Chapter 27: A Game of Domination and Attempting a Rebellion


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

These recent days, the Fourth rank Demon Palmyra would often be in deep thought whenever she had to time to think.

I wonder if this is alright…..? No, it has to work…

「Wh, What is that strange clothing!?」

At the Female Earl’s residency. In the spacious bathroom which was made out of marble, a voice that was flustered resounded. It was the artifact which Kirika previously used, that could change into whatever clothing one could imagine. If you were to ask what design it changed into, after making Palmyra wear it then……

「Ohh… suits you even more than I expected, this School bathing outfit」

「Su, Sukuuru……? What the heck is this thing? It’s almost like an ultrathin leather mail, or even the kind of lewd outfits those succubus wear….!?」

Yes, this noble demonic girl, was made to wear the navy blue school swimsuit that was reproduced based on my previous memory. The navy blue cloth stuck to her skin and was super thin, she was like a beautiful porcelain doll with pure white skin, and nothing to cover her legs. The selling point is the name tag that is posted on her flat-chest, it says “Palmyra”.

「Where I come from, this is a kind of swimsuit. As, one would expect from a high ranking demoness. Although it’s difficult to look stylish, this looks completely amazing on you. What an astounding thing」

「Is, is that really so…..? Fumu, if you say something like that, I can’t feel that bad about it…….Kufufu」

She was swirling around checking herself out with great interest and somehow her red eyes looked really happy. This girl, at first I thought that she was really deep and complicated, but it turns out that she is quite simple minded.

「Well, if it’s me, not matter what I wear it will turn out to look good. Is this perhaps because of my charisma that shines out from within, Kufufu…fu?」

Her soft cheeks turned around cheerfully as she laughed with a “Fufun”, my words seemed to inflate her ego like a balloon.

「Wh, wha, wha, Ackkyaa!? Wha what, you what are you doing, Ahh!?」

Just from seeing my fully erect cock that popped out she raised such a strange shriek, what a pathetic noble demoness she is. Even when Kirika was alone with me in this special situation, she didn’t act so flustered, it seems that this little demoness has a lot to learn.

「Y–are you planning on making me do embarrassing things again!? Moreover in this kind of clothing….?!」

「Well, to be frank, that is exactly what I’m about to do, just give up」

「Ahh, as if I’d just give up like that, Ahh!?」

I was already fully stimulated by the sights of her swimsuit outfit and my penis was leaking out its pre-cum.

「However, you don’t have to worry about a thing Palmyra. Today I’m feeling really merciful, so I will do a little service for you」

「Se-service jyato? For some reason, you saying that makes me have a bad feeling about this……wh-what is this!?」

A red choker that would fit a small and delicate neck…….I have also used this choker previously on Kirika, this was the collar of magic that could reduce magical resistance of the wearer, I placed this on Palmyra’s neck.

「You don’t need to hold back. In a certain meaning, I will make all your wishes come true…..This is the start of your pleasant dream time」

「Uu, Uwaa….Th, this, is……!?」

Almost as if her consciousness has been erased, her red eyes became dull…..And she fell into a hypnotic state.

For Palmyra, the situation I created was a little different from Kirika, it was……

「Kufufu…….At long last this day has finally come. I have finally escaped the grasp of that foolish Slavemancer, the time has come to make my dreams into a reality!」

I was thrown across the bathroom floor, and the diminutive body of Palmyra was standing over my waist. Her red pupils were moistened by being elated at her success for breaking free of my control.

「Kuu, I can’t believe that my Enslavement magic has been broken…….If it’s like this, there is nothing I can do. Just kill me already」

「Kill you? Kufufu, if I do that, then the bitterness I feel in my stomach won’t go away. I need to pay you back for all the time’s you’ve humiliated me, or I won’t be able to be at peace…..」

「Uu…..What did you say….Uwaa!?」

Without thinking my voice leaks out.

My upper-body was pushed against the floor and she moved her head towards my chest.

Palmyra started to….Lick my left nipple.

「Kufufu, Your voice is leaking like a little girl, you know? How does it feel, being powerless to do anything……..? Chu, Rero…….Reryuryu…….!」(Kiss, lick)

「Kuu, Uu……! Uwaa, Uuu…….Kuu!」

Her silver hair which brushed against my chest was tickling, and she continued to alternatively stimulate both my nipples with the tip of her tongue with small flicks, playing around with me. My lower half of the body reacts and twitches as it starts to fill up with blood.

「Hohou, your unsightly schlong has brazenly become erected. Being toyed around with by someone with the appearance of a little girl and quickly becoming so eager…….What a pitiful fellow you are?」

「Sh, shut up…..Uooh!?」

Unexpected stimulation attacked my erected cock. She was sitting cross legged and using her pure-white legs she grasped my cock in between the soles of her foot.

「For someone as perverted as you, isn’t this the perfect treatment you deserve? Hore, Hore! Why don’t you taste a noble’s high class foot, Nn?」

Both legs which extended from a navy blue school swimsuit was dexterously moved, her soft arches were pressed against my popping blood vessels as she put firm pressure, stroked and gently caressed my cock.

「St, stop it, stop this humiliating act…….!」

「You say that, but this thing of yours is not saying the same thing you know? Joyful tears has been leaking out from the tip since a while ago, and it looks like it’s about to choke…….Hore, Teii!」

Teshi……Teshi! Her light foot which was like a doll lightly kicks my schlong many times.

The more she did that, my cowper juices which came out from the glans of my spearhead started to scatter all over the marble floor.

「Uuu……Kuu, Kuuu……St-Stop it….!」

「What is it? That face that’s so full of lust? Tell me, what exactly do you want me to do, Nn?」

Her cherry nails covered the glans of my penis as she rubbed up and down. Her smile seemed unbearably happy as this reversal of roles clearly indicated that she was the victor in the situation.

「do you want my sweet lips to suck this white sea water? Or perhaps you would like me to continue to milk you out with my foot? Or is it….?」

She was slowly teasing me by showing me that part of her, as her waist moved above my schlong. She drew my cock with her hands and affixed the tip of my cock towards her young intimate place and suddenly pushed against it.

「Don’t tell me that someone as impertinent as you, want to insert this thing into my vagina, right? You are just a vulgar and lowly human being!」

「Uu, Uuu…..!」

Once again she leans in coquettishly against my upper-body with her navy blue swimsuit. After she licked the side of my nipples from the root, she lightly bit my nipples and I let out an instinctive moan.

「Kufufu, for someone like you, this will be more than enough…..Hoore!」

Zurun……My cock slides into a narrow space and pleasure attacks me all of a sudden. For one instant, I almost thought that I inserted into her vagina, but I was completely wrong.

Palmyra placed it between the crevices of her skin tight clothing near her stomach close to her navel.

「Ohh, it’s getting so hot and twitching so much you know? Even though it’s not a woman’s genitals, as long as it’s thrust into something, does that make you satisfied? This shameful dirty cock!」

Whilst abusing me, the demoness noble girl, swayed her petite body back and forth and continued to stimulate me. Her skin tight bathing suit and her soft silky smooth skin, wrapped around my penis and was rubbing it.

「What’s this? Hearing that you have a filthy cock made you twitch in delight? In that case I will let you hear as much as you’d like, you trashy bug, you rubbish human being! You perverted shameless being that enjoys being toyed around in this position!」

「Sh–shit…..Uuu, Kuu……… Uahh, Ah….!」

「Kufufu, Ahh, this is the best feeling! Trampling you and humiliating you to my heart’s content, and seeing that despicable look on your face! Hoore, Horee!」

Using the palm of her hands to grasp over her navy blue swimsuit, she grinded and rubbed my bulging cock in her hands. I grit my teeth, and endured the stimulation and the disgrace of accidently discharging from the pleasure that continued to attack me.

「Fumu, I thought that you would disappointingly burst, but it seems that you are quite stubborn……Did you want my pussy that badly, Nn?」

Although she had a young outward appearance, she was without a doubt much older in age than any human has lived. I let out a rough breath as I frantically nodded my head.

「Fufun……..You don’t even know your own place. However, I am quite compassionate….」

She moved her waist up slowly, and let my crimson coloured cock that was ready to burst, slip out of her navy blue prison, and slapped it on her stomach. And then the demoness girl gripped the clothing next to her private part and revealed what was underneath.  It was slightly glittering with wetness, it looked like a thin flower petal of a peach.

「Kufufu, don’t look at it so desperately. Do you want to insert it here that badly? Do you want to taste the highest quality vagina? In that case……Pledge yourself to me」

I was held down on the wet marble floor, whilst Palmyra was speaking to me in a manner that implied her high-ranking.

「Become my thing, if you become my slave….for a man, you are quite capable and useful, I am quite interested. I can even keep you as my close aide, for when I conquer the Devil kingdom」

「Pa, Palmyra…!」

Since the day I met her, she had always wanted to use me in order to become the supreme ruler of the Devil Kingdom, she once again invited me to join her. However, this time around, the situation was completely different from last time, she was using her own body as bait as she obscenely tried to tempt me.

「If you agree, you will be able to receive all the pleasure you can imagine. Normally one would not be able to touch such a high existence such as I, and you will be able to experience it first hand, like this….!」

「Uu, I……I……Uguu!?」

Chuku, the tip of my glans lightly kissed her warm and wet pussy. Palmyra was holding on to my penis as she brushed it against her elegant pussy lips, continuously stimulating me as she teased me with her feather like touches. Our love juices were being mixed together as they flowed down my cock.

「Say it, now, tell me. Just mine, tell me that you will become my thing…if you do, I won’t take away your life. Even all the numerous foolish and impolite things you’ve done in the past can be overlooked, what do you say Tooru…..!」

She whispers in my ears with a passionate voice. Her red eyes constricted like a cat’s eyes. A look of contempt and victory, in conjunction with her desire to monopolize me showed the passion light up in her eyes.

「……I– I understand….I’ll do it, I’ll do it so please, I’m begging you, Palmyra…….!」

「Fuun, it’s Palmyra-sama, isn’t it? Well it matters not…..In that case I shall give it to you, the imperial gift of pleasure from an absolute ruler that is!」

Gugu……Chuku, Chubupu!

「Nn, Haa……! Sooora, your filthy dirty cock has it’s tip swallowed inside my vagina…….!」

「Uu, Uwaa!? Uguu………Uuahh!?」

Her pose was like the number eight “八” and her legs were already spread out as she dropped her lower body and allowed the tip of my tense reddish black cock, slip into her tight vagina. However, Palmyra wasn’t going to let me off that easily as she did not permit me to enter any deeper.

「Kufufu……! For the time being, we will stop here. I will tease and torment you as I keep pulling just the tip of your cock in and out of the entrance of my pussy!」

「Guuuah, th, this kind of…….This state is like leaving me half dead…!」

She was twisting and turning her body left and right as the character “Palmyra” which was written across her chest was distorted. In conjunction with those movements she wraps only around the glans of my penis, and this increases the torture of her undulating movements.

「What is it, what’s wrong? Even though you are a male, you are letting out girlish sounds? Your waist is starting to buckle you know? Do you want to put it deep into me that badly? You shameless pervert!」

「Ah, Ahh, Please Palmyra……N-no, I meant Palmyra-sama…….!」

Hearing me beg and appeal, a smile that came from the bottom of her heart appeared.

And whilst continuing to look at me with her red eyes….at long last, she slowly little by little swallowed my cock into her small pussy lips……!

Nyugu, Nyugu…….Nyibupu, Nyubopopopoo……!

「Kufu, Fu…….Kuhaa! It- it’s in……I’ve swallowed it in」

Zunyunn! Her narrow loli crotch was sticking very closely as it held my fully erect penis deep inside of her. Her breathing was starting to get rough with a “Haah Hahh” but she still maintained her position of being the higher rank and she seemed to be drunk with the feeling of conquest.

「Uwaaa……it-it’s so tight and slippery, yet it’s so firm as it wriggles……….A-amazing…..!」

「Of course, Who do you think you are talking to……Hoore, I’m going to start moving Tooru, don’t you dare leak out and cum before I allow you!」

Nyupan, Nyupunn! Nyupunyuu, Nyukunn, Nyuchii!

「Fuaa, Nhaa! I’m swallowing it all the way to my womb, when I think about how I am the one in control, I get this unbearably good feeling…..Kufu, Kufufu!」

Her waist was moved up and down even more intensely as she was soaked in the pleasure of a reverse rape. If it’s the usual Palmyra, her vagina would be so tight that it might be slightly painful, however due to her being slopping wet perhaps because of her feeling really good, her appearance right now was really lewd as our juices started to make water sounds as she swallowed me deeper.

「Uwaa, Pa-Palmyra, Palmyra-sama! It, it feels too good!!」

「M-me too, I also feel good, this is the best feeling! I didn’t know until now, just how good it would feel to rule over the filth that you are…….! Nnhaa, Fuaaa!」

Extending both her hands to my nipples, Palmyra lightly rubbed on them as she continued to use her waist in an indecent manner without any embarrassment.  At times, she would be gentle as she slowly licked and sucked, at other times, she would move intensely with friction and pressure. More and more she started to learn how to move her body erotically and pleasurably.

「Kufufu, you are wriggling and twitching inside of me, Tooru…….Are you reaching your limits? Do you want to release your dirty semen inside of me? Answer!!」

「Ahhhh! I want to let it out, if you let me cum, I’d even be willing to die, even if you want to kill me its fine! Pa-Palmyra-sama if you would allow me to burst my semen inside of you, I won’t have any more regrets left……Uuu!」

Whilst intermittently panting, I wrung out the words, and when Palmyra heard me say them, her pussy twitched and grasped unto my cock really hard. Whilst holding me down she looks at me, she then turns her eyes away from me and says…

「Do-dont say such embarrassing things with such a loud voice…….W-well Forget about it! If you are willing to say that much, I will squeeze every last drop from you without reserve…….! 」

Nyugubuu, Bukoko! Chubugubu! Jyupann, Nyupapann!

Immediately, the force of her tightening increased even further and became more intense.

Although the external appearance of her small vagina looked harmless, her vigorous movements made it seem like it was made for this sort of thing, this reverse rape piston.

「Kuu, Uohhh, Uahhh!? I-I can’t, I can’t hold on anymore, I’m going to cum….it’s coming outt!!」

「Al-alrightt, I will permit it! Aim it directly inside my noble womb, and shoot out as much as you’d like, that pathetic amount of semen that you have………NahhhhhhAhhhh!!?」


Dobyunn, Dokunnn!! DobuDobuu! Gubyuruuruu!!

「Nooooahhh It’s come, it’s comingg Ahhhhh!! It’s coming soo deep into my womb, a humans semenn Ahh!! it’s pouring innn!!」

「Kuaa, Kuhahh!? I can’t sto–….It’s cumming outt……Uahhh!!」

In the interior of her thin body which was wrapped with the navy blue school bathing suit…….My semen was spurting inside of her womb with tremendous force as she swallowed it all up and absorbed it. The pleasure of shooting my load was overwhelming, almost as if my soul was being pulled out of my body, my body which was lying on the marble floor, felt electrified.

「Haaah…….Haaaa, Kuhahhh! Fu, Kufufu………! How’s it feel, now that I’ve taken complete control over your mind and your body….!」

Her silver hair was drooping over her chest as she spoke with triumph, however, somehow it looked to me like her eyes were flirting as she stared. Reronn……In my super sensitive state after ejaculating, she once again started to lick my nipple with her tongue, with that my semen spurted out again weakly.


「What is it? do you still want to be played around with? you lustful pervert…..However, right now we will take a little break, jya……」

She was regaining her breath, the aristocrat girl who was trembling on top of my chest, as the lower halves of our bodies were still connected. Her cute and lovely ass which was wrapped around by the tight navy blue swimsuit….was secretly grabbed by my hands.


A hysteric voice was let out, her body springs up in an arch. I suddenly put my finger inside the hole of her ass…… it wasn’t strange that she let out such a cute voice.

「Wh, What are you doing!? St- Stop it right now! If you don’t then……Hyagiiiinn!?」

I continued to push my finger even deeper, as it invaded through the thin clothing. Now then…..It’s about time that she wakes up from her dream.

「If I don’t listen, then what? Will you torment me? or kill me? That will be impossible, that’s because you can’t even lift a finger against me…..Naa!」

「Wh, what did you say? It-it can’t be….I-I’m supposed to have already escaped from the rule of the subjugation magic, aren’t I…..Uwaaaah!?」

She desperately twisted her body, in an attempt to escape from my finger that was inside her ass hole, but no matter what she could not escape my teasing. All movements that tried to separate our bodies, movements which tried to hit me, everything was stopped half way before she could do them. That is without a doubt, the unmistakable evidence that she was still ruled by my Enslavement Magic.

「You still haven’t realized it yet? What a gullible girl you are.  You still haven’t escaped from my rule…..In the first place, how was it exactly that you managed to break free? Do you even have a recollection of such events happening? It was just that I made you think you had already escaped, and for you to believe that there was nothing strange with it, isn’t that right?」

「Tha-that is…..Ah, Ahhhh!? That means, don’t tell me…..!?」

Her face was dyed red in the disgrace of feeling pleasure through her asshole, and at the same time, it distorts in despair whilst turning pale. She finally noticed, that her current enjoyment of role reversal, was merely a fake play. By the influence of my hypnosis, she was only made to think that she was in control.

「Did you have a pleasant dream, Palmyra-sama? Now then, from now on, it will be the reality. It’s time for your masochistic slave training……How dare you call me “trash” this or “rubbish” that abusing me with such words?」

「Th-that is because you…..!」

「There is no use arguing! Now then, Today also, I will be thoroughly training your ass hole, be prepared….!」

「Ahh, Ahhhh………Fo-forgive mee…….Hinyaaaaaaahnnn!!? Nhaaaahaahh, Uwaaaaa〜〜〜〜!!」

Being made to realize who the real ruler and the true victor is, the demoness girl from the noble family let out a scream which reverberated throughout the bathroom. Nevertheless…….It was actually pretty good, being cornered by her.

It might be fine to do it again some other time…….

(Kuuu…..! I can’t forget it, that humiliation……!)

The bitter memory was revived in her mind quite clearly, and even though she denied it, her ass hole was starting to heat up reflexively at the thought and she quickly suppressed it. Just thinking about it made her eyes watery as she recalled her false victory.

「……What do you mean by that, Palmyra. You just said that we have a chance in escaping his rule?」

Seeing Kirika before her eyes who was carefully asking her a serious question, Palmyra came to her senses. She slowly drifted from the pond using her floating movement ability, and approached the Princess Knight.

「Listen up. Because the both of us have quite the high magical resistance, we are able to continue to retain our wills. And moreover, if he doesn’t periodically use his magic to “strengthen” his hold over us, then the Slavemancer cannot continue his rule over us」

「I already know that kind of thing」

Kirika started started to blush as she recalled the lewd things he did in order to “strengthen” the power of the Enslavement Magic. Without being concerned Palmyra continued to talk.

「And right now, that fellow has given us his “permission” to part ways with him. Perhaps because of his carelessness」

「Are you saying that if we part for a very long time, the effects of the magic will disappear?……. but that is…. impossible」

Even now, Kirika feels the “connection” she has with Tooru through the enslavement magic.

If Tooru deeply wills it in his mind and orders her to “return to his side”, her body will move accordingly placing it as her top priority.  Palmyra should also be able to understand this fact and feel his influence over her.

「Fun, I understand where you are getting at. You are saying that it is impossible for us to part indefinitely right? However…..What if we are unable to return to his side physically, what do you think will happen then?」


「We are prevented to cause either him or our own bodies any damage, and this is forbidden based on the “fundamental principles” of his Enslavement Magic. However…….If “by chance” we coincidentally attack and injure each other, what would happen?」

Ah……..! Kirika finally noticed the loophole and was speechless.

Obviously, in the normal circumstance, this was impossible to carry out.

If Tooru was next to them, he could simply let a concrete order to halt their attacks and interrupt them, Moreover, he would probably rewrite the fundamental principles and include this loophole to prevent further actions.

「Of course, this will involve a certain level of danger. In a place like the Elven forest, getting lost, hurt or tired can mean the end. However….Even so, this will be our only chance jya」

This is all assuming that everything will go according to plans.

What if Tooru and the other’s come searching for them and they don’t get enough time…..? How will it be possible to wait until the effect of the Subjugation magic ends, before being found out…..?


「Now you have probably understood the merits of having the both of us here…… Alright, let’s quickly find a safe place to hide, and then we should both unleash our strongest attack towards each other…….」


Kirika held out her white hand as she stopped Palmyra. Her black eyes were averted away from Palmyra slightly as it trembles faintly.

「Bu, but……The Princess is at another place and those girls who were captured by the Dark Elves, what do we do about them? If by any chance that they need our fighting potential and was in a predicament….!」

「…..What’s this? Why are you still worrying about something like that nojya!」

Palmyra frustrated and angry voice resounded.

「Listen up, I can still understand you worrying about that Princess. However, the other enslaved girls were enemies with you the day that you met, aren’t they the people you should hate along with the Slavemancer?!」

「Th-that’s true…But…..!」

To Kirika who was still hesitating, Palmyra continued to raise her voice. It was like she saved up all her frustrations and was releasing it all out on Kirika.

「To begin with I am already fed up with this, they called me “Paru-chan” and was making fun of the fact that I was a fourth rank noble aristocrat………Moreover, they were acting as if they were close to me, it’s disgusting!」

「Eh? Is that how you really feel…..I’m sorry, I thought that you quite enjoyed it….」

「Of-of course it’s not like that! It’s definitely not the case!」

The Goth loli demoness was swinging her hands around and frantically trying to protest. After a little while longer, she realized her disgraceful behavior and she panicked as she began to blush and clear her throat.

「Gohon…….An-anyways, if we let this chance get away, there may never be another chance again! Think about this carefully, Princess Knight! If it’s you, I thought that you would understand my feelings in this matter and help each other out…..!」


Her red pupils were tearing up, and it indicated how she had been toyed around with to his heart’s content and the humiliation she received. No, rather than just the fact that certain things were done to her…..Kirika suddenly felt that she realized Palmyra’s real “motives” in the matter.

Her position in the party and being mixed with humans. That is….in itself probably something that she detested more than Kirika would ever understand. She herself was different from the humans, and she had this kind of pride of being above humans for hundreds of years as one of the feared demonic race, and perhaps this experience was a completely shocking one for her.

Being forced to adjust to the lifestyle placed on her by the Slavemancer……..She feels that if she doesn’t escape his grasp, she will truly lose her real self. She would change to someone who was close to the humans she despised, that was the “fear” that Palmyra felt. That’s the reason Palmyra desperately tried to resist the control of the Enslavement magic….This is what Kirika predicted.

(That feeling……I think that I can relate, to it)

Kirika was also faintly conscious of that part of her which changed whether she wanted to or not. This was because…..of the fact that she was near the man called Tooru. That arrogant, perverted, unprecedentedly devious man. They were being influenced by him.


Is it because of his influence? That I hesitated before, even though a chance to escape was in front of me? The fact that I was worried about the Princess was a naturally thing……..of course I also had goodwill towards Nina and the others and these two were both facts. However, having a feeling that there may be another “Reason”, was this perhaps all just in my head?

「EEi……What are you hesitating for?!」

These words from Palmyra, felt like her own inner voice was speaking to her. Kirika could feel that Palmyra was also worried about the others. If that was the case, then this man called Odamori Tooru was a mysterious person……In this short amount of time that they have been together for someone who was completely different to them, in birth, position in society, and even in race, he was able to make them worry about him. Or is it because, Princess Sistina also believes in him….?

「……..Palmyra. I…….!」

Kirika was staring intently at Palmyra’s face and just as she was about to continue her words.

Dooooonnn……..! A large terrible sound resounded along with an earth tremor as the forest of the elves shook.

「Wh….What’s this!?」

「What was that just now……!?」

In reflexive action she activated her ability the Circle Aerial and used the circles of light to jump up into a tree. From on top of the tree, she could see a view of the fast green expanse of the Forest of the Elves as she cast her gaze to the four cardinal directions.

「That is…..?! Something seems to be happening, that…….!?」

Kirika’s eyes were opened wide, an unusual phenomenon occurred……it was a spectacle that could not be believed easily. (Novel Illustration: Palmyra in School Swimsuit)



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