Chapter 42: The Red Gem of Hope and Co-starring the Demoness’s


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「Then, her consciousness is sleeping somewhere in here……」

Flamia was looking at the lustrous red gem which hosted Nana’s soul with her amber eyes.

Her expression was not filled with her usual innocent spirit, instead she held a more serious look on her face. That was because, Nana is probably the first person to have showed concern for her life——Up until now, there has been nobody in her surroundings that cared about her——Therefore Flamia held both respect and gratitude for the being called Nana.

「……She is the girl that tried to save me. Even to the extent that her own body has become like this…….Even though we weren’t even related by blood. Together with Oniisan, she wanted to save this pathetic me…..!」

Flamia had just lost her beloved elder sister Iblis who she revered like an idol, however it seemed as though her mind was freed from a long curse and she was actually acting much calmer than I expected. Naturally, she is still unable to mention or talk about things relating to her sister just yet.

It would seem that her target of dependency has changed to me, and she has been sticking next to my side like glue following me everywhere I go. Well, I don’t particular dislike her presence…..It’s just that sometimes Kirika’s glance towards me seems strangely painful for some reason.

「Well, this blockhead is that kind of girl jyakaranou. Even when she first fought against me, she would worry more about her companions and was reckless in her behaviours」(Palmyra Speaking)

Palmyra who had become a frequent quarrelling partner with Nana also looked a little lonely somehow. After Dianne had vouched that there was still hope for Nana, everyone including Nina had a relieved look on their faces.

「But, will she be able to return to her former glory, Oniisan?」

「Yeah…..Of course」

Dianne had a super perceptive intuition and it could be said that she could speak to the “Soul” and “Spirits”. At the time she was able to sense Nana’s presence within this red gem and guaranteed her survival.

Fortunately, according to what Nina’s has told me, there seems to be many ruins around this world which were similar to the historical ruins that she found Nana sleeping in. Just logically deducting it from her name, considering that she’s called Armor V 7. it is likely that the same type of model exists somewhere in this world and it suggests that spare parts of her body may be lying around…..Then it is likely that if I construct a new body for Nana, she will be able to revive.

「No, I won’t use the word likely………I will definitely make sure to find a way.  At that time, I will fulfil the promise I made with her and I will have sex with her. Without accomplishing this objective, I would not be able to forgive myself」

「Good grief, you have such a strong desire for monopolisation jya……..And so, all this is to come up with a plan? Well I suppose that until the Princess foresees our next destination, all we can do is wait」

I invited these two into the room to tell them my intentions and Palmyra seems to have a slightly complicated look on her face. In any case I began to speak in a light hearted tone.

「After all, Nana isn’t the type of person to stay depressed. Rather than seeing us moping around and sulking all the time, I’m sure that she would rather see us happily enjoying ourselves」

I carefully held on to Nana’s mono eye which was glittering quite brightly against the light of the room, and I placed it on top of the cloth which was spread out on the shelf next to my bed.

Yes, please look Nana. You don’t have to worry about us, we are having an enjoyable time.

And in no time at all……I will bring you into this circle of happiness.

「So, is this the kind of outfit I have to wear? Geez, once again, you’ve made me put on something so unrefined……」(Palmyra Speaking)

「Eh? You’ve already worn other types of clothing’s? That’s not fair, I also want to wear all the clothes she’s worn, I’ll wear them! 」(Flamia Speaking)

「Alright, okay, I’ll let you wear them next time」


Two petite demoness’s were on top of the bed, their light loli bodies were wearing a very thin amount of fabric, they were covered in a white micro bikini underwear.

There was a triangular cloth with a width of about 3cm connected with a thin string, it was barely concealing the nipple part of their flat chests. Their bottoms were on the bed making a W character with their legs.

Their skins were white like a porcelain doll, and their hands and feet were thin and slender. They had a small and soft stomach line and a really cute navel. However, when they were lined together, I could still feel their individual attractiveness respectively, Palmyra had quite the plump ass which was stuck out towards me and Flamia had slender thighs which accentuated her butt area.

「Then today, the both of us will do a lot of naughty things with Oniisan!~ 」

「Y-you didn’t really have to declare that so frankly do you? Aren’t you embarrassed jya?!」

「Eh, Palmyra you aren’t interested in doing it plenty of times? I want to do it heaps you know? 」(Flamia Speaking)

「W…..Who said anything about not wanting to do it. I-I also want to……D-do it」(Palmyra Speaking)

Maybe she was dragged into the flow of Flamia who was just honestly speaking her mind, but Palmyra was now bashfully speaking to me and had an unexpectedly obedient tone to her voice. Come to think of it, lately she’s becoming surprisingly proactive in these types of matters.

「Ahah, then it’s all good~! Nee nee (then then), let’s start with a kiss Oniisan~ Kisss」

I was sitting on the bed and Flamia approached me as she happily flapped her wings and brought her face closer towards me. She smelled really nice, it was a like a mixture of milk and citrus.

「What’s this? Just previously you told me that unless it’s a person that you like, you didn’t want to kiss them?」

「That time is already in the past ~  Besides the me today really likes Oniisan……Eii, Chuu~♪」

She shut her amber colored pupils and her small lips are primly thrust towards me. I gently caressed her long purplish colored hair and piled my lips on top of hers, the moment I did this, she seemed really happy and she began enthusiastically and repeatedly making small kisses and pecks at me. Flamia even started to timidly place her tongue in my mouth.

「Nnn……..Chuu…….Puaa, Ahahh! What should I do, Oniisan, I think I’ve come to really like kissing you~」

「Yeah, I’m also enjoying it. …………..What’s wrong Palmyra, why do you look so sulky?」

「Muu……I also want to kiss with Tooru……I—Pu, W-what are you doing so suddenly jya!?」

I firmly embraced Palmyra who was sitting on the opposite side of Flamia and I started to affectionately rub her angular horns which were protruding out of her silver hair.

「Well, you are acting so dere and it was really unexpected of you」(TL: “dere” means love-struck and comes from the popular word tsundere)

「I-I’m not being dere. It’s just that as a senpai magical slave I should be given the proper treatment jya…..mon~」(TL: “mon” is a cutesy way of speaking that indicates a desire to be pampered or indulged)

「Yes, okay. Look, I’m going to kiss you plenty like this, alright?」

「Puaah, Haaa………Nnnu, Fuaa…….! T-that’s it, this is, good jyazo……..Nnnchuuu……!」

Palmyra got on to her knees and was leaning her body towards me, and she was passionately entwining her small tongue against mine. At the same time, I responded by scratching her horns which were her erogenous zone, when I did this, she could barely contain a sweet moan as she breathed out of her nose with a “Nnfuu”.

「That’s not fairr~ Palmyra’s kiss is taking so long! I also want to do it one more time ~」

「Pua…….Oh you’re being so greedy, then you should just come over. Let’s both kiss Tooru together…..okay?」

「Eh? We can kiss as three people together? What’s with that, it sounds so amazing…..But alright, I already don’t dislike Palmyra any longer so」

「Auuu…… why are you making that kind of face….D-don’t smile at me like that Tooru!」

I was innocently smiling at her at point-blank range and on the contrary Palmyra got really flustered and embarrassed.

I drew both of their small faces into me, and gathered their small mouths and tongues as I enjoyed both of them at the same time.

「Nnchu, Chuupaa…….reroo, Nnpuahh….Ahahh! this is amazing, my head is meltingg….♪」(Nn kiss, kiss/smooch…..lick, Nnbreathe)

「Nnmu, Chupu, Nnchuu……Puhah, but to think that I would end up doing something like this with you…. goodness me Tooru you always exceed my expectations…….Puuahhh, Ahhnn!」

I was rubbing and fondling both their exposed asses with each of my hands. Flamia’s ass was a little firmer whilst Palmyra’s ass was softer. At the same time, I continued my lascivious tongue dance in the interiors of their mouths.

The two of them were letting out loose breaths as I continued to caress them…..and Palmyra separated our lips as she gradually went along the nape of my neck showering me with kisses as she rolled her tongue across my body going down slowly.

「Kufufu…….Listen up, I will teach you one thing. Tooru really likes it when you use your tongue to lick him in this spot jya. Just like this…….reroro」

「Kuuo, you, so suddenly on my nipples….Kuu!」

Smiling at me with her upturned red eyes, Palmyra was sticking to my left chest as she used her tiny tongue, she was like a slug as she licked and sucked around my chest area very lewdly.

I leaked out my voice instinctively and Flamia’s amber eyes instantly sparkles as she shows interest.

「Heeh~ Oniisan’s weak spot is his nipple? That’s kind of like a girl ne! Thenn I’m going to go on this one~ I’m going to lick this side as well okay……Nnchuu, rero reroro…..Does it feel good?」

「I won’t deny that I like it but, saying that I’m like a girl is going too far…..Uu,Ukuu!?」

I threw myself down the bedding laying on my back, I was stark naked and Palmyra was lying down on my left side whilst Flamia was on my right side, their two pink loli tongues were happily running along the bump on my chest.

Using the wide part of her tongue she carefully presses it against me, while Flamia was using the tapered point of her tongue to flick and strongly stimulate my nipples. Getting both of my nipples stimulated by different pleasant sensations, an electric current was running up my body to my brain, it went back down the back of my spine and into my crotch area.

「Aha, Oniisan’s penis is already getting so energetic and its growing so big you know? We haven’t even started to touch it, its amazinggly lewdd~!」

「Kufufu, she’s totally right, its greedily pulsating….and I can already see it leaking some pre-cum from the pointed end jyazo?」

Just like the two girls were saying, these two demoness’s were in micro bikinis and their combination was truly sexy and my cock was stiff and rearing to go as it pointed towards the heavens. Their four round eyes were slightly moistened with desire as they gazed at my gleaming turtle head.

「Tell me what do you want us to do, Hmmn? Do you want to be stroked? Shall we give your penis a good rub?」

Palmyra was whispering into my left ear as she unusually took the lead……. I could feel her hot wet breath as she spoke.

「Or do you want to be licked~? Do you want me to suck and lick you plenty~?」

While nibbling my right earlobe Flamia was speaking in a pleasant bell like voice….. Yet, I could still sense that she was highly aroused like a bitch in heat.

「Do you want to be rubbed? Do you want my hand to stroke you?」

「Do you want to be licked? Do you want to be sucked off with my mouth?」

Like a stereo headphone, the bewitching voices of these two loli demoness’s were rolling into my ears, and were violating my brains.

There is no way I can endure something like this, it can’t be helped.

「Kuu, I can tell that the both of you loli demoness’s are totally turned on. I obviously want you to do both of those things! first off let’s start by the both of you giving me a hand job, I want you to grab on to my cock and start stroking me together in this posture」

「Hou hou, you mean to say that you want us to continue licking your nipples whilst we stroke you off jyana. Kufufu, You seem to have taken a liking to this? Good, good, in that case I will lick it until it completely swells up, Nnchuu…….!」

「Alright~ but you have to let me lick your penis a lot after kay? Then Palmyra will go from that side and I’ll grab it from this side…..Aha, it’s so hott♪ let the stroking begin~♪」

My grotesque dark red meat rod was getting grabbed by two small white hands, and just when I thought their cute white hands would gently massage me, they actually started to daringly stroke my cock.

On my left Palmyra was using her soft palm to rub against the tip of my head which was leaking its cowper juices and using big long strokes up and down my shaft, on my right Flamia was looking carefully at Palmyra’s movements in order to learn by watching.

「It’s so hardd and so hott…..and it’s so bigg……! Oniisan when I think about this thing going inside of my stomach, I have this mysterious feeling」

「Once you get used to it, it doesn’t have to enter your stomach. For someone like Palmyra putting it in her ass is just perfect….」

「O-oi Tooru stop it!」

「Eh? Eh? Muu~ I don’t really get it but please tell me about the details later okay!」

Talking in excited shrill voices the two of them restarted their hand movements and of course they were also continuing to lick my nipples with upturned eyes.

They were supposed to be longstanding enemies but, right now they were like old friends who came from the same noble family……Rather than saying that they’ve completely changed, it’s more like they’ve grown to respect each other even if they once hated each other.

「Ei ei, shiko shiko~ (stroke, stroke~)…….Nn, Fuaa! I want to start licking your penis soon as well, is that okayy pleasee Oniisan~?」

「You don’t have much patience do you?  Well alright, I’m about to get ready for the main event so, you can start sucking on it」

「Waiii! (yay) Nnfu, then thank you for the meal~!  …….slurp!」

「Nu, you’re going to the part that’s the most tastiest…..well fine, in that case I will attack him here jya……Nnchuu」

Ahhnn Flamia’s mouth which had two protruding fangs coming out it opened widely, as her soft wet lips wrapped around the head of my penis. a large quantity of drool started to leak from her mouth as she commenced her loli bitch fera.

Palmyra doesn’t lose either, she glides up and down the shaft of my cock as she tilts her head sideways and plays my thing like a harmonica, using her lips she makes slurping noises and sucking noises.

「Nnchuu, Chupuunn…….nee nee Palmyra, since it’s already like this why don’t we have a match? The one who makes Oniisan feels the best and the one who makes him spurt out the most is the winner, how about it?」

「Hmph, for someone like you who has just recently become a magical slave, did you think that you could win against me in terms of sexual techniques? This is a good opportunity, I will show you that I am on a completely different level jya! I’m going to take you up on this challenge…….Jupuu, Reroo, Nnryupupu!」

「Oi oi, You haven’t even asked my opinion in the matter, don’t try to do such a selfish thing…..Uuuohh!?」

When I was about to complain, the two rival demoness’s intensified their combination attack using their mouths and their tongues all of a sudden.

Her hair was spilling towards her face and she places the loose strands of hair behind her ear. Flamia started to make really vulgar sounds and she sucked my dick like a lollipop squeezing it and sucking it up and down in a piston motion with her loli mouth-vagina.

Palmyra was using her sloppy tongue and slovenly mouth to play-bite my very sensitive frenulum she was licking and poking her tongue around the tip of my cock and using the techniques she’s already become familiar with attacking all my weak spots accurately.

「Kufufufu, I already have a good grasp of all your weak spots….that’s why look , when I press my tongue against this swelling spot and scrub it against you strongly, you feel really good right jyaro? ………NNnyuu, reori, rero!」

「Eh ? what’s with that, that’s not fairr! Fine then, if it’s just getting a good reaction out of Oniisan I bet I can find a few ~ what if I suck on the hole at the tip of the penis rightt here…..Chuupuuh, Chuupurunnn….Ahaaa, as expected♪」

Because Palmyra was getting really into this match with her rival, she was acting unrestrained and she was not embarrassed to fully show off her superiority, she was using her ero tongue to tease me in various ways.

On the other hand, Flamia had her genius-like battle sense and it seems to be effective in the bed as she had brilliant sex intuition, again and again, she would find my weak spots and expose them.

Moreover, this bombardment of pleasure did not end here. All of a sudden a good feeling attacks my chest and I instinctively leaked out the breath I was holding in my nose.

「Puah!? Eh, Oniisan’s penis is steadily growing larger and larger…….Eh Palmyra, you’re extending your hands and touching Oniisan’s nipple!? That’s cheating~!」

「Kufufufun, What are you saying? There is no such rule that restricted us to only cornering Tooru’s cock, if you have a problem with it, then you just have to do the same thing, right………? just like this hore horee!」

「Ah, that’s also quite true. Then~ I’ll also grab on to the other side and start rubbing it~……….Ahaa, it’s much harder than before! Oniisan’s manly body is so sensitive it’s so fun to play with……I’ll do it more okay?」

Both of their hands were extended towards me and kneading my nipples, and they did not forget to use their small noble tongues to passionately lick my penis, I felt like a king receiving the services from my loyal subjects and this was the real thrill of doing this 3P Loli Demoness harem play.

My cock was mixed with their sparkling saliva and my own cowper fluids, it covered the entirety of my member like a lotion and it gave off a really indecent smell, their tongues and lips, even their hands were all being used to slide up and down giving an infinite chain of pleasurable feelings.

「Chuupuah, Chupuruuru…….! Y-you’re not bad Flamia, but I also won’t lose……..hore (look!), don’t you feel really good here as well Tooru? I’ll massage these balls as well jya, Hoo~ree, Hooree……!」

「Hee, even this kind of spot feels good Oniisan? Then I’ll do it here as well~! I’ll put it in my mouth and lick it kay, Nnkapu………Nyuron, Nyukororonn……..Rerororo!!」

「Uoohh……..You guys are even doing something like that, Uuuuuuu!?」

Sometimes my sensitive balls would be massaged really gently by Palmyra, and at other times, Flamia would put the whole thing in her mouth and merrily suck and roll it around, having this extremely sensitive spot being relentlessly stimulated, I felt a slight mixture of panic and a violent amount of pleasure.

My waist was starting to buckle and without a doubt the semen that was being produced in my balls were increasing by the second as they continued to play with it, their combined attacks was making my mind go blank.

「Nnpuu……Chupu, Nyuchururu…..Puaa. Now then, Tooru, you better start making a lot of semen inside of this left ball of yours jyazo…….You need to show her the proof that I have won, don’t hold it back and just spurt out as much semen as possible…….!」

「Chuupuupu, nyuuroro churororo…..Chupoo, Puahh! Ehh~ you can’t do that Oniisan, I am the one that’s going to win okay? You need to make more of that sticky white milk on the right side of your ball and shoot it all over me! Even more than the one on Palmyra’s side…..kay~?」

I actually want to rebut them and tell them that I can’t possibly do something like that, but I was feeling way too good and I didn’t have the luxury of responding. The only thing in my mind right now was my impending need to burst out and let go of this dense desire to launch all of my semen.

In accordance with this rising impulse……..I grabbed both of their silver and purple colored hair respectively!

「Eh? What’s wrong Oniisan…….Myuuahh!? Ah, Hott!? 」

「Wh-what jya……..Unyuuuu!? Th-this is……..ah!」

The two demoness’s raised their small animal-like voices as they were surprised.

I drew their faces closely against my cock and brutally squished my raging penis in the middle of their soft cheeks. It didn’t feel inferior to the soft feeling I obtained when I used those humongous breasts for paizuri. And added to the fact that their noble faces looked so pure I felt pleasure from the sense of immorality of using them in this way, a spark went all the way into my skull.

「Usoo (You’re lying) you’re using my face to scrub against it……Ahaa this is so ecchii……~! This side of my face is starting to be covered in Oniisan’s smell it’s so slippery…..!」

「Kufu, to think that you would use the faces of two high class demoness’s to scrub it against a human’s dick…….even as an act of rudeness this is such a shameless conduct jyazo, Tooru…….!」

Both Flamia and Palmyra had heart shaped symbols on their eyes as they looked at me fawningly, Flamia was adapting to my desires very quickly and Palmyra even though she sounded out a complaint, she was speaking in an entranced voice as her M personality showed itself.

I was letting out rough breaths as I increased the power I put into my grip on their faces, I was rubbing and scrubbing my member and I was just fully immersed in using them as slippery tools to satisfy my vulgar desires.

「Ohhh…..your cock is twitching and the blood vessels are pulsating, even the interior of your cock is trembling……Are you going to cum for me Tooru? Are you going to let out all of that saved up cloudy fluids after receiving our service……? You’re going to paste it all over us jyanaa!?」

「It’s truee, I can feel it, Oniisan is reaching his limitsss…..~! It’s okayy you can cumm♪ let out all that lewd, sticky milk, please paste it all over both me and Palmyra! Cum, cum for mee♪ Hora horaa, let it outt let~it~outtt~♪」

While leaking out hot moans they were both talking to me in a dirty way and even now they were caressing the head of my cock which was about to explode. The two of them were expectantly waiting for my ejaculation and a heart symbol floated over both of their eyes.

They were so cute and yet so obscene at the exact same time, and I don’t think there is any man in this world that could resist this combination. Having my urethra placed between these two soft cheeks, my white magma was steadily rising and coming out.

「Oraa show me your faces! You lewd demoness’s……..! Line up and I will paste my semen all over your cute faces, Kuuuuuu!!」

Dobyuuururuuruuu, Byuuukun Byuukukunnn!!

Dokunnn, Dobyuu Dobyuupunn!! Bechya chya Nyuchyaaa……..!!

「Kyaaahh, Ah haahh♪ It’s here it’s come, there’s so much hot stuff, it’s gushing over the side of my cheekss!! What’s with this, it’s so amazinnggg…..Ah!」

「Nnpuahh!? Puaaahh, Nnnkuuu……..! Ouu ouu, it’s coming outt……..I’m getting all wet with your cumm, Nnnpuuuahh!!」

I was using their lovely faces like some sort of sex sleeve and I was still in the middle of my magnificent ejaculation I was pumping my cock vigorously and one after another my cock kept on releasing its muddy semen pasting it all over their faces, it seemed that this pleasure would never end.

Huge amounts of my semen was flowing down their sexually excited faces and as per gravity it dribbled down into their glossy hair and it even started to cover their mirco bikini’s and petite bodies, they were completely sticky and messy as they were decorated by my semen and my smell.

「Aahhnn, Puahhhahh…….! M-my whole face is covered in Oniisan’s thick smell~…….! But then, who wins this round?」

「Muu, that’s true isn’t it jyana. Well, the fact that he’s let out this much just means that he couldn’t bear how good my techniques were……Nnfu, it’s even sticking all to my hair, what a helpless fellow」

「Ehh, I can’t agree to that! It’s definitely because of me that Oniisan has let out this much, nee nee, it’s that right Oniisan?」

Immediately after my ejaculation I felt a sense of lethargy, so even if you ask me such a question, I’m really stumped on how to answer…..

Before long the two demoness’s stopped their bickering and wanted to be the one to suck the remaining semen out of me——。(Light Novel Illustration: Palmyra and Flamia Deadly Combination)



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