Chapter 37: The Secret at the Hot spring and the Knight who Seeks Revenge Part 1


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Nyupu…..Nyupon, Nyupahh! Gunyuku !

I was lying my back against the bed rock in the outdoor hot spring, and in between my groins the soft meat enveloping my cock was making lewd sounds.

「Ahhh…..S-Slavemancer-dono’s meat rod is…….! Growing so big inside of my breasts…….」

「You’re doing really well Dianne…..Just like I thought, your paizuri feels really good」

My penis quickly grew hard again after feeling the comfortable elasticity of her brown milk tank kneading my cock. However, the person who was kneading her tits and moving it was not Dianne herself. It was in fact Sierra who was sitting glued behind her elder sister’s back.

「My Lord…….Does Dianne-Aneesama’s breasts feel good?」

「Yeah, it’s unbearably good. As expected of my number one breast slave, Sierra’s paizuri technique is supreme, it wraps so well around me I almost can’t believe that these are tits of a virgin」

「Ahh, Auuu!? S-Sierra d-do you always do these kinds of indecent things with your breasts……!?」


Her long silver eyelashes were quivering, as she let out a high pitched bewildered voice. Having her boobies persistently massaged by her own beloved sister, she felt pleasure from this immoral act, and her eyebrows were frowning like she was suffocating from the sensations.

Dianne was tightly interposed from the front and back, by my cock from the front and by Sierra’s huge tits from the back. No matter how embarrassed she felt she could not run away.

「Ah….T-that “smell” it’s becoming stronger a-again….!?」

「Alright, it’s completely recovered now. At last Dianne it’s about time now…….Actually before that Sierra, can you make sure to lubricate my penis. In order to make sure that your beloved elder sister doesn’t feel any pain」

Nodding, Sierra wrapped around my cock with her lovely lips and swallowed deeply.

Nyuroh…..Chukuu………Nyururu…… Sierra was devoting her utmost attention to servicing me with her mouth right beside Dianne who had an expression of shock on her face.

From here on out Sierra was amply using her saliva to lasciviously cover my cock which was about to pierce her elder sister’s virgin hymen. I was able to deliciously enjoy both the sisters at the same time.

「Kuu, that’s about enough. You’re so greedy Sierra, are you trying to suck out my semen?」

「Puah! I’m sorry My Lord……I got carried away 」

On top of the warm bed rock, Dianne’s wet tanned nude body was lying in wait for me.

Her breathing was slightly out of order. Her legs were slowly and willingly being spread out on her own accord, and she was looking at me with her eyes which doesn’t reflect any light.

「At this kind of juncture, you aren’t going to suddenly tell me that it would be bad if I took your virginity because you are a Priestess, right?」

「N-no not at all……The Twin Goddesses we worship governs over life and death, especially Teiputori, who governs over life, in her doctrine it is said that bearing a child is a praiseworthy thing…..」

「Is that so ? In that case allow me to enjoy you to the fullest. Have a good close look Sierra, this is the moment that I pierce the virginity of your elder sister with my cock!」

「Y, Yes……….!」

In provocative contrast to her milk chocolate tanned skin, her thin virgin slit was a salmon pink color. From our lewd play just a little while ago, her sacred place was already fully wet and beginning to slightly bloom open like a flower—–I aimed my dark brown lethal weapon and slowly began to push in.

「Ah, Ahhh…….! I-it’s coming…..C-coming inside of meee…….!?」

Whilst piercing through her hymen which was already wet with love juices and moisture, I felt a terrific sense of dominance and conquest, no matter how many times I felt this feeling of joy, I just can’t get enough of it.

Dianne’s waist was undulating as she tried to endure the sensations of my forceful entrance, she began to leak out a sweet coquettish voice.

「Hah, Fuaa, Hahii…….Nnn Ahhh, It…..It’s still going so deep, how deep is it going to enter?………Nnn Ahhh!?」

「It’s alright, Anee-sama………Because Sierra will be right next to you, holding your hands………okay?」

Her tight virgin vagina was binding my penis from all directions as it twisted and turned in random directions, I continued to go deeper and deeper into her inserting myself and feeling a different kind of conquest.

Before she knew it, Kotsun! I had already reached the end of her womb and was striking the head of my penis against her uterus, Dianne’s silvery hair was becoming dishevelled.

「Ka, Kahaah……..!?」

「Kuu, this is really tight, it seems moving straight away is quite difficult. Alright Sierra, why don’t you massage your elder sister’s stomach and loosen it up」

「Yes……Like this? Anee-sama, are you in pain?」

Dianne’s abdomen was slightly swelling, Sierra used her white slender hands and began to gently pat the stomach of her elder sister as if she was comforting a small animal.

Slowly and carefully, Sierra was tracing the shape of my cock with her fingers which was deep inside of Dianne’s stomach.

「Ahhhii!? S-Sierra, th-this it’s pulsatingg………deep inside of meee it’s pulsating, Nnnnn Ohhh!? P-please wait a mome—……..Hyaaaann!?」

「Anee-sama, are you feeling good?  Then I will do it more okay……. there, there」(Pat, pat)

As if Sierra could not hear her sister’s plea to wait, one of her hands was firmly holding down Dianne’s struggling hand whilst her other hand was indecently caressing her stomach.

Her green emerald eyes were shining with a suspicious light just like before.

Looking at her elder sister who was so feminine and was in a defenceless state the younger sister had unconsciously manifested her sadist nature…..It would seem that I have unintentionally pressed a switch in Sierra.

「You’re doing well Sierra, thanks to you, your elder sister’s belly is becoming looser and more sticky. Then, I think it’s about time that I start moving, Dianne…..!」

「Ahhhnnnn Ahhh!? Y-you can’t if you move so suddenly I……Fuaaaaahh!? S-Sierra s-stop moving your handss, HyaaaaaAAa Hyiiiiiih!?!?」

I was continuing my thorough kneading of her very sensitive virgin vagina and she kept moaning in a voice that seemed unable to withstand the pleasure her body was feeling within this open air bath.

Gunn, Gumuu……..Zunn, Zukunn!

Gradually my strokes were becoming more powerful, her dark elf pussy was covered with sensitive weak spots and for the first time all these areas were being carved out with my manly cock.

「How is it Dianne? The taste of a human cock!? Even within your younger sister’s insides, I have already amply disciplined her with my dick, you know!」

「Y-yes…….Sierra’s vagina has already changed to the shape of My Lord’s penis……..I want Anee-sama to also have the matching shaped vagina as………」

「D-don’t say that kind of thing, please Sierra Ohhh….!  U-us sisters matching, i-it’s so embarassingg……..Ahhh!! NNn Ohhh Ahhhh!?」

Even though she was lying down, Purinn…….her perky breasts were pointing towards the sky and I used the palm of my hands to fully cover it and intensely massaged it, all the while I continued to swing my hips.

I was moving my hips without holding back and her flexible meat hole was in the process of quickly adjusting to the shape of my cock, she was adapting so fast that it’s hard to believe she was just a virgin a few moments ago. Dianne’s hands were being bound tightly by her younger sister and I continued my ferocious assault.

「I-I can’t th-this is too much, th-the shape of my body is confirming to the same shape of my precious younger sister’s body, I-I think I’m gwoing to go crazyy Slavemancer-dono, Tooru-donoooo!? Ahhhhahhh, it’s going in an outtt of mee Ohhhh!?!?」

「It seems that way doesn’t it? You’ve been continuously climaxing lightly and tightening on my cock and it’s making me even more energetic! However it’s still not enough, now then, you must cum for me deeply and more profoundly than before, Dianne…..! Feel the climax from the depths of your womb relish in the feeling of ultimate pleasure!!」

「Hiiih…….!? S-Sierra, I’m scared I’m so afraidd! I-I can’tttt, Ohhhh p-pleasee don’t push on my stomachhh!?」

「It’s alright, there is nothing to be scared of, you don’t have to be afraid Anee-sama……..It will feel very very, pleasant……..So you need to properly cum in front of Sierra……okay?」


In exquisite timing, Sierra was pushing on to the belly in order to deal the finishing blow, her assistance attack was really effective.

From both within her body and outside of her body, Dianne was feeling an excess amount of sensations being poured into her body. From the depths of her body a rising surge of transcendental pleasure exploded and Dianne was feeling an orgasm she had never felt before in her life——!

「HiiiaNnn Hiiiiii!?!? In…..Inside of my vaginaa……S-somethwing is cumming, so intenseely—……NnnohhhAhhhhhhaaaaaa!!?」

Biku Bikunnn……..Bikukunnnn!! Bururuuu!! (Twitch, twitch, twitchhhh, shiverr)

I was synchronizing my moments with the trembling and shivering of her body, she was cumming like crazy and her salmon pink vagina was convulsing after experiencing her first ever violent climax.

Her erotic meat was wringing my cock forcing me endlessly closer to my own ejaculation, I clenched my ass hole and endured the urge to just pour everything into her.

「Kuu, your dark elf vagina is twisting so hard……..Amazing tightness! However, I won’t be satisfied with just this, the next one is you Sierra!」

「Eh…..? Fuaa, My Lord………Fuaaaah!?」

In no time at all, I placed Sierra on top of Dianne as they were in a position of embracing each other, this time around I wanted to enjoy this meltingly wet elf vagina with my juicy wet cock.

In the moment I inserted into Sierra, I felt a sensation of tightness that didn’t lose at all to her elder sister……..It would seem that the moment I inserted into her Sierra already lightly came.

「Uohh, it’s already like this…..?! What, did you get so turned on seeing my cock screwing your elder sister that you already came from my insertion? Huh? Sierra you pervert!」

「Nnn, Nnn ohhh……..Fuhahh, Nnnhiiiinnn!? It-it’s truee, Sierra is such an ecchi girll……!」

「Haaah, Haaah……..I-I can’t believe, S-Sierra is making such indecent sounds………Nnahhyi!?」

Despite Dianne being surprised, Sierra’s body was swaying back and forth due to my flashy piston movements, and her huge breasts was stimulating Dianne’s. Dianne who had just cum moments ago still had an extremely sensitive skin and being rubbed by Sierra’s soft skin was like soap brushing against her and it made her involuntarily let out a sweet moan.

Their four pairs of huge breasts were jostling and hustling against each other, and their erect nipples were brushing against each other, the two elf sisters became a pair of lewd musical instruments.

「You didn’t imagine in your wildest dreams that the sister your grew up with could let out such a sexy voice, am I right, Dianne? However, you don’t have to worry about that, soon enough I will make it so that you cannot differentiate between whose voices are coming out」

「Wh-What do you mea………..Nn Ohhhhhh!!??」

I energetically pulled my cock out of Sierra and once again I inserted into Dianne’s dark elf vagina.

Her virgin meat hole which still had a really tight and fresh feel to it gave a slightly different kind of stimulus in comparison to her younger sister whose vagina had already completely conformed to the shape of my penis.

「Even though you guys aren’t related by blood, as expected you are truly sisters. From your moans even to the way you won’t let go of my cock, the both of you are so similar! Oraa Oraah! 」

「NNnhiihyaaaa!? I-is that really trueee……….Higuuuu, Nnn Ohhhh…….. Ahhhnnn Ahhhahhh!? Ah, it’s coming out——-!?」

「——Ahhhhhhhyiiiiii, i-it’s coming inside of mee!? My Lord’s venerable cock is alternating between me and my precious Anee-samaa Ohhhh!!?」

After making several piston movements, I would rotate my penis between the two blooming flowers inserting myself in each of them in turns.

Just when I was feeling the sensation of the elder sister’s tight vagina, in the next moment I would feel a completely different sensation from the younger sister, it was a gentle feeling of being wrapped inside a melting vagina.

The two sister’s seductive voices was like a harmonious instrument to my ears, whilst enjoying the sounds of their sweet voices I was completely indulging myself in the supreme bliss of doing whatever I pleased.

「A-Aneesama, Dianne Aneesamaaa!! I was so lonely when I couldn’t meet you! Y-your body was in such a terrible state b-but I couldn’t do anything, nor could I meet you, I was soo lonellyy Ahh!!」

「Ahhh, Sierraa Sieraahh!! I’m so sorry, but it’s alright noww!! that’s why, please t-togetherrrr!! 」

Before I noticed it, Sierra had become much more talkative than her usual self, and Dianne had also answered her emotionally whilst shedding tears.

Having all sense of responsibility be released from each other, they were both completely in the moment and they were merely indulging themselves in their insatiable lust for my cock.

The two of them softly kissed each other.

「What a beautiful display of sisterly affection……..I must congratulate you for making peace with your beloved younger sister, Dianne, you told me that your goddess welcomes the birth of children right!?」

「Eh? Wh-what do you mean…….!?」

Whilst pumping my waist up and down, I deactivated the ring type artifact on my finger.

「I’m about to cancel the contraception magic which is constantly released by the magic of this ring artifact. If I was to release my thick semen into you………in this condition, moreover considering the fact that my body’s vitality has been reinforced with magic, I’m sure you can imagine what will happen, right!?」

「Whaa!? Y-you can’t Slavemancer, Are…….Are you planning on m-making me p-pregnant!? Whatever the circumstances may be, that kind of thing is—–Nnn AhhhhH!?」

「Heh, in contrast to your words, your womb is trying to suck me in deeper squeezing so tightly, what do you say to that!?」

Dianne’s silver hair was dishevelled and she was saying “nooo, nooo” but from the melted expression on her face I could only see it as her begging me to continue.

I had an impending need to release and I speeded up my piston movements, a shiver ran up my spine along with the rising desire to dominate these two very beautiful elf sisters.

「Th-that’s not truee, I-I don’t wish t-to become pregnantt Ahhnn…….Nnhyuuu!> Hihyaaahiii, S-so intenseeee!!?」

「It-it’s finally Sierra’s turnn Ahhh!! My Lord’s movements are so amazinggg Ahhh!! P-please spare some of your semen and pour it plenty and amply inside of Sierra as wellll!!」

I steeled myself and pumped my fully erected cock to hollow out their insides, and once again the sisters were feeling the pleasure of reaching their summit.

It was to the extent that I couldn’t even tell who I was inserting myself into any longer, their flesh was tangled up with each other melting together……..However, the place I was going to finish in was already predetermined by my previous declaration.

「Now then take it all in Dianne!! I’m going to make your womb swallow all of my thick child-making milk whilst deactivating the contraceptive magic! Be grateful for it and create a half elf……Kuuuuu!!」

Byuuguuu………Nn Byuruururuuuuuu!!

Doku, Dobyu Dobyuuu!! Bupoo, Goboboo………. Gobyuuku Byukuu!!

「Ah ahhh……It-it’s coming……So deep into mee……..Nnn ooOhhhh Ahhhhhh~~~~~!?!?」

「Higiii, HiiiiAhhhhhhhAhh….. Hyaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhHH ~~~~~!!!」

I was continuously and vigorously pistoning Sierra until the last moment before I pulled it out of her deep interior and let out all my hot semen into Dianne.

Dobyu Dobyuu, I came for a long long time into the deep interior of her vagina and I felt so much pleasure that sparks started to fly out in front of my eyes intoxicating my brain.

「Ahhh, Ahahhh,,,,,,Wh-what should I do Sierra, I-I might have become pregnant with a half-elf…..!」

「Aneesama is so luckyy, I’m so jealouss……! Sierra also wants to be able to bear My Lord’s baby one day………..!」

Their long legs were enchantingly entwined with each other as they lay there breathing erratically.

Covered in sweat, Dianne’s skin was gleaming an amber color and from within her shapely child-bearing hips, my thick cloudy fluid was dribbling out like some sort of jelly, spilling on to Sierra’s white thighs————. (Light Novel Illustration: Dianne and Sierra are Musical Instruments)



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