Chapter 46: The Chains that Bind her and Her Lust


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

—Kirika POV Start—

Apparently…… It was something that I wasn’t supposed to do.

『——She’s not the kind of girl to be interested in these things——』

『——Raising children is your specialty so you need to educate her properly——』

These were the voices of my parents that were quarrelling in the living room downstairs.

Since the young girl was born, it was the first time she had heard such a scary voice and such unpleasant words coming out of her parents.

『——I mean, look at that, she had that kind of indecent book——』

『——We have to make a complaint to the municipal management team at the school library later——』

To think that it would become like this, was something that was unexpected.

The young girl merely borrowed the book from her library as per usual, and she was only reading sentences which she never understood anyways.

『Hey, what are these two doing?』

Apparently, that was a huge blunder.

And with this mistake, the usually kind mother and father became really angry, and it caused them to enter a huge argument.

(I am….I am the one who’s a bad girl. Because of me Mama is crying. And Papa is angry)

Scrubbing her red eyes, and plugging her ears from hearing anymore of what her parents had to say, the young girl made a determination.

She would never again, be interested in those kinds of things.

(I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me…….! I won’t do it again, so please forgive me……..!)

She never again, would she become a bad child.

It was an oath that she carved into her chest.

(I will be a good girl… please, please)

“Please forgive me” she curled up her small body in her bed sheets and kept reciting those words over and over.

Thus——In order for me to become an “honest child” that is desired by papa and mama.

I need to live up to their expectations… I don’t think I can live my life any other way unless I tried to do so…

—Kirika POV End—

Guiin……I turned my view 90 degrees. The side of her thighs and the weight of her lower half of her body which was really soft was closely glued against me.

Right now, my position was such that Kirika was right on top of me, and I was pushed down against the bed.

However, even if I recognise that this was what was happening, my brain refused to catch up with the situation.

「Hey, Odamori-kun…..」

Again with her sexy voice, she spoke out my name.

Her hands were next to the left and right side of my face and I was looking up towards the ceiling, where her back was facing…….The expression on her face wasn’t really clear as the room was dim without lights.

Her straight long raven-black hair dropped from her head and brushed against my chest, as a fragrant smell drifted into my nose.

「This is, Odamori-kun’s, fault….. okay?」

「…..Eh? What, is?」

My parched throat was barely able to answer.

「The fact, that I want to do ecchi……things」

While saying such astonishing words, Kirika started acting even more daringly.

Buchi, Buchi……She extended her slender hands towards my shirt and one by one she began to unbutton my clothes.

I’m not sure if it was because she was in a hurry, but she was quite clumsy, her fingers staggered more than once.

「W-wait, what is this about——」


Raising a small shout, the hands that were unbuttoning my shirt stopped.

「Because, I’m not supposed to be……such an ecchi girl, and yet. I don’t like indecent things, I’m not supposed to like such things……even though, becoming like this is not allowed….」


Potata…. Two hot droplets of water landed on my exposed chest.

When I looked at her, Kirika was biting her lower lip and her face was full with tears.

「Therefore…..! So the “reason” that I am so weird like this is…. Odamori-kun….Used some sort of weird magic on me, right? Hey…..Tell me isn’t that right…..?」

Her face was full of tears and she spoke in a pleading tone as if she was at wits end, it was also combined with an almost threatening tone and I could feel the crazy tension in her words.

And it was at this time, that I finally felt the cool atmosphere of the underground room, it was like I suddenly noticed the true nature of her behaviour and her sultry voice from before.

The smell coming out from Kirika’s body…..Is the smell of a girl in heat.

「……, Ahh…..yeah, that’s right. You are exactly right, Himeno-san」


This is obviously a lie. In the recent days, I haven’t fiddled with her body using my Enslavement Magic or anything like that.

Therefore, if Kirika is acting so bold like this then it is 100% due to her own self. It is the result of the lust and desire born out of her own heart and body.

And of course, it would be easy if I wanted to point this out to her. Since the time Flamia went wild, I was anticipating this exact scenario as I built up her sexual tension, this may be my opportunity to make her self-aware of her own desires, however——.

「That’s right, the you right now, has become strange due to the magic spell I’ve placed on you. Therefore…….Even if you act like this, it isn’t weird」

——However, for some reason…….I did not exploit this chance.

Perhaps it was just based on a whim, or maybe I was pitying her, or perhaps I was just overawed at the scene in front of me, and perhaps it was also because Palmyra had just recommended me to “thank” her. I don’t really know what exactly caused me to do it, but I lied to her…

「……That, must be it….」

After hearing my lies, Kirika’s face became one of relief…..or not. Just like usual, her face had a scowl as she looked at me with scorn.

「Is that so? That must be it, right? Odamori-kun」

Although it was only slightly her expression turned a little more softer along with the atmosphere….Although I might be mistaken when I think this —— but somehow I feel as though she was grateful to me.

Kirika obviously knew that the words I used right now, were a complete lie, it was fake.

Even so, her face told me that she wanted to say: “thank you for saying that”……”thank you for doing that” and “thank you for understanding”. Yeah, she was smiling while crying and this is what her expression indicated to me.

So to speak, it was at this exact moment….That the both of us were accomplices committing the same crime.

「Is that so……? Then, even if I do ecchi things, it’s fine isn’t it?」


Dokun—— This time it was my hearts turn to jump.

This was a huge gap to how she behaved normally, and the destructive power of her innocent expression combined with her seductive words were breaking the rules.

She was extravagantly and atrociously cute, and she swept me off my feet.

「…..I’m taking off the bottom part as well okay?」

「W, Wait…….!」

She was breathing quite heavily, and after exposing my chest, the next thing she did was move her hands towards my trousers.

After struggling with my belt for some time, she finally managed to succeed in opening the front part.

Burun…….My half erect penis flew out, and she reacted by slightly holding her breath whilst staring at my thing. That innocent Kirika, was actually able to take out a man’s thing by herself and gaze right at it.

「You’ve already become like this….You’re so indecent」

She entwined her five chilly white fingers around my meat trunk and she began to stroke.

Even though Kirika used to hate it so much when I was teaching her how to stroke a man’s cock, right now, even without my orders, she was stroking my cock which hasn’t been washed since the morning, it was an unsightly male organ…..And she was zealously and wholeheartedly caressing my member, it was an unbelievable sight.

「Grow big…..Just like usual, Grow big….Yes, it’s become big」

Very soon, my cock filled with blood and was rising towards the heavens, and Kirika was proudly gazing at it in satisfaction. Almost like she was saying “there, there”, she used the palm of her hand to gently brush the tip of my cock that was starting to leak it’s cowper fluids, instinctively my voice leaked out.

「………Look, Odamori-kun」

Half rising her body, she was propped on her knees, Kirika was hesitating several times……as she lifted her own dark blue miniskirt.

Inside of it was…..Inside of her mini skirt was her white panties, and I could this dripping wet mark on it.

「I’m already like this….. So I’m also the same, you know?」

Her body and her voice was shaking with embarrassment, I was temporarily frozen as I stared at my former class prez, she took my right hand and guided it towards her special place that was so hot and wet that I felt like it would let out steam.


I must have been infected by her heat as I inserted and slid my finger into the crevice of her slopping wet panties.

Without even caring about the angle I was putting it in, or that it might become painful, two of my fingers completely slid inside of her meat hole, it was totally melting hot like a soaking hot spring, *guchi guchi*, *nucho nucho* the lewd sound of water stirred the air.

「Nnna, Aahh….Ah, Ahhhhh, Ah…… this is totally different to when I do it…..By myself…….!?」

Oh, did she just say that she “normally does this kind of thing by herself?” I was going to make a comment about this fact, but the me right now, is totally immersed in a trance like state and all I could do was move my fingers and my body.

Her whole body was shivering as she couldn’t hold herself up any longer and she collapsed towards me, her huge breasts which was really voluminous landed on my exposed chest as it comfortably pushed against me.

The smell of her body and the temperature stimulated both my brain and my nostrils and it made me melt deep inside.

「Ahh, Nnn ahh….O-Odamori-kun! T-that’s enough, I-I’m already ready……so! P-please…..!!」

Having guessed her intentions, I tore off her panties with vigour.

Her vagina was shining with her love juices…… was so wet that you could almost think that she wet herself by accident.

When I threw away her underwear which was already sopping wet towards the ground, it made a heavy *plomp* indicating the weight of the soaked panties.

「……Himeno, san」

「O, Odamori…..kun」

After calling each other’s names several times, we silently watched each other.

At this juncture I had no wish to give her an order to “Put it in”. Neither me nor her wanted it.

As expected, she was the first to crack as she couldn’t take it any longer and she moved first. Just like the first time I took her virginity, she propped up my throbbing hot cock with her hands and aimed it just above her own crotch.

「Then, I, will put this in…..okay?」

Nurunnn————!It was an unbelievably smooth entry, almost as natural as breathing in, this hot, hot interior of Kirika enveloped my member in an instant.

Her fresh and juicy vagina was expectantly waiting for the moment that my dripping cock would pierce her and I pushed my way through, deeper and deeper into her interior.

「Uu, Uohh….Oh!?」


Kotsun…..the tip of my cock reached the end of her uterus, sooner than usual I had already reached her secret gate and holding back her scream her white body bent backwards.

Kirika, had just climaxed from being inserted by my cock.

And even for me, my hard meat was being strangled by this soft yet firm contradiction of a sensation, it was terrific vaginal pressure, and it was trying to wring out my semen, and all I could do was desperately hold myself back from leaking out.

「Nnn ah, the thing is I, I!? You know Odamori kunn!? this is!? this makes me feel so good, and truthfully I’m not supposed to do this but! Nahhhahhh!?」

She was speaking incoherently and coquettishly, her face seemed to be on the verge of crying. No in reality, she was feeling an immense pleasure and at the same time all the other confusing emotions welling up in her was raging about, and Kirika was crying.

I understood it, that even more so than the time that I took her virginity, it was at this moment that she felt like she lost something even more important……..And it was none other than me, that accomplished such a thing.

She herself desired such a thing.

「This feels good doesn’t it…..? Himeno-san? What do you mean you’re not supposed to? Why are you so afraid of honestly letting go and just feeling good……!?」

「Nnahhhhhh!!? S-So deeppppp!? It’s pounding me! and poking me……..nnhahhhh!!? Fuaaa Hyaaaannnnn!!」

Her black hair was dancing and beads of glowing sweat dribbled down her body, she was trying to follow up and match the rhythm of my reckless piston motions with her own waist, shaking it while being in the cow-girl position.

I drew my schlong just on the brink of taking it out of her and she was waiting for the moment expectantly as she trembled with her honor student vaginal meat hole holding me tight. In the next moment, I hammered back into her womb which was dripping with love juices.

If this was the usual Kirika this kind of tempestuous sex would be impossible unless I ordered her as such, but right now, our mucous membranes were sticking to each other and it continued to enhance the pleasure than ever before.

「Because, because I!! If I’ve become like this! I feel like I’m going to stop being myself……….!? I don’t think I can be forgiven, if it’s become like this, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do!! I-I’m scareddd, HiHyaaauuunnn!!?」

Shedding tears, and speaking inarticulately, she was filled with shame and yet the torrent of pleasure from the stimulation provided during sex made her question herself and she was intensely puzzled at what she should do. Both her body and mind was running wild.

When she said she “wouldn’t be forgiven”——Who is she referring to? Although I didn’t really understand where she was coming from, I could make a guess.

Probably she was feeling fear, up until now she had lived an honest and upright life as an honor student.

It is likely that she was brought up with the notion that sex was a dirty thing, and that she should learn to hate it.

And despite all of this, she indulged in this pleasure, she wanted it and she felt a new kind of happiness well up within herself and she knew this to be the truth.

In that case——What I should do is…

「It’s alright, Kirika….!」

「Nna, Fuahh!? O, Odamori-kun…!?」

When I strongly called out her name, *Kyun*….her vagina tightened even more on my cock.

「I will take responsibility for taking care of your body……I will take responsibility for making you like this! Therefore, you can rest assured, you can just relax and feel good! You can be honest with yourself!」

「Eh? Ehh Ehhh!? Wh-what do you mean by that….NNyaaaaauuu!!? My B-breasts……Ah Ahh Kuuahhhnnn!!」

After declaring such a thing, I grabbed on to her heavy tits with my hands and groped them to my heart’s content. Her sweet voice immediately comes out.

It fits profoundly into the palm of my hands and as expected, no matter how many times I get a feel for them, I don’t get tired of them, they are indeed the best of the breasts.

That’s right, if someone was allowed to cop a feel to this kind of amazing body, nobody would in their right minds refuse such an opportunity.

「Haau, Nnahh, Auu!? The way you are touching me……Is so much more lewd than usual…….!? Moreover, my breasts feel so tingly and numb…….NNhauuu!!?」

Scooping out her breasts so that her nipples come out an angle pointing towards the outside, whilst I did so gently I also firmly crushed her tapered peaks.

*gunyuri* my fingers sink into her supple white flesh, and almost as if I was using a game controller, I moved her huge breasts in every direction, randomly kneading it, pulling on her nipples and rotating it, and massaging it……….I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

「Ah, amazinggg this isss!? I don’t know what this is, I’ve never felt such a thing beforeee……!! Nnn Ahhhh~~~~, Ahahhhhhhhhhahhhh!!?」

Her nipples were now indecently erect and both of them were being squished between the ball of my fingers. The more I rolled my fingers, the more her cute, spicy scream would resound, her body was both beautiful and obscene and I matched the movements of her waist the with the movements of my body as I continued to pump.

Kirika is doing this, my Kirika is…….The both of us are mutually moving our waists coordinating our centre of gravity together, we were seeking out each other as we tried to find the most pleasurable spots, it was a bold and daring sex. This was a collaboration of sex.

「O, Odamori-kun’s thing, if it does this, then it goes so deep……i-it’s going into the deepest portion of meee……..!? Ahh~~~~!!」

「It’s not Odamori-kun is it Kirika?! Even I call you by your first name, you should do the same! Call me by my name!」

「Eh, Eh? That is, but, but…………Hyaaau, Hyahhh!? I-I understand, I’ll do it, I’ll call your name soo, p-please don’t squeeze my n-nipples so stronglyyy!!?」

I’ve amply trained her body so well to the point that she could probably cum from just getting her ero nipples teased, from here on out, I intend to take away the armor she has over her heart and tear it off one by one.

The more I roughly pound the inner depths of her uterus with the tip my cock, Kirika could only desperately keep on to her sense of reason and I could tell that she was gradually losing focus.

「Ahh…….Uu, Uwahh…..T…..Tooru, kun…….?」

More so than when she was speaking erotically, these words seemed to make her even more embarrassed, For the first time, Kirika finally called me by my name.

It seemed like she would faint at any moment, and her crimsoning face accumulated a heap of tears……and her honest vagina was momentarily tightening up on me *kyun kyun (tighten, tighten)* as it shivered happily.

「That’s right, attagirl! The more I call out your name, Kirika, you should also call my name!!」

「Eh? W-what’s with that…….Nnahh!!? Uun Nnn Ahhhhh auuu!!?」

Her voice raised one octave higher, that’s because I suddenly grabbed on to her slender wrists and pulled downwards towards me.

Kirika was connected to me as she bent her body backwards and I was under her, the strength of her vaginal grip only continued to grow stronger, and I continued to force my penis thoroughly into her. My penis was snugly sucked into a vortex with no place to escape.

The angle I was aiming for was the spot right below her uterus, this was Kirika’s most erogenous zone and sensitive spot.

「You are alright, just like that, you should throw away all your anguish and worries! Now then, here I go…….Kirika, Kirika! Kirika……….Kirika, Kirika!!」

「Hyaaa, Higuuuunnnn!? Ahiyaaahh, T-Tooru-kun, Tooru-kun!? Oh no, I-I can’t take it anymoree, T,Tooruu-kuuunnn!!」

I went with the image of penetrating her stomach as I vehemently continued to, plunge, poke, poke, pierce and force into her!

Her pussy had already acclimated to the shape of my cock and has become the best fitting melting wet c*nt, without mercy I relentlessly pierced her from below, with effort I held back my feelings of bursting and I continued to corner her.

However, even so, Kirika was not defeated just like this.

「Tooru-kun, Tooru-kuuunn!! I know, I know it! I know what I’m supposed to do….that’s because, Tooru-kun has already taught me so many times beforeee!!」

「Guuu, Kirika………Kirika, This is amazin—…..Kuuaahh!?」

She wasn’t just moving up and down, she was also using her waist to twist and turn and wring my cock, and it provided me with a fresh sensation I haven’t experienced before, her honor student motor reflexes were top notch after all.

Not only was this a lewd act, but somehow or another, it was an action that she would have never done in the past.

「Tooru-kun, Tooru-kun, moree! Teach me more, do me moree, with Tooru-kun’s hot thing, make my insides go crazyyy!! NnAhhauu, Ahauuu!!?」

「Kirika, Ahh Kirikaaa!! That’s right, just like that, just like that let my cock make you feel good! Accept it obediently and feel the pleasure Kirikaaaa!! Kuuuuu!!」

Before we noticed it, we were entwining our fingers together with both of our hands like lovers, and we were adjusting to each other’s movements as both our bodies united. Our flesh, our genitals were insatiably coveting each other.

We were just totally immersed and letting ourselves go like wild beasts and animals, this was the current state we were in.

However, even though it seemed like we would continue forever, every conduct had an end to it.

「Tooru-kun, Tooru-kun the thing iss!? I’ve been cumming over and over from a while ago, you know!? Tooru-kun’s cock is making me so full iiii…….!? E-even now– a-againn……Mmnnnn!!」

「Ahh, I know that Kirika! You’ve been shivering and twitching all this time, and squeezing my dick periodically…….Uukuuah!!? E-even for me, I’m going to reach my limits, soon…….!! 」

The base of my cock, the middle and the head, was being squeezed with her erotic instrument. Her intense convulsions continued moreover, she combines it with the sporadic movements of her waist so there was no way that I could hold on for much longer.

digging up her soft, heavenly hole——in addition to that, I saw a side to Kirika which I have never seen before——And even if I wanted to taste this feeling forever, the lump of heat collected within my balls was already about to burst and explode.

「Then, thennn…..C-cum….for me?」


Those words were like a petition? or a supplication?……..her glossy black hair was wet with her sweat, she was bewitchingly clinging on to me with a smiling tear eyed face.

The gem of sweat travelled down towards her cute belly button, and I could almost see an illusion of her greedy womb seeking out my semen.

「It’s alright, even if you want to cum, Tooru-kun’s semen…….you can let it out of your cock, with a byuu byuu…….inject it, release it, deep inside of my body………..even if you make me all messy, it’s alright, you know?」

In the middle of speaking, her sense of shame was probably reignited, more so then before, I didn’t think she could grow any redder………her face was blushing in embarrassment as she turned her eyes away from me momentarily……giving me a flirtatious sidelong glance, she was speaking such words.

Her destructively adorable look completely crushed——any sense of reason left in me.

「Ki………Kirikaaaahhhh!! Uooohhhhhhhh!!」

「Kyaah!? Nnah, Eh? Hyaaaaauuuunnn!!?」

I suddenly got up from this position and pushed Kirika down on the bed.

She didn’t expect such a counter attack from me as she leaned towards me, I grabbed her plump thighs and pressed them against me and just immediately before my ejaculation was going to burst, I shoved my waist with all my strength towards her!

「Nnhyaaauuu, Ahahhhhh!? Sto– this is amazwing! i-it’s too amazwing…….M-my face, don’t look at my face right nowww! P-please don’t lookkk!!」

I pretended not to hear what she was saying and I moved my waist with blistering speed, I peered at the face of my former class prez whose face was soaked with both pleasure and tears.

The obscene sounds of meat hitting against each other reverberated, and I looked directly into those pretty eyes that was able to suck you into them.

Seeing the fire of desire burn within her eyes, and a shadow of shame, I could only continue to accelerate.

「Here I come! Just like you wished, I will pour it inside of you Kirikaa!! Drink it up, drink up all my semen inside of your womb!! Kuuaahhh!!」

「Yes, Yeshh Tooru-kunn!! no good, ahh no goodd, iyaaahh, Ah Ah Ah Ahhnnnnnnnnuuuu!!? Ahaaー, Uwaahhhhhh~~~~~~~!!?」

Byururururuu………Gopuuu, Doku doku dokunnn!!

Bubiyaa, NNbyurururu………Dobupunn, Gobyuububapaahh!! Byurukukunn!!

「Nnuuu~~~!? Higuu, Auuuahhhhh!!? T, Tooru-kun……..Nahhh ahhhhhnnn Ahh!!」

「Uohh, Ohhh……Kuoo, Ohhh………! Ki……Kirika…….!!」

While pouring my bursting semen into her, Kirika drew my head into her embrace.

Her sweat covered pair of breasts were warm and really soft, looking at how this cute and lovely girl was accepting all my genetic material, filled me with a sense of accomplishment. It felt soo good that I felt that my soul would leave my body, my whole body was intoxicated.

In this dim gloomy room, just how long did we stay in this position and embrace each other…..? After feeling that the sweat that wrapped around our bodies was starting to turn cold, I tried to separate my body from her, it was at this time….

「Noo…….I don’t want to be, separated….!」

A voice that sounded like a spoilt child came out of her. My heart popped in shock.

She moved her hands to the back of my neck and with watery eyes, Kirika clung on to me.

What’s with this girl, she’s way too adorable……!

I instinctively bring my face closer towards her to steal a kiss from her——however…

「Ah……, Nn……!」


An especially surprising thing happened, just before my lips were about to touch hers, the last bit of distance was actually closed by Kirika.

A warm, damp soft sensation pushed against my lips and like some sort of an idiot I was frozen in place.

「Nnfuu………, Puah…..Ah!」

As expected she didn’t go as far as putting her tongue inside, however, I who had regained my senses started to do so.

I shoved my tongue into her pearl white row of teeth; Kirika did not resist at all.

Our genitals were still connected as they were covered in semen and love juices, and we were exchanging fluids whether it was from above or below, mixing them together.

We were firmly holding on to each other’s backs.

「Oraa, How about it Kirika!? Does it feel good to take it from the back? you lecherous Princess Knight !! Horaa when you cum, make sure to properly say it!!」

「Nnn noo, damee nwooo~~~!!? Tooru-kun t-this is no goodd, again, I’m going to cummm, I’m cumminggg………..Nnnuuuahh!?」

「Kuu, Uohh……..Your insides are tightening……..I-it’s squeezing me dry!?」

After that, we were like two wild animals.

Our dirty flesh was knocked against each other, entwining like this, both of us reach innumerable climaxes, letting out sounds which wouldn’t even count as proper words, I continued to pour my semen in each and every hole within Kirika.

I let her kneel on the ground and I held her hair back roughly pulling it back, making her take it with her mouth-vagina, pouring my semen all over her face and making her all syrupy. On top of that I made her lick up all the cloud fluids and swallow it.

I made her stand placing her hands against the wall, with her ass towards me, I grabbed on to her tits from behind I did it from the back as I inserted myself into her melting vagina, pressing her body against the wall, I injected her with a large amount of semen into her womb.

Just when I thought it was going to finish, Kirika switched to the counter offensive as she used her breasts furiously to give me a paizuri, cornering my cock which was covered in both of our love fluids, she stroked me so good that I came twice in a row inside of her tits.

The room was filled with the fishy smell, and rather than calling it two people having sex, it was more fit to be called a representation of shameless copulation, the both of us continued to immerse ourselves in this kind of conduct.

「T, Tooru-kun……..! I-it’s almost time for dinner, you know….? I-if we don’t go, everyone will be worried…..Nnn ahhhh!?」

「Stop nagging me, who cares about that! I want to have sex with Kirika……I don’t mind it if Kirika can bear to stop moving though!? Ehh? Can you do it?」

「〜〜〜〜!? B……Bakaa……!」

The bed sheets were profusely wet and I don’t even know how many times we’ve already done it in the missionary position.

Instantly, the sound of her leaking voice and the sounds of lewd love-making began to resound in the room, it was getting so loud that it wouldn’t be weird if the sounds travelled to the outside of the room………At this point, I didn’t care if somebody outside heard us.

「Ahh, Haah, Haaahh…….Auuu, my whole body is messy……!」

「Fuhah, *cough*……D, do you still have water, Kirika?」

「Nnah…….No, this one is already empty……」

How much timed has passed I wonder?

Even the room was starting to become damp and soggy, letting out rough breathing the two of us threw ourselves on to the bed, our limbed were tangled with each other without much power remaining in them.

The sperm which became like a gel, overflowed out from Kirika’s crotch as her legs were both half open. Even though I was helped by my energy reinforcement enchantment, I could not believe the quantity of semen I let out, if I do say so myself.

I don’t even have any energy nor willpower to stand up anymore.

「Fuu…… Hey, Kirika……」

「What is it……..?」

「……I, will forgive you」


I was speaking through rough breaths as I looked towards the ceiling and muttered.

Kirika’s head which was resting on my arm pillow slowly turned to face towards me.

「You said it previously, you told me that you “wouldn’t be forgiven”…….I don’t intend to pry into the matter and get the detailed circumstances, but at the very least I can say this much 」

I also slowly turned my face towards Kirika.

Even though it was such a dim room, for some reason, I felt that I could see into her beautiful black eyes as if they were shining.

「The Himeno Kirika that exists right now, is my Magical Slave. You are mine. Therefore, I will forgive you for everything」


「I won’t let anyone complain about it. So, you can rest assured……that’s all I’ve got to say」

Just like that I close my eyes.

If we continued watching each other like that and this atmosphere continued to circulate, I don’t know what I would have said.

Darn it, Palmyra…………as I expected saying this kind of stuff is so darn embarrassing!

「Odamo—……….Tooru, kun」

Her soft voice tickled my earlobes.

「Thank you….so much」

The moment I shut my eyes, a rapid sense of comfortableness and tiredness spread throughout my body.

The feeling of her head resting against my harm, her warm body temperature as she snuggled into me, for some reason these things made me feel so relieved.

And just like that….

My consciousness parted from my body and I felt it leaving my body.

This is bad, did I do it too much and now I’m fainting…..?

No wait, don’t tell me, this is what I experienced before at that time——!

The moment I regained my consciousness, I was in this extremely tasteless interviewing room.

The person in front of me was an individual wearing a gray suit.

「Oh? If I am not mistaken, this is the third time we’ve met like this, right?」

Yes, this is the third time…

This was the place that I obtained the job Slavemancer, and this is the “Manager” that governs this dimension. (Light Novel Illustration: Kirika Surrendering to her Desires)

Chapter 20: This is the chapter in which it was the second time that Tooru’s “consciousness” left his body after “enjoying” himself, if you need a refresher feel free to read this chapter again~


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