Chapter 44: The End of the Feast and The Strongest Title Part 1


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers. Therefore those under the age of 18 are prohibited from reading any further.

We were at the part of the bath where the water was shallow, Both Flamia and Palmyra were leaning their bodies against this large rock as they raised their butts and showed them to me while they looked backwards towards me.

Kupahh……they were spreading out their own pink coloured meat holes with their own hands generously showing them to me.

「Look, look at my vagina, it’s totally wet and ready for you…..♥ Oniisan’s penis-san, when I think about how it will plunge into me, my head goes blank, and my body starts to tingle with expectation dayoo…..!」

「A-as for I, not just my pussy but my ass hole has been thoroughly…..trained by Tooru, and I’ve become totally accustomed to receiving it here …..! Even though I’m supposed to be a high ranking demon, having my ass hollowed out and pounded makes me feel so much pleasure that I could go crazy nojyaa……!」

If this was the first time you met them, you wouldn’t believe they were capable of saying such things, but standing amongst this steamy bathroom——These two loli demonesses——were clearing shaking their asses inviting me to ravish them.

Just moments before this occurred I told them that the person who could coaxed me the most erotically with their words, would be the first to get it inserted by me. It would seem that because of this, I reignited their competitive spirit and this is the result.

「Kuku, this makes me hesitant……Who should I choose? Flamia’s small and tight vagina seems delicious, but this time around, Palmyra is so obedient aren’t you just so cute? Ehh?」

「D-don’t say it…..! My hole was disciplined without mercy and you recklessly violated it so much…..That it cannot be undone, the reason it’s become so obedient is your faultt….auu」

That arrogant Palmyra was trying to coax me of her own volition instead of me forcing her to speak in this manner, with my subjugation magic. She faced towards me sticking out her butt, using her own finger to spread her cute little ass hole as she pleaded me for sex.

When I saw this scene in front of me, I could not help but to feel a shudder going up my spine.

「Mouu~ I’m also really obedient~ I’m also cutee! heyy come and look deeper inside of me……..Doesn’t it look really soft? Doesn’t it look really hot? It’s definitely going to suck in Oniisan’s hard thing and make it feel so good~ loook, come to me quickly~♪」

「Ohh, this is certainly true…..Not only that, you’ve become so wet haven’t you, Flamia?」

Almost like it had a will of its own, her loli vagina was like a beautiful peach ripe for the picking, it was twitching and clearing inviting a man to ravish it. She was so indecent in her seduction that you wouldn’t believe that this is the second time she’s had sex.

She was the epitome of a airhead loli bitch, it was an audacious ero hole that needed to be thoroughly trained and disciplined.

「E-even my ass is dripping wet jyazo…..! Tooru she’s not worthy of your first-rate thing, please come over here quickly and use my shameless ass to satisfy yourself…..!」

「Iyadaa, dameee (noo, you can’t)~ Pick me, put in your thick cock in mee~!」

「Alright I’ve chosen. The order I am going to do it in is….this!」

I walked up to Flamia who standing in the water knee deep and grabbed her slim butt.

The Ojousama demonesses who thought that she got chosen raised a voice of happiness, however, I continued to use both of my hands to carry her light body…… and I piled Flamia’s body on top of Palmyra who was acting dejected right now.

「Nuwawa, h-heavy!? W-what are you trying to do jya Tooru!?」

「I’m not heavy! Eh? Oniisan what are you trying to do……..Funyaaaaaahnnn, p-penis-san came inside of meeee!!?」

Almost like some sort of squishy stacked mochi cake, the two loli asses were piled together like a tower in a ハ shape.

In no time at all, I put it in Flamia’s melting wet mini vagina and my red cock which was filled with blood was sinking into her.

「Ohh, this tightness is good….Now then, so as to make sure that Palmyra doesn’t fall, make sure to flap your wings a little to reduce the burden, Flamia. If you don’t listen to me properly I will stop using my cock on you….do you understand!」

「Hihyaauu, Hiiiuu!? I-it’s so bigg……!?I understand! I will listen, I’ll listen to whatever Oniisan says, so please moreee! do me moree~!!」

She was so tight that I thought the surface of my cock would be scrubbed off or something, however, she was also letting out an abundant amount of love juices, therefore I could comfortably plunge it in and out of her whilst feeling pretty good in her tight hole, I rocked my waist back and forths over and over.

Fighting the intense temptation to just continuing pumping in and out of Flamia, I suddenly pulled my cock vigorously in the middle of my pump, and my fully lubricated cock was pointed straight to the hole below and fired towards it——!

「……..Nnn Ohhh, Ofuuuu!!? It’s come inside of me, Tooru’s cock is wildly going inside of my ass jyaaahhhh!! Oahhh, Ahhh……..Hiinn Ahhyiaaa!?」

I changed my aim towards Palmyra’s ass-vagina, her ass didn’t at all lose to the tightness provided by Flamia and I amply enjoyed this sensation while burrowing my cock in lovely dovey ass which had been totally trained to become an erogenous zone.

「Fuuee……..! I-it’s seriously going inside of your ass…… You’re letting out such an incredible voice Palmyra, does it really feel that good…..getting your ass pounded by Oniisan….?」

This was the first time that Flamia had seen an-al intercourse, and seeing her rival moan out like some sort of beast looking so happy, she momentarily forgot about her own dissatisfaction as her amber eyes stared in amazement.

After tasting this first grade, asshole meat with about ten pumps, I once again pulled it out of her with a dash, and used my syrupy cock to plunge it back into Flamia’s twitching loli vagina.

「Nhiii…….Hiiiyyaaahh Ahyaaannn!! Again, it’s come againnnn Ahhhhhh!!?」

「Fumyaa, Fuhinnn!? T-this is ahh!? Isn’t it supposed to have….been pulled out from me jya Ahhhhh!!?」

However, this time around the voices that resounded weren’t just that of a single person, but the both of them singing out in harmony.

That’s right, I aligned the sensations of these fellow magical slaves, and the both of them could feel the pleasures of having their holes being driven into by me at the same time.

「Haguuu, Nhhiiii Ohhhh!!? B-both my front and my back, feels like it’s getting pierce by Tooru at the same time…..!! I-I’m melting, b-both my holes are going to melttt!? 」

「Th-this is what it feels like in the ass!? I can feel Oniisan hollowing out my my ass holeeee!! T-this feels so amazingggg!!?」

When I shared their senses together, even when Palmyra wasn’t getting her ass poked by me, she could still feel it in her vagina, and similar with Flamia she could feel the pleasure coming out of her ass and I was already laying the foundations to developing her ass by giving her this pleasure.

The both of them were feeling the highest quality of stimulation as I alternatively violated both their holes, moreover, I made sure that they amplified the feeling of pleasure whenever it got transmitted from one party to another, thereby creating this infinite loop of never ending gratification.

「A-amazinggg, amwazzingg♪ B-both my vagina and my ass are feeling so gwoodddd, It’s not fair that Palmyra has been feeling this good all this timeee!! From now on please do it in my ass as welll, please do it both from the front and the backkkk Hahiyaaaaauuuh!!?」

「T-the one being unfair is Flamia jyahh…..! R-right now your hole is changing to the shape of Tooru’s cock, and I can totally feel how good it feelss jya!! M-me too, I want Tooru’s cock in my vagina as well jyaa, moreee!!」

Palmyra’s legs were wobbling and shaking, furthermore, Flamia’s wings were desperately trying to keep herself afloat, as they both reached their limits, their bodies fells down tangled with each other as they landed in the shallow hot water.

Of course while all this was happening, I didn’t stop the movements of my waist, I carried all four of their legs under my armpits and they were in a position where they were currently on their knees.

「Ora orahh, learn to properly get along with each other you two…..! Just like this I will continue to earnestly tease and torment both of your holes so that you will have matching shapes….alright?!!」

「Hyaaauuuu Ahhguuu~~~ I’it’s too amwazingg!!? I-I understanddd, I’m sowwy Oniisan, Palmyraaa ahh! I’ll get along with herrr!! I’ll do it so, p-please tease us moreee!!」

I digged my fingers and grabbed Flamia’s white ass which was piled on top of Palmyra, and easily plunged the tip of my penis head into her loli sized vagina and it my adult cock was in the deepest part of her vagina, poking it, and gouging out her insides.

Just when she relaxed herself, I immediately pulled out and plunged it into Palmyra’s ass which was slovenly twitching shamelessly, her hole was really tender as it greedily devoured my cock into the depths of her stomach, I stirred her insides real good, to show her who her master was.

「Nnohh, Haooouuu Higiiiiinnnn!!? I-I can no longer be apart from Tooru…… M-my body has been trained so that it never wants to separate ahhhh, Both my ass hole and my horn, my whole body has been disciplined  nojyaaaa, I’ve completely become a human’s bitch nojyaaaahhh…….!!」

「Alrightt, If that’s the case, the both of you should become my brides! Let both your bodies and your mind go and obey me!! 」

I was rapidly pumping in and out and I couldn’t even tell which hole I was putting it into any longer, the three of our lower bodies were melting together to become one, almost as if the three of us were sharing a heavenly pleasure with each other.

It was hard to differentiate between feeling arousal or exaltation, and I was merely embracing their slippery and flat bodies as they were letting out a harmony of coquettish voices. Before I knew it, both of their hands were interlocked with mine, just like lovers.

「I wantt too, I’ll do ittt!! P-please make me into Oniisan’s bridee! We’ll do ecchi things every single day, and you can make me an ecchi brideee!!」

「M-me too, me as wellll!! I want to become Tooru’s bride, Tooru’s an-al bridee! I’ll become the ass bride, P-please tease me and dig out my ass hole for the years to come……..NnnOhhhhh!!? 」

Kyumumu………Gyuuchichi! After declaring their shameful oath of becoming my brides, their two holes tightened even further, and an intense vibration was transmitted to my cock.

The both of them had seemingly cum from just feeling the euphoria and sense of happiness, moreover, this feeling developed into a chain reaction whereby the two of them would feel a continuous orgasm.

Even at the best of times, they already had such tight holes, but now it was like they wanted to wring the semen out of my cock, it was getting unbearable for me.

「Allrighhhtt……..It’s about time I also come! I’m going to drive it into the both of you! I’m going to pour so much into your twitching loli holes!! Kuu……..Uu, Ohhhhh……!!」

Dokuu……….Dobyuruururuuu!! Dokukunn, Dogunnnnn!!

Byuukururuunn, Byuku Dobyupupu…….Byuuruuruuru!!

「Nnnohhhhhh, Ahaaaaaaaahhh!!? I-it’s cominggg, it’s gushing into my assss!! I’m also going to cumm, having a human’s semen in my ass hole is going to make me cummmm!!」

「Ahhhhh, T-this isssss!!! My head is floatingg, everything is becoming light and floatyy!! Together with Oniisan, together with this hot stuff coming into my stomachhh!!」

I released all the pent up desires I was saving up, and using the enchantment to increase my own vigour, I spurted out a huge amount of cloudy fluids like a violent torrent. I was aiming in the deep interior of their soft meat holes and I exploded and spouted out a huge amount of semen.

Was it deep in Flamia’s hole?  Or was it deep in Palmyra’s hole? It didn’t even matter anymore.

「Nohhhh……. Nahhh, Nohhhhh!? I-I also feel it coming deep into my womb…..Th-this hot sexual energy is pouring into mee as welll jyaato!!?」

「Eh Ehh Usoo? Nnn Hii M-my asss iss!? You’re lyingg, what’s happening, my stomach as welll, Ahhh Ahhh a-againn, I’m going to cummmmm~~~~~!!?」

That’s right. The reason they why they were feeling this way was because I recently perfected another ero artifact……..Using this magical ring, I was able to teleport and transfer my semen a short distance to another location. I was transporting my semen to both of their stomachs and uterus at the same time. Violating all four of their holes at the same time, this was fit to be called a sperm shower.

This was a completely unexpected surprised attack by me and their childish bodies were bending back and forth as they experienced a continuous orgasm, their sweet seductive voices couldn’t help but to leak out and even so, they did not let go of my cock and was greedily squeezing every last drop.

「This is good……Just like that, you guys are finally getting along with each other aren’t cha? ……Horaa, while kissing each other, you guys should perform the cleaning fera」

「Fuaaa, Yeshhh…..! Fuaa, Parlmyraaa……..Let’s get along like this, from now on okayy……! Nnnchuuu, Chupuu (Kiss)……!」

「Nnn Myuu……..!? Puaah, Geez she’s acting like this right noww……But, f-fine…..Nnnfuu, Nchuuu…….! 」

Their eyes were filled with heart symbols and they were licking and kissing my sloppy cock together, these two loli demonesses were finally getting along with each other.

Through the act of doing ero things, I was able to forcibly drive away their ill intentions towards each other, and it seems to have worked better than I would have expected.

I was caressing both their silver and purplish hair and enjoying the sight of this cute but sexy duo, my penis began to grow hard again.

However….At this point in time, there was something that I didn’t realize was happening.

At a place that I didn’t know about, there was a huge conspiracy, and it was taking shape right now——。(Light Novel Illustration: Flamia and Palmyra Getting Along~)



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