Chapter 38: The Weapon from Hell and Those Words Part 1


「Now then, receive my attack Slavemancer Tooru! Be cleansed by the torrent of light!」

After the intermittent sound of explosions ended, the corner of the wall we were hiding ourselves behind began to crumble and fall.

Celesta was filled with elation furthermore she was holding an MP7 which if I remember correctly was produced by the H&K company………This is the kind of weapon that is normally seen in action movies, it was a weapon suited for gun battles and is a fearsome personal defense weapon.

「Wait! Aren’t you supposed to be a chivalrous type of character?! Using a full-fledged gun weapon like that, aren’t you ashamed yourself as a knight!?」

「Fuh, What an ignorant chap you are. Using this precious artefact, I am converting my noble chivalrous spirit into the holy power of destruction! And it is going to be used to purify evil existences……like you!」

「No you….. Are definitely being fooled you know!?」

No matter how you thought about it, her weapons were not something holy, even the hand grenade she used before, that was definitely not some holy light, I don’t even think that can be considered an artifact.

Moreover, if you looked closely this wasn’t anything like a purification, this is just a blatant use of physical force!

「To begin with, why the heck does Celesta have something like a machine gun in her hand!?」

「I think you are a little mistaken Himeno-san! To be more precise what she’s carrying is classified as a PDW, which is a category of sub-machine guns…..」

「Th-that kind of minor detail is totally unimportant right now!」

I was acting like a military geek with my over abundant knowledge of guns, and Kirika just shut me down. Well I suppose that within such a narrow corridor like the one we were in right now, it wasn’t easy for her to just jump into a sub-machine gun’s line of fire.

Fantasy vs. modern weapons……It was like I was in the middle of a classic joke, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would experience a situation like this first hand.

Moreover, the biggest irony in all of this is that the person using the sub-machine gun is not us who actually came from modern era, but was in fact a person who belonged in this under developed era and who was supposed to be a knight using swords.

「Nina, can you tell me if it’s a regular skill to be able to summon objects from a different dimension?」

「N-no according to my knowledge…….Even for people who are very high-ranked in summoning magic, if they wanted to summon something with a complex structure, it will be extremely difficult to the extent that they may need to use their life-force to activate the spell」

The probability that these weapons were actually created in this world, and they just happened to look exactly like the weapons from my previous earth, is pretty much close to zero.

In that case, did this mean that someone else acquired a long lost rare job, like my Slavemancer class, which gave them the power to do this……..?

In any case, why is it Celesta who has these weapons…

「Hey Odamori-kun, do you think that perhaps, it’s another one of those people like us…….?!」

「Yeah, I have the same thoughts as you. Just moments ago, Celesta said to us “I received these, from that person”, in other words the other party could may well be one of our classmates from our previous world」

Some way or another they have been able to bring modernized weapons into this world, they have most likely obtained a rare job from the “supervisor”.

If this is truly the case, what kind of power do they possess? What kind of intentions do they have?

Even if I wanted to get more information directly out of Celesta, first of all I needed to get out of this sticky situation……Just as I was thinking of a solution, the gunfire’s suddenly stopped.

「Muu, did my chivalrous spirit run out?! In that case, I will decide it with this!」

「No… You’ve obviously run out of bullets! Or more like, can something like your chivalrous spirit even run out of energy! Don’t you think that’s totally weird!?」

Crap, even though that was supposed to be my chance to act, I instinctively gave her a retort instead…

throwing away the sub-machine gun without a second thought, the woman knight Celesta pulled out a new object from within her magical pouch, it was a cylindrical object that was about 1 m in length and was slender in build—-Oi, you’ve got to be kidding me right!?

「Ain’t that an RPG 7 !? Are you telling me that kind of thing was in her pouch!?」

This is one of those very well-known objects from our world, if you were to ask me for its name, it would be an anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher!

The woman knight who was wearing armor, was actually setting up the grenade launcher on top of her shoulder……….the diamond shaped warhead was being pointed straight at us, and aimed towards us!

「R…..Rocket launcher!?」

「No, Although most people would get confused by it, the most exact interpretation of that weapon is actually a rocket-propelled grenade launcher….」

「L-like I said, it’s not the time to worry over such small details, righttt!?」

「Eat this! Pierce through evil and burst open! Holy Arrow of judgment!!」

This is bad, that weapon is literally capable of piercing through and destroying tanks.

Considering that we were hiding behind a crumbling rock wall, which cannot even be considered a screen. Even if Amelia were here to use her shield skills and I were to boost her abilities to the utmost, it is not clear whether it will be enough to defend against such a weapon….!

「Kuu, Hold on to me you two! We’re going to fly out of here, Aerial Circle!!」

Both Nina and I were being carried away, instead of going vertically up, Kirika was creating footsteps on the side of the wall and travelling horizontally. Nice decision, Kirika.

Being one step behind, the warhead manages to pierce through the wall we were just hiding behind, and I expected a much smaller explosion, but exceeding my expectations, a huge explosion burst behind us!

「Tsk…..Did you guys escape? I still have more stock left of these holy weapons, you know!」

「Like I said, they aren’t holy weapons ! When are you going to realize that the arms you are using has absolutely no relevance with chivalry or holy things!?」

「A-annoying, shut up! And just die!」

We were trying to run away, and Celesta kept on chasing us down whilst drawing more modern weapons one after the other.

Thus the death-game of tag began at the Dark Elf underground village which became our stage.

Time: Slightly going back in time.

This was back in the corner of the underground village residential area, in a spacious cavern room that was like a hotel suite room.

「Munyaa……..Ah, Aneesa….maa, I lovee you……..Fuaahh……..!?」

Her white shoulders were peeking out from her Kimono dress and Flamia who had just awoken from her slumber sprung out from her bed.

「Ara (Oh), Good morning. Well even if I wanted to say that it’s actually night time」


That’s right, the person who entered the door with a smile on her face was Princess Sistina who was wearing a dress and was holding a wooden tray in her hands.

The Mad Princess reflexively held out her hands in order to form her usual air space attack, however….

「…..Ah, Eh? Why, isn’t it coming out!?」

「I’m very sorry to tell you that Tooru-sama’s magic has prevented you from using your power and also prevented you from leaving this room desuwa」

「You’re lying……T-then, you’re telling me that I’m truly……!?」

It was an absolute fact that she was now bound by the same slavery magic that was applied on to Palmyra. In other words, she had been defeated. Not only that, she was miserably and utterly defeated.

「I lost…..? I really lost……to him and to Palmyra?」

She tasted defeat for the first time in her life and she could only keep silent with shock, tears of bitterness started to well up within her eyes. To such a Flamia, the Princess who was wearing a pure white dress gently presented the steaming tray filled with food.

「What, what are your intentions…..?」

「Although I’ve heard that most demons are able to live even without any food, after exhausting your magic you must be hungry right? Palm-chan was also like this, so….」

She was presenting the dish on top of the tray with a smile on her face. There was a mushroom soup mixed with various edible plants and also bread that was garnished with raspberry jam. Suddenly, a pang of intense hunger that she hasn’t felt in a period of tens of years suddenly struck her thin stomach.

「Humph! I-I’m not going to accept charity from the enemy」

「Oh? That’s such a shame. In that case, I will be the one to eat the dishes desuwa」


Flamia averted her gaze and was taking a sidelong glance towards Princess Sistina who was carrying the soup and gracefully placing it next to her mouth.

In the next moment, her elegant expression broke as she took a mouthful of the soup.

「Mnn~! As expected of Amelia’s cooking, it’s truly exceptional! I can taste all the flavors of the ingredients quite exquisitely on top of my tongue…..It really is such a delicious dish! 」

「Uuu……I-I’m not really sure b-but is it really that tasty…..?」

Flamia was beginning to salivate from the corners of her mouth, and she who was restricted from accessing a large portion of her magical reserves was for the first time in her life, feeling a sense of physical weariness.

By nature, Flamia has always been weak to her desires and was full of curiosity and soon her caution of Sistina began to fade away.

「T-then just a little bit……B-but don’t misunderstand kay! I just want to see if something a human made could truly be delicious, I’m just going to try it out a little!」

「Yes, then say Ahhn」


She was obediently closing her eyes and opening her mouth……..*gulp*, immediately after she swallowed the soup, her big round pupils opened really widely.

「!?!? D-delicious…….What is this? What on earth is this thing!? I-I want to eat moree!」

「Ufufu, even if you don’t rush yourself, the food isn’t going to run away」

From then on the food finished in the blink of an eye. Not just the soup, but everything on the tray was eaten by Flamia at a blistering speed.

Fuu…..after taking a greedy breath, Flamia awkwardly glanced at the beautiful Princess who was attentively watching her eat.

「……I think it would be really wise of you guys, to let me go. I’m warning you but this is for your own good」

Whilst sticking out her tongue to lick a little bit of the soup on her cheeks, she returned to speaking in her usual low tone voice.

「Iblis-Aneesama is sure to come and save me. I’m sure she has already made her way here. And when that time comes, not only Palmyra but that Tooru fellow will be crushed beneath her feet in no time at all」

Although Flamia meant to intimidate the Princess Sistina, it didn’t seem to affect her at all as she just continued to smile.

「…..You really love your elder sister, don’t you?」


「Ufufu, I also have many elder brothers and elder sisters of my own. I can really relate to your feelings」

At one stage in my life, I was a younger sister who caused a great amount of worry —–Princess Sistina was thinking about these things with a slightly lonely look in her eyes.

「O-Of course! She’s my one and only Annesama, since a long, long time ago! I have always loved my elder sister, she’s the one I love the most in this whole wide world!」

——-“Anesama also loves me dearly”

Although those set of words were something that was supposed to be natural to say……..However at that moment, the words were stuck in Flamia’s throat. Even Flamia herself, did not know the reason why she felt this way.

「…..A-anyways! If you value your life you should release me immediately, you understand!? If you don’t, I won’t care about what happens when my Aneesama gets here! When my Aneesama gets angry she’s extremely scary you know!?」

「Even if you tell me, I’m embarrassed to say that I cannot do anything, because the only one who gets to decide that is Tooru-sama」

「Then quickly call him over! Ah……B-before that!」

From below the Princess’s abundant sized breasts, Flamia was looking up towards her with a shy look on her face.

「Th-this soup, bring me….Another serving」



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