Chapter 36: The Immoral Sisters and the Heartless Queen


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The whole sky was covered in star light, and the surface of the water was faintly giving off some steam. Her silvery hair glittered in the moonlight, and her tanned well-proportioned body was completely exposed to me.

「Then, Slavemancer…..By all means」

Right now, I was in the “Secret hot spring” which was located in the dark elf underground village.

The foundations of the bath was a gigantic tree which seemed to be hollowed out with a diameter of 10m, it was a vast outdoor hot spring area. The hot water was light green in color and would soak you up to your knees (The reason it was this particular color is because, the hot water which comes out of the deep underground seemed to be mixed with the sap of various trees, and it has medicinal properties thereby changing the color slightly).

This place smelled really nice, and exuded an aroma of Japanese Cypress which would make you feel really relaxed and comforted, in normal circumstances, this is the place that the Priestess would be free to use to cleanse their soul and settle their spirit.

「This is unexpected, Dianne. I would never have thought that you would dedicated your body to me, of your own accord」

「You are my benefactor, and if that is your wish, then I shall be at your mercy」

Dianne’s breasts seemed very elastic, she had rocket like boobies and nipples which were perky. Like a normal dark elf, her body was tight and toned, and yet despite that, she had tender looking hips and a nicely shaped ass contributing to a sleek body line.

Both of those wondrous places were now wet with the hot spring water, and with the moonlight shining on to her body, she seemed like some sort of a goddess.

Since I laid my eyes upon her delicious looking body, I have always yearned for this exact moment. Let’s fully relish her body here until I am completely satisfied.

「Umm……..My Lord, are you really going to……..With my Onee-sama……?」

Sierra was sitting on top of a rock a little ways away from the spring, and she timidly asked me this question with a little bit of anxiety and shame.

Even I was surprised that Dianne was presenting herself to me like this, for Sierra it must be even more shocking.

「I’m sorry, Sierra. But, if I do this alone……I, wouldn’t have a clue of where to start」

「Apparently, it is as she has just stated. She’s telling us that she wants you to watch over her as she has sex with me, what an indecent sister you seem to have, Sierra. Well then, in that case I will start with these breasts of yours」


I was grabbing Dianne’s slightly wet breasts straight from the front without any reservations.

Munyuu Munyuuu *Squish squish*…… all ten of my fingers were sinking into her soft milky brown flesh. Even if the color of her skin was chocolate, her bounciness and elasticity was just like Kuzumochi cake. (TL note: Here is a picture of Kuzumochi cake, it does indeed look very delicious~)

「Ohh, this is just wonderful…….Don’t move Dianne, arrange your hands behind your head and lock them together, let your body be in my mercy」

「Ahh, Y…..Yes, if that is your wish, then I shall follow it Slavemancer-dono…..」

Nyumun Nyumun I was massaging her beautiful globes in a circular motion kneading it up and down, left and right, pulling on it and playing around with it as I desired. Her long silver hair started to shake as she tried to endure my thorough milking of her breasts.

「Whilst you may be slightly smaller than Sierra’s, you most definitely don’t lose in terms of elasticity or sensitivity. This must be the first time a man has touched you, right?」

「Y….Yes, Th-this is the first time someone has, Nnn! D-done this…….Ahhh!?」

Her mammary areola was on the bigger side and I began to trace along its sensitive tip with my fingernails, as I did this, I noticed that her cherry pink nipples started to stand up.

It isn’t that interesting if she kept her usual detached attitude, so I think that I should shake her up a little bit.

「However, you must have played with yourself before, right? How about this kind of place, I’m sure that you must have touched it before?」

「Wha…….!? Wh, what do you mea–!?」

「I mean come on, look at this it’s already towering and become indecently erected, Dianne……..This kind of plump ero nipples is the proof that you’ve touched yourself」

「Eh, Ehhh!? I-is that really so………Nnhii!? 」

Pann!  The sound of me heavily spanking her round tanned butt resounded in the open air.

「Didn’t I tell you not to move your hands from behind your head? Furthermore, if you don’t stand up straight and perk up your chest more, I will give you another spanking just like before」

「Y-Yess……., I…….I’m very sorr–, AhhAhnnn!? You’re t-touching my breasts so vigorously again….!」

Although she still had half her mask, I started to see a glimpse of her real personality as her cold atmosphere slightly reduced, moreover I actually managed to discover that she had some experience touching herself, which was completely unexpected

Also, the fact that her eyes couldn’t see only served to amplify her anticipation of where I would touch her next, and because of this, it made her extra sensitive.

「Haa….Haaah……Nn, Nnn!? Fuu, Hah Hahh……..NnnnAhh!?」

「Ne……Nee-sama, is reacting to that extent, a-and…. it’s only just her breasts…..!」

I turned to her back and embraced her from behind, her long silver hair brushed against my face as I resumed my earnest fondling of her breasts.

My hands were acting like a bra as they scooped her breasts from underneath, at the same time I rubbed her stiff nipples with my palms. The sensation of her boobs yielding to gravity and falling into my hands felt like a water balloon and I could not get enough of the feeling as I repeated this process over and over.

「You seem to be thoroughly enjoying this, Priestess-sama, Nn? If it’s like this, you must like to play around with your nipples all the time, am I right? Unexpectedly, you seem to be really lewd but you managed to hide it so well, didn’t you?」

「Haaahh, Haaa……..! Ahh, Ah…….! Th-that’s not tru— Ahh…..!」

It wasn’t just because of the hot water anymore, her whole body was gleaming with sweat and it only made her more captivating, I also understood that she was trying to sense Sierra’s presence from time to time.

Well, even for a cool headed Priestess like her, having her younger sister find out that she had a habit of pleasuring herself, was after all, an embarrassing thing.

「Even if you try to hide it from me, it is useless. I will make sure to make you climax just from touching your nipples, just like you’ve always done so by yourself, look……Dianne, just like this!」

「HiiAhhhhhh!? P-please wait Slavemanc—Hihigiiii, NNnnnnhiiii!?!?」

I grabbed on to and tightly pulled on her nipples towards the air, I raised it so firmly that she would have felt both pain and pleasure at the same time.

Gaji (Bite), the moment I bit her sensitive elven ears, her slender and glamorous body began to tremble in a forceful way.

「Ah, Dianne-Neesama……! Is cumming……?」(TL: Neesama = Elder Sister)

「Yeah she is, why don’t you come closer and take a good look, Sierra」

「W-Waitt!? S-stop……..D-don’t come Sierra, d-don’t watch meee…….Iiii!? Fuaaaaaaa Ahhhnnnnnaaa!!?」

The body of the elder sister Priestess was twisting and turning in a panicked state, and I firmly held on to her whilst continuing to crush her nipples with the tip of my fingers forcing her to continue her climax, moreover I also licked and lightly bit her ears as punishment.

She also tried to cover her face with both of her hands, but of course I also stopped this by grabbing on to her wrists.

「Aneesama…… so, beautiful……..」

「S-Sierra, What are you saying…..!? Ah, Ahhhhh!?」

Sierra’s expression became feverish as she watched her step sister climaxing from an even closer position than before. After she finally finished convulsing from her nipple orgasm, she lost her strength in exhaustion and Sierra came in order to support her.

「Oh~, I dare say that this was a magnificent climax」

「Haa, Haah, Haaah…..! I’ve s-shown you something, unsightly….!」

I didn’t fail to notice that in between her tanned thighs, a clear sticky fluid flowed down her legs and was mixed with the hot water and her sweat. This Priestess had been separated from the world and the earthly way of life. Going at this kind of pace, I want to draw out all her hidden desires that she herself did not know she possessed.

「There is nothing to be ashamed of you know, Dianne? I’m going to release all the pent up frustrations you’ve built as a result of your strict way of life as a Priestess, so be prepared…..!」

When I whispered those words into her elf ears which had grown a dark red color, her dark elf virgin body reacted sensitivity as she shivered, a fresh new string of her love juices was dripping into the bathtub

The elf sisters who had a contrastive colored hair, was sitting on top of a rock in the outdoor spring.

When I unfastened my towel which was on my waist and exposed my erect cock……Dianne reacted with a start.

「Nn? I thought you aren’t able to see?」

「Even though that may be….. In return all my other senses have increased…..especially my sense of smell」

「Since a very long time ago, Neesama has had a very good sense of smell, My Lord」

Dianne cast her eyes downwards, as if she was very embarrassed. When I see that her shapely nose was twitching in reaction to my manly smell, my feverish cock….surged as the sadist part of me started to grow within my heart.

「Is that so? In that case…..I will make sure that you savor my “smell” to the utmost for your first experience 」


I suddenly and forcefully grabbed hold of her silver colored head and aimed by cock straight at her face. I used the tip of my penis and rubbed it closely across bridge of her nose.

She has never even touched another man’s hands, and when I defiled her princess-like face with my ugly thing, I felt a sense of conquest and my penis started to pulsate and throb sending more blood to it.

「S-Slavemancer-dono…….Ah, th-the thing that’s touching me……is, getting really h-hard, Fu, Fuahh!?」

「This is called a man’s cock, Priestess, even though you’ve gotten used to touching yourself, this is the first time, you’ve encountered this, right? Now then, from here on out, you must take in a deep breath……!」

「Nnn, Nnfuu…..! Nnnn, Nnfuuuaa…….Ahh!?」

She was following my orders faithfully, my fully erected dick was covered in sweat and moisture and was beginning to leak out a huge amount of cowper fluids, Dianne was continuously inhaling the smell of my stinking cock at point-blank range.

She must be feeling the tactile sense of my pulsating blood vessels, as my hot trunk was ready to burst out of its skin. Whilst continuing to slide back and forth against her comfortable face, I made her sure that she memorized the smell of my manly cock.

「Th-this is…….A-amazing……Ahh, my head is tingling……Fuuuu Nnn, NnnNnn Ohh…….Haaah Haaah, Fuuaaahh…….!」

Before I was aware of it, the Dark elf Priestess Dianne had already started to act like a playful puppy, and she willingly pushed her own face against my smelly cock and she deeply indulged herself in devouring my smell.

Because her sense of smell was much sharper than a normal human being, it seems that my indecent smell had started to invade her brains. She was forced into a state of sexual excitement and her face changed into a dreamy vacant look she was just like a bitch in heat.

「Have you taken that much of a liking to a human’s cock? In that case you should also smell it from the interior of your body」

「Eh…….From the interior…….?」

Instead of answering her question, I liberated her face from my grasp and I slid my fingers into the beautiful crevice of her lips and pulled out her pink colored tongue.

Her tongue was plenty wet with saliva already, and I placed my two fingers in between her slippery tongue whilst playing around with it, I also called out to Sierra.

「Line up over here, why don’t you teach your inexperienced elder sister how it’s done Sierra. Teach her the proper technique in order to properly suck and lick my cock making sure has relishes the taste」

「Y…..Yes, My Lord………」

「Suck…ing? S-Sierra?」

Although she was still quite shy, Sierra who had only been watching us since a little while ago must have felt vexed and this feeling of frustration seems to have won.

Sierra came right next to the bewildered Dianne and gently propped up her head, she grabbed on to the base of my erected cock and lined Dianne’s head with my speared tip which was letting off steam and vapour.

「Aneesama…..Please open your mouth widely, okay?」

「Fu, Fuaah? Ho, Hofueeefuahh (L-like this?)……..Nnpuuu!?」


An obedient younger sister was affectionately opening the gentle dark elf elder sister’s mouth vagina, so that my bold human cock could be inserted into it. This was a truly immoral sight to behold.

「O, Ohh…..! That’s good, this slippery feeling of your mouth twining around my cock is just exquisite…..!」

「Nnnpuuuahhh, NNpuu~~~!?!? Puaahh, Nnnnn!!?」

「I’m sorry Neesama……Please, endure it a little okay? Just like that, try to use your tongue to lick My Lord’s penis…….」

Dianne eyes became watery as my magnificent cock was being pushed into her narrow mouth, however she was not able to shake off the hands of her beloved sister Sierra…

Just like she was told, Dianne started to move her tongue in a timid fashion, and I was enjoying her virgin tight mouth which was barely able to contain the glands of my penis, as she licked my member in an inexperienced way.

「Smelling my cock and then salivating so much because of it, you truly are a lewd person, aren’t you, Dianne…….? You need to firmly mix your saliva with the thing coming out of the tip, and be sure to properly taste it…..!」

「Neesama, if it feels hard to breathe through your mouth, try using your nose ……..Yes, just like that, you’re doing really well. Then next is to use your tongue with more strength and move it in various directions…….Don’t worry, Sierra always does this kind of thing, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about, okay?」

「Nnpuuahh, Haafuuu…..! Nnbuu, Nnpunnn Jyuubuubuu……..! Chububuu, Rero ryurururu……..Reryuuuu!!」(Suck, exhale…..! Slurpp…….! Kiss, Lick…..lickkk!!)

The experienced younger sister was giving the elder sister a ferratio lesson in an obscene manner.

It was to the extent that I didn’t even need to say a single word, this was goes to show how excellent Sierra’s “Guidance” was.

Sierra continuously lectured her sister in the way to lick the head of the penis and or stroke the shaft with her lips, she also taught Dianne about all my weak spots, in the blink of an eye, Dianne’s technique was rapidly improving to the extent that she could make me leak out my voice.

「See, our Lord looks like he’s feeling really good……Sierra, also wants to see all the expressions…….Aneesama can make」

「S-Sierraah……..Nnpuu! Nnnjyupu, Nnpuahhh…..Apuuh!?」

This girl Sierra, she’s totally switched on and is really getting into this unusual 3P scenario.

Sierra was watching her own elder sister with a sadistic gaze and a smile on her face, as my cock went in and out of Dianne’s lips in a high speed fashion. After that she held on to her dear sister’s head and in no way did she plan on stopping or slowing down the vigorous back and forth movements of my cock.

「Kuuh, W-wait a bit Dianne, No I mean Sierra! If you continue like this, I’m going to let it out………!」

「Ahh……….It seems like our Lord is about to ejaculate, our Lord will let out a lot of his semen…….You’re so lucky aren’t you, Aneesama」

「Haapuuuh, Pujyuupuuu, Haabuuhh NnnnPuu!?!?」

And Dianne also adapted extremely fast to her younger sister’s “hard” training.

Since a little while ago, the movements of her elegant lips had become tighter as she greedily devoured and sucked on my cock, additionally she continued to dance her tongue around the tip of my penis in a flashy manner and the level of her blow- -job was completely different to before, it was getting really hard for me to endure the rising sensation to burst.

Could it be that because she couldn’t see with her eyes, she is able to use her extrasensory abilities to see through my weak spots?……..In any case, I had no room to think about these kind of useless thoughts any longer.

「Uuu…..I-I’m cumming!! Stick out your tongues and line up you ero elves! I want you sisters to gather closely and receive my special semen marking!!」

I pulled out my mighty cock from her warm and heavenly mouth, it was on the brink of ejaculating and I began to stroke it harder and harder to the point of pain.

Sierra who knew exactly what she was about to receive from me, willingly presented her tongue with a rapt look on her face, Dianne was also lining up even though she didn’t know what was about to occur, it was at this moment that I took my aim at the beautiful sisters who were panting defencelessly with their tongues stuck out——-!!

Dobyuuuu, Dobyuuuururururuu!!!!

Byukuu, Byukuu Dopbyuukunn!! Byuchaaa Nyuchaaaahhh…….!!

「Puaaahh, Ahhh FuaahhHH!? Wh-what is this……..I-it’s so hot and this smell is coming all over my face, and all over my body………..Ahhh, B….But this smelll is……..?!!!」

「Ahhh, Fuaaahh…….! Amazing, together with Aneesama…….My Lord is showering us with his pure white thingg…….!!」

My thick semen wriggles in the air as is spurts out vigorously making sticky indecent sounds.

To my woman, and to the girl who will become my woman in the future, I incessantly poured my sticky fluids all over their gold and silver hair and their four huge breasts……..I was marking them with my manly smell.

Sierra’s pure white skin and Dianne’s brown tanned skin was covered in my cloudy fluids emphasizing the contrast between them even more, their terrific appearance of being stained by my cum combined together to portray a tremendously lewd image.

A string of semen connects the faces of the two girls like an arch, as it hangs down from the center gap between them.

「Fuua, Haah, HaaaahhhhaahH……..Ahhh!!!」

The dark elf priestess was sitting down on the shallow hot water in a really lovely manner, my thick lump of semen was sliding down her beautiful face as she raggedly breathed in and out to catch her breath.

Her nostrils was continuously twitching and reacting to my rich manly smell, this was proof of my dominion over her, she seemed to be delighted as she savored my smell with her every breath.

「Are you satisfied, Dianne? However, this is not the end. I will make sure to pierce your virginity which you have guarded so importantly up until now, right in front of your dear sister……..!」

「It can’t be, how could that Imouto-kun do that with a lowly human…….I-it’s impossible!! You must be mistaken!」(TL: Imouto-kun is how Strahl refers to Flamia, it literally means, younger sister-kun, Kun = another form of honorific, like -san,sama etc)

Location: Netherworld, Area of eternally burning flames—— The Haze Castle was in the middle of a pillar of flames which never died out.

The walls and floor were all covered in magical stones, and the Demonic Swordsman Strahl exclaimed in a voice of disbelief. (TL: If I remember correctly, I used to name this guy Shutoraru this guy is the one with flying swords on his back and a lion’s mask on his face either that or he literally has a lion’s face)

『I have only spoken the truth. I saw it with my own eyes. The Slavemancer defeated Flamia-sama, and took her captive』

The figure of a person wearing a silver mask was projected from the crystal ball that floated in the air, Cruz’s was remaining perfectly composed in contrast to his shocking report.

「In that case! Isn’t it your duty as Iblis-sama’s retainer to instantly go at this moment and risk everything you have in order rescue her, huh!?」

『No no, isn’t it much more important to report it to Iblis-sama first? Moreover, the person who gets to decide what I do is not you, Demonic Swordsman』

Cruz’s reasoning was superficially polite but rude in his intentions….. The Demonic Swordsman who was wearing a lion’s mask growled with annoyance.

All of her retainer’s gazes were gathered at the floating crimson globe which was filled with high density magic, the orb was projecting the presence of their Master Iblis.

『——The Divine Corpse, you are certain that the living creature known as the Armored Golem has merged with it?』

The question was conveyed along with powerful psychic waves, and the man wearing the silver mask nods his head. And after a short period of silence…

『In that case, Cruz. I order you to retrieve it without fail………..I do not care what you use to accomplish this task. You may use everything at your disposal, do you understand?』

『Yes! As you command!』

After the short instruction was given to Cruz, the room was silent once again…

Hearing the attitude of his Master acting without a shred of care for her own younger sister, Strahl gets agitated and stands up.

「Th…..This cannot be all that you would say my Lord!? Certainly, securing the Divine Corpse is our supreme objective, however, what of your younger sister who is part of your flesh and blood! If Cruz is not enough as a war potential, then I shall pledge myself, I will go to the human world immediately and—-」

『Strahl, I have already spoken. I told Cruz that he should use “whatever” means at his disposal….Did I not?』

「Yes…..? That is…you mean to say—–I-it can’t be!?」

In the next instant, Strahl’s eyes opened wide in shock.

He finally understood the ruthless motive behind his Master’s words.

「However……However! W-Wouldn’t it be too excessive towards Imouto-kun, please show her your compassion…….Guuoohh!?」

『You are becoming a little annoying, Strahl』

Zun! The huge body of the Demonic Swordsman was forced to kneel on to the crystal floor. The sound of the magical crystal’s cracking could be heard.

Strahl could only clench his teeth and bare the oppressive force against him in anguish………Right now, by some mysterious means, his body was made to experience an extraordinary burden and a tremendous amount of agony.

『Now then, Cruz, I order you to go—-You should make certain to bring the Divine Corpse back to my side. I will not forgive your failure』

『……Yes. I understand』

Considering how overpowering the mental waves that came from her voice was, not even Cruz dared to joke around in her mighty presence.

The three-dimensional image projected by the ball closes, and a cold silence returned to the Heat Haze Castle, Strahl was soliloquising in his own mind, whilst desperately trying to endure the remnants of pain and agony.

(Imouto-kun…….F-Flamia-sama…..! H-how could you be allowed to be captured like this!? I…..I must do something, even if it’s by myself, I need to do something……!!)



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