Chapter 39: Her Melting Body and the Shaking World


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「Hiiaahh, NnnnuuuaaaHHh!?  I-I’m cumming, I’m cwumming againnn!!」

Pushyaaaah…….love juices were spouting out of her round ass, she was wetting the floor of the dark elf bathroom.

Both of her legs were bound and her knight armor was taken off from her body. The lower half of her body was raised up and her ass was stuck out whilst her upper body was lying face-down. Since a while ago, I used my middle finger and ring finger to scrub against her sensitive vagina wall and stir it up nicely.

「What’s this?! Didn’t you tell me that you “wouldn’t lose no matter what”. Isn’t this an instant kill? Just with a little bit of finger banging, how many times are you planning on cumming, Celesta?」

「It, It Ahhh…….It wasntt, suppossed to me lwikee this……Auuuahh!?」(TL note: she’s speaking gibberish, Celesta: It wasn’t supposed to be like this)

The moment I pulled out my fingers, the shock she received made her body twitch and the orgasm count increased once again.

My fingers were covered with a large amount of her love juices, and it was clear proof that she reached her climax again and again.

「It seems like your body’s sensitivity has increased way more since I last saw you…….I bet you’ve been touching yourself so much since you lost your virginity to me, am I right?」

「Nn wha!? Wh-why do you kno— Hyaaa !? Th-that place is Ahhhh!?」

「Of course I’d know, even your clit is peeling so easily like this, did you think you could hide it from me?」

「St-stopp, Hyaaaa- Stttwop……D-don’t do itt, pwease d-don’t squisshh that pwaceee!!?」

By the way I sent Nina to inform the others of the current situation.

This is necessary because we don’t know if Celesta’s potential accomplice has already infiltrated the dark elf community so I needed to tell them to keep their guards up, it was also necessary to warn the dark elf’s to watch out for any suspicious activity.

Nina muttered under her breath saying “I also really wanted to tease the woman knight~!” but I pretended not to hear her.

And if you were to ask me about Kirika, then….

「Uuu……Wh-why are you making me watch this kind of thing…….!」

「I need you here as my guard, just in case we run into trouble. I mean if I were to be attacked by the enemy by myself, It wouldn’t turn out very well would it?」

「I-in that case, can’t you at least let me look away!」

「Huh?  I thought you were interested and was just taking a look of your own accord?」

「A-aren’t you the who just forced me to stare using your subjugation magic!? You pervert!」

From a place a little bit away from us, Kirika was standing still whilst biting her lower lip and watching us with a flickering gaze.

I was conducting my ero training with Celesta, and there was another important reason for it. That’s right, I specifically wanted to show it in front of Kirika.

「Uwaaaahhh……..P-please don’t lookk Kirikaa, my shame as a knightt can’t…….HiiHigiii!? A-again your fingers are going ffasterrr!? AhhAhhii, NnHiigiiiii!!」

「I-it’s not like I want to look, I’m being forced to…..! Uuwahh…….A…..Amazing your voice is……..」

If I remember correctly, right after having my 3P with the elven sisters, I met up with Kirika and I noticed that her hair was wet with the same fragrance as the one in this hot spring.

Not only that I vaguely remember the sound of footsteps when I was in my room with Palmyra, could it be…?

Looking at her blushing face and her interest in what I was doing right now….I can kind of guess what’s been happening with Kirika……I bet that because I haven’t been paying much attention to her lately, she’s built up a lot of pent up “frustrations”.

「H-he even ordered me not to block my ears……Oh, please be over quickly…….!」

This is just perfect——I’m going to tease her a little more.

I’m going to keep you in suspense, Kirika. Your body which is filled with the fires of pent-up frustrations will be teased slowly and bit by bit I will make your body melt in pleasure. Soon enough your normally honest face will turn into one filled with lust and desire. I look forward to the moment that your unbreakable mind snaps.

「UuuuAhhhhh!? Wait, If…….If you keep dwoing this then…….I’m cwummminggg, Ahhhhhhhhhh!?」

「Woops!  Would you look at that」

Pushaaa, something other than her vaginal love juices were leaking out from that secret part of Celesta.

Very quickly the warm yellow liquid flows out and down on to her toned thighs as it began to drip into the floor of the bathroom.

「Hahah, This is a masterpiece. The chief knight of the Ranbadeia kingdom, Celesta of the Crimson Rose is actually leaking herself like a baby!」

「Iyaaa yada aahh!? St….Stoppp! Please stopp!! D-don’t look, don’t watch don’tt loookk, Uwaahhhh…….!?」

「N-no way…..」

In a certain meaning, this is the maximum amount of disgrace that Celesta has ever felt in her life, everything was exposed to the both of us and Kirika was watching this “show” with blank surprise, I could not help but to let loose a chuckle whilst still wearing my mask.

However…….At that moment an unexpected situation occurred.

「……Ehguu…….Higuuu, Auuu, Uwaaa……!」


「I….I don’t want, this anymoreee…..! E-even though I went and tried so hard using those kinds of methods, in the end I still couldn’t win…….A-and now I am being disgraced like this in front of Kirika……….I-I don’t want to live anymoreee……! 」

Celesta who had just let out a magnificent amount of urine was shaking her ponytail as she crumbled down her defenses and began to cry.

She’s seriously bawling her eyes out.

Or more like, was she finally admitting that the weapons she was using, went against her chivalrous code as a knight?


「L-leave me alone Kirikaa………I-I’m never going to be able to defeat you in a fight and I’m never going to be as favoured as you by the Princess, even he is just doing whatever he wants to me……..and is just bullying meee, fueeee!!」

Even Kirika seemed to pity Celesta, but having said that Celesta was after all complaining about Kirika.

After saving up all these bottled feelings for so many years, Celesta finally let them all out in one go, her tear drops were falling freely as she continued to sob like a child.

「I-in order to meet my father’s expectations, *sniff*………I tried so hard to become a knight, but I wasn’t even able to save the Princess, moreover all I can do is expose this pathetic sight of mine to others….!」

「Umm Celesta, calm down a little bit….」

「I-in the end all I was able to do is to obtain some sort of weird weapon and sneer at others, I’m such a weak, useless, completely worthless human beingg, the world will be a better place without meee! Ueeeeenn!!」

Umu, well if it’s come to this even I’m starting to feel a little bad for her………At the very least I’ve already accomplished my objective of showing this to Kirika.

I chanted out the command words in order to release the rope which restricted Celesta’s hands and feet.

I’ve almost perfected my Enslavement Magic on to Celesta and as of right now, if I thought about the order really hard, she shouldn’t be able to resist even if she is unbound. Well in any case the Celesta right now, is totally weak in the knees and is unable to stand so…..

「Fu, Fueh….? Wh-what are you…..?」

Grabbing a bucket filled with warm water, I flushed away her dirtied spot gently, and lifted her body with my arms.

And she who was completely surprised and puzzled by my actions, was suddenly embraced by me very closely.

「!? Nn wha, Slavemancer you, w-what are you trying to achieve!?」

「Well, I just felt like it. And the other thing is I’m a little worried about how you value yourself so lowly」

「Wh-what did you just say…….?」

Pon Pon, I patted her flaxed ponytail head just like I would to comfort a crying child.

At such an unexpected action, Celesta opened her eyes widely and didn’t move at all.

「In the battle a little while ago, you used various weapons one after another and you were able to corner the both of us, using the geographical location to your advantage. We were able to defeat many powerful demons, and yet by yourself, you were able to give us a hard fight on your own」

「What do you mean…..?」

「You still don’t get it? I’m telling you that you have no need to self-depreciate yourself. Celesta, you were most definitely a formidable opponent for this Slavemancer Tooru, and for the Princess Knight Kirika. Right, Himeno-san?」

「Eh? ……..Yes indeed, if our surprise attack against you didn’t succeed at that time, I think that the party defeated, would be us instead」

「Uu……B-but in the end I still lost….!」

For a second there her tears stopped because of the surprise, but once again, she was beginning to tear up again.

Good grief, more and more, I feel like I’m dealing with an irritable child or something.

「The person who has to worry about victory or defeat is the strategist. Or are you telling me that after one or two losses, you are going to break down and give up, is this the extent of your so called chivalry as a knight?」

「Th-that is?!」

「It’s not, right? The fact is the first time you ever lost, you managed to escape from me splendidly, and using the bitterness of the loss as a strong motivator you were able to obtain a new power……..Thereupon you actually invaded the enemy’s base by yourself, you are a woman with these kinds of guts. I don’t know anyone else as brave as you」

「Well that’s true, even I got instantly subjected to your Enslavement Magic the moment we crossed paths……」

I guess Kirika read the mood, she followed up with a self-depreciating comment.

For someone who was freaking out like Celesta, what they needed the most was energy and self-affirmation to boost their confidence.

「Well, I may have bullied you a little too much, it’s been hard on you hasn’t it Celesta? That’s why from now on, I’ll do this….」

「Hyaauh!? Wha-what are you?」

「I’m holding you gently」


Both Kirika who was at the back, and Celesta who was being embraced by me, held their breaths. In no time at all, I started to scoop out her lovely modest breasts and caressed them gently over her blouse underwear.

「Wait……..Fuaaahh!? Th-this isn’t about being gentle or not gentle, I-I don’t want to be embraced by someone like you!」

「Your body is not saying the same thing. Even here……Look, it’s even wetter than before」

「Hyaaah, Ahhh, so suddenly at that spot…….Ah Ahhh!? T-the way you are touching me in comparison to before is completely……d-differentt!?」

I was using a feather-like touch just brushing gently across her body with my finger-tips and loosening the tension in her body bit by bit.

Her reactions were really easy to grasp and I quickly picked up on the locations of her various erogenous zones. I was touching her like she was some sort of fragile item, giving her a constant stream of pleasant stimulus all over her body.

「Relax your body, Celesta」

「Fueeh…..Nnn, Nnmuu……..!?」

Her defenseless lips which was partly open due to her exhaustion was being kissed by me.

She was showing a little bit of resistance with her beautiful teeth, but instead of forcefully inserting my tongue, I only gently traced along her gums, this made her at a loss as to what to do.

Experiencing a variety of stimulus from the bottom of her body all the way to the top, Celesta’s mind and body was gradually moving according to my wishes and we were sharing a kiss like we were a pair of lovers.

「Nnchuu……..Hapuu, Puahhh…….! Wh-what is this feeling……..!?」

It was like she was becoming delirious with fever, her sweet lips were melting and as we parted, we created a thin line of saliva that arched in the middle and slowly broke off.

Just like that whilst gently caressing her inner thighs which were gradually beginning to open, I took out my raging cock and rubbed it closely against her stomach.

「Look, can you see this……..? My thing has become really hot and it’s brushing against you」

「Uwaa…….H-hott, th-this is that thing……!?」

「The reason why it’s become like this is due to your beautiful body, and your cute reactions. Since that time, I’ve always wanted to have sex with you like this」

「Wh, w-what!? T-things like calling me beautiful or cute, e-even if you lie to me like that I won’t…..」

「It’s not a lie, it’s my honest thoughts. I’ll say it again, you are strong, beautiful and cute. Therefore, you need to have more confidence in yourself, alright?」

「Ah…..Ahhh, s, stop it…….please don’t whisper such things inside of my ear…….!」

The more I whispered sweet nothings into her ear, the more her body and mind let go of their defenses.

It was surprising how simpleminded she was, well I only spoke the truth in terms of how cute her reactions were and she was indeed beautiful, rather than just mere compliments, my words seemed to have a powerful impact on her mind. The most decisive evidence that I was attracted to her was displayed by my cock which was rearing to go.

「I don’t think I can endure it any longer. I’m going to start……Are you ready?」


Celesta did not seem to understand what I was saying as her body stiffened up, I quietly wiped the last remaining tear from the corner of her eye with the tip of my finger.

Her vagina which I had been teasing since a little while ago was still hot and bothered, and I pressed my waist forwards into her.

「Uwaa…….Uwaaaahhh, It-it’s coming in………Th-this is the thing from that timeee!?」

I was proceeding gently all the way to the end, as careful as I could I continued onwards and pierced her soft warm flesh all the way to the deepest part.

I caressed her weak spots one by one, her pink-nipples which were completely pointing upwards, the nape of her neck, her red earlobes all of these sensitive spots were being stimulated as I took my time in entering her deeply.

「Look……It’s gone all the way in, are you in pain Celesta?」

「I-it doesn’t hurt………Fuaa, Hyaaahh……..M-my voice is…I can’t hold back my voicee……….Ahhii, Ahyaaaaunnn!?」

「Kuu, It’s the same for me as well, I haven’t been inside of you for quite a long time, and it feels really good……!」

「D-does it really feel good……..? M-my body………?」

「Ahh, it’s the best」

Hoping to make her feel relieved, I rubbed her back and upper arm whilst nodding my head in agreement.

Totann, Biku Bikunn……..Having only experienced her first time with me, there was still a remnant of tightness in her inner walls and as if she was delighted by hearing my words, her vagina was shivering and twitching as it tightened on my penis.

「Celesta, I’m going to kiss you again. Alright?」

「Fuaah!? I-I don’t remember ever giving you the permission to—-…..Nnpuu!? Mnnn~~………Nnpuahhh……..!」

Her lips barely contained any semblance of resistance to my advances and I was passionately kissing her, I also began to grind my hips carefully inside of her warm vagina.

Kuchu Kuchu, our tongues were entwined with each other, and a large amount of love juices were flowing from her vagina and on to my cock, it was like Celesta was welcoming me into her slutty hole.

「You’re so cute, Celesta. The you right now, is the cutest you’ve ever been」

「Like! Like I saiddd, d-don’t call me c-cutee………NnnAhhhhh!? What, is this? What’s going on…….? f-from within my stomach, a hot sensation is spreadingg……..I-I’m scareddd!!?」

「It’s alright, just surrender yourself, to that wonderful hot feeling………If you do you will feel even better, I will be the one to take you to that heavenly place…….!」

「Hyahiiiii, Nnnn Ahhhhhh Th-this issss!? Coming, something amazingg is coming, something different to when I did it by myself is cummingggg!!」

Gunyugugu………..Gugunnn, Bibikunnn!! Biku Bikuuu!! (convulse, twitch, spasm, tremble!!)

「Ahhhh Hyaaaaaaaannnn……..Ah, Ah, Ahh……..NnnAhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~ !? !?」

I was passionately and affectionately making love to her and this brought her to a place filled with euphoric sensations and a climax that just seemed to overflow. Both Celesta’s heart and mind were floating above the clouds as I made her feel a supreme amount of pleasure.

As if her whole body was going through the process of climax, pleasure pierces through her whole body and her ponytail was fluttering about, after a while, her body stopped convulsing and like a feeble creature……she falls to the floor without power.

「Ahh, Ahhhhh……..this isss, thwiss is…….whwat sex feels likee………I-I didn’t knowww……!」

Her face looked completely slovenly as she was melting in pleasure, she was truly adorable and her vaginal flesh was still spasming.

Once again, I softly kissed the woman who felt a new kind of “Defeat”. (Light Novel Illustration: Celesta is a Crybaby~)

I tried to not wake up Celesta who had a happy sleeping face, so I pulled my cock out of her slowly.

When I turned around, just like I expected——Kirika was breathing quite roughly and she was just standing there looking clueless at what to do. Looking at how I had sex with Celesta so affectionately, was enough to make her body crave, Kirika was at a loss for words………And her eyes were moist.

「Hey, Himeno-san. I still haven’t cum yet, if I just continued moving in the already fainted Celesta, I’d feel bad for her. Having said this, as you can see my thing hasn’t settled down and is still rearing to go」


Biin………Bikunn…… penis was pulsating showing off its rock hard state whilst being covered in Celesta’s lewd love juices. Kirika was not able to take her eyes of it, but even if she wasn’t looking she would still be able to feel its presence.

「Well, this is only if Himeno-san is “willing”. But I was thinking of letting Himeno-san “take care” of it」

「T…..t-take care of it…..?」

Rather calling just straightforwardly calling it sex, I gave her a way out by naming it “taking care” of my thing. If I do this I expect that her resistance will drop down a little.

「Hey…..What do you say?」


I approached her within that gap, and lifted her black hair that covered her earlobes and gently whispered into her ears.

*ba-dump ba-dump* even without me touching her directly, I could hear her heartbeat sounding like an alarm bell. She was getting totally wet down there, and I could smell the scent of a bitch in heat coming out of her.


Say it. Say “Yes”, if you say it, you will feel much better.

Tell me the truth, I want to hear it from your mouth that you “want to have sex with me”, that is precisely the first step towards you yielding to me.

The diligent class prez, Himeno Kirika the unattainable object, this will be the proof of your submission to me, the proof that your mind and body have been conquered and that you crave for my cock.

Now then, fall, show me the face of a woman who craves sex!

「……..tsu,  ————  !?」

Suddenly the ground began to shake and a dull vibration could be felt in the surroundings. Just like that, the passionate look in Kirika’s eyes disappears as if it were never there……..tsk, what a shame, although I suppose that this isn’t the time for regrets.

「What is happening? Is it coming from underground!?」

Is this an earthquake…..? No this felt different, a really bad feeling went up the back of my spine.

What the hell was going on ——!?

《——Answer me》

(……What’s this?)

《Answer me, Armor V7》

(Are you calling out……to Nana?)

《■son■■■feeling■■leak。 ■Awakening of the body is■■■。 ■In accordance with life, carry out your du■ty》

(If you’re trying to give me an order, I’m not listening! Nana’s is Master’s possession.  And also everyone’s companion!)

《I■Repeat、Complete■■the objective。 There is no■time。 Ar■or・Va■■yu■■——》

(!? Wait, that is…….!)

A red light slowly lights up in her mono-eye. The gigantic figure of the Armor Golem which was lying dormant awakened inside of the room. Normally, Nana did not require any sleep, but after consuming so much energy these past few days, if she didn’t rest like this for a little while, she wouldn’t be able function properly.

「Was that……Perhaps, what you would call a dream?」

It was the kind of thing that Nina and Tooru had always described to her, the thing that human beings would see…..A dream. This is the first time since she entered her dormant state that has experienced anything like a dream. The memory of the dream quickly faded into the back of her mind, however, she had a feeling that something important was said to her in the dream….


The strange crystal mass that was covering her right arm, the “Divine Corpse” was suddenly pulsing and aching. In a human’s terms, the feeling she was feeling right now would probably be classified as “Pain”. This was also something that a magical being like her had never experienced before.

As if she had noticed something, her camera eye was moving sideways.

「Muu, vibration…….? Where is it coming from……?」

「Ah, Has the soup finally arrived? Has it come yet?」

Flamia was flapping her bat wings in excitement and looking towards the door which was opening. However, her innocent smile turned completely sour in the next instant.


「Yes, greetings younger sister-kun. How are you feeling?」

The person standing there wasn’t Princess Sistina, instead it was the person full of pretentious actions wearing a silver mask and white clothing.

Flamia despised this mysterious newcomer.

「Oh it’s you? Ahh this is the worst…….Aneesama isn’t the one coming to pick me up, and instead it’s someone like you?」

Showing someone she hated the current pathetic state she was in, made the Mad Princess enter a bad mood. The person called Cruz casually approached the bed that Flamia was on.

「Please don’t sulk like that. I have come here to give you a message from your elder sister」

「Eh? Anesama has a message? What is it? Quickly tell me!」

Hearing that she had a message from her beloved sister, Flamia’s expression bloomed rapidly.

Cruz quietly draws his mask next to her ear——。

「It would seem. That she doesn’t need you any longer」

「……..Eh? Ah?」

Gakunn……! Her small body bends backwards and her opened mouth was about to gush out with a violent shout.

The demonic pledge on her forehead that signified her contract with Iblis was radiating with a red light, a tremendous amount of magical power was violently rushing out from the mark and getting dispersed into the surrounding environment.

「Uu……Uwaaa, AAahhhhhhhh!?!?」

「It seems that you’ve misunderstood something, I didn’t come here to rescue you. I came here to take care of “loose ends”」

「Wh…, Wh–yy….!?」

The atmosphere inside of the room violently rampages, and even the underground elf village was being affected by the tremors and began to rumble.

The silver masked Cruz, was continuing to speaking with a flat tone of voice as if he was in a soliloquy.

「『A useless “chess piece” like her who has already fallen into the enemies hands, should at least become the foundation of power for us to obtain the “Divine Corpse”』 That is the last set of instructions I received………From your beloved Elder Sister Iblis-sama」

【Skill Explanation】 (Just a reminder A = Good,  E= Bad)

《Aerial Circle》:Holy Sword Technique :LV1 Skill

Destructive Power: E

Accuracy: E

Preparation Phase: A

Vulnerability after Use: A

Energy Consumption: A

Range: Very Near

This skill is able to produce a shining foothold within the air or in front of you, using this magical square as a foothold, it can assist you in jumping around the air. It is a mobility type skill and is one of the most important abilities to possess. The energy consumption is very efficient and it is possible to use continuously and has a wide variety of possible applications.

Kirika takes full advantage of her high spatial awareness to complement this ability with her other abilities. This skill grants the user the ability dance freely around the sky. Not only that, it can also create momentum and acceleration in order to increase the amount of power her sword techniques can produce.



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