Chapter 35: The Wonder of the Demonic Hand and the Girl’s Inner Turmoils


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「Then, are you telling me that Nana has merged with the “Divine Corpse”?」

「Yes….Although it is not easy to believe, everything points to this fact」

After returning to the underground village of the dark elves, we were made to hear an unbelievable truth from Dianne.

「All the parts of the divine corpse that was supposed to be enshrined in the interior alter has completely disappeared」

「I’m sorry, Master and Sierra’s elder sister-san. I didn’t think that just by touching it, it would result in this outcome」

Nana was bowing her head in apology, and her obedient gesture totally didn’t suit her gigantic figure. Even now, her right arm was completely covered in a translucent huge crystal, you could say that it was even larger than a whole person. It almost seemed like she was a robot that had a special attachment on her right arm.

「Well, now that it’s come to this, it can’t be helped…..But, Nana, is your body fine?」

「Umu? Nana is completely fine」

「Apparently, the material covering her arm is made out of the same crystals that erodes my body……….But at least for now, the corruption has stopped spreading at her arms」

Dianne gently extended the tip of her brown finger to Nana’s crystallised arm as she explained. I have heard that the condition of her body continues to deteriorate as the crystals gradually spread wider across her body. When I thought about this fact, I couldn’t help but worry that one day Nana would also have her whole body covered in the corrupted crystals.

「Nn…….Wait. There is a possibility that…..Oi Nana. Can you please try touching the part of Dianne’s body that is covered with the crystals with your right hand?」


「Slavemancer, What are you trying to….?」

Everyone had a mysterious look on their faces as they were confused at what I was trying to achieve. In any case I went ahead and gave Nana an “Absolute Order”.


In that moment a surprising thing occurred.

Just like pieces of iron sand drawn to a magnet, the crystals which had been covering Dianne’s body all across her stomach started to move and become attracted to Nana’s arm!

「O-Onee-sama your body is returning to normal…….Wh-what is happening…..?」

「Eh? Ehhh. This is….What is going on…..!?」

Dianne’s dark elf under boob area and all across the side of her stomach was returning to her original bewitching tanned body, as the crystals started to disappear one by one and is replaced with her normal skin.

「This is amazing Master! How did you do it!?」

「No, to be precise the one who did this is Nana. All I did was order her, I never expected such a great result though….」

Nana’s arm was not a virus that would spread across her body, in actual fact it was the Divine Corpse itself embedded into her arm. Going by that logic, I presumed that her arm acted like a master key to the virus and by giving an order to “return” it would have no choice but to obey it’s former master. In such a case, I thought that if I gave her the order to direct the crystals, she would be able to succeed in attracting the crystals from Dianne’s body.

This is precisely the phenomenon that occurred just now.

「How…How can I ever repay this debt? Slavemancer……!」

Even if it was Dianne, her pupils which couldn’t see had tears streaming down her face as her body was shaking in happiness.

「Thank you…..Thank you so much, My Lord!」

Sierra was unusually speaking in a loud voice as she was truly delighted, Munyuuu Munyuu…….Her gigantic breasts which was the largest out of all the girls were pushing up against me as she hugged me tightly.

「Muu~ Everyone is just praising Master……But Nana also tried her hardest you know?」

「Fufufu, We also know Nana-chan is really amazing, there, there」

Nana’s gigantic figure was sulking and Nina extended her hands in order to pat her like puppy.

「Not only that Nana-chan seems to have powered up and because of that, you managed to save me from a predicament a little while ago!」

「Ou, I’ve become really strong!  If it’s like this, I feel like I will become even more useful to Master!」

Certainly, just when Nina was about to be crushed by the impending remnants from Flamia’s attack, Nana came and easily repelled the attack with her arm, honestly her arm transcended the laws of nature and magic, it was a completely ridiculous “existence”.

Not only that, the phenomenon a little while ago…….and the powers it showed us, are only a small part of the incomplete Divine Corpse.

In that case, what if we managed to obtain the rest of the Divine Corpse, and if one day we are able to control the full extent of such a power, what would happen then?

……I think I can understand and relate to Iblis, as to why she would want this kind of power for herself.

Also I wonder why Nana is different from Dianne, she did not get corroded by the Divine Corpse and instead she managed to integrate herself with the Divine Corpse? Is it because she’s a magical being? Or is it for different reason entirely…..? Well even if I rack my brains right now, I won’t get the answer.

「At any rate, it is just as Nina says, you have done really well Nana, this is all thanks to you. I also want to praise you and give you my thanks, Nana」

「Hehehe……You’re making me blush, Master」

Her camera like eyes, were flickering a pinkish color.

…….Is that what she looks like when she’s shy?

「By the way, where did Himeno-san go?」

「If you are looking for Kirika, then she’s currently with the doctor of the dark elves. Although there wasn’t any great injuries on her body, she seemed to suffer from a deep exhaustion due to fighting many consecutive battles one after another….」

As expected Sistina would be worried about her. Well it’s an understandable thing.

She expended a huge amount of energy during the battle, and even though she took the potion from the dark elf tribe which was said to be a miracle drug, it’s better if I go see her when I have the time.

However——if the story I heard from the girls were true then…. I wonder which mysterious existence, secretly treated Kirika when she fell into the forest of the elves after her battle with Flamia……..?

「Tooru, as expected…….You made that Flamia, into one of your magical slaves didn’t you? 」

I was preparing to return to the room that was prepared for me, and it was at this moment that Palmyra came up to talk. On the contrary, I didn’t feel any blaming tone in her voice as she talked to me about this matter.

「Ahh. You already know, that I have completed her enslavement already」

After being defeated in the fierce battle, Flamia had not awoken yet. Taking advantage of the situation, I completed my subjugation arts on her and enslaved her.

Following Palmyra, this is the second demoness noble that I’ve made into one of my magical slaves…..Obviously it is needless to say that I gained a large amount of experience which led to me levelling up.

「Also in regards to the matter of the “Devil’s Contract” if I spend a little time on it, it should end without any trouble. Although it may put a slight burden on her body, and she is likely to sense this when she wakes up」

「Is that so….?」

Unlike Palmyra, Flamia was already contracted to her own elder sister Iblis.

So that Iblis is unable to steal magic from the contract in the future, it is necessary for me to renew a contract with Flamia. Naturally, this isn’t like some internet provider contract and I didn’t need Iblis’s permission to revoke her original contract.

「Do you think it’s weird that I am accepting the fact that you are putting her in our group so easily jya?」

「Well, Honestly I am」

For many years, Palmyra has seeked out revenge on her sworn enemy Flamia…… Or even if she didn’t feel that strongly about Flamia, I would have thought that she would have at least got angry and tried to stop me from putting Flamia in our party…

「Hmph, victory or defeat in battle is the usual state of things. Moreover, my final purpose is to overthrow Iblis from her position and regain my name as part of the noble eight jya. If it is possible to acquire more war potential for that cause, then for me it is a convenient thing」

「………You’ve surprised me a little, because that is exactly what I was going to say in order to convince you. Unexpectedly, you are quite the adult aren’t you?」

「Ah, isn’t it obvious jya, how long do you think I’ve lived!? I’m obviously different from Flamia who always acts like a kid!」

Her cute gesture of puffing her cheeks, along with her immature body which seemingly will never grow any further, was truly childlike, but I didn’t mention this fact to her.

「Hey….Tooru, I want to ask you one thing」


From under her silver hair, her red eyes were silently looking at me.

「In our previous battle, why did you risk your own body to that extent? Why did you allow me to gain victory over Flamia taking such an unreasonable action nojya?」

「That’s because……At that point in time, I thought that it would succeed, would you be satisfied with this answer, I wonder?」

I was scratching my head whilst answering in a vague manner, but her eyes continued to stare at me. It was clear that she wasn’t satisfied with my answer.

「Ahh…..If I was forced to say, it was because of your eyes」

「My eyes……..?」

「Your fearful and subservient gaze whenever your looked at Flamia. No matter when I saw it, I would instantly feel angry」

Yes, I also know that look very well.

It’s that look on your face when you’ve already given up everything before it even starts, cursing the unjustness of the world and thinking that no matter what you do, it will be useless. Watching the ground with glazed eyes turning your back towards the possibility of success, it is the gaze of a defeated dog.

If for nothing else, I wanted to get rid of that defeatist look that has always stayed within my own eyes……..At least before coming into this world.

I don’t want to see that kind of look anymore.

Therefore, based on a sudden thought I wanted to erase that look from her face. Just like how I managed to change, I wondered if she could also change.

Of course, all of this was just based on my own whims, it’s the kind of action you take for self-satisfaction. I’m not really a good or virtuous person.

「…….Is that so? Indeed, I have had that kind of look on my face for several hundred years……However, I believe that I have a different look now?」

Kufufu, her fangs were protruding as she laughed and certainly she had a nice look on her face.

Overcoming her long trauma, because she obtained the feeling of getting unbound by her past, it is likely that this has influenced how she felt about including Flamia in the team.

「Ahh, As expected of the demoness who became my magical slave. When you smile like that, you look truly beautiful, you know? Palmyra」

「Wha……..!? I-I’m not hoping for that kind of answer, okkaay…..!」

「Heh, then what kind of answer were you expecting?」

Auu, the little demoness noble turned her eyes away whilst blushing.

Before we knew it, we arrived at the private room that was prepared for me.

Palmyra’s small hands were tightly grasping the hem of my robe without letting go.

「Th…..That is, because I forcibly casted my most powerful secret arts, my magical reserves have been depleted…….A-and isn’t it your job to manage the health of your magical slaves? 」

Palmyra’s eyes were glittering as she glanced back and forth.

Ahh crap, this girl is so cute!

「What I mean to say is, C…Could you pour it into me directly……Kyaaau!? To-Tooru what are you—-?」

I didn’t hold back any longer and grabbed her light loli body in a princess style carry and I dashed into the bedroom.

「Well then tell me, where do you want it poured into you, from the front? Or the back?」

「Tsu……! B….both sides will… good, if you don’t do that, it might not, be enough….!」

「As expected of the healing arts of the dark elven tribe……..I feel even better than before I started fighting」

Kirika was advancing through the passage in the underground dark elf village, she was wearing something akin to her school uniform and was in her lightweight equipment mode, furthermore her gait was nimble and light.

After being treated by the ladies of the court who were doctors of the dark elven tribe, the pain in her body and the fatigue she felt had come off completely.

Even if you wanted to call it treatment, all she did was lie down in a cavern like room, whilst they burned a really nice smelling incense which was filled with recovery properties. All in all it was like a comfortable refreshing aromatherapy.

(Even so. The expression Odamori-kun had at that time was….)

When she made her entrance at that decisive moment, Tooru’s startled expression… Kirika could sense that hidden in that look, was a look of relief.

「That look, could it really be him…..Being worried about me?」

After she instinctively muttered such a thing, her glossy white skin which had just came out of the bath was dyed in a tinge of vermillion red color even though she herself didn’t notice this.

After finding out that Tooru had been kidnapped by Flamia, I also felt really relieved when I reunited with him and found him unharmed.

(Even after all that, he still took such a reckless action.. Geez, what if he hurt himself or worse yet died?)

She started to reminiscence about the battle in the tower of revelation when she fought against Groom the demonic warrior.

At that point in time it was Kirika, and this time around it was Palmyra’s turn to be guided into victory, in both cases Tooru put his life on the line in order to potentially become the victor.

He was a mean, perverted and desire filled man, who was not only arrogant and selfish but was her former classmate, however at the very least, his actions of not hesitating to stake his own life on the line for his own goals, would probably merit a little more value to his characteristics right? ——This is what the Princess Knight was thinking to herself as she was a little surprised.

(But for what reason would he go so far……Wait, hasn’t he already said it multiple times?)

What Tooru prioritizes the most is his own freedom.

As soon as he met up with Kirika, the first thing he said to her was that he wanted to live his life freely in his second life.

(I….Really don’t get it)

For herself…

She has never felt the thing known as “Freedom”. Although she has never experienced it, she has never desired it either.

The fact she has never felt “freedom” is nothing to do with the fact that she was a magical slave, this feeling stemmed from way before that—-.

「…….Why am I thinking about these kinds of things?」

*Pachin*, she lightly slapped both of her cheeks whilst sinking her “old” memories back into her deep consciousness.  I am just a little bit envious of Tooru’s way of life. Just a little bit, Kirika thought that he was really dazzling.

Therefore…..When she was watching how well he got along with Princess Sistina, and the restless feeling she was experiencing was concluded by her to be some sort of inferiority complex or something.


Whilst thinking about such things, she noticed that she had already arrived at the residence floor.

If I am not mistaken, the room prepared for Tooru is also around this floor.

(……In case he was worried about me, perhaps it would be better if I went and showed my face. To tell him that I am alright now)

She was walking in a gait much lighter than normal, and when she arrived in front of his wooden door, what came into her ears was……!

「——Hyaaauuuu, HiiHiguuuun!?!? It-it’s so deep inside my ass…………To-Tooruuuuu!?」

(Eh!? Pa-Palmyra’s voice!?)

What she heard from within the room was most definitely sounds of copulation.

Furthermore, it wasn’t your regular easy sex.

「What’s wrong, are you surrendering already? It seems that you’ve already become addicted to getting your ass stirred up, are you going crazy just from your ass, Demoness….? Oraa!!」

「Nnaaahhhh!? I-I’m cummming!!? Y-you can’t jyaah……M-my asshole is still so sensitive………HiiHigiiiiii!?!?」

(Wa, wa, whaa……!?)

「Stop holding your words back and just properly scream out that you are cumming! Or do you want to be punished by getting slapped in the ass that badly?! Hora Hora!!」

「Forgive meee, Pweasee I-I’m sowwyy!! I-I’ll say it so pwease, M-My ass hole is cumming, getting Tooru’s semen poured into my ass hole is making me cummmmmm~~~~~!!?」

(Wh, what are they doing!?)

She was just about to knock on the door, but she froze in place with her eyes wide open.

The wet sound of water and of flesh hitting against flesh, in conjunction with a faint lewd smell drifting about the air.

「Fuu……It’s not the end just yet, just like I promised I will also fill your front to the brim……Hora, stop resting and get on top of me」

「Hahh, Hahh, Hahhh…….! Th-this position, is like the one you had when you did it with Flamia…..!?」

「That’s right, you looked really jealous when you were watching us, am I right? This is your reward for working hard, today I will embrace you gently」

「Y-you don’t really have to treat me gently…..Fu, Fuaah!?  K-Kissing me whilst you insert it, is, ch-cheating jyaaah…..」

She was panting and purring like some sort of animal, and her tone of voice sounded even sweeter than before.

What kind of expression was she making as Tooru made love to her I wonder? And also what kind of face was Tooru himself making?

(Wait, oh no….I-What am I thinking…….!? I shouldn’t be listening to this……No, I’m not supposed to hear thing kind of thing, but……!)

Kirika was entrusting herself to the side of the wall next to the door as she held her breath and pricked up her ears.

Without even realizing it herself, the tip of her fingers pushes up against her blouse shirt, which was holding her huge breasts together…..And it also extends in between her plump thighs down her navy blue skirt into her special place.

Her insides were already hot and wet and she began to feel a tingling sensation in between her legs.

「But as per usual, your body is really light isn’t it? We can even do it in this kind of posture……!」

「Whaat, whaaawa, whwattt!? D-doing it in this kind of position, nno matter how you think about it, is wayy to embarrassing!?」

「Kukuku, contrary to your words, isn’t your vagina tightening even more, huh? I want you to feel the full pleasure of being disgraced in front of me, Palmyra!! 」

(Eh? Ehh? Wha-what are they doing!? Wh-what kind of position are they in….!?)

Because she wasn’t able to see the spectacle beyond the door, it instead stimulated her lewd imaginations even more.

Before she knew it, the silhouette of Palmyra in her mind was changed into her own reflection. And, *Kuchuri*, the moment that Kirika’s finger started to flow with indecent fluids…

「AhhhhAhAhhhhh~~~~, Being disgraceddd by you, I-I’m cumming againnnnn!!?」

「Ahh, Ahhnn……!? Eh, wha, what have I been doing up until now…….!?」

After Palmyra screamed out in ecstasy reaching her climax, Kirika became conscious of the fact that she was moving her fingers to comfort her own hot and bothered body and she quickly covered her mouth in a fluster.

She realized what she was trying to do, whilst listening in to their two voices…..and this made her ears turn completely red as she became totally embarrassed.

(Uuu, baka…..I’m so stupid, I’m the worst…….! I-if Odamori-kun was to find out about this….I won’t be able to live with the shamee…..!)

Eavesdropping on their lovemaking, getting her body really hot, and on top of this, she was trying to comfort herself——feeling the shocking emotions of embarrassment, self-hatred and even thoughts of suicide, Kirika panicked as she ran away from that place……..

「Sierra.  I….want to show Slavemancer Tooru, my gratitude for saving my life」

Dianne was sitting in a wooden stump type table as she made this declaration. It has been so many years, since she was able to enjoy a moment with her younger sister without the presence of outsiders to interrupt them.

「Dianne Anee-sama, you mean…..?!」

「Yes. I will obey his wishes, and I will dedicate this body of mine……for him. He saved my village from the brink of destruction fighting against the demons, and not only that, for I who was already corrupted by the “Divine Corpse” and I who had already lost everything in my future, he saved me」


As if everything was natural, Dianne still spoke coolly and indifferently and on the contrary Sierra was the one who was trembling.

When she imagined the spectacle of her dearest sister being embraced by Tooru, unconsciously very complex thoughts started to cloud her chest.

「That is……Umm, I want to ask you for a favor…」


In the next moment, Sierra was caught off guard.

Her elder sister was usually calm and collected, and she had the pure and clean aura of a priestess and could even be said to resemble a goddess deity , but right now, it seemed as if Dianne was emotional, even more so than Sierra herself.

「I-I don’t really know what to do, in these kinds of situations, that’s why….I」

「Eh? …………….Ehh?」

「Please, do you think that you can accompany me, when we do the deed?!」

Right now, Dianne was speaking emotionally, incoherently and with a blush on her face.

The entrance of the dark elf village had many caves and pits, and these tunnels were connected to various places in the forest of the elves.

The pathways that stood out could probably be located if one looked really closely, but the path ways which were hidden, were almost impossible to find unless you knew the place.

Right now, the sun was beginning to set, and the trees were being dyed with the orange color of the setting sun, a shadow of a person was standing.

「Is it here?……It’s just like Cruz-dono informed」(TL note: Dono = Mr. another respectful way to address someone, I think I will just leave it as dono)

A woman knight wrapped in red and silver armor with a flaxen colored ponytail.

「Just you wait, Kirika……..! You who have lost all of your honor, I will regain it back from that vicious man, along with the safety of Princess Sistina!」

And also my own honor!…… is what she muttered in her inner most thoughts.

Celesta was gently brushing “the thing” that was hanging on her waist, on the opposite side of her sword.

「I will triumph, with this “weapon” that Cruz-dono lent me!」

If Tooru were to see what this “weapon” was, he would without a doubt raise his voice in shock, right?

Slavemancer Tooru (Level Up!)

Job: Slavemancer LV15→16

Skill: 【Enslavement Magic LV9→10】【Devil’s Contract LV1】【Magical Slave Enhancement LV5→6】???

・At present: The amount of slots open: 1 person

【Princess Knight Kirika】【Sorceress Nina】【Woman Soldier Amelia】【Elemental Archer Sierra the elf】

【Armored Golem Nana】【Demoness Palmyra】【Woman Earl Yurina】

【Dark Elven prison guard】【The Mad Princess Flamia】



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