Chapter 47: Meeting the “Manager” Once Again and my Love Slave


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「Ah auu~~~~……Uoooouuuu~~~……!」

It was a strange voice. If it was the usual Kirika, she would by no means ever let this kind of strange sound out of her mouth, her body was rolling and tumbling about on top of the wide bed. Her face flushed to the point of catching fire and she was using both of her hands to cover it up.

「W, why……….Why did I do those kinds of things……?!」

She was the one that actually invited him to have sex with her. Afterwards, she took turns with Tooru and exchanged some really flirty words while having intense sex. Moreover, during the whole thing, even though it was only partially she revealed her inner most thoughts.

Now that she’s woken up from her delirious passion and regained her true heart, she began to reminiscence every single detail and even now she felt so embarrassed that she thought she would just writhe and die from shame.

However, even after all this, there was a particular memory that tormented the feelings within those abundantly sized breasts even more.

「I…I took the initiative, to….. K-Kiss him myself….ah!」

That’s right, at that point in time, just before Tooru closed the distance between them, it was actually Kirika who took the initiative to close the gap between their lips.

Even though she wanted to forget those embarrassing memories, it was not possible to do so, the more she tried to refrain herself, the more that Kirika’s slender, big breasted, naked body bent in a strange way. She was rolling and writhing on top of the bed.

「Uuu………His face looks completely satisfied and he’s fast asleep……Tooru-kun, you baka…..!」

Tooru was sleeping peacefully right next to her and she was staring at him with glaring eyes.

Additionally, the fact that she was using his arm as an arm pillow, and feeling so safe and so settled within his embrace, and the fact that she naturally called him “Tooru-kun” flowed into her self-conscious mind one after another.

「Ah, ahhhh~~~~! I’m, definitely strange, I must have gone crazy……! M-Mou, Iyadaaaa……….!」(Mou iyada = I’ve had a enoughhh!)

Even her ears were blushing red. Kirika was just rolling on the bed by herself.

「Iyada mouu……! I-I’m definitely acting, not like my usual selff……..!」

A tasteless office room, I was currently in this room with the man who supposedly a super-eternal existence that was able to govern and rule the system of the world I currently reside in he was the “Manager” of this place. (Although no matter how you looked at him, he really looked like some plain company employee).

I was first called here the first time I got transmigrated, the second time I got called here was when I had to make a choice in the skill path I was going to take as a Slavemancer, adding these two up, now is the third time I’ve come to this place.

「However, quite unexpectedly I’ve been called into this place quite often, haven’t I…….?」

「Yes, well normally this kind of thing wouldn’t happen, but your Job class is a little special. Every single time that you’ve exceeded a milestone in relation to your growth, several things become unlocked and it would seem that explanations are required」

Even though he is an existence similar to a god, what kind of vague explanation is this? Well as long as there are more privileges I suppose I shouldn’t really complain.

「Hee, so are you telling me that one of my skills have greatly experienced some sort of growth?」

「Yes. This time around, you’ve obtained a new perk named “Favourite Love Slave”, and the ban on this ability has been lifted. This skill is created when a suitable magical slave is found」

「Love Slave…..?」

Even amongst magical slaves, there is a special ranking system in place, in other words, this title is like your “Favourite” partner. As a result of this, that particular person will be able to receive various benefits from your Slavemancer skill sets」

Is this the thing that sometimes exists in games? How if you develop your relationships with a special character to a sufficient level within the game a new ability will be unlocked? And this is an event in which I’ve….Exceeded the level of the relationship?

「Well, you can generally think of it in that manner」

「……Can you please stop reading the inner contents of my heart like it’s a natural thing?」

「Woops! How rude of me. Well as per usual the only thing I’ve called into this place is your soul, therefore, the only thing I can converse with is technically your own heart and soul」

The “Manager” doesn’t seem to be able to understand a human’s being’s feelings, and I let out a sigh at how thick-skinned he was, before I started to think about this new thing called the “Love Slave”

I was called to this place in this particular timing, and there is also that explanation about my “Favourite”.

If it’s this much, there is really no need for me to think that much further into it.

「It’s Kirika……isn’t it?」

In other words, her existence to me is a little more special than the other magical slaves.

I can’t really deny it……nor can I say I never expected it.

「I don’t really know it if you call out their names to me, all I can see is that there is a system that activates when there is a deep mental connection born between you and your magical slaves」

Deep mental connection…….? Is he referring to me being able to understand their feelings?

After all, is this because of that?

「Crap……..But seriously, is this something I’m supposed to be happy about…….?」

「My, my isn’t this youth!」

「Hey, I have this feeling that I really want to kill you but, how do I accomplish that?」

「I wouldn’t advise you to attempt such a thing. Well then, shall I begin my explanation of this new element…..?」

I had a sour expression on my face; Anyways I decided to listen to the explanation of this “Manager”. When I return to my former time, how should I explain this kind of thing to Kirika……..? Tooru was racking his brains out.

Dammit……….Once again, I’m not acting like myself.

The banquet hall in the underground village, was brimming with energy and the air of a lively feast. The ones participating in this event was not just the dark elves and Tooru’s party members.

Elves who had the same skin color as Sierra also had smiles on their faces and irrespective of their races, everyone was drinking alcohol and having a merry time.

「I’m so glad that it’s back to normal…..Both the elves and the dark elves have both returned to how they were in the past, having bright smiles and being able to enjoy themselves 」

「This is because of your aid, Princess Sistina」

「I am unworthy of those words, Dianne-sama. Nevertheless, for all that has occurred, the results are due to none other than Tooru-sama desuwa」

After dealing with the touchy matter of the Divine Corpse, the tension between the races was reducing and they were finally able to regain a semblance of the friendly relations they once had.

In other words, he became a “hero who saved both the villages from the threat of the demons” on top of that “curing the body of Dianne who was corroded by the dangerous properties of the Divine Corpse” and showing that it was possible to control the power within. Tooru’s group had taken the duty of safeguarding the fragment of the corpse………After letting the races know of these results, they were able to calm down.

「Yes…… The first time I met him, I was totally taken aback at the audacity and arrogance he exuded, however it is without a doubt that I must admit that Tooru-dono…….. is an existence that is far above the norm」

Dianne was praising Tooru, and her beautiful tanned face showed just a little bit of a blush as she spoke.

“Yes, I completely agree”—— The Royal Princess Sistina spoke with a smile on her face as her big bombshell breasts swayed.

「By the way, talking about him would you happen to know where Tooru-sama is right now……..? I haven’t been able to see him for a while now. Dianne-sama do you have any idea?」

While eating her meal in a very elegant manner, the Princess tilted her head slightly and asked the Dark elf this question, the Dark Elf had a strange expression as her face became stiff.

「T….That is… I’m not sure if it is appropriate for me to say this but….the thing is」

Dianne blushes as she fumbles in saying the right words.

That’s right, if someone were to ask exactly what Tooru was doing at this moment, it is——。

「Nnnahhh, A-Amazingg~~~!!? This is, this is sex……..? Having sex with a human male feels this goodd!?」

I was holding on to a chocolate colored ass and pumping this dark elf girl from behind striking her with my waist.

My schlong was covered in semen and it was going in and out of her salmon pink vagina, it was an unbelievably obscene sight. several of the dark elf girls around were all watching the scene in front of them with feverish eyes, as they quietly whispered amongst each other.

「A, Amazing…..! Vera is usually such a quiet girl, but now she’s letting out those kinds of voices…..」

「Is it really that good? That man’s penis….?」

「I mean, just look at it, it’s so thick and sturdy….. There’s a rumour that even Dianne-sama got a taste of it, I think that it might even be true…..!」

Before anyone knew it, there was a rumour that spread around within the underground village, it was a gossip about a “male human with a matchless vigor and endless sexual stamina”. After all, he had already done it so often with his Magical Slaves and yet he was still so vigorous.

Moreover, the ones who got to experience a night with him was by no means, just limited to the dark elves.

「Ahh…..T-the sex is so indecent it almost seems like animals are copulating….!?」

「That thing cannot be compared to the thin thing of a man from the elven tribe……I-it’s almost as big a demon’s hand, or like a Troll Orc’s limbs, it’s so rugged and knobby…..!」

「Ah, if my insides got stirred by such a thing, my stomach would tear! 」

The elves who had white skins were turning a shade of red as they were dyed in the colors of arousal, since a little while ago, I had switched to one of the elven girls and they were watching me from a little distance away, but with great interest.

I slipped out from the banquet and within the outdoor hot spring of the dark elf village, there is a vast number of interested “applicants” and the numbers only continued to increase.

There is already at least three or four of the dark elf and elven girls whose bodies were glossed with sweat and my semen spilling out and dribbling down their thighs, they had a happy expression on their faces as their bodies twitched on the floor.

「I would have never expected it…….But it seems that the lot of you dark elves and elves are such an erotic race! Just like this, you are getting pierced by my member for the first time and yet you wish for more and crave for me! Take it then! There, there there!!」

「Ahhh Ahiiiiiiii!!? I-it’s still going deeper, I can’t anymoreee!? I-It’s reaching, it’s hitting me so deep!? Ahahhnnnn Ahhhhhh~~~~~!!?」

I cornered her intensely as I pumped from behind, and she was shivering and trembling as she experienced a violent surge of pleasure and her first ever internal orgasm, the dark elf’s vagina was convulsing as I spurted my offspring with a *dobyu dobyu* into her.

I pulled my cock out of her fainting tanned nude body and my throbbing hard cock was pulsating with vigour as the energy enchantment kicked in, all of the girls had their eyes on me as they swallowed down their saliva.

「Now then, who is next? Who wants this to be plunged into them……Hm? If I’m not mistaken, you are that girl from that time…」


Getting red in the face and quickly averting her gaze, was a dark elf girl with her long silvery hair tied to the back of her head.

She was the prison guard which was subjected to my Enslavement Magic when both me and Amelia were in jail.

「What, even though I’ve already released you from my subjugation magic, you are still so shrewd and want to participate? Did you want to taste my cock so badly? What a cute girl you are」

「T…That’s not it! I’m only here to make sure that you don’t do anything bad to the others, I am merely observing….!」

「Heh, so you are telling me that their lewd actions right now, is not something that you need to stop? 」

「N, No I mean……!? W-who said you could touch my chest……Nn ahh, Fuaaahh!?」

I embraced her slender body, and her smallish dark brown breasts was being softly massaged. It was already quite obvious that she was hoping for such a development as her sweet moans leaked out.

Several voices whispered in an envious tone, as the rest of the girls could only wait for their turn.

「Kukuku as expected, this hole over here is already this wet…….Oh yeah, what was your name again?」

「Hyaaah, Ahh!? C-can’t you at least remember something like that? I serve the Tree of Siesta, I come from the family of Prison Guards, I am the daughter of Ima and Arisa, My name is Karuke……..Fuaaah」

「That’s too long, just how long is your name? Hmm anyways, Karuke, I’m going to put it in, alright?」

「Y, yesss…….! Fuaaaahhhhhhh~~~!!? T-this is, this is so amazinnggg!! I’ve been waiting for this thick cockkkk!!」

「You’re finally being honest with yourself! Now then, all you elves that are waiting for you turn, stick out your ass and line up together! You should alternate between elf and dark elf, I will compare which of the two pussies are better and enjoy them both……!」

I was feeling the satisfaction from this supple and comfortable meat hole as it tightened around me, the girls were all listening to my orders as the two different colors lined up showing me a luxurious sight, I continued to pump my waist while giving the girls a side long glance.

At any rate, with this number of people, even if I am being helped by my energy strengthening magic, this is going to be a while before I finish…..

「I see….. So that kind of thing happened」

Even though Dianne had been trying to go about it in a roundabout way as she explained the situation Tooru was in, unexpectedly Princess Sistina merely smiled and accepted the words with a nod.

With this type of reaction, it was in fact Dianne who became very surprised.

「That is… Aren’t you unhappy about this? No, it’s not just that, the other Magical Slaves are also……. having skin-to-skin contact with Tooru-dono」

Considering that she was usually such a quiet and reserved character for Dianne to suddenly ask this type of question, maybe attributed to the fact she was also falling in love with Tooru little by little.

「That may be true….I am not that well versed in topic of men and women, but I think that in normal circumstances, most people would get angry or feel irritated, and this is a natural thing I suppose. Yes, just like Kirika would react」

Her sapphire blue eyes, were smiling as she looked into the distance.

However even within those eyes, there was a slight look of envy………… or possibly it was a look of loneliness mixed in her expression.

「But I have heard a saying that “great men have great fondness for sensual pleasures”. Moreover, I think that I might be enchanted by Tooru-sama’s way of life in that he is so free-spirited and he is not bound by the laws of nature」

Dianne was filled with wonder as she looked at the Third Princess of Ranbadeia with her lifeless eyes.

That’s because seeing Sistina declare such a thing, Dianne could sense that she surpassed the thinking of a normal girl.

Just by looking at her, Sistina seemed like a very affectionate person, no matter who it was the whole nation believed that she was the ideal princess…….. It may even be that her own family doesn’t understand how complex her inner thoughts can be, and are unable to see through her…

「T-then in that case you……What if Tooru-dono, what if he drowns himself in the power of being a Slavemancer or what if he becomes corrupted by the strength that the Divine Corpse may give him, What if he becomes an existence close to a demon king….Even then, would you……..?」

“Even then would you still love him?”.

“Will you follow him in his footsteps forever?”.

Dianne felt a sense of defeat—— Most likely, she herself would not be able to do such a thing——Feeling a prickle of pain Dianne looked at the beautiful face in front of her with her with a tinge of awe.

「Yes. After all, I think that beyond what anyone would imagine….. I’m actually a really bad girl」

「Fuu, as one would expect my waist is pretty sore………Next time around, should I make Nina prepare an artifact to combat this problem as well?」

I was stretching my back as I left behind the huge pile of dark elf and elven corpses within the outdoor hot spring. I was walking along the neighbourhood entrance of the underground village enjoying the night breeze.

A soft light almost like a garden lamp was illuminating my path, the light was available due to the magic used by the elves and I looking at my surroundings I felt that the atmosphere around here was quite elegant and refined.

「All things considered, that Celesta…… What kind of job does she have?」

As a Slavemancer, anyone who is caught under my subjugation magic will give me the ability to understand the gist of their Job Class and the Skills they possess. Because of this, I was able to notice that there was a change that occurred to Celesta’s body.

Her main job was supposed to be as a “Woman Knight” and her skills used to revolve around that job class…….And yet now it has changed into the “Other worldly Knight” and her skills revolve around the use of small firearms from a different world. This was a Job Class that even Nina and the girls have never heard of.

「Her Job and her skill suddenly changes……. Moreover this has occurred without the awareness of the person in question. This kind of thing can’t be normal」

After receiving the explanation of my new perks from the “Manager”, I immediately tried to probe for more information as I had nothing to lose. I was thinking that asides from the “Manager’s” power, it is probably unlikely that there is a means to enable such a cheat like thing to occur, right? but what if there was?

Well, as you would expect when I asked him about the matter, he told me that it was not possible for him to disclose such information.

「Whatever the case, that fellow…..Cruz, it would seem that he has an understanding of the means to be able to achieve this」

Is it perhaps his abilities that gave rise to this event? or is perhaps some sort of special item? Or maybe it is one of the allies working under Iblis that has this unusually ability?

Anyways, there is still many things that are unknown about the enemy.

「Cruz………… Kurusu Shinya」

The person behind that silver mask, is it really my classmate from my previous world? I don’t really know for sure just yet.

There is also the mystery about how he already died before the school excursion, besides, the Cruz that I knew was more…. timid and or soft hearted…. I can’t really connect the two people as it is unlike him to choose to side with the demons.

「No…… I suppose it’s the same with me as well….」

Even for me, the person who I became after acquiring the cheat job Slavemancer, was nothing like the me in my previous world.

Even the large harem promiscuous event which occurred not too long ago, was something that was impossible in every meaning for the old me.

Therefore, Cruz must have also changed after experiencing some thing……. Or possibly, it was something that has always been within him but has just now awoken.

In this way, the both of us obtained our new identities and we are both competing with each other…… is truly ironic.

「The both of us have changed…….Then, what about Kirika?」

I’ve thought about this question before but, I’ve always thought that the girl known as Himeno Kirika was way too much of a “good girl”.

She was the Class Prez, and in here she was the Princess Knight of the Ranbadeia Kingdom, and she is also my Magical Slave………No matter what environment she is in, she obediently conforms and adapts to the situation, and more so than others she digests her role and accepts it, settling down into her assigned role before she knows it.

Why is she like this? A portion of this was something that I saw when I had sex with her today.

It is likely that her family background or her childhood experiences are the cause of this behaviour. If she is not honest and obedient, she cannot “forgive” herself, and she thinks that she has no value in even existing. In a certain way, this is very similar to how Flamia craves for love and acceptance, it is a very dangerous and distorted line of thought.

And for her, even after coming into this new world, this way of thinking didn’t change….. Unlike me, and or Cruz, she is different.

「…….Hey Kirika, do you want to change? Or, you don’t want to change…….?」

I looked up at the night sky that had two twin moons rising, as I muttered out these words to no one in particular.

Just when I turned around and started to return to the underground village….

「Ah! Is this where you were? Tooru-kun!」

It was in fact the Kirika I’ve been thinking about, changing her path, she ran up towards me.

For some reason, her face was flushed and she looked teary eyed. Did she perhaps see my raunchy rendezvous with the elves? This thought crossed my mind for an instant but, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

「Huh. Tooru-kun……. It seems that you’ve gotten used to calling me by this name haven’t you?」

「T-that kind of thing doesn’t really matter does it?! Hey wait a minute, what is this all about!?」

「This? What do you mean by this?」

「Uuu….C-come here for a sec!」

After confirming that there was nobody within the surroundings, Kirika pulled me into the shade of a tree. And then, with hesitation she tucked up her own blouse and even lowered her skirt by a little bit.

「Woops…..! You’ve become really bold haven’t you, Kirika? Did you want to do it here? Are you interested in outdoors play? 」

「T-that’s not what I’m here for! Have a look at this, isn’t this Tooru’s technique!?」

Uu~ she was staring at me with teary eyes, as she pointed at a certain place, it was just underneath her belly button.

What was there was…..Something that resembled the demonic mark that was on the forehead of both Palmyra and Flamia, it was a heart type symbol with a decorative design and it was seemingly carved into her flesh like a tattoo. If you looked closely enough, you could see that it was emitting a light pink color.

「Ahh, I see now. This must be the proof that you are my Love Slave」

「Love Slave……? Eh? What’s with that, what does it mean? Or more like, it’s just like I thought, it was Tooru-kun’s fault wasn’t it?!」

The explanation I got from the “Manager” included this, and he told me that the Magical Slave that became a Love Slave would have a mark on their body as proof.

This mark was the kind of thing that you saw sometimes in an ero manga or ero anime, it made you think of a brainwashed sex slave that was branded with a mark to signify their submission, it was that kind of an obscene design.

When I thought about how honest Kirika was as a person, and the fact that this mark was now embedded right around her womb, it was truly something that made it even more indecent.

「Well, you don’t need to be so worried. In order for me to explain it, it will take some time so…..」

「I don’t really care what the reason is, just quickly make it disappear! Appearing in this kind of place with this kind of weird shape……W-what if someone happens to see it!」

「You want it to disappear? In that case, I believe that if you change the way you look at things, you should be able to make it disappear」

「W….What do you mean?」

I was grinning and laughing, I started to teach her the explanation I got from the “Manager”.

「The reason why that mark is visible and is luminescent is because the love slave wants to feel connect to her master and wants to provide proof of their connection. Therefore, if you don’t want it to stand out, then it is a simple thing. All you have to do is eliminate those “feelings” that you currently have」

「I want to be……..Connected…..?」

「Yes. Perhaps in mind, or in body……….How unexpected, even though we’ve done it so much, do you still desire me so?」

Kirika understood the meaning behind my words one beat delayed. And in addition to this, approximately three more seconds pass.

「To…….To……..Tooru-kun you Bakaaaaaaaaaaa!!」

Even the animals in the forest were awoken by her loud scream, and the sound of her voice resounded in the great forest of the elves——.

There was a figure of a person in the distance watching the two human beings.

(Kirika……And Tooru-sama are getting along with each other so well, even more so than before, aren’t they?)

Princess Sistina was somehow able to feel the slight change in atmosphere that flows between the two people. As one of Kirika’s closest friend……. And also as the girl who gave her heart to Tooru, she could feel it. On the one side, she was glad for her friend, but on the other side, she also felt terribly lonely and sad.

(However…..Even so, this fine like this desuwa. I mean…. I am different from Kirika, I don’t have the “qualifications” do be able to do such a thing……)

She was all alone—— All by herself.

There was something that Princess Sistina, could not convey to Tooru.

(Therefore, Kirika…….. Please be the one to support him. And help Tooru-sama——)

She loved Tooru and also her irreplaceable friend Kirika, and yet she was feeling a sense of guilt in her heart for not being able to tell the truth.

All by herself, Princess Sistina had ignited a new Noble Resolution.


A strange scene was occurring.

At a wasteland in front of a big grave mound, there was a young girl who was wearing clothes that did not fit this current world’s sense of aesthetics, she was squatting down and linking her hands together.

Her light pink lip shines a little, and she was repeating some sort of Buddhist prayer over and over. She was wearing a miniskirt and was sitting in a posture that barely covered the contents within, but there was no living being near her or any sign of life moving.

〈…….Riruna. Why are you going out of your way, to bury the bodies of this demon knight and this Duke known as Baru Varusu under the earth?〉

Even so, in a place where the young girl should have been alone, there was another voice that resounded. It was quite lacking in human emotion, and the voice had a neutral tone which was genderless.

「Nn? Can’t you tell just by looking ” Oruto”. I’m making a grave, or at least a grave like thing. No matter how you think about it, if I just left them in that half beaten state, don’t you think they’d be pitiful?」

〈I do not understand the meaning of such actions. When a demon dies, their bodies start to dismantle the magical energy within them and there is no need to bury them for hygienic means, furthermore, their society is fundamentally different to human society and I do not believe that they hold religious ceremonies for their kind…..〉

The voice talks in a flurry of words, and it comes out from the scabbard of the sword that the young girl carried on her back. Riruna had a bright expression on her face as she swung her side tails, and she was having a conversation with the being called Oruto as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

「Uwaa, once again, you’re starting to talk in such long sentences. Please spare me from it…….Or more like, who cares about all that, this is just because I would feel better if I did this」

〈Riruna needs to fulfil her emotional health with conduct like this, is that what you mean? I don’t really understand it but…〉

「Well, it is true that it may seem a little foolish. And it may be that this demon-san doesn’t appreciate the fact that it is being given a sutra from a different world, but I still feel like it is appropriate」

〈Frankly speaking, it is not possible for me to understand〉

「As I thought. However, Well……. I just thought that they at least deserved this much, therefore I did this. That’s all there is to it」

Nihihi, a smile bloomed from her face as bright as the southern sun.

Yo-heave-ho! after firing herself up she stood up with a nice rhythm, and the white blouse shirt which was decorated with a necktie shook energetically along with her gigantic breasts.

「Now, then. There seem to be only 8 demonic families, doesn’t this seem to be easier than expected? At this rate, don’t you think I’d be able to defeat the other demons one after the other? 」

〈Self-conceit is forbidden, Riruna. Even though you didn’t suffer any losses, the combat power of this demon Varu Varusu, is one of the lowest amongst the third ranked demons……Even your power as a Hero, has yet to develop and become complete〉

「Yeah yeah, I won’t get arrogant. I know already, you’ve told me so many times. That I’ve become sick of hearing it already」

Her side tails flutter about and both her healthy toned ass and her big breasts were swaying, as the girl known as Tachibana Riruna continued to walk.

In accordance to Oruto’s guidance, she was carrying out her mission with the job she obtained.

「Well, you can just leave it all to this Riruna-san. Along with the bad demons, and especially that dangerous “Slavemancer”…….I will be sure to completely and without fail destroy them!」

While walking, she would periodically thrust her white hands into the air, taking a victory pose.

「Alrightt, let’s gooo! Girl Hero, it’s time for me to save the world!」

【Volume 2: Me and the Demonic Family and the Divine Corpse】episode end!

Slavemancer (Level UP!)


Skill:【Enslavement MagicLV10→11】【Contract with the DevilLV2】【Magical Slave StrengtheningLV6】???

・Current number of Magical slaves(Open slots:3people)

【Princess Knight Kirika(Love Slave)】【Housemaid Magician Nina】【Woman Soldier Amelia】

【Elf Elemental Archer Sierra】【Demonic Noble Palmyra】【Woman Earl Yurina】

【Mad Princess Flamia】【Other Worldy Knight Celesta】

Third Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom Sistina ( Level UP!)

Job:The Princess of ProphecyLV13→14

Skill:【Dream Prophecy 13→14】【Noble ResolutionLV1→2】 ???



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    indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.
    “they reminisced about their summers abroad”
    synonyms: remember (with pleasure), cast one’s mind back to, think back to, look back on, be nostalgic about, hark back to, recall, recollect, reflect on, call to mind, review; exchange memories, take a trip down memory lane, indulge in reminiscence, dwell on the past
    “Duncan and I reminisced about the last time we’d worked together”

    Reminisce (verb), not Reminiscence (noun)..

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