Chapter 44: The End of the Feast and The Strongest Title Part 2


『The coming of a hero…you said? Ha, isn’t that precisely just a fleeting rumour that is said to come about once every thousands of years? I thought that you two leaders of the demonic faction would not stoop so low, and be deceived by a mere rumour 』

Duke Vladoveri who possessed the draconic demon blood and the Mythological Fox Spirit Mikura.

They suddenly paid an unannounced visit to Iblis’s castle, and whilst they were indeed a part of the eight demonic family, they were also of a higher rank than Iblis…..In any case, the rumour they were speaking of was once foretold by the absolute ruler of the demon world the “Demon King” and this “Hero” was a legendary job that could potentially destroy the demon balance that existed in the demon world.

「Nn~ If it really is just a rumour that would be for the best. However, this time around it seems to be the “real” deal」

〈Baru Varusu, that fellow was completely destroyed〉

『What did you say……..!?』

The immortal dragon Duke Vladoveri, spoke with his huge face still peeking from the tear in space, and even Iblis could not withhold the shock she held and was rendered speechless at the fact that had been told to her.

(…….”Duke of Hunting” Baru Varusu-sama died!? Even if he was the lowest in ranking amongst the eight noble demons, for him to d-die……..Did he get destroyed by the so called Hero!?)

Strahl who was wearing his lion mask, trembled from the words spoken and slumped into the floor.

The fact that one of the eight noble demons had died is an event that is as momentous as the event when Palmyra’s family was wiped from the demonic plane several hundred years ago.

「Well, I don’t really care that Barubaru-chan kicked the bucket and died…..after all, I really hate that guy nee. But, the problem is that a human being did this, and it seems to be that person」

『You are saying it is none other than the proclaimed “hero”…..?』

“That’s exactly right~” said the blond foxy eared demoness as she spun her pipe in the air and smiled. Although there was a huge amount of tension right now, for her, this was her usual way of acting.

「I see…….it seems that both the revival of the “Demon King” and the appearance of the “Hero” are indications that this is no longer just a mere rumour. So the fact that the Hero has appeared, is leading you to believe that the key to the resurrection of the Demon King, the so called “Divine Corpse” is also something that truly exists… this about right?」

The one who opened their mouth all of a sudden was Cruz who had silently been on his knees next to Strahl.

For someone of his stature, Cruz was probably not qualified to interrupt the conversation of such big figures who were standing before him, and the demonic swordsman Strahl stiffened his back and a sweated when he saw this happening…….It was not weird at all, that if you managed to make any of these three demons unhappy, that you would instantly be annihilated.

Moreover, he was hiding the fact that the Iblis camp had already discovered a fragment of the Divine Corpse and collected it.

「Well, I suppose that does sum it up. That’s why I surprised Ibi-chan and came here without any notice」

However, Mikura just casually replied to Cruz’s remark. The rumours about her character being whimsical seemed to be true and Mikura was truly one of the most unpredictable amongst the eight demonic families.

To begin with, the only person who has ever called the others with the honorific of -chan is Mikura and she is the only one that has gotten away with it.

〈Indeed. This is precisely why I advise that you start speaking the truth, this is for your own good〉

Once again, the Draconic Duke let out an overbearing aura whenever he spoke, and it was enough to make the heart of any ordinary man to explode in agony.

However, Iblis’s body was covered by a high density of magic, and within the sphere she was unaffected by his intimidating voice. Her lack of agitation to his clear provocation was proof of it.

『It is as you say…..In recent years, I have perpetuated the fact that the Divine Corpse exists, and have been searching for it』

Her words weren’t a total lie, and she cleverly mixed in half-truths in her story…….Cruz was gloating secretly at this display of shrewdness.

『And, I have obtained an important clue as to which human being may be able to provide us with more information. That person is——The Slavemancer Tooru』

「Hmmm……The Slavemancer Tooru, ne?」

(I-is this where Iblis-sama plans to drop his name…..?!)

『That fellow, is also convinced of the existence of the Divine Corpse and is in search for it. For that end, he has kidnapped the Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom in order to use her skills of Prophecy………It is quite possible, that he has already obtained a fragment of the Divine Corpse. Aside from that, I have not been able to obtain any further piece of information』


The three great demons stayed silent for a while. A tense feeling was tormenting the stomach of Strahl.

「…….Well, fine then. Although it isn’t as powerful as the job of the “Hero” it is still one of the legendary rare jobs, Slavemancer………If it is true that this job has also come back into our world, then aren’t things starting to become a little interesting? Nn anyways, sorry for the intrusion kay, Ibi-chan」

〈Be careful not to let your guard down——Don’t expect that my suspicions of you will be cleared up from a little thing like this〉

Zuzuzu……..The large dragon head which was peeking through the tear in space finally released his talons and returned to where he came from.

Mikura the fox who was holding on to her metal pipe and had countless fox tails, along with the shaking of her gigantic breasts that seemed like it would spill out of her Japanese clothing, disappeared back into her own dimension.

The spacious room returns to silence once more, and Strahl who finally had the tension lifted from his whole being, breathed out a huge sigh of relief.

『Judging from the current state of affairs, it will only be a matter of time until news about the Divine Corpse becomes widespread…..You need to speed up the search for the rest of the Divine Corpses, Cruz』

「Yes! Of course, I will do as you command」

Once again, Iblis majestically relays her orders to Cruz.

Strahl wanted his master Iblis to throw away her deep obsession with this dangerous thing called the Divine Corpse……but seeing how fickle his dream was, the demonic swordsman could only close his mouth and sigh in his own mind.

On the other hand Cruz….

(Well, well. She was trying to lie and yet……it has actually led to the truth)

It was a fact that right now, part of the Divine corpse was indeed in Tooru’s possession. It was just that Cruz had not mentioned this to Iblis.

However, who would have ever expected that when Iblis was trying to avert the target and place the attention to the Slavemancer, it was actually the truth that he ‘had a portion of the Divine Corpse’.

“Or is it perhaps that Iblis actually doubted the report that I gave her, and she used that as a form of measure to check my information”…..Cruz also took this into consideration.

(Well whatever the case may be, now that it’s become like this, I can only rely on Tooru-kun to do his best to avoid being caught. Finally, demons from the eight demonic family is coming to challenge you……So please be sure to put up a good fight, so that this “Cruz’s dreams” can come to fruition……..!)

Under the silver mask, Cruz’s face quietly lights up with an unseen flame, whilst it was hidden from the rest, it was without a doubt a brightly burning desire.

(Even so…. did they really mention “Hero”?…….I fear that it is the “colleague” that was with me at that time. Well then, in any case, let’s see who got chosen to be the Hero——)

Time: Going back in time slightly.

For the great devil noble Baru Varusu, who had the esteemed title of Duke of Hunting, it was supposed to be a normal day in which he would commence his hunting routine which had been going on in a similar fashion for the past several hundred years.

Even though he held the lowest seat amongst the eight demonic families, his past time hobby of hunting has not changed for several hundreds of years.  He would periodically take his most trusted retainer out with him and travel to the human world, he was playful by nature and thoroughly enjoyed the game known as hunting…….Naturally, the target of the hunt was humans.

Although the actions of Baru Varusu may seem thoughtless and pointless as one of the high-ranking noble demons, he never had taken an interest in the political affairs that resided in the demon world, moreover many of the other demons looked down on him (And he, himself acknowledged his weakness) Therefore, nobody ever really picked a fight with him. Of course, even though he wasn’t the strongest, for him to destroy a city or village with humans whilst he was out “hunting” was not such a rare occurrence.

「You…..Are you really a human…….!?」

The demon known as Baru Varusu was a blue skinned demon with the shape of a human and he was wearing a formal outfit in bad taste. In front of him right as of this moment, an unbelievable spectacle was happening.

His trusted retainer was a demon knight standing at the height 3 m. his retainer was facing his back towards him and had suddenly crumbled down to the ground. His gigantic figure which was covered in hard black leather, crashed to the ground and doesn’t even move a muscle.

「Even if you ask me, no matter how you look at it, don’t you think that I am a human being?」

A shadow of a human appears behind the falling gigantic figure of the demonic knight —— It was quite unclear as to how the demonic knight had been defeated in a single blow, but the person who appeared seemed to be speaking as if it was nothing special.

You wouldn’t think that the person standing in front of you was a warrior, she had white skin, and a matching white blouse shirt to go with it, she wore a short skirt and it was something that would be seen as strange in this world, she was a youthful girl. Her shirt was binding together her voluptuous chest, putting even more emphasis to the size of it.

「Do not prattle on. You are just a mere human being, how could you ever possibly defeat my elite demon knight which is at the fourth rank. If you really did defeat him, then you must be some monster disguising itself as a human」

At first he was just here to play around, but now he had to switch to a more serious mind set as he scanned the weapon that was on the girl’s back. Is that a sword? did she perhaps use an instant drawing sword technique, in order to defeat the demon knight? or is there some kind of secret behind her scabbard? I don’t sense any magical power coming out of her……..

「Uwaaa, to call me something like a monster, don’t you think that’s a little too cruel? You’ve made me kinda depressed. Well, I’m just a human being but, recently, I’ve also been called a “Hero” by some」

For an instant, the great noble demon had a look of surprise on his face. Hero. Did she really say Hero just now?

「Did you say…..Hero!? Hah, a little girl like you? even for a prank, I think that’s going too far!」

In the old days, several thousand years ago——there was a single person who was able to go head to head with the unbeatable Demon King, they were on a whole different dimension in terms of strength, the “Hero” Job was precisely the job that led the Demon King to ruin. The fear of such an existence was forever embedded in the souls of the demons.

「Uwaa, that’s discrimination towards women. Well, I think that you will soon find out whether I am telling the truth, or whether I am lying you know? Besides, rather than being called a Hero, I much prefer my other title which is known as the strongest title in the world I come from」

「A title even better than “Hero” you say? How could there be such a thing!」

Without feeling the slightest bit of fear, the girl took a mysterious posture and declared to the Demon noble in front of her.

For the demon like Baru Varusu……No for anyone who is a resident of this world, there was no way for them to understand her words.

「Rather than being called a “Hero” there is this other ultimate job, the strongest title in the world, that is “Gal” ! Hateful demon, allow me the Gal Hero, Tachibana Riruna! To eliminate you completely!!」(Light Novel Colour Illustration: Tachibana Riruna the Gal Yuusha!)



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