Chapter 34: Assembling Power and Invoking the Secret Plan


「Eeei, if it’s come to this I’ll abandon everything jya! I will prepare myself for the worst! 」

Flamia was still standing in blank surprise at the unexpected development, and Palmyra flew after me.

With the floating magic added to my free fall I was aiming my sights on the large expanse of leafage to cover my fall, half way there Palmyra manages to catch up and grab hold of my hood with her slender arms.


「Guee, My-my neck, I can’t breathee! Oi, please look at where you are holding on to!」

「How foolish! Did you think I could do something so dexterous in a situation like this!?」

I was desperately extending my arms in order to reach her, and I managed to grab on to her goth loli dress.

…….Even though I’m in this kind of situation, I must say, her clothes and her skin are really smooth, and they smell really nice….

「Hyyyauann!? W-where are you touching nojya, even though we are in such a crisis!?」

「If you were to ask me, well I am touching your flat board chest……..No, what I mean is please look at where you are flying into! We are going to crash into the trees! 」

Although Palmyra manages to catch me in mid fall and was doing all she could to counteract the falling speed little by little, the area we were falling towards doesn’t change.

「tsu!! I’m not going to let you get away Onii-san! Palmyra!」

Flamia who finally regained her senses flutters her bat wings and chases after us. Naturally she wasn’t just flying towards us.

In an instant, a pressure of space approaches us from all directions trying to close our path of escape—–this is the same encirclement formation that she used on Kirika.

「If…..if it’s like this, aren’t we just putting ourselves in a situation where we are like a rat trapped inside of a bag!? Do you really have a strategy to win, Tooru!?」

Whilst it has slowed down to some extent, Palmyra’s ability to fly was not that good that it could immediately nullify the burden of my heavy weight.

The countless number of spatial pressure attacks capable of crushing us to death was approaching at a blistering speed.

「Yeah, that’s right! Listen up Palmyra, from here on out you need to move exactly as I order you to! If mess this up even a little, we will seriously die!」

The moment I said this, I activated the time accelerator bracelet which had previously been enchanted by Nina.

All at once, my field of view changes into slow motion…..using magic, I have increased my senses so that I can perceive things at a rate 10 times faster than normal. From my perspective this effect will only last for 5 seconds, meaning I had a 5 second window in which I could act in this crucial moment.


I took in the scenery below me absorbing the complex geographical features of the forest. I was slowly approaching a large tree with a pointed end. The countless number of space crushing spheres seemed to bend the air into a spherical shape as it approaches us. I desperately imprinted each position of her attack into my brains and calculated a safe route for us to escape with.

「……Zero! Alright listen! First of all, take a huge turn towards the left, in order to avoid the crushing space in front of us!」

「L….Like this!?」

Before I knew it, 5 seconds passed with surprising swiftness, the sound of the wind rushes back into my ear, and the feeling of free falling returns along with my normal senses, the moment this occurred I immediately gave instructions for Palmyra.

Naturally I wasn’t merely using my voice, I was using my enslavement magic in order to navigate her body more accurately.

「Next is a right! The moment we avoid the next sphere, immediately increase the speed of our fall, after we pass that branch, take the roundabout route sticking as close as you can to the trunk of the tree! Remember never slow down!」

We were barely passing through the thin space which was basically our only path to survival.

Sometimes, the crushing air space would graze the hem of my robe or a little of my hair and soon after I would hear this bursting sound of trees exploding in the background, it was extremely terrifying.

「Kuu……Nuuooh, did we avoid it!? I felt like a goner….!!!」

「I am also in the same position here! If you don’t concentrate we are both dead! Look take a right, and then immediately turn to the left! And after that go straight…Ahead!!」

With a bit of luck on our side, we finally got out of the encompassing area of the space crushing spheres. Immediately following, we were moving parallel across the ground, just like a plane which was making an emergency landing.

「No way!? Not a single one of my attacks landed, what is going on!?」

The moment that Kirika was attacked by this move, I was desperately trying to remember her attack patterns.

The speed at which the attack travelled, the range of the explosions and how she invoked her attack…….if I never experienced her attack beforehand, it would be highly unlikely for my rash attempt to succeed like it did today.

「Haaah, Haah, Haah…..Y-you’re amazing Tooru!」

「Ahh, it was quite the gamble though…..You also did very well, Palmyra」

「Ah………ahh, Umu, th-this much is natural, jya!」

When I patted her two horns which was tautly jotting out of her head, unexpectedly she accepted it, and just like a kid she was laughing “Nihehe” with a smile on her face.

Even at a time like this, she can obediently make a face that actually suited her outer appearance, I think that she’s really cute when she’s like this.

「Alright Tooru, we should disappear from this location and withdraw for now—-」

「Oii~ Flamia!! What’s wrong, is that all you’ve got?! Are you just all talk? If you feel frustrated why don’t you try to chase us over here!」

「Wha wawawa!? Why are you provoking her nojya! You idiot!?」

I was just getting up from the staggering impact of the crash landing, and Palmyra was pounding on my chest. Goodness gracious, she’s happy being praised one moment than in the next she’s angry what a hectic demoness she is.

「Mouu you’ve made me really angry! I’ll make you regret it for trying to escape from me, just you wait Onii-san!」

「No, there is no need for me to run any longer. I’m going to settle it here, if you ask why, then—」

From the distance Flamia was flying towards us through a straight line. And she was also shooting her high-speed space crushing bullets from both of her hands, however……..!

「——-Haaa, TeeeeeeEeii!!」

A rainbow colored slashing attack, completely cut through space creating an exploding sound.  Long black hair flutters buoyantly in the air, and she advances in front of me and Palmyra.

「It seems I’ve made you wait, Odamori-kun」

Himeno Kirika.

Her armor was worn out and crushed in certain places, but even so, standing with the sword Alkanshel by her side, she looked dignified, she was my Princess Knight and she was smiling sweetly.

「No, I must say that you have impeccable timing, Himeno-san……And also everyone as well」

With my words as the signal, people started walking out from the back of the forest, and it wasn’t just one person.

Amelia, Nina, Sierra, all of my most trusted confidants, my beautiful slaves were coming out posed and ready with their weapons in hand, with Kirika at the center, they were standing in a row creating a sort of formation.

「Heheh, it seems that we’ve arrived just in time for the decisive battle, right Master?」

「That is our target isn’t it, the younger sister of Iblis, Master!」

「This time……..I am not late……..!」

Whilst in the middle of my sex match with Flamia, I was continuously using the link with my slaves to command them to gather together.

Also after buying enough time, I purposefully made a flashy escape from Flamia from that height, in order to relay our whereabouts so that we could meet at the right place.

「Oh what do we have here……When I thought it might have been something special, it’s just the girl that already lost to me before, and a bunch of people I think I might have seen somewhere」

Flamia lands a little place away from us, and she was still slightly exposed as she was showing her bare legs and thighs whilst in her loose kimono dress, she also wore a confident smile on her face.

「Ahaha, with that weak looking bunch, no matter how many of them you gather, you won’t be able to beat me, haven’t you learnt that already Onii-san?」

The area surrounding the Mad Princess was already forming numerous violent airspace for attack.

Palmyra who was kind of lightening up when she saw reinforcement arriving, was now beginning to sweat bullets again as it didn’t change the fact that the enemy before her was holding on to a cheat like ability…..with a gulp she was holding her breathe as she retreated a step backwards.

「What, you don’t have to be so worried Palmyra. If it’s now, we will definitely win」

「You’re showing that bad expression again. I bet that you have something dirty up your sleeve, don’t you?」

Still holding her sword with vigilance, Kirika spoke to me as if she was already accustomed to my behaviour.

When she gave Palmyra a wink whilst smiling, the demoness could only huff and blush as she turned her face away. Whilst I was separated from them, I wonder if something happened between those two?

And suddenly, looking at her chivalrous appearance, listening to her voice and seeing her smile……my chest was strangely becoming filled with a hot sensation.

In the first confrontation with Flamia, when I knew that the number of slots in my enslavement magic hadn’t freed up, I also knew that Kirika wasn’t dead. However, looking at her safe and sound like this, standing in front of me…….with her slender figure and no wounds on her body, it gave me this feeling….

My mind felt truly relieved that she was unharmed—–Seriously, even if I say so myself, I am really acting out of character.

「Eh hey, what’s wrong Odamori-kun? You need to quickly give me some instructions, her attacks are coming!」

「…..Alright, First off, Kirika you need to devote yourself to our defence and buy me enough time to free up a “slot” for my enslavement magic! Nina and Sierra will act as your support !」



「Amelia I want you to act as my personal guard. Palmyra preserve your magical energy and come with me!」

「I gotcha!」


With only a short instruction from me, they were unanimously coordinated as they immediately moved to action.

Now then, from here on out our counterattack begins.

「Hah….Seii! There, Hahhh!」

「What, are you planning on using that weird sword again, Onee-san!?」

Kirika was continuously offsetting each of the spherical attacks coming from Flamia with her Alkanshel sword.

Of course that wasn’t the end of it, if that was it then without a doubt there would come a time when Flamia would get the upper hand just like last time and defeat her….

「I won’t let you do it! I’ve completed the set up for Gravity Field!」

「I won’t let you defeat Kirika……….Spirits of the wind, ride on the strings of my bow………!」

「Wa,wawawa!? What’s with this group, these guys are really persistent it’s so annoying!」

Flamia’s body was being burdened by the gravity spell that Nina casted, thereby reducing the response time of Flamia.

Moreover, she needed to avoid the arrows shot by Sierra one after another or protect herself with her space field, and she could not put her full concentration on fighting Kirika.

「I, I see………They are actually putting up a fight against that Flamia….!」

「Heheh, this is the power of having a party isn’t it, Master! 」

Palmyra was totally amazed as she saw the battle unfold, and Amelia was shielding me from the aftereffect explosions of the fight with her buckler as I continued to run into the shade of a tree.

The people who waited in this location from a while back was, Princess Sistina….and the Dark Elf Priestess Dianne. Even in this kind of situation, the two girls showed such grace and they were seemingly getting along with each other as they sat side by side in an elegant manner.

「This is unexpected, I surely thought that it wouldn’t be you, and instead it would be that jailer dark elf that was brought here」

「After joining up with Kirika, Dianne-sama voluntarily offered to accompany us, Tooru-sama」

「Yes…..For someone who has an incomplete art of the Enslavement Magic placed on them, I heard that the process of undoing it will be much faster, that’s why….. I thought that it would be prudent for me to come instead, considering that this is a race against time, this is the most efficient method to obtain an “empty slot”, am I wrong?」

「I see, if you understand this much, then it will speed things up」

Surprisingly Dianne’s tone of voice did not indicate that she wished to be free from my Enslavement Magic just because she was suspicious of me… sounded as if she genuinely wanted to help.

And for that purpose, she was willingly coming along to such a dangerous place… I wonder if this is because she’s worried for her subordinate’s life? Or is it because she has a similar sense of responsibility to Sierra, or is it something else entirely……..?

「You don’t have to be so anxious, I won’t run away anywhere, Slavemancer……Now, you must be quick」

「Ah……Ahh, this will help out a lot」

Her blind eyes were staring straight at me, and whilst she was not as “abundant” as Sierra, her tanned skin still emphasized the wonderful curvature of her cleavage, and it made my heart skip a beat.

I want to make you mine, I said this to her previously and I’m not really sure how well she took it…….But at any rate, I drove out those wicked thoughts from my mind and concentrated fully on releasing the Enslavement Magic from her.

「By the way, where is Nana right now, Princess? She’s the only one I haven’t seen yet」

「Tooru-sama, about that……」

My question was abruptly interrupted by a loud sound in the sky.

「Ahhh Mouu! You’re pissing me off! I’ve decided, I’m going to gather you all and crush you into pieces!!」

Shaking off the effects of Nina’s gravity magic, she flew into the sky several meters above ground, as she pointed out with her index finger in a menacing way.

At the same time, the atmosphere in the sky—–started to warp and become distorted.

「Don’t tell me that is…..The move she used in order to destroy my castle……Th-this is really bad Tooru! Much larger and more powerful than the one’s she has used thus far, Flamia plans on creating a huge crushing airspace!!」

「What did you say!?」

Sierra was trying to use her wind enchanted arrows to obstruct Flamia but before the arrows could even reach close to Flamia, the moment it struck the wall of pressure, the arrows immediately shattered into pieces.

Many small crushing spaces were revolving around her at a high speed acting as a sort of barrier. As expected of the “Mad Princess” her battle senses were out of the ordinary.

Because the space around her is distorted, there is no way I can replicate the same scenario as with Palmyra to teleport my semen directly into her.

「Fufun, it’s useless♪ If I succeed in making this really big one, with the short length of Onee-san’s sword, it will be impossible to cut it, there is nowhere that you can run to!」


In such a desperate situation, I was finally able to lift the subjugation magic from Dianne and free up a “slot”.

All the preparations were just barely able to be put into order. I was concentrating in order to invoke a certain type of magical art, whilst glancing towards Palmyra.

「Listen up, Palmyra. As of now, I will try to make an opportunity against Flamia. You need to be the one to counteract that huge sphere!」

「Wha…..!? Wait, how am I supposed to do that jya!? I mean even if you were to open up a chance, with just my amount of power, I would never be able to do anything about her huge crushing space……!」

「No, if it’s you, I know you should be able to do it. When you fought with us for the first time, you showed it to me, your powerful ability!」


Jet Black Spiral Vortex.

Even Kirika’s brilliant burst was defeated by this spell, it was Palmyra’s most powerful killer technique.

「That spell, has the property to distort space doesn’t it? Both of your spells has the property to influence space, and your spell should not lose in effectiveness to Flamia’s spell……No, in fact so that you would one day be able to defeat Flamia, you created that spell didn’t you?」

「Th-that is……! B-but, I’m sure you understand, right now, my body has been restricted in the amount of magic I can expend due to the contract we have…….it will be impossible for me to let out such a huge spell nojya!」

What she says is true. If the level of my skill doesn’t go up, then the maximum amount of MP she can use will be restricted.

However, there is a loophole in this theory……..well there is also a huge risk that comes with it, but I am already prepared for the consequences.

「I can temporarily assign all of my energy to strengthen a single magical slave using my skill, if I concentrate it all to you. This process will strain my magic to the very extreme limits.  Do you think it will still be insufficient?」

「Wha……..!? I-if you do something so reckless like that, how much of a burden will this cause to your own body! Don’t you know how dangerous it will be!?」

Well, I already knew this would happen.

But even so, if I don’t do this then what awaits for us is a certain defeat, and the death of my magical slaves, this would also mean that the freedom I’ve built up so far will all go to waste, and this is much worse than death for me.

If this is the only option remaining, than without a shred of doubt, I will choose this unreasonably dangerous option.

「Haven’t I said it before? I will make a way in which you will be able to win against Flamia. Don’t you want to beat her? Don’t you wish you could wash away the disgrace you received in the past!? If I cannot even fulfil a single wish from one of my magical slaves, than what kind of Slavemancer would I be? You only need to believe in your Master….!」


「Ahhahahahah!! I will be done soon, you can all collectively be turned into dusttt!!」

Above Flamia the air was flickering and a sphere with a diameter of at least 10 m was formed, it was a completely ridiculous spectacle. If that kind of thing is dropped on us, at that time, it will be the end.

There is already no time left to delay.

「Here I go! You should prepare yourself Palmyra! ………Now then “Mad Princess” Flamia, I command you by my enslavement magic!」

「Wa-wait a minute Odamori-kun!? How could it work from this kind of distance——-?」

Kirika was still standing on guard whilst looking for an opportunity, but she was so surprised that she turned around.

In normal circumstances, that would be true. However, I already made “preparations” for this to work.

「Stop…..your movements!!」

「Ehh——–Ah, Auuu!? Wh-what’s…..Happening!?」

Suddenly Flamia staggers in the air, and her concentration wavers.

From her abdomen to her chest, all the people around saw a dim green light which was the sign of my Enslavement Magic being invoked.

「Master, since when did you apply your Enslavement Magic on her!?」

「Just a little while ago. I used that thing as a medium, and poured it sufficiently into her……….from the top to the bottom of her body, I poured it everywhere」

「……..Eh? D-don’t tell me Odamori-kun you….」

It’s exactly as you suspect, it’s the thing I used in the battle with Palmyra.

The medium that is used with Enslavement Magic is none other than my fresh semen, during our battle of sex, I ejaculated into her mouth and into the interior of her womb, enough to fill her up completely.

The reason I needed to immediately commence our battle after this, was for this exact reason.

「Ah, h-how could you do that, even to an innocent girl like her!?」

「Yeah, yeah, I will listen to your sermon’s later. Now everyone must fall back, and use the link of my reinforcement magic to concentrate it on to Palmyra!」

All the arrangements were in order.

All that’s left is for Palmyra to do her part…..Literally the parties fate is in her hands, and the best I can do is pour all of my magical energy into the devil’s contract that I have with her.

「Kuu….! Power, magical energy is…….flowing from Tooru into me……!!」

The demonic sign which was on my hand on Palmyra’s forehead made a screeching sound as it resonated with power…….the symbol of power started shining bright red like a ruby.

Magic, Physical Strength and even my soul felt like it was being sucked out of my body and a languid feeling overcomes me as my vision becomes blurry and I am forced to kneel on one knee.



However, if I hesitated at this juncture, I would lose my one and only chance!

I changed all of my physical strength and vitality into magical energy, and I looked towards Palmyra who was just dumbfoundedly staring at me, I gave her a grin and a thumbs up.

「Now, give it your best Palmyra………It’s time for you to show the strength of a demoness who was previously a part of the noble eight!!」


The color which was reflected in her bright red eyes began to change.

Perhaps the past that humiliation that was engraved into her by Flamia: her sense of defeat, her helplessness, the fear from the trauma…..Everything she was unable to erase for a long period of time finally came unstuck.

「Father……Mother…….My loyal retainers……! In order to wash away our shame, I have created this ability, Please watch over me carefully!!」

What came out of her was fighting spirit and pride. And her stubbornness.

Palmyra stuck out her thin chest in a dignified manner towards the sky. Both of her hands were pointed right at Flamia and was beginning to form a violent black ball of energy!

「Now is the time, the sky will bend according to my magic—-」

「I-I don’t really get what she’s trying to do, but it looks really bad!? Kuu, Wh….Whyy can’t I movee!!」

Getting confused at the loss of her bodily control, Flamia understood that the situation was getting dangerous so she sent the huge crushing air space falling down towards Palmyra.

Obviously my Enslavement Magic cannot be complete merely by using semen, added to the fact that I had to give all my energy to Palmyra, the effects of my restraint were getting weaker by the second.

However, I was able to delay her concentration and obstructed her from forming a complete spell. Considering that she had to fire off an incomplete version of her spell, this has given a favourable advantage for Palmyra.

「Jet Black Spiralling Vortex!!!」

Flying forth from Palmyra’s hands the spiral shaped black airspace was heading head first into Flamia’s huge crushing airspace.

It sounded like an infinite number of musical instruments were clashing together creating a haphazard thrum of noises…..The space in the air was literally tearing each other apart, a strange sound of it devouring each other reverberated, and a thunderous rumbling occurred in the surroundings!

「Wha-what’s this, what’s going on!? You’re just the weakling Palmyra, why are you able to compete with me!?」

「U….Uooooohh!! Flamia, for the people who believed in me before, and for those people who have put their faith in me now! I will never again be defeated……by the likes of you nojya!!」

Palmyra’s magic was an overbearing spherical globe which was wrapped with a layer of spiralling black energy.

For a moment it seemed as if the two powers were competing with each other, but after Palmyra thrust out both of her hands along with her shout, the torrent of black energy broke through Flamia’s airspace and pushed forwards!

「Wh-why!? Why is the strong me getting pushed back……..Th-this is surely a lie!?」

「Didn’t I tell you before? That there are many categories of strength」

Flamia was growing pale, whilst I barely managed to say these words under agonizing gasps.

Certainly, if our plan was to fight her head on from the start, it is unlikely for Palmyra to win—–However, the magical energy of the Mad Princess isn’t limitless either. Having Kirika and the other girls exhaust her magical reserves little by little, the result is obviously going to turn out like this.

「That’s right! This is the power of us working together with Palm-chan!」

“Ehehe” Nina was laughing as she also puffs out her chest whilst wearing her maid costume.

「Who said anything about us getting along with each other jya….Hmph, also I told you to stop calling me Palm-chan…..」

Whilst bathing in the backlight of the magical clash, Palmyra curved her lips and muttered in a soft voice.

Although I couldn’t tell exactly what expression she had on her face because she was faced the other way, I was definitely sure that it wasn’t an expression of disgrace or shame, instead it should be something like a slight satisfaction.

「E-Elder sister Iblisss…….! The magic crest I received from Elder Sister, and the power it contains, how could it ever lose to Palmyra who is merely receiving her strength from a lowly humann!?」

Right now, there was nobody next to Flamia’s side. Not even her precious elder sister Iblis, she was totally alone.

No matter how strong she was, because she fought by herself….. It caused her to be defeated.

I even felt sorry for her….The Mad Princess who was all alone.

「You’ve made a calculation error haven’t you Flamia! My partner who is in contract with me is a fiend who uses foul play, is mean and is a complete pervert, however even so, he’s an amazing man….. I have no intention of handing him over to become your toy !!」

「A-Am I going to be truly defeated like this……….KyaaaaaaaaaAAhh!?!?」

And the black flash of light swallows up Flamia—–by the time my field of vision returned, I saw a beaten up Mad Princess who was barely wrapped in her kimono, and was currently swooning and seemingly in a powerless position.

「We, we did it!!」

「Alright, we won…..!」

However, the moment everyone was convinced in our victory…

Perhaps it was just a coincidence? Or perhaps it was her last vestige will power?

Paannn……! In the sky, the crushing airspace which was just about to be devoured by the black spiralling vortex exploded and dispersed into little fragments.

(Crap, this is bad—-!!)

Even though most of the power is gone, the usual crushing airspace was a very powerful ability to begin with, and the downpour of the fragments of crushing air space was spread out like a huge shotgun pellet falling towards the ground.

「Shit! It’s dangerous, Palmyra!」

「Master, I’m coming to help!」

After exhausting all her magical reserves Palmyra was crouching on the ground, but thankfully Kirika manages to cut the fragments away.

Similarly I was unable to move and so Amelia used her chained blade to wrap around my body and pull me to safety.

However, Nina who was a little distance away from us was still in danger!




In order to give Palmyra enough energy to cast her ultimate attack, I used a portion of everyone’s magical reserves and physical strength to sustain the spell, therefore everyone was slightly effected. Especially the amount of burden Nina received as a magic user was larger than the rest, and she didn’t have enough energy to fly to safety.

The merciless space of death approaches straight at the head of the housemaid who was barely able to stand using her cane as a support……!


Bachunn…….this kind of sound resounded, but it wasn’t a sound of Nina’s flesh being pierced.

The thing that was standing in front of her protecting her was a gigantic figure, the brown colored Armored Golem.


「You aren’t hurt are you, Nina?」

It should normally be impossible to offset, the crushing airspace purely with the use of physical strength, however before me, it was apparent that Nana used her right arm to completely “destroy” the crushing airspace.

Surrounding her right arm, was a huge purplish crystal that shines quite dully…….it resembled the material properties, of the erosion of crystals that were on the body of the Priestess Dianne. (Light Novel Illustration: Palmyra vs Flamia)

Magical Living Being Armored Golem V7 (Level Up!)

Job: Armored Golem LV 8 → 10

Skill: 【Hand-to-Hand Combat LV 4】【Toughness LV 3】【Self-Regeneration LV 1】

【Divine Demonic Hand LV 0 →2】【Body Erosion LV 0 →1】



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