Chapter 30: The Path that should be Followed and the Secret Plan to cause a Great Reversal


Location: Deepest Portion of the Dark elf underground village, the shrine where the blind Priestess Diane resides. Princess Sistina was sent as an envoy of the Elven Tribe to be a mediator between the two races, right now Nina, Nana, Amelia and Sierra were all reunited as a group.

「Tooru-sama has been captured by one of the demons from the Iblis faction…..?!」

After hearing the circumstances, as expected the Princess’s beautiful face paled considerably.

「I’m sorry……I could not protect our lord. Sierra will take responsibility」(Sierra Speaking)

「Well that goes for me as well. I don’t want to make any excuses but….That girl called Flamia is extremely strong」(Amelia Speaking)

「It can’t be helped! Right now we need to put our heads together and think of a way to save our Master!」(Nina speaking)

As she was treating Amelia’s wounds with magic, Nina tries to direct the flow of conversation to a more positive note. Nodding at Nina’s words, Princess Sistina turned towards the blind priestess who had brown skin and silvery hair.

「We wish to express our gratitude for speaking to us about these complicated internal matters, Diane-sama」

「Considering how far this has gone, there isn’t much point to hiding it any longer, so….」

The “Divine Corpse” was a relic that was sleeping in the depths of this temple. Diane took it upon herself to resolve the mystery behind the relic even at the cost of sacrificing her own body to the “corrosion”, she didn’t want anyone else getting hurt…..and so she ostracised the elven tribe and chose the path of conflict.

「This Sistina Ranbadeia gives her full admiration and respect towards your noble resolution」

「…..I am undeserving of such words, Princess. In the end everything I have done has been futile…….The moment that demons with so much power knew of the existence of the “Divine Corpse” it was bound to be stolen」

Flamia was able to go wherever she pleased, and any of the Dark Elf warriors who tried to stop her from entering the shrine were casually mowed down without much effort. The remaining men in the underground village were busy getting treated, and they were currently in a precarious situation where they could not fight, yet they also could not run away.

「No, it is still too early to give up ! Sierra’s sis!」(Nana Speaking)

The one who spoke was a gigantic figure that clattered about as she moved. Not only was the princess of a country a subordinate of the Slavemancer, even an Armor Golem could be brought under his control, and this fact truly shocked the Priestess in a considerable way.

「If all seven of us are grouped together, no matter what foe is in front of us, we will beat them! Just like we have been doing thus far! Isn’t this right, Nina?」(Nana Speaking)

「Nana-chan…..yeah, that’s right!」

Right now, their leader has been captured by the enemy, and they have not yet been able to meet up with Kirika and Palmyra. Although the situation seemed hopeless, none of the girls in this party had given up on saving their master Tooru.

(How mysterious. These girls….trust the man named as Slavemancer Tooru, from the inner depths of their heart. Is this also the result of the Enslavement technique that he uses? Or is it perhaps…)

The fact that the Princess had not been under the influence of his Enslavement Magic and yet was still loyal to him….was baffling to Diane to say the least.

That man, is he doing something else that makes them trust him so much? “It would be such a shame if you died, Diane” At that time, the words he said to me. Exposed his lust filled mind and arrogance.

However, even for Diane herself, it was strange that she did not feel any repulsive feelings nor did she feel anger towards him. On the contrary, there was this strange noise in her chest…..She who has not felt a stir in her emotions for the past 100 years  in her life, felt an indescribable feeling of her heart pulsating, what on earth could this feeling be?

「The most obvious course of action is for Master to make that Flamia into his Magical Slave, right? But right now…..」(Amelia Speaking)

「Yeah. There is the problem of exceeding the “Quota”」

Everyone has already noticed the fact that there was no more slots left for Tooru, to subjugate additional slaves. The way things are going, it will be impossible for Tooru to perform a great reversal like the fight he had with Palmyra…..and this would mean that the current Tooru, did not have a way to protect himself.

This was truly a race against time. The one who broke the silence was Nina, who spoke with a soft and timid voice.

「Umm…..I think that, I might have a method to at least free up one “slot” for our Master」

Everyone’s gazes were focused on to Nina.

A silvery armour that was crushed in various places, and a torn up blue mantle. Long lustrous black hair that extended to the sides and a body that doesn’t even move an inch. It was the figure of Kirika who had been defeated at the hands of Flamia the “Mad Princess”.

(I’m still….Alive?)

Although she still had her consciousness, she could not move her body at all. If it continued on like this, a simple encounter with one of the monsters in the forest of the elves would be enough to make her into animal food, even though she was a great Princess Knight, there would be nothing she could do.

(…….Who is coming?)

There wasn’t any sounds of footsteps, but she could sense that someone was approaching her as if gliding between the trees. The shadow seemed like some sort of illusion caused by the huge amount of pain she was currently experiencing. In any case, the shadow of the person who approached her had something across their face—-.

(A silver….Mask?)

That was the last thing she saw, before her consciousness faded away into the darkness.

「Is that really so…..?! No matter the circumstances, is that really the only way!?」

Amelia was usually the stout one, but this time around she raised a voice filled with surprise. The idea that came out of Nina’s mouth was just that crazy.

「B-but if you think about it logically, it is quite reasonable. Unless Master himself solves the magic, a “slot” cannot be opened, and excluding the Princess, one of us as his Magical Slaves should…..」

Sierra finished off Nina’s sentence with a faint trembling voice.

「…………If one of us loses our lives, a portion of the “quota” will reopen」

Everyone was holding on to their breaths. This fact was just too shocking that the atmosphere around the place was frozen for a little while. It was true, that taking such an action will open up a slot. If one of the girls died, even if Tooru wasn’t here personally to release them……….it was an obvious result.

「B-but! even if the “slot” opens up, if Master doesn’t realize this fact than there would be no meaning to it!」(Amelia Speaking)

「No, Master should be able to sense it. I mean, even when Sierra-chan was captured, he was immediately able to feel the severance in connection, isn’t this right?」


Nina was referring to the time when Sierra had been captured by Palmyra, and for a period of time, her status as his Magical Slave disappeared. Even though Tooru was quite a distance away from Sierra, he was able to perceive the loss in connection immediately.

Nevertheless….Who would want to play this role? Beyond this idea, and if the girls chose to proceed with such a course of action, the only road that would remain is a path of no return.

「…….Please wait, everyone」

The one who broke the silence this time, was Princess Sistina who spoke with a clear voice. This time everyone’s glance gathered towards Sistina.

「Even if this idea, is a method to get through the crisis. I believe that Tooru-sama will not be pleased with such a result desuwa」

「By not “pleased” you mean…..」

「It would cause him great pain if one of you were to die in this way」

She was speaking in a quiet tone and yet the beautiful blonde haired maiden still spoke with a voice of conviction.

「Tooru-sama has always said this to us. Including myself, everyone of you girls is his “possession”. No matter who it is and even if it was for Tooru-sama’s sake, choosing the path of death without his permission….do you really believe that is what he desires?」


The Princess was directing her speech not only towards the girls but also to Diane and the prison guard dark elf girl. And indeed, the girls had intuitively understood the truth behind Sistina’s words.

「When Tooru-sama was talking to Sierra, and also when he was talking to me……He stated it clearly, rather than losing a single one of us he would rather fight it to the death with the Great Demon Family. That is the will of our Master, and that is who Tooru-sama is, wouldn’t you agree?」

Princess Sistina spoke with reverence and even a hint of pride as she continued to speak.

「Then, it is our duty to choose a better path, and we should not give up until we find other means. Only by doing this, can we really devote ourselves and show our loyalty towards Tooru-sama」

The Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom who was stated to be the treasure of the country, was smiling radiantly towards the group. With the Princess at the heart of the group, the cold atmosphere which was prevalent in the shrine started to be replaced with a more warm atmosphere.

「Haha, you are right……If I was to think about it, if we did something like that, Master would get really mad at us」(Amelia Speaking)

「I think that’s true, I don’t mind getting punished, but I wouldn’t be able to bear it if he hated me!」(Nina Speaking)

Amelia and Nina was looking at each other as they laughed. The dangerous atmosphere they had a little while ago vanished.

(This Slavemancer Tooru…….he is a mysterious man)

Diane was thinking to herself as she felt the change amongst the group with her sightless eyes. Even the Princess who was not being controlled by him was able to trust the man known as Tooru to that extent.

Moreover the girls reaction to his capture, and the fact that there were willing to blindly throw away their lives for him, seemed like a very humane decision…..It made it seem that there was a deep connection between him and the girls that far surpassed the mere effect of his Enslavement Magic.

「Elder sister Diane…….」

Suddenly Diane felt Sierra’s glance and Diane faced towards Sierra’s direction accurately even though she had both eyes closed.

「…….Sierra. I have also want to try again, in ascertaining the true colors of that man」


「If you girls are planning on defeating the demon family and saving that Slavemancer, And this is connected to the fact that this will protect the people of the forest from the threat of the “Divine Corpse”, in that case…. Even though I may be inadequate please allow me to lend you my strength」

「Elder sister……!」

Sierra burst into a carefree smile like the one she had when they were still in their childhood.

「Thank you very much. Now then everyone, first let us search for both Kirika and Palmyra!」


However amongst the group there was one person who felt a little differently…no, not a person but a body of metal.

(Becoming a Sacrifice……..for Master?)

The Armored Golem was quietly looking at her own unrefined arms with her camera like eyes, and those words were continuously being repeated in her metallic brown chest.

A big tree that was comparable to a ten story building projected its branches upwards. Perhaps it was the nest of a huge bird monster or something? But there was this space in the tree that was comprised of the branches and a bunch of very soft leaves. If I wasn’t in such a predicament, this comfy resting area might even feel like a tree hotel.

(The “slot” for subjugating additional magical slaves have yet to open….alright)

This fact alone gave me two pieces of information. The first is that Kirika who was just defeated by Flamia a few moments ago has not died yet. Well, this much is expected from her.

Himeno Kirika….Was after all my important Princess Knight. She wasn’t the sort of person who would drop dead just from that level of attack, as her Master I was fully confident in her abilities.

(Isn’t that right, Himeno-san…..I believe in you, you know?)

And the second thing was that none of the other slaves had forcibly suicided in order to open up a slot for me…..At least for now they haven’t taken such drastic measures.

(This is good. If they did something as brash as that, it would be extremely troubling for me)

For me, losing a woman who has already become mine is an unforgivable thing, I’d rather die than let such a thing happen. And added to the fact that if they dared to take their own lives without my permission, it would be like they betrayed me. No matter how strong Flamia’s war potential seemed, giving up right now was way too early.

(First of all, it’s not like I can’t think of other ways to win this battle)

She had a power to freely control space around her, and she could use it to completely crush the enemy, it is a fearsome ability. However, this did not mean that the Flamia was undefeatable.

When I was watching the battle between Kirika and Flamie a little while ago, an idea came to me……It was a plan to win.

(But, in order to accomplish my goal, I need more war potential. I need Kirika and the other girls)

For this reason, I chose to believe in everyone and lay the groundwork for the plan. Winning would mean that I would obtain everything that I desired. I resolved my mind and looked up slowly….towards the demonic girl who stood in front of me, she was in her kimono and had the appearance of a young girl.

「Hey, look here Onii-san, If you are going to keep silent like this, my patience will reach its limits soon, you know? You haven’t even told me the relationship you have with Palmyra……if you don’t want me to drop you from this height, you better start speaking!」

「Ahh, I can explain everything easily. Have a look at this」

I abruptly pulled out my right hand and showed her the thing I have been hiding from her. The pattern of Palmyra’s submission to me, was seen by Flamia as she blankly stared at my hand momentarily….And then she exploded.

「………Ah, Ahah……Ahahahahahahahahahhah!!」

Her wings were flapping about as she bent her delicate body and burst out in a large fit of laughter as tears streamed down her face.

「Wh-what’s with that!? Why is her “Pledge of submission” in the possession of a human like Onii-san? Even though she’s a high ranked noble demon, that girl……Ahahahahah, what a big joke! Ahh Mou, I feel like I’m dying by laughter–!!」

As one might expect, for someone as high ranked as Palmyra to hold a contract which signified her obedience to me, was something that no one could predict would happen.

「You are asking the reason why? Isn’t it obvious? I am stronger than her and I won my battle against her……..even before you were able to」

Flamia who was laughing suddenly stopped.

「……You lie. I know that Palmyra is a weakling, however there is no way that she would lose to a human! If you dare to keep spouting nonsense like this, I will wring you and crush you like a bug! Onii-san!」

A raw and simple-minded killing intent was released as the demonic girl used her piercing gaze to look straight at me. I already expected this kind of reaction from her. This high ranking demon, for some reason or other has a sort of grudge against Palmyra. I knew this because she specifically went into the human world for no other reason than to hunt Palmyra down, with such a ridiculous method to find her at that.

Therefore…..I only need to manipulate her with this fact.

「Can’t you tell that it’s the truth just from seeing the pledge engraved on my skin? I defeated her however, it wasn’t in terms of killing each other…….it was a different form of fighting」

「Hahhh? Other than crushing your opponents, what other method of fighting is there?」

Flamia tilted her purple colored hair and showed an expression which stated that she wasn’t able to understand. Yet, it was obvious that she was starting to take an interest in my words.

「Do you want to know? I bet you are dying to know, how I managed to force Palmyra into submission!」

「Stop messing around and quickly tell me Onii-san! Do you seriously want me to crush you!?」

That’s the way, this is perfect….I will let her learn that curiosity is a poison that can kill you.

「Ahh I will tell you how, that is—through sex!」

I pointed my finger directly at the “Mad Princess” as she opened her mouth in a flabbergasted fashion. I declared such magnificent words to her with full confidence.



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