Chapter 48: Meeting in the Dream and The Historical City


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

I was drifting in a space where there were no ceilings or floors. The surroundings were filled with a brilliant milky-white glitter that wrapped the entirety of the room, no matter how far ahead I tried to look, there was nothing in sight.

Ahh, this is surely a dream……

I somehow vaguely managed to conclude that the scene before me right now was nothing but a dream.

All I can feel is that my body is floating in this space and it was really comfortable.

It almost felt like that feeling where you soaked yourself in a nice hot bath and melted away all the tiredness. There is only a sense of relief of floating in a weightless space.

「……Nnchuu…….Nfuu, Puahh……」

Yeah, it feels extremely good……? What is this sound……..? And for some reason, the lower half of my body feels like it’s wrapped in something……?

「Nnpu, Chupahh………. Kubuu………. Reroo……!」

Along with the realistic sounds a really pleasant feeling was gradually becoming clear. The concrete feeling of this pleasant sensation attacking the lower part of my body jolts me awake.

「Puuah…….Oh la la? You’re finally awake aren’t cha, little boy?」


Suddenly I could feel a velvety material almost like a tender cushion appearing on my back.

I was stark naked and I just entrusted my weight to that soft feeling, my lower body was also being “wrapped up” by a woman.

「Although… One might say that we are still within the dreamworld……..Nnfufu 」

The beautiful woman had long narrow pupils and a mischievous smile on her face, she was looking up towards me from my crotch area.

It was a calm and yet charming voice…… In relation to her age, I think that she might be around 5 years older than me?

Her rich blonde hair was shining and sparkling. Moreover she had soft pointed ears, just like a fox’s ear. Not only that, her back had some sort of plushy white tail……..Is that perhaps a foxes tail?

She was a bewitching woman and part of her Japanese clothes were exposing her sensuous skin underneath, Her voluminous tits were large enough that they could compare to either Sierra or Princess Sistina’s huge breasts and her wrapping it around my cock made me so hard. She was licking the tip of my head that poked through the crevice of her mountains.

「Uoh, wh, what kind of a salacious dream is this!? Since coming to this world, I don’t think that I have lived a lifestyle that would cause me to be sexually frustrated……?」

「Ahaa, You’re so energetic aren’t cha, boy? Well, you are a male after all, besides big sister doesn’t dislike this ecchi part of you」

Even though I have never seen this beautiful fox girl before, this dream felt so real beyond my imagination.

Could it be, that this is reality……..!?

No, that’s not it. Just like she told me, for some reason, I have this strange conviction that this is still a dream.

「Kuu……..calling me a boy, who the hell are you……Uuwaah!?」

Instead of answering my question, she smiled complacently as she let out her red tongue out of her seductive lips, her tongue started to move in very indecent ways as she began to tease and stimulate my cock. Experiencing such a profound technique I could not help but to leak out my voice.

「Nnfuu, that kind of thing doesn’t really matter right now, does it…….? This is within the dream world so just forget about everything and just let yourself go and feel good…….Nfufu, I’ve just found your weak spot ah」

「Kuaaah……Th, This is!?」

Indeed, her bold movements of the tongue was like a creature that understood the weak points of a man, her tongue was crawling up and down the glans of my penis and it titillated my senses.

Tapo, Tapun, Tapoyun……..! along with her tongue, her large white marshmallow breasts were devoting themselves to the root of my penis wrapping them up nicely and all I could concentrate on was the pleasure which poured into my meat trunk.

「Ahaa, what a cute face……. Going by this situation, it would seem that rather than a man who took the lead with his youthful and vigorous cock, you are the type of man that likes to be controlled by the women, is this correct? Nn?」

After using her skilful tongue to scoop out my cowper juices out of the tip of my cock, the beautiful fox-eared girl flashed a pearly white smile as she looked up at me.

She was looking at me with an expression of contempt as if she was looking down on me, and this really got to my head as I wanted to go on the counter offensive, however my body wouldn’t move.

「Nfufufu, that won’t do. The dream world is the world of mind and the soul, in this boundary, your strength is determined by the strength of your willpower…………..As long as I have my hold over you little boy, there is no way that you can resist me」

「What, did you say……..!? Uuoh…..Ohh!」

Nyupun……….Nyupa, Mnyuupann……….her pure white breasts were alternatively kneading left and right, and my fully erected cock which was in between these mounds were ecstatically moving as a result.

Not only that, since a little while ago, I have been periodically trying to use my Enslavement Magic on this beautiful woman, but there seems to be no reaction whatsoever. This isn’t even about the fact that she is resisting me with her magic resistance, this is purely the fact that my ability itself is not even activating.

「Are you afraid. Boy? Without even knowing the reason, you are being wrapped up in pleasure, without being able to resist you are being washed away? Moreover, even if you feel really good right at this instant, you never know, in the next instant, you could feel enough anguish that you wished you were dead you know……..?」

She spoke in a slightly deeper tone of voice whilst conveying a horrifying fact.

Indeed…… It would seem that what she’s saying is not a joke. I truly felt that if she were to exert her full will, she could wipe me out of existence with her whimsical thoughts.

Even within this heavenly feeling I was experiencing, I could feel it in my bones that she was an extremely strong person and the silent aura of intimidation she exuded was enough to make a man want to shrink in fear.

However—— As for me…

「Ara, Araraa……..? Eh, boy your cock is getting bigger…….. Nnkyaahh!?」

I suddenly exerted power into my lower legs and pushed further into her cleavage with my swelling cock, my presence and the heat of my member surprised the beautiful fox-eared girl for the first time…….. Provided me with an opening.

In that instant, for some reason I was able to move my right hand, I extended my right hand towards the back of her head and grabbing on to it I pulled her face towards me.

The result was that her white porcelain face was pulled into my ugly male organ and it pushed into her soft cheeks as it digged into it.  She had a slightly stupid expression on her face.

「Nnahh, hott…….! Boy didn’t you listen to what I said about dying, aren’t you afraid……?」

「No, I mean if I think about it for a moment, isn’t it obvious? If I could truly die in the next instant……….If you could really kill me that easily, that there would be no reason whatsoever to provide me with so much pleasure, wouldn’t you think?」


「Also, in the case that you can really kill me, there is nothing I can really do about it. Therefore, it isn’t really necessary for me to worry so much, and I should just concentrate on enjoying this paizuri fera. …….Do you think I’ve said something wrong?」

Her deep soft tissues of the face were gradually being defiled by my cowper juices which were leaking out of my cock, and she was staring at me with a dumbfounded expression.

「Araarara, this is unexpected……..! Boy, are you perhaps a person who only lives in the moment, or are you perhaps a lot dumber than I expected? 」

「It may be both. I’ve already died once before coming into this world, and since then I already decided that I would do whatever I pleased whenever I wanted, from the beginning to the end of my life」

Remembering my daily life before coming into this world… Back in those days, I was just letting the days pass by meaninglessly and I would have probably died without doing much. That kind of meagre lifestyle, I’m sorry to say that I never want to return to being that way.

「Even saying this, I have no intention to just throw away my life, however, the fact that I’ve been indulgently using my Enslavement magic on anyone I please, on top of battling magical enemies and against the devil race, it wouldn’t be strange in the slightest if I just suddenly died or got killed, and so I’ve already prepared myself for that outcome. That’s why I’m only doing what I feel is right…… Well, anyways, none of that really matters. Therefore」

Bita, Bitan……..I smacked my wet penis on to her dignified cheeks.

「Forget about what I just said, you should just continue that erotic technique you were using a little while ago. You can’t be meaning to say that you are going to stop halfway after doing that much all by yourself?」

Along with my extremely arrogant tone of voice and reckless remarks, for just an instant various different expressions flashed across her face.

Bewilderment, wonder, anger, humiliation, curiosity, lust —— However, a few moments later…

Her fox ears started to flip-flop in an energetic way.

「Fufu, ufufuh………Ahahahah! Interesting wa, you are such an interesting boy……….! For a human male like you to talk in that conceited tone whilst rubbing his cock juices against this Heavenly fox spirit Mikura—— No, even amongst every single possible species, you are the first one to have ever done so, truly…….!」

She was laughing happily from the bottom of her heart, and it would seem that this beautiful fox-eared woman was quite delighted.

And once again, she turned to face my penis.

「Nfufu, now then……. If it’s gone this far, there is no helping it wa. I will let you amply experience, Onee-sans’s serious side….ne!」

She licked her own red lips with her tongue.

In the next instant, I felt a numbing pleasure attack my lower body.

「Uu, Uohh, this is one level higher than before!?」

Zubopo……. Nupoh, Zunyupoh! Nyupah, Nunyururun…….!

Her lips were puckered up tightly and her beautiful face was transformed into one of vulgarity, without holding anything back or being bashful about it, her face was sucking me off vehemently from top to bottom wringing out my cock like a vacuum.

My penis was being sucked so hard that there seemed to be an optical illusion of it slipping out of my waist, I felt a shiver go up my spine as a lump of pleasant sensations rushed towards me.

『Doesn’t it feel good? Isn’t it amazing? Doesn’t it feel like all the contents from your balls are getting pulled out of your urethra? From here on out, I’m going to throroughly extract all the essence that you’ve saved up, boy……..Look, how’s that! Hora ~ Horaah!』

Because this was the dream world, even though her mouth was preoccupied with my meat stick, she was still able to speak with a sweet voice directly into the inner depths of my mind, and this unnecessarily caused me to become even more aroused.

Not only that, this is the first time I’ve ever seen this beautiful woman, and yet she’s doing these kinds of things, what a perverted situation.

「Kuuohh……! Uoohh, w, what an unforgiving fera this is…….!?」

『Boy, your hard cock is being wrapped around my foxy breasts from the centre to the bottom and being squeezed~…….! Your fully engorged head on the other hand is going to be pleasured by Onee-san’s lewd mouth and skilful tongue, just like this…… Jyupo Jyupo Chupah Chupa rero reroo……..Nnfufufu!』

This is forcibly sending a surge of pleasant voltage and frying my nerve endings, it’s almost like being forced to drive in an endlessly accelerating car and you were tied to the seat and driving off the edge of a cliff, this was how intense and terrifying her technique was.

The feeling of exploding was overriding the signals in my spine, and as I was about to reach my limits, my rampaging cock was pulled out of her tight mouth.

「Nnpu, Puhah……! Ara, boy, are you aiming on letting out your load on to my face? How dare you try to be so impertinent towards this Mikura? Nfufufu, even though you’re just a human being how arrogant wa………However, today I will allow it, you may shoot out your inexperienced load……..!」

Was this an air fera? She was going all rero reronn…….. With her red tongue as she scrubbed against the tip of my cock. Her eyes were moistened with lust and sexual desire as she waited impatiently for my ejaculation arrival.

Seeing such a destructively perfect scene, there is no way that I can hold on for any longer——!

「Uuu……… Kuaahh, I’m cumminggg!! Crap, be sure to eat my semen shower, you lecherous fox!!」

Bupah……..Dobyurururu!! Byupahh Byubururu!!

Byuku, Nnbyuku…….Doku Dokuuu!! Nechoo………!!

「Kyaaaunn!!? Ahaa, this is amazingg………!?」

A white thick and dense paste of my semen shot forth into the the pretty face of this wild, high-class yet beautiful girl. My genetic material was carving its smell on to her.

She accepted it with a spellbound expression, and the mass of white gel that got stuck to her cheeks was licked with Mikura’s red tongue in a bewitching way.

「Nnfu, the amount of magical energy and the potential is truly great……… I understand now, it is definitely wise for Ibi-chan to be vigilant」

「Kuu, Uuu………! I, Ibi-chan……..?」

It was an unusual word, and my brain was in a state of lethargy immediately after releasing my load and so I only managed to catch those words.

Once again, my surroundings was melting with a milky-white fog…… My consciousness slowly became similar to before I met Mikura, which was a feeling of floating in the air where there was no floor or roof.

「The dream world is a world within my domain……Let’s meet again shall we? Boy? At that time……..Nnfufufu, I’ll do even more ecchii~ things for you, we can continue where we left off……Fufufu!」


I instinctively stretched out my hands towards her and I grabbed on to something tangible, and then ——!


「……..Nnah? Ha, where is this!?」

This time, I really did come back to the real world, and my consciousness was slowly returning to me.

Just like in the dream world, I was still lying on the bed in a very similar posture, and when I tried to raise my body from the bed…….!

「Wa…….wait……! Tooru-kun…….. If, if you’re going to cum you need to properly let me know beforehand…….!」

In the real world, I was also holding on to a person’s head and she indeed had a beautiful face that was covered up in my semen. She was glaring at me and she definitely wasn’t the sexy fox eared girl…….. It was actually Kirika who was in her half naked underwear clothing.

Not only was her shapely nose and her forelocks covered, it even got all the way to her eyebrows and on to her forehead, my stripe of cloudy thick liquid was all over her and it was indescribably risqué.  This is what a heavy face marking would look like.

Her cute mini-ribon white bra and those huge breasts that seemed to spill out of her bra was totally dazzling.

「Ah…….? Ahh, is that you Kirika…….? Why are you here?」

「Ha, Huhh!?」

When I abruptly asked a question without thinking, Kirika who was covered in my smelly thing all over her face recovered from her dazed state and her face flushed a deep red.

「Wh, what’s with that question?! To……Tooru-kun, weren’t you the one who persistently wanted me wake you up like this? It made me so embarrassed but you were the one begging me! Did you really forget!? 」

「Ahh! Oh yeah, yeah, I remember it now.  I mean of course I remember, but it’s just that I woke up from this really strange dream……. and I wasn’t in a clear state of mind」

Did she come to wake me up? In any case, I extended my hands to her nice smelling long black hair which was partially smelling like my smelly semen in order to pat her head and reward her.

Even though Kirika still had a slightly unsatisfied face, she obediently accepted by hands with an “Nn…..” as she let out a slightly amorous breath from her nostril.

「If, if you really remember then it’s fine. But, I really didn’t expect you to cu…..Cum like this so suddenly. Uwahh, it even got into my hair you know………If a little bit of magic isn’t used, this probably won’t come off easily…….」

「Won’t it be fine if you get Nina to help you out? She can easily perform cleaning magic, or even deodorization magic」(TL: deodorization magic, is magic that has to do with smell, and making something smell good/bad/funky etc)

「I can’t really ask her with my face covered in all this white stuff can I, Baka!」

Beshi, she performed a chop towards my chest. Darn, it was quite painful….

(However……Was that really a dream?)

The dream I just had just now, somehow it felt a little different to the dreams I usually have. Or more like I feel like it had a really important detail……But the last vestiges of memory of that dream was very quickly fading away from my mind.

I had a feeling that when I saw Kirika, she was someone else for a second, who was that person in that dream…..?

「Well, whatever. Hey Kirika, didn’t I teach you last time that in a time like this, you need to properly finish it until the end?」

「Uu……Ahh, are you really going to make me to that?」

She clearly looked like she didn’t want to do it.

However, I know how to push it when it comes to this.

「I’m requesting it, please Kirika. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time before I went to bed, you know? Ah~ if you do it for me, I bet I would be so happy today that I could spend the entire day in an uplifted mood!」

「Wh, why are you being so desperate…..? D, did you really look forward to it that much……? I…..It can’t be helped I guess…….I, I’m only doing it just this once okay?」

Recently, whenever Kirika is alone with me, even without me using my Compulsion Magic on her in order to command her to do things, she will do all kinds of ecchi things with me as long as I ask her nicely.

“Even if I were to refuse, he could always command me” ……… This is probably what she is thinking as an excuse, but it is obvious that she has become more obedient than before……. Not only that, I feel as if she has become interested in many of these acts and is taking a proactive approach to it.

「Then, ummm………Tooru-kun’s C…..Cock, I will do the cleaning fera…..on it now」

If my classmates from the other world heard what she said just now, they would all faint. This kind of control over her makes me so excited that it’s a little dangerous.

Nurunnto, her warm mucous membrane mouth wrapped around my dirty cock.

「……Chuu zururuu……..Churuu. Nnjyururu…….Chupuu!」

「Oh, Ohhh! Kuhahh, I can’t believe Kirika is doing this kind of thing for me…….!」

She gentled used her hands to massage the root of my cock, but she never stopped and continued rhythmically, my former class prez was licking my male member and was deliberately cleaning the cloudy fluids.

To a certain extent, the feeling of conquest was even larger than ejaculating into her vagina, the sight in front of me was a man’s dreamy sight.

「This is good, keep it up, don’t forget to suck up all of the remaining fluids at the base of the cock……..Alright, for now open up your mouth and show me all the semen that you’ve collected thus far」

「Fuaa, Nnpuahh…….! Fuoo, Furere is that ewough……?」

While still having her mouth closed, her open mouth was sticky as she had mixed her own saliva with my cum and the heat coming out of her mouth caused steam to flow out.

Her pink tongue was drowned in the sea of my cloudy fluids.

「Alrightt, goood girl, drink up Kirika……!」


Gulp…..Gulp, she obediently swallowed it down, my rich genetic material which was fully loaded and could easily make a girl conceive.

This is another thing which made my desire for monopolizing her soar through the roof.

「Puuahhah! Cough, Ueee…..A, as I expected it doesn’t taste good at all……! Okay it’s all done, I’ve cleaned it up………Eh, but why is it getting big again?」

My meat pillar once again soared through the skies and she reflexively started to stroke me again.

Seeing such a beautiful princess knight and her eyes that were filled with desire, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer and threw her against the bed.

「Kyaah, To……..Tooru-kun!? Wait a minute, it’s still early in the morning you know……?!」

「Heh, Kirika aren’t you also already like this down here?」

When I tore off the bed sheets covering us, I could see her cute panties which were decorated with a ribbon…….. Specifically when I looked at her navel, I could see a light pink colour glowing in the shape of a heart mark.

This was the special connection I made with her —— it is the proof of her being my love slave.

The fact that this was glowing a light shade of pink could only mean….

「Aren’t you in an ecchi mood right now? I can’t believe that you would be sexually excited after performing the cleaning fera and drinking my semen, you’ve become such a naughty girl haven’t you, Kirika?」

「N-no that’s not it!? D…Don’t say things like sexually excited…. I’m definitely n-not aroused or anything……!」

「Why did you suddenly switch to speaking so formally? Anyways. Just so you know, I’m going to take off your panties, if I find out that they are soaking wet, I’m going to immediately put in my cock」

「Eh ehh, n-noo…….. t-that’s not allowed……!」

Kirika was desperately covering her face and was in denial. However, if you were to look at her crotch area soaked with love juices it was quite evident that she was turned on.

I unclothed her underwear slowly while she let out a feeble resistance against my actions. Slipping off her slimy wet underwear, I suddenly shoved the head of my penis into her pink flesh.

「I’m telling you that’s not it….. Are you listening…. Fuaa, Nnnahhh!? Nnnahaaaahhh~~~~~~!!?」

In this manner Kirika’s voice resounded throughout the morning as well——。

「Yet again….. I got influenced by the flow of things….. Uuu, we ended up doing it twice in the morning… What’s wrong with me….?!」

「You got influenced by me? Well I think that half way through it, you were also getting really into it yourself」

「D-don’t say that kind of inconsiderate thing! Mouu, Baka!」

While we were still naked, the both of us snuggled up to one another and felt each other’s body temperature……….. Even if I say so for myself, what’s weird is that in recent days, these kinds of moments have gradually become something that makes me feel quite happy.

In all likelihood, even Kirika who has a red face actually doesn’t dislike this kind of thing.

「Moreover, haven’t I explained the concept of my new ability the “love slave” to you before? In order for me to accumulate experience and level up this ability, I need to have sex with you and provide you with pleasure, this is all a necessary part of efficiently gaining experience」

「Uu……T, that may be so, however! But why does your ability require something so weird? Something’s definitely off…..」

Although I myself think it’s a little strange, but the fact that doing pleasurable things is related to my growth and war potential in my opinion is the best blessing in disguise. To someone like Kirika who has such a straightforward and serious outlook in life, this kind of ability is very convenient.

「Nevertheless don’t you think it’s great……? There is this kind of means of transportation in this world」

From the circular window by the bedside, I also joined with Kirika to look at the situation outside.

On the other side of the window was the open blue sky. There was also this huge propeller like thing that could be seen on the edge of the view as it was slightly covered by the clouds.

「Well, as one would expect this magical floating ship is something that can only be used by the wealthy people or imperial family」

Magical Airship —— this transportation vehicle uses a propeller drive engine powered by magical energy in order to float and travel in the sky, it was made by the dwarfs who excelled in craftsmanship.

Using the assets of the Earl Yurina, I managed to obtain this airship and I was currently riding it in order to travel to the historical city Paravata.

The room we were in was part of the gondola portion of the ship and it was one of the rooms of residence in this ship. While it is indeed a little small, the interior decoration is like a luxurious hotel and it was a really comfortable and pleasant room.

「At the very least, if you were to compare it to that bus we got on before coming here, this is a much more magnificent vehicle」

「Stop it with those kind of jokes……Ah! Isn’t that it? I think we’ve arrived at our destination?」

「Ouu, let’s have a look shall we?」

The thing that Kirika pointed to was quite the long distance away from where we were, it was only faintly visible and it was a strange sight.

There was this huge lump of rock that had an overall span of 1 km, it was the kind of thing that messed up your sense of distance because it was so gigantic.

It felt like an island was extracted from the seas, it stood tall on the ground and soared past the clouds. This unrealistic scene reminded me of a famous painting by Magritte.

「So that’s the historical city Paravata……!」

「To be precise that’s merely the core, there are also towns and cities below that huge rock」

「It’s on a much larger scale than I thought this would be….. Even though the bottom part is quite narrow, how is it supporting such a huge structure?」

「According to Nina there are numerous small stabilisers that sticks to the ground in its four corners and it’s solid enough so that the structure doesn’t even shake. In the devil war they must have used some kind of special magic to create it and even up until now, the origins of such magic is still unknown」

This is just like what a fantasy world would be like. As one would expect the tension amongst us rises as we looked through the windows.

If you were to look closely at the huge rock, you would be able to see innumerable holes opened in the surface of the rock. The holes seemed to be joined together like some sort of foothold to go up.

The parts that were coloured differently from the rest seemed to be like miniature buildings from this distance.

「Do you think those things are clinging to the outside surface? Or do you think that they are made from within the structure itself?」

「It’s probably both? I’ve heard that the center part of that rock mass was an excavation site」

Bit by bit the enormousness of the structure became even more intimidating, and the both of us merely looked in front of us at the magnificent sight for a little while.

I also placed the red precious stone that I always had with me against the window.

「That’s, Nana-chan’s…..」

「Ahh. If the Princess’s prediction is true, then the secret to reviving Nana back to life is in this place….. No, I will make sure that she will be able to walk again and talk again, just you wait…」

「…… Tooru-kun」

However, I have this bad feeling that this won’t just be another merry adventure.

Iblis who is aiming for the Divine Corpse, and also Cruz…… I have no doubts that I will clash again with those two in the near future.

「Therefore, when that time comes, I will need your strength, Kirika. I am depending on you」

「W, why are you suddenly being so formal? Well, even I want to help Nana-chan recover to her former glory, moreover….. That is… Aren’t I your love slave? Because it’s already come to this….. Make sure to use me effectively okay?」

With her awkward movements, Kirika placed her head and leaned against my shoulder.

She was slightly embarrassed as she lowered her eyes and I merely replied to her with a theatrical grin on my face.

「Ahh. As you command」

Before we knew it, the airship was gradually beginning to land on the upper top surface of the huge rock face.

This was like looking at an aerial photograph from the bird’s eye view, it was a really magnificent scene….However, suddenly…

There is something there that seems to be glitterring——?

「What’s that….. is it fireworks? No, it can’t be…. Don’t tell me it’s an explosion!?」

「Eh? What, what’s going on?」

Just as I was going to look closer towards the bottom of the window, a certain panicked knock resounded on my cabin door.

「Master, Master!! There’s a problem! Within the historical City Paravata……Th, there seems to be a battle occurring!!」



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