Chapter 31: The Memory of Defeat and their Respective Fights


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The Mad Princess had a face full of amazement as she could only repeat the words I just said.

「That’s right. Don’t tell me you don’t know what that is?」

「I…..Of course I know it, that kind of thing!」

Her eyes were darting left and right as her tone of voice went up a pitch. What an extremely understandable reaction.

「Houhou, Then why don’t you tell me what it is?」

「Th….That is, when a human male and female does things….and when an orc and goblin gets naked and tightly holds on to each other……isn’t that right?」

Her innocent remarks were like a child that didn’t know what they were talking about.

Well I suppose that even though she was almost immortal in life, it doesn’t mean that she has to be knowledgeable about how to procreate, the fact that she only knows a little bit about such details isn’t really that strange.

「What are you laughing at?! If you keep making fun of me, I’ll crush you, you know, Onii-san?!」

「Ahh my bad my bad, Then you must understand right? I had a decisive battle with Palmyra doing sex, and from the fierce fight, I emerged the victor」

Ehhhh………!? Flamia was at a loss for words.

「It was a back and forth’s battle that lasted for seven days in a row. Both of us didn’t back down a single step….You could even call it the battle that shook both heaven and earth, it was that amazing」

「——Really? I didn’t know that sex had its own battles too…….So Palmyra that girl, she’s already done sex….」

Hearing the complete nonsense I just spewed out, she had a distant look on her face as she muttered in a subdued voice.

Going at this rate, she probably has a huge misconception of what sex actually entails. Well, I suppose this is only natural, on top of being the younger sister of Iblis, she was the owner of such a ridiculous amount of power……..There was just no way for people who were bad company to approach her.

「Ahh of course, Palmyra was really strong. I was already prepared to die a few times over…..When I finally defeated her, I was able to obtain her devils pledge.

I showed her a serious face but in all honesty I was suppressing the laughter within my own mind. The point of this is to appeal to Flamia’s obsession with Palmyra and make her feel the humiliation of having a human defeat Palmyra before her. And to also make her flustered about the fact that “She was the only one left out”.

「B….But so what, it doesn’t mean anything anyways, right!? If I just crush Onii-san right here and now, this would mean that I am the strongest, even stronger than her!」

She pulled out her slender white hands and pointed it towards me. It seems that she was preparing to launch the attack that nearly killed Kirika a little while ago……No, if that were to be launched at me, there will be no chance of survival and I would likely turn into a flat dust cloth in an instant.

「If you want to use your space distortion ability to crush me then suit yourself. However, are you really fine with that? If you did that, then you would never be able to find out just how “powerful” I am for your whole life」

I feel as if ice was running down my back and I had to suppress my fear of death as I continued to talk—–Since I could not use my Enslavement Magic right now, there was only one weapon that I could use in my arsenal.

「…….What? What do you mean by that?」

「If we are measuring it purely in terms of raw power, than I would be weaker than both you and Palmyra, however, if it was in terms of sex then this would not be the case. In fact, I have total confidence that I will triumph. Do you understand? There are multiple ways to measure someone’s strength」

「There are different types of “strength”…..? You’re lying, how could there be something like that?! There is absolutely no way that I am weaker than Onii-san no matter what it is! There is definitely no such thing!!」

She was getting confused and her long purple colored hair started to shake. Well, this is to be expected. She was outrageously arrogant, and in a certain sense, she had a really simple minded personality……..It was easy to guess that since she was born she was in the possession of a huge amount of power, because of it she was able to act however she pleased. Other than the measure of strength, she had no other standard of value to compare to.

「No, there’s nothing wrong with it you know? Even if you just keep winning at the thing you are good at, nobody will think less of you for it.  Well I suppose no matter who it is, everyone is “afraid” of “losing” aren’t they…..?」

「Shut up——That’s enough, be silent!」

Suddenly I heard a *Swishing* sound go past my ear and from behind me a huge wooden twig was crushed to pieces. This is bad, did I go too far……? An uncomfortable sweat runs down my back.

However, Flamia’s next set of words were…

「…….I understand. If I fight with Onii-san using sex and emerge the victor, than it will prove that I am the strongest in every category of strength, right? Isn’t this such a simple thing?」

(Alright…..she fell for it!)

Having drawn out the precise result that I wanted to achieve, I let out a victory pose within my own mind. Flamia’s small face had a gleaming cold gaze that stared right at me.

「And if I win, then I will know that Onii-san is just a weak liar…….So at that time, be prepared for the consequences, okay…..?」

「……Ahh, if it comes to that you can do whatever you want. However, just know that I don’t have any intentions of losing」

This was literally a desperate sex battle, if I died like this, it wouldn’t even be a funny story. Nevertheless, at the very least, I could now see a glint of hope.

「As if I’d lose to that weakling Palmyra, no matter what it may be I will be better than in her every way……!」

As if she was talking to herself, she was looking into the distance as she muttered this to herself.

Devil Kingdom: Hundreds of years ago.

This was a place that was once the home grounds of one of the eight great noble family, it used to be an imposing castle, but now all that remained was a mere shadow of its former past.

It was covered in holes here and there, just like someone used a spoon to dig out certain areas of the wall and the floor. It was the remnant proof of the fierce battle left by the Hell Warriors and the lesser demons.

There was no doubt that the scene of this broken down castle showed a one-sided losing battle. In the center of such a disaster, the existence known as the “Mad Princess” was buoyantly floating.

A jet black greater demon was in front of her barely able to breathe…….The elite demonic warrior was continuing to resist her attacks as best he could, but she merely slapped him like a bug before smiling cheerfully.

「With this, it’s finally quieted down. Hmm, I wonder where Palmyra ran off to? If you obediently tell me her location, I might even be inclined to spare your life, you know?」

「…..Do you think I would ever tell you? You mad dog of Iblis…..!」

The voice of the greater demon was filled with pain and conviction.

「As long as Palmyra-sama still lives, our clan will no doubt be revived……..Even the rightful place as part of the Eighth Great family will be retaken in due time…….!」

Flamia was shaking her head as if she didn’t understand a word of what was being said.

「I don’t get it……..I already crushed her castle and all of her subordinates, what can she ever accomplish by herself? Moreover she’s also a complete weakling, what are you saying she can she do?」

「What a foolish “Mad Woman” you are」

The demonic warrior bared his huge fangs as he smiled with his dying breath.

「Although my lady is still quite lacking in certain aspects. At the same time, this gives her more room to grow the hidden potential within her body……..Our deceased master passed his trust to her, and as her subordinates, we have complete belief in her abilities」

「What’s with that, I don’t get the meaning of this. Even though she already lost, and even though she’s so weak, she still acting so high and mighty!」

「Hahah……..Of course you can’t understand it, you are just a mad dog who can only rampage about」

The demon warrior who has served and guarded Palmyra since she was young, only had words of respect, and he had acted as if he didn’t lose in the slightest and instead he showed his unwavering trust in her, this caused Flamia to be puzzled.

「It’s true that you have defeated us! However since the very beginning our plan was to make a stand here in order to let my lady escape! We set this strategy putting our lives on the line and we succeeded…….In my opinion, it is you who has lost this round, Mad Princess!」


Zuuun—–The ground shook, and the spire of the castle which had already started to break slowly began to collapse.

The demonic warrior who was in front of Flamia a few moments ago was completely destroyed, the only thing left behind was a gaping hole shaped as if a huge mortar ball had impacted the area around him.

「I don’t get it, I seriously don’t understand…..! I am strong and I am the one who was supposed to win……Yet, why do I feel so irritated instead!?」

Without hiding the fact that she was irritated, she started to recklessly destroy her surroundings. Only with the late arrival of the “Demon swordsman” Shutora, who was ordered by Iblis to survey the area, that Flamia was finally able to calm down.

……..At this point in time, a small uncomfortable feeling started to grow within Flamia’s heart. Although she loved her big elder sister, she did not disclose the worries she had in her heart. Having completely destroyed the enemy’s stronghold all by herself, only served to increase her notoriety of being the “Mad Princess”, and since then Flamia was treated with even more contempt as if touching her was as dangerous as touching some sort of cancer.

(Why…..Why am I so strong and yet I don’t have any….She is so weak and yet, there are those who will laugh with her and even die for her…..!?)

Until then she had never seen other sense of values that could trump her strength, and within Flamia’s heart a strange feeling started to exist.

(Then, perhaps, if I am not strong…….In such a case, will Elder sister Iblis still tell me that she loves me………?)

Of course she would.

All I have been doing is crushing, grinding and mincing, Elder sister’s enemies to dust, and I’ve done everything for her sake.

All this time, every time I did such a thing, I would get words of praise from elder sister, there was no way that she would just toss me aside. However, thinking ahead of that……somehow made me so afraid.

(The one who……made me feel this strange gloomy feeling is her, it’s all her fault! Everything is Palmyra’s fault, it’s because she just won’t obediently give up and be crushed by me!)

After safely escaping the castle with her life, Palmyra was still scheming to cause harm to the Iblis faction. Flamia who until meeting Palmyra acted like everything was a toy she could play with, only became more devoted in trying to find and crush Palmyra.

And finally, the chance for her to meet Palmyra once again arrived……However it would be in a different way to the one in which Flamia could ever expect.

「Then, you can start whenever you want, Onii-san」

She was demurely sitting on the space on top of the tree which was blanketed with soft leaves, Flamia seemed to be slightly nervous.

「Are you sure it’s fine that I do as I want?」

「I-I will at least give you that handicap. You should just try your hardest」

I see, because she didn’t have much knowledge about sex, she is trying to trick me into acting first and then learning what to do.

What a shallow way of thinking, but that is precisely what I wanted to hear.

「Okay, then I won’t hold back…..」

「Eh? Wha, Fuaa!?」

I grabbed on top Flamia’s slender figure as I lifted her from the knee and embraced her. Her exposed skin which was peeking out of her Kimono was held in place by my hands, and I could smell a fragrant citrusy smell drifting from her straight long hair.

「This is weird, is all we are going to do just embrace each other like this…..?」

「Well, first of all we start with something like this」

Her light body stiffens up to my touch by reflex action, and as if strength was leaving her body, she was waiting for directions. Of course, because she understood the fact that even if I wanted to I can’t really launch an offensive attack that would harm her body, so even though she was surprised, she knew that I wasn’t actually going to hurt her.

「Making sure of each other’s body temperature is one of the basic foundations of sex」

「Nn….Th-I knew….Something like that already」

Her body was really delicate like a child and I could easily lift her up. When I gently brushed her silky smooth hair, the wings on her bag started to flap. Surprisingly, being embraced so closely by a man for the first time didn’t make her feel repulsed.

「Alright, next please close your eyes and bring your lips forward」

「Eh? Like this? Onii-san?」

Her pink cherry blossom lips were presented to me in their defenseless state and I aimed straight for it.


She opened her eyes wide the instant we locked lips. Funyunn…….I was enjoying such a soft sensation as Flamia began to panic and pull away from me.

「Puaah…….! Wh-what are you doing? Isn’t this a kiss!?」

「Ahh, but of course you knew that right?」

「Obviously! Or more like, what’s the relationship between having a kiss and sex!?」

The loli demoness objects to my actions and bares her fangs.

Of course it had a connection but I suppose with her child like knowledge of the world that was already her limit…

「Besides, I’ve heard that you are only supposed to kiss with someone that you like. Although I think that Onii-san is an interesting person, I don’t really see you in that way!」

「I understand. Then, in that case as long as we don’t use the mouth, it should be fine right?」

「Eh? IF that’s the case….Then, I guess its fine……tsufuaah, wa, wait!?」

She was in a daze as I started to play bite her slender neck. When I crawled my tongue across her porcelain-like smooth skin, there was an intense reaction as her small body began to shiver. It seems that her body is quite sensitive.

「Yaa, it, it’s really ticklish Onii-san……It, it makes me tingle…..!?」

「Just stay still like that, Flamia」

I placed my hands within her Kimono dress that was already quite exposing and pulled downwards with a jerk. Her collarbone and her rib cage appeared along with her meagre breasts, which had two lovely pinkish protrusions was exposed…… Her exposed figure appeared quite childlike.

The volume around here is pretty similar to the size of Palmyra’s chest, isn’t it?

「Eh, Eh? Th, this time around where will you kiss me…..?」

「That is, of course over……here!」


More so then when I was caressing her neck, her voice went up an octave.

I continuously tasted the lukewarm temperature of her body with my mouth, I captured the small pink bud with my tongue as I started to provide stimulus to her breasts………I treated her like a fragile object and delicately made love to her.

「Wh, what is this……!? Is-is this a kiss……oh!? Ahh Ahhh……I-I’m feeling this weird sensation coming on to my chest……….Nhyaaaaann!」

Not only was I stimulating her nipples, but I also licked the surrounding sensitive skin in a circular motion as I occasionally flicked the tip with my tongue and pushed it around. It was not long before her virgin nipples became stiff and hard.

「Yaaahhh……..Naaahhh!? W, wait, stop for a moment!」

「What is it Flamia, don’t tell me you are already giving up? Even Palmyra can bear this much without any trouble at all, you know?」

「…….Eh!? She did!?」

To be honest with you, both of their reactions were actually pretty similar. But hearing me say this, Flamia who had an expression that was on the verge of melting, was spurred on by her sense of rivalry with Palmyra.

「No-nobody said anything about surrendering! There is no way that I can be weaker than her! All I wanted to say….was, that I wanted you to also kiss this part as well!」

Flamia who was putting on pretentious airs with such words pointed towards her right nipple. Even though I haven’t even touched that side yet, it was already quite perky.

The fact that I’ve only been making love to the left side………most likely even if it was an unconscious thought, her body was starting to desire my caress on her right side as well.

「Yeah, yeah, as you command. Then allow me to also do this….here」

「Nnaa, its come……! Haah, Hauuu…..!」

Letting out a long sigh her wings were flapping behind her back and I started to enjoy this unique but pleasant view of the small body of the “Mad Princess”. More so than I thought, her lust in desiring to do such actions was quite high…….It is likely that Flamia’s has a high latent sex drive. Well this just makes it more convenient for me though.

「Yaaahh, Afuuaa…….Fuaaaannn…….! Ah, my head is starting to floatt…….Hyafuu……….Nnaah, Afuu…..!!」

Her white chest was sticky with my saliva, and I continued to persistently attack her with my tongue from the left to the right alternating evenly. I used my left hand to gently caress her back, and I used my right hand to play with her earlobes, this proved to give out another really good response as her body began twitching, I also continued to carefully lick her childlike breasts.

Right now, Flamia was beginning to indulge herself in the pleasure her upper-body was receiving from being caressed as she willingly pushed her own body towards me, and——–!

「Nnhii…..Hiaaa!? Ah, Ahhnn ahh…..Yaa what’s happeningg!?」

Nibble….The moment that I softly bit her right nipple. She held my head firmly with both of her hands, and her childlike limbs twitched and arched backwards like a bow.

「Fu, I-I’m floatingg……!? The floating feeling keeps increasingg, my head is going blankk……..Fuaa, Ahhhh……..NnnAhh〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!?」

Her body goes into convulsions, her small body is strained and tensed as she let out a sweet sounding scream. This was without a doubt the first time the “Mad Princess” had ever reached her climax.

「Don’t tell me you already came just from your breasts…..? Your sensitivity truly surprises me, Flamia」

「Fu……Fue? Wh-what does…..Cum, mean……?」

「It’s when your body convulses, and the feeling of your body floating rises all the way to your head, you also felt like everything went pure white, right?」

「Y, yeah….It became, like that」

Her pupils were quite dreamy and there was even some slovenly drool cutely dripping from the cornerr of her mouth, Flamia was breathing raggedly as she clung to me whilst declaring so.

「Well that is what it means to cum. And… means that the side who experiences such a thing is the “loser”」

「Eh? Ehh——-Ehhhhhhh!?!?」

At that moment, Flamia suddenly pushed my body on top of the branches and grabbed the scruff of my neck as she began to violently protest.

「What’s with that, I didn’t know about such a thing! Wh, when I think about it we haven’t yet decided the rule for how we were going to win or to lose, so this isn’t counted! I haven’t lost yet! I won’t accept this loss!! 」

「Guu…..I get it I get it already so stop rampaging! it-it hurts, I’m going to die!」

Her hands part away from my neck, and whilst staring at me with watery eyes, she approached me suddenly.

「I-it’s fine then, cause I’m a fair person, I will allow Onii-san to obtain 1 point for that just now!」

「Cough……Heh, are you sure that’s alright?」

“If I say its fine, then it is!” declaring this her cheeks puffs up. As expected she’s the type of person that will not be satisfied until a clear winner or loser has been determined.

「As long as I make a comeback from now on, it will be fine! I can give you that much leeway!」

「Ahh, I suppose so, the match is just beginning. Let’s start this from square one, shall we?」

「Of, of course. The winner will be me, so….No matter if it’s Onii-san or if it’s Palmyra….!」

Well then, the real thing will start from now. It looks like there is no other option but for me to earnestly drive it into this sweet and innocent demoness…. the marvelous aspects of sex, but also how dreadful it can be!

(Yeah, although this may seem ridiculous, all of it is a preparation for my victory. And for that end…..I will also make another plan to work in conjunction with this one)

「Kuu……Like I already told you…….! As expected you couldn’t beat that girl….Flamia….!」

The forest of the elves: Vicinity of the Lake.

Overseeing how Flamia had defeated Kirika, Palmyra could only stare in blank surprise as she saw the whole scene in full detail whilst hiding among the trees, she slammed her fist to the trunk of a gigantic tree in frustration.

「It’s just like, that time….!」

When she shut her eyes, the scene that she could not forget for even a moment was displayed in her mind.

It was the sight of Flamia destroying her castle to pieces. She herself got away whilst she had to tearfully sacrifice her loyal subordinates. Not only that Iblis would send out her army in order to search and hunt for her one after another.

And….The fact that at that point in time and a long time after, she could do nothing against them. She was unable to take revenge, nor was she able to live up the expectations of her family members, she felt completely powerless.

「However…….! Even now what would I be able to do? Flamia is just way to strong…….I-I am so afraid of her…….!」

The goth loli was holding on to her knees and she was in a pathetic state as she curled against herself. Flamia implanted a deep fear in her, and this trauma took away her fighting spirit and her hope.

「He already lost his biggest weapon, exactly what does he think he can accomplish without the power of his Slavemancer class……?!」

And—At that time. The red mark on Palmyra’s head started to head up dimly.

「Tsu!? Th, this is….!?」

From the mark, her whole body faintly experienced an increase in magical energy. It was the magical energy poured by the Slavemancer Tooru, through their connection from the pledge she had with him. Because they were quite the distance apart from each other, it was only possible to obtain a small amount, however……with that action alone, it conveyed his “intentions” to Palmyra.

「Slavemancer…Are you still trying to fight against Flamia? …….And you are telling me, that you wish to fight alongside me?」

“The you right now looks really pathetic”—–The words stated by the Princess Knight echoes repeatedly in her head.

Both Kirika and Tooru, although they were only humans, none of them had given up their hope. And for a demoness like myself to have given up already, is this really alright? Palmyra was thinking such things as if asking the two people a question.

「Does this mean that you believe that someone like me is worthy….. Of helping you and fighting someone like her?」

Even previously, her subordinates all believed in her. In Palmyra’s potential…

「Ku, Kufufu……! This guy, and that girl, everyone is so foolish……!」

She slowly stood up and she began to shoot out…..A faint light that was being projected from the mark. She should have despised this mark that signified that she was a slave to the Slavemancer, but for some reason or other, she felt like this mark felt really reliable right now.

Pulse, Pulse, the magical energy was moving rhythmically like a pulse as heat and energy spreads to her whole body filling it with power.

「If that is the case…Then I should show them what I am capable of. As one of the noble demons and as a fourth ranked devil…!」

Her muscles along the spine were flexed as she buoyantly floated upwards. And she shouted…….as if she was trying to release the chain that bound her fearful mind and blow it away!

「I bet it with my dignity and pride to re-obtain the seat as one of the eight great’s and to re-establish myself as the head of the family, I shall to fight against the hateful Iblis! Open your eyes widely and observe, the owner of my pledge…….My Master the Slavemancer Tooru!」



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