling hands……..and she protruded her healthy butt, and placed it against the hard wooden cage presenting it to me.

「Alright, good girl…….Just wait a minute Amelia, I will make sure she completely submits to be with my Enslavement Magic first….!」

Zunyuuu………Jyubunupupu, Puutsuuu………………..Nyugun!!

「nnnNhaa!? Ah, Ahhn it hurts……Haaauuu, something is inside of me, what is happening!?」

「Woops, were you a virgin?……..It doesn’t match your self-conceited appearance, I guess you have a cute side to you as well!」

The penis which was pulled out of Amelia, was without reservation, robbing the virginity of the dark elf girl.

Her vagina was tuned so that it would get plenty wet, the Dark Elf’s virgin pussy was intensely gripping and squeezing my cock.

「Nhaaa, What is this? I’ve never felt such a thingggg!? I’m getting pierced by a thick hot rod…………It, it hurtss and yet a hot feeling is welling up deep from within my body…………HyaaaAhhh!?」

「Ahaaa, the feeling of master’s cock is still being transmitted to mee………..Higuuu!?」

Although I am being restricted by these wooden bars and movement is limited, on the contrary it feels kind of fresh, grabbing her ass from the other side and trying to go deeper into her is quite a challenge and is interesting.

Via tuning their senses, I also let Amelia’s wet pussy experience the insertion pleasure.

「Hora Hora! Does a human’s cock feel good? Dark Elf!?」

「Nhaaaa, It, it’s so goooddd!! I’ve never known that there could be something that feels this gooddd!?」

「Good, if you want to feel even better, then submit yourself to me! Listen to my every command, do you understand!?」

「Ye, Yeshhh, I will submitt! I surrender to this huge and thick human cock, I will do anythingg, so pleasee! Please make me feel even betterrr!!」

According to her wishes, she thrust her voluptuous ass towards the iron wooden cage even more than before, as I aimed for the deep interior of her vagina.

I incessantly struck into her and scooped her out with my fully erected penis.

The sweet moans of Amelia and the Dark Elf daughter blended together as their love juices splattered in their increasing voltage of pleasure.

「Alrighttt, to finish things up, I will pour the submission semen into you! Be grateful as you receive it in your virgin womb! It is the sperm of the human race you despise so much! 」

「Ye, Yeshhhh! I will receive the sperm of the supreme humanss, Please pour it amply into mee……………NnhyaaaaaaHhh hott!!? 」

Dokunn!! Doguu, Dogubyururuu………Byururururu!!

「Mee, tooo!!? Master’s cock, it’s making me cummm………..Higuu, Ah, Ahhh, Huaaaaaannn!!?」

Without even knowing this elf’s name, I let out all my desires into her to my heart’s content, the irresponsibleness of releasing into her without any protection, gave me an overwhelming sense of conquest.

By opening their sense and tuning it together, Amelia also bathes in the ecstasy of the climax, collapsing to the floor of the dungeon.

「Alright…….we will be exiting this prison. Shall I explain what is about to happen from now?」

This is why I told her I will not run away…………..Because she would be the one to release me in the end.

Whilst it is only temporary until we escape, I will have her work as my loyal slave without reserve.

Moreover, the first thing is to gather the information, I will have to ask her why are the Dark elves suddenly hostile?……..Exactly what happened here?

Whether I will release her later to free myself a slave slot, will depend on the situation later.

「Ye,shhh………B, but, I cwantt stwandd, up yet…….I’m so sowwy」

「You’ve over done it, Masterr…….!」

「Woops…….My bad…Did I go too far……?」

Looking at the beautiful Dark Elf girl who was lying on the floor whilst convulsing and twitching her body, I had a male’s sense of accomplishment from the bottom of my heart.

Whilst waiting for the two girls to recover, I started to think about what could have happened to Sierra……..

Dark Elven tribe’s underground village: Inner most place.

In there, there was a complex shaped tree and a variety of exquisite sculptures made out of stone, it was a sacred place.

「…………This is」

It resembled a Shinto Shrine like at Earth, it was a temple like place with wooden flooring.

Her weapons were taken away, and two dauntless looking elf soldiers were leading her, each standing on her left and right, even so, her cool looking expression doesn’t change as per usual and her perky well-developed bosom jingled and rang like an alarm bell as she walked. (TL: She’s probably chained up, thus the alarm bell sound…)

Inside this place……..It is likely that person will be here.

「……You guys, may stand down」

In the interior of the temple, a quiet voice spoke out behind the veiled curtains.

They bow silently, and the two Dark elven soldiers leave.

When there was only Sierra left behind, she looked towards the person hiding behind the curtains, as her pupils slightly wavered.

「Elder Sister………Dianne……..!」

Sierra had a perplexed expression which stated, ‘why is this person doing such a thing?’.

A voice that was mixed with sadness and denial, not wanting to believe what was happening.

However, the voice that came from the other side of the bamboo blind was unmistakably firm.

「Haven’t seen you in a while…….Sierra」

It was the gentle voice of the Dark Elf which grew up together with Sierra as if they were real sisters.



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