Chapter 38: The Weapon from Hell and those Words Part 2


Kirika, Nina and I were running through a small passageway which was curving around like some sort of maze.

I was running out of breath and behind us there was still an incessant rain of explosions and sounds of bullets impacting against the wall, I truly felt more dead than alive at this moment.

「Crap, we are at such a disadvantage because of this narrow pathway and the type of weapons she’s using!」

「Yes, it’s so frustrating! Even my brilliant burst that I fired out felt like such a waste!」

Kirika’s holy sword techniques, such as her brilliant burst and her Aerial Circle made use of large open spaces where she could unleash their full potential.

Furthermore, her skills were made specifically to combat demonic beings who are normally much larger in size than human beings.

Right now, our opponent was moving in a linear line towards us, and considering that she possessed an overwhelming amount of firepower she has gained complete control of the situation………We were in this small corridor with no realistic way of escaping added to the fact that because she was using physical attacks, Kirika’s magical resistance was totally useless.

Naturally, if my goal was to kill Celesta than the circumstances would be a little different. However, it was obvious that both Kirika and I, did not wish that to happen.

「Eeei, you guys are so slippery! Just give up and face me from the front like a true Knight, Kirika!」

「Umm, Someone like you who doesn’t even have a shred of their Knightly honor right now, does not have the right to say such a thing you know~!? 」

「W-what did you just say you Maid!? Stand right there and receive your punishment!」

A sound of metal being cut by some sort of chainsaw reverberated, Celesta was using some kind of assault rifle to continuously shoot at us.

She was just carelessly taking out all these firearms one after another, but it did not seem like she was going to run out of weapons any time soon.

For now, this winding maze like structure actually protected us from the shots as long as we continued to run away, however if we ever got lost and ran into a dead end, then we would probably be done for.

「Haaahm Haahaaa……I-if I can no longer run, please feel free to leave me behind……!」

「Of course we would never do that to you, Nina! Isn’t there some sort of magic you can use Odamori-kun!?」

「Even if you tell me to do something, unless we can do something about her advantageous position……..Hm? Wait a minute……If it’s at that location….!」

「Muu!? What is this place……?」

Celesta who was chasing after Tooru and the others suddenly entered a wide open space.

In front of her was a huge wall made out of wood acting like a barricade, the room was lightly lit with a bit of moonlight.

Because of the dimness of the room and how it was shrouded in steam, Celesta couldn’t grasp the precise location she was in.

「I did not think that she would be able to jump over such a high wall…… No, considering that Kirika would have had to carry two people, it should have been impossible for her to jump over this wall even with her amazing jumping power」

Celesta was on guard for any surprise attacks, and although she quickly scanned the environment, there was no sign of anything within her field of view.

Furthermore, there was no other exit in sight, what this meant was that Celesta had finally managed to corner the hateful Slavemancer into a dead end.

「In that case……I will make you come out of hiding!」

She decided promptly, and from within her magical pouch, she pulled out a large “weapon” that she hasn’t used before.

The weapon was black luster in color and it had 6 barrels bundled together filled with magazines, this is exactly what you would call a heavy firearm, embodying the image of a “Gatling gun”.

M134 Machine gun, nickname: Mini-gun.

In popular action movies, a macho male actor would usually be the ones to use this kind of humungous weapon. Under normal circumstances, the heaviness of such a weapon and the amount of recoil it produced was not something the average human being would be able to withstand.

However, the condition of carrying such a heavy weapon is cleared by her possessing the “magical bag”, and in this world there were plenty of strong people who exceeded the physical capabilities of the living flesh so it was feasible for a strong knight like her to use such a weapon.

「I don’t really know where you are hiding, but before I use this “Holy Tempest Flame with Six Lances” It would be best if you surrendered for your own good! This weapon will change my pure and noble spirit into a holy……holy……A-At any rate, it will change my spirit into some holy attack!」

After confirming that there was no reaction to the warning she gave out, the barrel of the Gatling gun started to rotate and fire.

Along with the merciless sound of the motor turning, a large amount of bullets that could easily reach 1000 rounds per minute rolled into the ground as she horizontally sprayed and prayed.

From the left to the right, as if sweeping out things with a fan, she strafed across the surrounding environments giving them no place to escape. Even the wall of wood was covered in bullets so much that the wall started to lose its balance and break down to the ground.

「Fuhahahahah, What do you think of my Holy Tempest Baptism! There is no way that your corrupted sword techniques and evil magic could stand a chance against this holy weapon!!」

Her flaxen ponytail fluttered from the recoil, and for a while, Celesta seemed to be intoxicated with the amount of power she was wielding.

Kyura Kyura Kyura…… The barrel that the woman knight was holding was slowly beginning to stop moving.

She had completely shot out all the ammunition.

「Hah……This won’t do, did I go a little too far? It……It can’t be that Kirika, took a frontal hit from my holy attacks and died, r-right?」

After finally regaining her calm, the ponytail knight had cold sweat dripping down her body with a look of regret on her face. However in that moment, a voice came out all of a sudden——.

「Kukuku………What’s wrong Celesta, is the “holy” power that was given to you, only going to amount to that?」


From the other side of the steam, right in the center of the space which was supposed to be covered in bullets, a fearless looking Tooru was grinning from ear to ear as he stood in front of her. Using some sort of magic, his head seems to be wavering in an eerie manner.

「S-Slavemancer Tooru! You bastard, how did you avoid my attacks from ——」

In a panic Celesta pulled out an assault rifle from her bag and quickly aimed it towards her mortal enemy, however…

(Wait a minute, something is strange…….No matter how strong he is, there is no way that he has no wounds on his body after that attack, moreover, why is he coming out and revealing his position all by himself!?)

This uncomfortable feeling turned to a damp cold sweat as it trickled down her back. What if I was already within his trap?

Immediately following this thought, Celesta heard a strange “sound” come into her ears.

The air is torn up, and a sharp windy sound drew closer and closer from an unknown location……!

「It can’t be……From above!?」

She rapidly turned her gaze upwards and she opened her eyes in shock.

The sky had two moons and like a meteor there was a person’s shadow coming straight towards her from very high above. Without a doubt, that person was the Princess Knight Kirika who had black hair and a fluttering miniskirt.

(This can’t be, when I looked up a little while ago…..I see, she must have used her Aerial Circle ability without rest, in order to fly very high up into the sky!)

In a fluster she aimed the barrel of her assault rifle towards the skies but she could not lock her aim in place.

Tatatan! The fired shots do not reach their target and harmlessly passed the Princess Knight and into the empty night sky.

This was understandable——Considering that she was aiming at an agile human body, and considering that it was at a weird angle aiming directly above her, it was not easy for her to get an accurate aim.

「Th-this is bad! I need to get away from this location……!? U, Uwaah!?」

Gakunn, the “floor” which was supposed to exist in front of her was actually a pool of water and losing her balance, Celesta collapsed forwards.

Along with the sound of water splashing, her whole body was soaked in the warm water.

Celesta had a hopeless expression on her face as she looked upwards, and above her Kirika had been using her steps of light to draw closer whilst preparing for her attack.

「O-Oh no…….!?」

「——Haaaaaaaah!! Holy Sword Technique, Heavenly Light Piercing through the Shadows: Blinding Air fall!!」

「Fumu fumu………Even if I feel around the inside, nothing seems to be coming out from this」

「Normally with a “Magical Bag” like this, people will implement a key word and unless this word is recited, the items inside of the bag will remain locked without anyone being able to retrieve them」

「I understand, in that case, we must also get this information out of her」

For now I stopped investigating this magical bag, and I turned my attention to Celesta who was still inside of the hot spring water looking at me with hateful teary eyes.

「Now then. You’ve given me so much trouble haven’t you, Celesta?」

「Kuu……Y-you scum…..! To be defeated by the likes of you again is……!」

Just like previously, both Celesta’s wrists and ankles have been bound using a rope that was reinforced with Nina’s magic.

Normally the holy sword technique that Kirika used implemented the power of gravity to boost the strength of the attack and completely pierce through its enemies…..However just before the moment of impact, Kirika slowed down her fall with the use of her ability Aerial Circle and reduced the impact it would cause, thereby only using enough force to make Celesta swoon.

「Kukuh, I truly missed this indescribably nostalgic spectacle, Celesta. In the end, it has come to this」

「Odamori-kun, you’re still using your villainous tone of voice you know…? 」

「Even so, this time around was really close, it’s really good that Master’s plan turned out so well! My clothes have becoming completely soaked though…..」

The ability I used to trick Celesta into believing that I was right in front of her, was the same illusion magic that I used when I first met with Kirika to project an image of my body, the spell is called Mirror Image and it is able to project an image of myself in a certain direction.

In truth, both Nina and I were completely submerging our bodies in the center of the spring going as deep as possible in the warm water.

The reason I was still able to breathe and talk even though I was in the water was because of a water based magic that created water bubbles. It worked kind of like the pipes people used in action movies to be able to breathe in water.

As a result of my illusion magic, Celesta misidentified the position of the floor and Kirika who had already climbed into the skies beforehand could release a surprise attack from the air, all in all, my plan worked out splendidly.

「Ahh, you girls both did really well. Fufufu…..Now then, it’s time~ for our fun interrogation to begin」

「After all, it’s going to turn out like that isn’t it………」

Kirika let out a sigh and approached Celesta who was struggling about the water to help her out.

Well, even if Kirika tried to explain to Celesta that Princess Sistina had followed me of her own accord, it was unlikely that Celesta would ever believe those words.

In this case, I plan to do ecchi things to her and make her fall to my Enslavement Magic, after that, not only will I obtain all the information I want about the magical bag, I will also make her spit out who was behind all of this.

「Kuu……You vile magician, don’t underestimate this Celesta! This time around, I am not going to tell you even a single bit of information!」

My lewd hands reached ever closer towards her body and it was already obvious exactly what I was going to do to her, in any case, the beautiful Celesta still spoke to me with a brave manner as her face began to grow red.

She was glaring at me with her high-handed attitude as she continued to speak.

「That’s right! I am not going to lose to some repulsive sensations………I definitely won’t lose!」

【Skill Explanation】(There are five ranks of evaluation from A to E. The closer it is to being rank A, the more powerful an ability will become)

《Heavenly Light Piercing through the Shadows: Blinding Air Fall》: Holy Sword Technique LV 6 Skill.

Destructive Power: A.

Accuracy: B.

Preparation time: C.

Vulnerability after use: B.

Energy Consumption: B.

Range: Very Near.

Using the gravity force from falling down the sky, the user unleashes a violent attack to the enemy on the ground with the aim to pierce through their body.

In normal circumstances, this attack is used to surprise larger sized enemies by coming from their blind spot directly above them, and then piercing through their vital weak spots such as their neck. The attack can be used on both enemies in the air and in the ground, as long as sufficient altitude is gained.

Because the proper execution of the ability largely depends on Aerial Circle, if the person using this ability does not properly control the speed of their descent with Aerial Circle, then the technique could back fire as they would fall too fast and crash into the ground from a tremendous height.



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