Chapter 43: The Girl’s Conversation and Peeing Part 2


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「Haa……Ha……..Hachooo!! ………Fuaa Aachoo!!」

「Oniisan are you alright? did you catch a cold?」

「Ahh no I’m fine, this is probably because someone is talking behind my back」

「Why are you saying such a superstitious thing….. aren’t you sneezing just because you are only wearing a loin cloth jya?」

Well, I had just grandly relieved myself using the faces of these two beautiful demoness’s, and right now I was making my way to the open air bath that was made out of the hollowed wood whilst bringing these two girls with me.

Well it may be true though, right now I was walking towards the bath pretty much completely naked except for this towel wrapped around me, that may have been a little rash of me. Interestingly, the fence that was broken due to the rounds of fire that Celesta fired in the bathroom has already been completed mended by the hard working dark elves.

「Well aside from that…..what kind of thing are you planning this time around Tooru?」

「Nn? well didn’t you tell me that you two wanted to have a match with each other? If that’s the case, then I thought it would be prudent if we started fresh again」

「This time around I am definitely going to be the winner, Palmyra! So, what kind of match will we be having Oniisan?」

I was standing on top of the wet stone floor and Palmyra was proudly sticking out her non-existent chest while still wearing her micro bikini and Flamia was flapping her bat like wings floating near me at a low-altitude.

I place my hands on both of their plump stomach’s and casted a spell on the both of their bodies……..and soon a change starts to appear within the both of them.

「Ah, Oh……!? Eh? what’s this, what’s happening? My stomach is……feeling so weird !?」(Flamia Speaking)

「Nuu……Uu, Uwaahh!? what’s going on jya? The interior of my body is rising with this mysterious feeling? Tooru you what did you do to me!?」

「Ohh, it seems to be effective on the two of you already. What you guys don’t have to be worried, the thing you are feeling within your womb’s right now is something that every human being feels the urge to do every single day」

The two girls were frowning or perhaps they were feeling discomfort, in any case they were twisting and turning their bodies and I was grinning at such a sight.

「What you are feeling is the urge to urinate. I used my enslavement magic on the two of you right now, and I ordered your bodies to temporarily excrete any impurities within your bodies as long as it isn’t your magical energies」

「Eh, Ehhh……..!? Urine…?」

「Wha……! wawha, what are you thinking doing such a thing jyaaaa!!?」

In regards to the laws of this world, all the things living in this world is composed of energy, even the smallest of things have energy in them, this energy can also be thought of as magical energy.

A skill is invented when sufficient magical energy is directed and you can create events which would not normally happen and amplify those types of events many times with the use of magic.

Moreover, the beings known as demons directly depend on this energy source to sustain their lives. Because of this, demons will naturally have a much greater aptitude for magic than humans, and they are able to take magical energy directly into the body and circulate it around the body to provide sustenance to the body……..Although it was possible for them to eat normal meals, even if they did eat, they still did not need to excrete the waste from the bodies like humans needed to.

「However, for you girls right now, you are unable to clean the impurities in your body by circulating the magic, and you can only get rid of the impurities like a normal human being. And it seems that from looking at your appearances, you are dying to let it all out any moment now, am I right?」

Somehow or another when I pat their swelling stomachs, they could only let out miserable sounds such as “Hauu” or Hyaa”.

「Now then, we shall start the competition of who can hold their bladder the longest. The person who can’t hold it in any longer will be the one who has lost, Please do your best guys!」

「You bastardd, did you bring us to the hot bath just for that kind of ridiculous reason…..Kuuuu!?」

「Funyaa, Hyaaauuu………!? I-if I don’t clench my ass, it feels like something else will come out from the other end dayooo……!」

Still wearing their erotic micro bikini swimsuits, the figures of two loli demoness’s were painfully swaying. Honestly, I’m not sure how they were able to endure their urge to urinate even though it was the first time they felt such a sensation, but it seems like their bodies were tossing about in resistance of such an urge.

「Y-you better remember this Tooru, this kind of humiliation……Haaaoo!? Nyaaa, d-don’t touch my stomach, and also don’t push on ittt ahhh!?」

「Woops! if I don’t apply the same amount of pressure to the both of you, it wouldn’t be fair right? I will also gently rub Flamia’s stomach like this」

「Nnhyaaann, Fuhiii!? Oniisann wa-waitt please………Aaaahhhhh!?」

I was standing behind them and I wrapped my hands behind them hugging them tightly and at the same time, I was caressing them and pushing their stomach’s……..I intermittently provided stimulation in order to amplify their urges and kill their resistance.

Using the power of my subjugation magic, I compelled them to stand on their tippy toes in a bow legged position, furthermore I made them tilt the lower half of their body forwards, they were in a lewd loli bitch-in-heat pose. So that they would not struggle I placed my hand behind their heads to fix them in place.

「Haau, Fuuu~! Nnnfuu~……..Nnooohhh, Haa……I am not going to be humiliated any further…….! I’ll definitely hold it in…..Nhiiii, Hafuuuooo!?」

“Fuuaa” and “Fuunyaa” she was making really sweet moans as she tried to endure my unpredictable massages.

「Fuuee, Afuuaa, Nnfueee…….! I need, to hold it innn………I’m really strong, so this kind of thing I’ll definitely be able to hold it inn…….!!」

Flamia’s fangs was peeking through her lips and she had a melted expression on her face as she shivered, soon she was leaking both drool and tears from her mouth and eyes respectively, and even now, it seemed like she would surrender to the raising impulse to release her urge.

「Pa, Palmyra it looks like your complexion is quite bad? It’s already obvious that you wouldn’t be able to win against me, so why don’t you just give up early and save yourself the trouble— eh!?」

「W-what are you saying? I can still go for longer jyaa……..! More like you should just let it go and pee, I bet you will feel so much better…..! Fuuuu~!?」

The both of them getting desperate was a natural thing, that’s because if they leaked their pee right here and now, not only would they be exposing this really shameful side to me, but they had been rivals for a very long time, they would lose face in front of their rivals.

Just from this fact alone, it was obvious that none of them wanted to surrender………However, their gallant efforts shall end at this juncture.

「I need to hwold it innn, hold ittnnnn……..Higiii!? Fuaa, Fuahhh!? O-oniisan’s finger isssss!? Nnnyaaaaaa!?」

「Nn~? What’s wrong Flamia, I’m only inserting my finger inside of your vagina, what of it?」

「Hooooo!? Nnhaaaa, Nnnoooooahh!? T-Tooru you bastardd, why are you putting it inside of me as well……N-no, not just that you are actually putting it in my ass, it’s going inside of my ass holeee…..Ohhh!?」

「Ahh I can’t really hear you guys very well, what did you guys say? If you really want to speak to me, then you better talk properly, otherwise I ain’t going to stop you know? hora hora ora oraaaaa!!」

They were still in an indecent pose and I gave no mercy as I inserted two fingers into Flamia’s vagina and two fingers into Palmyra’s ass, their wet holes were really hot and sticky and I could easily move my fingers and relentlessly unravel their knots.

They were already on the verge of letting go, and when I started to vibrate my fingers driving it into their bodies, their urge to urinate intensified even more and in the blink of an eye they were about to burst.

「Iyaajyaa, Iyaajyaaaah!? I-I’m going to peeeee………I’m going to be forced to urinate while my ass is being toyed withhh!? Nnnnooooohhhh!!?」

「It’s coming out, it’s comming, I’m going to leak out my pee!? D-don’t look at me Palmyra, Please don’t look at meee Oniisannn!! AhAhh Ahhhh~~~~~~, Mouu dameee (I can’t hold it anymoreeee)!?」

their bodies were drenched in sweat as they began to violently convulse and twitch, their spasms got more intense and their hair was becoming completely dishevelled. their faces were dyed red with shame as they both screamed out.

Although I kind of feel bad for them, this is also a type of drastic treatment for their relationship. I resolved myself and my dick grew hard as I started my final spurt.

「That’s right, you guys are like sisters who are connected to me by the devils contract. I will expose both of your most shameful moments to each other, and with this, the both of you should throw away any ill feelings you have for each other……Alright?! Horaa, this is the finisher!! 」

The demonic crest on their foreheads started to emit light of the same color.

I aligned both of their sensations together using the power of my subjugation magic, furthermore, I linked Palmyra’s horn and Flamia’s bat wings, these were both of their most sensitive erogenous zones. And then I bit the horn that was moving around below me!

「…..Nhiiii!? Hyaaa, Hyaaa Hiaaaaa, Ah Ahhhh……….Nnnnahhhh Yaaahhhhhhhhh!!?」

「Eh………!? Ahhhnnn………..NnnahhhhhAhAhAhAhhhhh~~~~~!!?」

And right after I did this, Pushyaaaa……….the both of them gushed out their hot liquid all over my palm——.

「「Nyaaa, Ahhhhhh~~~!!? I-I’m peeeinggggg~~~~!!」」(Both Palmyra and Flamia)

Pashyaa Shyaa, Pushaaaa…….! Jyroro, Kyrororoo………..Pishaaa Bishaah! (Splash, drizzle drizzle, burst, leak!)

Along with the sounds of their embarrassing urination, the two petite demoness’s were grandly experiencing their first urination letting it all out on to the stone pavement of the open air bathroom.

Palmyra’s was red all the way up to her ears and she covered her face with both of her hands, saying “Iyaa, iyaaa”. On the other hand, Flamia had a melted expression on her face and it looked like she was feeling really good, she was leaking out drool from the corner of her mouth and she was staring blankly in front of her as she completely surrendered to the feeling of embarrassment and liberation all at the same time.

They were still standing on their tippy toes as their four slender legs were trembling, and their bodies were letting out this steamy vapour.

「Aaaauuu, I let it outtt…….and I was seen peeing out all my wee-wee……my pathetic self has been seen by a human……!  」 (Palmyra speaking)

「Ahh that’s right, you demoness’s have done a splendid job at urinating while standing you know? Kukuku, should I train your bodies so that whenever you get your ass touched by me, you will be unable to hold the urge to urinate? Before long your bodies will become so shameful」

「Iyaaa, Yaaadaaa…….! I-I don’t want my body to become like thatt……..I won’t be able to become a brideee…..」 (Palmyra Speaking)

The flow of her pee was getting weaker as it flowed down her thighs and I continued to lick Palmyra’s horns while looking at such a scene.

When I pulled my fingers out of her ass hole, her waist trembled one last time and Pushaa, she let out one last stream of pee.

「Fuyuu, Fuaaah…..! What’s this, itss amwazinngg…….I didn’t knoww that peeing felt so gooodd…..!」(Flamia speaking)

「Flamia you also worked really hard didn’t you? You are so cute, especially your face when you were leaking like a water can」

「Fuee, R-really……? O-Oniisan if you want to see more, then for you I will pee in front of you at anytimeee…….! Please pat my head and tell me, I’ve done a good job in peeingg…….!」

Flamia had dreamy eyes and when I patted her head and praised her, she went “Funyaa” she had a broad smile on her face and she started to rub her head against my chest like a cute cat.

Palmyra came as well, but I think when these two girls urinated they both climaxed a little.

「I guess this match is also a tie isn’t it? Because you girls must feel refreshed, now it’s your turn to make me feel good. It’s finally time for my little Johnny to plunge into your small holes, are you Loli’s…….prepared for this?」


「Ah, Ahh…….!」

They were weak on their knees as both of their W posed loli bodies were leaning against me, my penis was getting so hard and regained their former energy, it was pulsating like a lethal weapon and I proudly placed on display.

The two girls gulped down their breath as their gazed locked on to my thing, and even without looking at their faces it was easy to imagine what kind of expression they had right now——.

「Am I really treasured by Odamori-kun……..? Does he really, give me special treatment….?」

It was an unbelievable concept to her but at the same time she couldn’t really say that it was untrue either, Kirika was walking along the corridor of the village as she repeatedly spoke to herself in a small whisper.

She was suddenly attacked, subjected to his enslavement magic and her virginity was suddenly taken away. Since that time, he was consistently taking every opportunity he got to do ecchi things with her……….Normally this kind of situation was something she never even believe could happen.

However, after the battle with Groom, it was obvious that Tooru would risk his own life to save her whenever Kirika entered a critical moment. The fact that he did his best to accomplish this was something that couldn’t really be denied.

That’s why Kirika’s heart wavered when Amelia pointed this fact out to her. No, it’s just that she wasn’t able to realize her own heart was wavering, and only now was she able to feel a larger effect.

(I had always thought that he gave special treatment to Princess Sistina……Or more like, even now I feel like this is the case…..)

She was literally a Princess from a fantasy setting, she was a beautiful girl of absolute perfection and it was only obvious for men to fall for her. Moreover, they don’t even need the relationship to be based on Enslavement Magic and she was willing to do those kinds of things with him. And without a doubt this would have made Tooru happy right?

Therefore, Kirika thought that for the sake of her close friend she should at least give her best wishes and cheer them on from the side lines…..

(……..Eh, w-why am I thinking all these strange things………!? T-this is so weird wa! it’s definitely weird, the me right now must be crazy!) (Kirika’s thoughts)

Her heart was becoming hot without her permission. Effected by that heat, her body……..also became hot.

Even under normal circumstances, her body was prone to getting exasperated.

All of these things seemed to happen at the worst timing and it’s probably because of those strange things she happened to hear every time she passed by him.

(Ahh, mouuu! In the end, how am I supposed to approach him with something like this…….!?)

She was hiding her blushing face with her hand and shaking her black hair, the Princess Knight was suffering secretly.

Kirika was finding herself in a predicament she just couldn’t solve.



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