Chapter 50: The Shy Knights and a Chance Encounter


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

At the commercial district of the city which was located in the middle part of town, the streets were bustling with both tourists and adventurers.

This particular neighbourhood is located near the huge rock in Paravata City, this commercial district had many tall buildings that were lined up together and had this solid multi-layer structure, it almost seemed like this was back in earth with those huge shopping malls.

「This is amazing desuwa…..! Over here and over there, there are just so many merchant shops lined up together!」

Wearing a pink dress that wrapped up her voluptuous body, Princess Sistina’s eyes were gleaming with excitement as she looked around everywhere.

In saying this, both Kirika and Celesta who were walking by her side including me, had our tensions increased as this type of scenery was above and beyond our imaginations.

There were all types of weapons and armor gleaming like a work of art, ores and crystals that seemed to have been carefully processed and manufactured and all types of colourful clothing and even fruits…….. All these kinds of various things were lined up and it indicated that this was indeed the cities sightseeing tourist destination.

「Look look Celesta, there is a big rabbit! Is that a stuffed animal shop?」

「Mu, that’s true…… Eh Princess?! I, I don’t particularly like cute stuff or anything…..!」

「Fufu, isn’t it alright Celesta? We’re both girls, besides I also like that sort of thing you know?」

「Wh-what even Kirika is…..!? L-like I said, I am a knight before I am a woman!」

「Hee, so if you’re a knight you aren’t allow to like cute stuff? You never know, there is probably an old man knight out there somewhere that actually likes cute looking stuffed toys」

「Gumumuu…….You are just saying that for arguments sake」

Whilst talking in a quarrelsome manner we proceeded forwards. Having three unique type of beautiful girls walking together with me, the eyes of the men that went past were filled with envy and jealously. What a great feeling.

……And then, Kirika halted in front of this one shop as she showed an interest in it.

「Hm, What’s up? Are you interested in this huge clothing shop?」

「Ah…. When I saw it, it suddenly reminded me that asides from us, there are only a few clothes the Princess can change into」

「My dress has a sterilization magic and shape maintenance magic so even if I keep wearing this article of clothing I think that it will be fine….」

「That may be true Princess, however! As a person of royalty it is natural to be able to change into different types of clothing’s at least twice a day!」

「No Celesta, considering that we are travelling wouldn’t that be a little forced?」

Saying this it was true that at the Earl’s mansion there was all types of clothing and supply of goods but it wasn’t easy to find something that fit the girls perfectly.

Moreover, even after using the appearance changing artifact, the dress that the Princess is wearing is still a little too luxurious in its appearance. At the very least she doesn’t look like any adventurer, and this may cause people to become suspicious.

「Alright, well since we are already here. Shall we go take a look at some of the clothes, Princess?」

「Eh…. Will that be alright? Won’t it cost money…..?」

「Don’t worry we still have a margin for allowance, when I think about it you girls are women at that age where you would want to try out all the new types of clothing, right?」

When I grinned at her, the Princess showed me a blooming smile like a large flower.

Although she is usually a calm and composed type of person, at least in this regard, the Princess is still at that stage in life.

「Hee. I didn’t know that Tooru-kun could be that considerate」

「Umu….. it is a little unexpected」

「………Giving me such an evaluation right in front of my face…… Don’t you guys feel you’re going too far? 」

Anyhow, bringing the Princess who was wearing a disguise along with her two knights, shopping time had just begun.

Yeah—- it is exactly you would think, the fun begins from now.

The shop had a gorgeous interior not at all inferior to the large stores of the famous brand shops back in earth.

Before she could even blink, the Princess was already surrounded by the female assistants, she was being made to try on all sorts of clothes and take them off and put them on again, she was becoming like someone’s dress up doll. Even Kirika was dragged into the action.

Although she was hiding her true looks, her dignified aura and beauty, along with her perfect body shape made the shop clerks fired up to find her a suitable article of clothing…… Looking at it from this, it would seem that this will still take quite a long time.

「Hey Celesta. Aren’t you also going to try on different clothing like the Princess and Kirika?」

「…….. I’m not interested. Not only that, I’m here as the Princess’s guard, I’m not allowed to take my eyes off her for even one second」

Celesta answered back with a sullen look on her face. However, I noticed that just before I approached her, she was looking at these cute frilly clothing with glittering eyes.

「You are both inside of the shop, besides there isn’t anyone here trying to aim for her life….. Didn’t the Princess tell you before that even though you are always wearing your knight outfit, there are definitely different types of clothes that will suit you really well? 」

「Suit….. me? Did the Princess really say that?」

Celesta reacts with surprise. This Celesta, even though she normally has such a staunch personality, her weakness is when the Princess’s name is mentioned.

「Ahh. Not only does the Princess think this way, I do too. Hey, what do you think about this?」

「Uu….!?  T-that kind of frilly type of clothing definitely won’t suit someone like me! r-rejected!」

When I took the pink frilly dress that she had her eyes on a little while ago, she was really flustered. This is troubling. If she acts in such a cute manner, I can’t help but want to tease her some more.

「Hey you know Celesta, as a subordinate of the Princess if you keep declining her kind intentions you will affect the honour of your master you know? This is the same as making it seem like she can’t even maintain the furnishings inside of her room, are you trying to scorn her good intentions?」

「Wha…..! I… I’m causing the Princess’s dignity to fall…..!? H-how can that be?!」

It seems that she was very shocked as she didn’t think about it in this way. Geez she’s such a predictable woman knight. I tried to suppress my laughter as I approached her closely and whispered into her ear.

「Now that it’s settled….. Allow me to be the one to choose for you. Don’t worry, you can trust me it won’t be anything that looks bad——」

「E…Even if that may be true, why is it like this!? I-Isn’t this weird? No matter which way you look at it!?」

A few minutes later.

Celesta’s face was bright red, and it was like she was about to break down crying at any moment…… But then again, I’ve already sealed her from letting out any loud shouts or any attempts to escape using my Enslavement Magic.

「No, didn’t I just tell you moments ago? Because you are inexperienced in this field, I will be the one to choose for you」

「That much I can still understand! What I cannot understand is, Tooru, you why are you in the changing room with me?!」

The crimson faced Celesta was only wearing her underwear. Her bra and panties had little decoration but the design was solid and it was white in colour, it suited the tight and toned body of a woman knight.

So that no one would notice, I carefully sneaked into her changing room while people weren’t looking.

「Even if you don’t like it, if I don’t properly see what you look like wearing the clothes I won’t know if they look good on you right?」

「Th-that kind of thing….. Won’t it be fine if I just come outside after I finish dressing!?」

Whilst desperately hiding her breasts, Celesta points at the clothes I selected for her a while ago. However, I was grinning widely as I instead presented to her a parcel that was wrapped.

「…..What is this?」

「Un, this is your undergarments」


A gasp of air was released and her facial expression was frozen.

「I mean it’s already come this far, we may as well get you a new pair of undergarments right? Ahh, I’ve already paid for these in full so don’t worry about anything and just put these on」

「T, ttthat isn’t the problemmmm!!?」

Steam seemed to be coming out of her flaxen coloured hair as her eyes spun round and round. If I didn’t restrain her actions with my magic, it is quite the possibility that she would start swinging her sword or pulling out her gun, she had that kind of look on her face.

「Look, just give up and wear this quickly. Or do you prefer me to order you and have you do it against your will?」

「Kuu…… A-as I thought you are indeed the worst kind of pervert, fiend, shameless beast…..!」

「Thank you for the words of praise」

Her eyes that were on the brink of breaking into tears were glowering at me, gripping on to the clothes her hand trembles. And so I watched her nude strip show at close range with a smirk on my face.

「O…oi, this underwear, doesn’t it seem like it doesn’t have enough fabric…..!?」

「What didn’t you know? Lately this kind of thing has become fashionable」

「I-is that really true!? Kuu, what a frightening new trend…..! B-but no matter how I think about it t-this is…!」

Celesta was timidly wearing these strange undergarments, she had no excess flesh and her ass was really firm. Even though she was covering her breasts with her handbra, the gap between her hands would sometimes show her areola, the sweet smell of a woman would appear and disappear.

She was desperately trying to guard her most precious parts of her body, but to a magic user like me this was not going to hinder me in the slightest. Instead her shy gesture only spurred me more.

「I, I”ve finished putting it on…..Eh, w-what is with this!!?」

If I didn’t limit the volume of her voice with my magic, then all the salesclerk would have flown into this room by now.

Well , this is understandable.

The undergarment was wine red in colour, with pure white laces and thin frills. Even with just this, it was already feminine and cute, this article of clothing really suited her….. However, that wasn’t the end of it.

Both the nipple part of the bra and the area between her crotch, these places had a mechanism that would allow it to be opened easily. Moreover, her ass had a string that digs into her like a T-back.

「W-why is there a cut in a place like this, also why is there barely any cloth on the back side!? Is this really in fashion?! w-what’s with the people of this country….!」

(Didn’t she realize this whilst she was changing into it……? Well whatever)

To be honest, the fact that this store sells such an erotic under garment is a complete and utter lie. There is no way they would sell this in a place like this.

This particular piece of clothing was obtained from the Earl Mansion, it is something I procured for a particular ero play…….Whilst I anticipated the fact that we would go out shopping together, I secretly placed this piece of clothing inside of my robe.

「You know that this place is a place for aristocratic nobles, it is a luxury store. Because such a prestigious place sells it, you don’t have to be embarrassed when you wear it 」

「Uu….. th-that may be true, but….!」

But the pure Celesta that doesn’t have much imagination completely falls for my trap.

Fortunately, the size of this particular undergarment was spot on, therefore both the nipples and the butt crack was clearly visible and seemed to be ready to spill out at any moment. What a sight for my eyes…

「Come on, remove those hands of yours. If I don’t check your body wearing the underwear, how can I tell if it looks good?」

「U, uwauu…..! I-is this alright….?」

The elite woman knight who was called Rabadeia’s “Crimson Rose” was wearing this slutty underwear whilst being enclosed in this tight space together with me.

Due to the tension, sweat was pouring down her breasts, ass and her beautiful body. I looked at her greedily as if I was going to fully lick all the delicious parts of her body and the blonde haired Celesta could only shyly shiver and shake.

「That looks good….. It suits your better than I expected. You are beautiful, Celesta」

「Nnah………!? E-even if someone like you praises me….I-I’m not going to be happy….!」

Even though she was saying one thing, her breathing was become more ragged as she gradually began to pant. Celesta should have realized it by now. She was in this secret room all alone together with the man who had already ravished her twice, moreover she was in such a defenceless position.

「I-isn’t that enough!? L-let……. me wear my clothes!」

「Ahh, of course. However, this is troublesome to say but, look at me I’ve already become like this 」


Boron* because I was watching her nude show a little while ago my erect penis was already standing tall outside of my trousers. As expected even she understood what it meant as the complexion of her face changed.

「Uh-oh…! It’s alright if you don’t want to do it you know? After all the moment you refuse I’ll just go to the Princess or perhaps I’ll have Kirika do it」

「Eh…….!? w-wait! a-are we really going to do it in this place!?」

When I showed my bargaining chips, as expected she reacted with hesitation.

For Celesta when I mentioned the fact that I would be doing these naughty things with the Princess instead of her, she became very troubled. Because she is unable to let the Princess do such things, she is unable to decline my offer.

「Kuu….! E-even if the Princess would agree to these sort of actions, I cannot let her excellency be treated by you in this manner…..! I-I understand…… I will deal with it instead….. of her」

「Now that’s the “Crimson Rose” that I know, what admirable loyalty. Well then, why don’t you open that yourself and prepare it to receive me」


When I spoke to her as if it was natural, Celesta’s body stiffened up in shock again.

Exactly three seconds later…… Almost like she was a new adventurer who was forced into a teleportation trap and then stuck in a punishment room with a high-level demon, her face showed an expression of despair.

「D-don’t tell me this slit is……for that sort of…..!?」

「Have you finally realized its purpose? I think that you already understand without me saying it but, naturally you are going to be the one to spread it yourself」

「Ah……Uu, Uwaaa…..!」

Right now her long narrow pupils were teary eyed. However besides seeing her disgrace and anger within those eyes, I could also faintly see another type of look.

I was her first man for her even though she may have been unwilling, her extremely shameful appearance was exposed in the outdoor hot spring whereby after she peed herself she was acting head over heels for me. Furthermore, she was becoming expectant of the pleasure I gave her and this mixed in with her shyness……. gave rise to a type of corrupting feeling, the feeling of her becoming a bitch in heat.

「Alright, that’s a good girl, just like that open it up and show me a little more….. Celesta!」

「Ah, Ahhh….. I-I’m being watched…… I’m being seen… Againnn…..!」

As if she was confirming it with her own words, she thrust out her hips, and she touched the slit of her frilly underwear with trembling hands as she opened it. Even though she was doing it slowly she was by no means stopping her actions.

As my magical slave, she was not able to oppose me, even if she thought that she was acting on behalf of the Princess and friend…… This kind of reason was no more than a mere excuse to have her be able to justify her inner most desires and interests.

Otherwise, at that point in time, how could she entwine her tongue with me so passionately?

「Kuku, it is just as I expected isn’t it Celesta. It’s already so wet…… the smell of a female will drift to the outside you know?」

「Wha, y…you’re lyingg, this is…. d-definitely because you must have used your magic again……!」

Shaking her head in denial, using her fingers to push open her ero panties, her salmon pink vagina was being revealed, it had already become slightly wet and partially melted.

I turn one of the rings on my right hand, recited the command word and started the movement of magic.

「Nina enchanted this ring for me, its called a Mute Field….. it has the ability to intercept and block out sound. For a while there is no need to worry about sounds leaking to the outside」

「Ah, Ahhhh……!」

What did this mean? Even Celesta could figure it out.

At my urging, Celesta places both of her hands against the back mirror in the dressing room and thrusts her T-back butt out whilst trembling. I slide my cock against the open slit , and——!

「Ahhhh, Ah……Nnnahhhhh uuuuunnnnn Ahhhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!?」

She was standing and wearing this ero get up in a place where strangers would come and go to change, it made it become even more of a perverted situation. I pierced her with my soft meat right in the centre, Celesta raised a high pitched voice filled with pleasure as she moaned.

Perhaps it was because she hasn’t done it much, her vagina was still really tight as it gripped and devoured my cock into it. I felt a slight taste of pain along with the pleasant feeling of intense sexual intercourse.

「Ohh, this is good Celesta…….. This feeling of inserting into you is different from both the Princess and Kirika, this sense of resistance !」

「D-don’t compare me like thatt…….. Y-you’re the worstt ahh……. Hyaaauuuuahhh!!?」

Her supple body bent back a little, I held on to her sweat covered shoulders and hips with my hands as I swung back and forths in a big motion. little by little my movements became more intense as I rapidly pound into her fresh, juicy vagina.

Her two erect nipples were pressed sometimes against the mirror of the wall and was being crushed, and whenever her two nipples touched the cold glass she would instinctively go *hyann* as she leaked out a lovely moan.

「You’ve spoken well! The moment I said that we were going to go shopping together and the moment that we entered into this shop, you had this erotic face for a moment! I bet that in your heart you were anticipating that something would happen, right!?」

「N-noo, that’s nott ahhh….. Nnyaahhhn!!? my intra vaginal ahh noo!?  don’tt say that kind of thing while grinding my insides……. Nnoh, Fuahhnn Ahh!? 」

「Even if you’re trying to lie to me it’s no use, because it is my duty as your master to provide you with what you desire most…… I will drag out your concealed lust, just like this by thrusting my cock into the deepest parts of your vagina!!」

Purposefully and slowly , *Zunununu*……. I took out my dark red meat stick which was covered in her juices.

In one beat I grabbed her pure white ass that was spilling out of her T-back underwear with all my might and…… Zuzunn!!! I thoroughly scooped out her insides with the head of my cock.

「Nnohhh, Haaooooohhhh!!? so d-deep…… While wearing something like this, I’m being pounded llikee thiss Ahhhhh!!」

「Oi oi, it won’t be strange if the mute field cancels out at any time about now you know? Are you trying to make the Princess, Kirika and all the staff here know about your moans, you dirty masochistic woman!」

「Th-that iss, t-that’s because I can’t hold back my voiceee ahh….. Ah, Ahiiiiiii!!?」

My merciless back piston pumping into her womb forces her slutty parts to awaken, the mask of pride that she usually keeps up totally crumbles as she lets her sexy voice go.

However….. the shameful pleasure that attacks her brain; this aspect did not end.

「……Hey, Celesta! Celesta I’m calling you, why aren’t you responding? Don’t tell me you’re feeling sick?」

「Wha…. Ki-Kirikaa!?」

Kirika was becoming suspicious because there was no answer, before long she approached the outside of our curtains. Kyuuu…… because she was surprised, her vagina tightened really hard on me and it felt so good that I almost reflexively ejaculated.

「There’s still no answer…..? I’m sorry, I’m going to open it okay?」

「W, wait…….!!」


Kirika’s worried face peeks into the slight open space she created……. and as one would expect she became petrified.

Immediately, I used my Enslavement Magic on her and made her slip into the dressing room, sealing off her escape.

「Wa wa wa……wa, what are you doing Tooru-kun? And Celesta as well!?」

「I-I’m not doing anything! This pervert is just doing whatever he wants…… NNhyaaauuuunnnnn!!? St, stop, stop moving your hips……… K-Kirika is right there watching us you knowww!?」

「It’s because you are trying to put all the blame on me! Kirika the proof is right here, as you can see she’s the one being a masochist and was going into heat so I’m here to calm her down…… Kuuooh, as expected being seen by others makes your vagina so tight…..」

「T-that’s not!!? D-don’t say such ridiculous thingss….. NNhiihiiiiannnn!!」

Being completely mind blown at the scene in front of her, Kirika was at the point of not really caring the version of events anymore, she was just becoming teary eyed and had this glaring look. Well she was suddenly stuck in this place so it’s no wonder.

「W, why are you doing this sort of thing…..! Even the Princess is very close to us outside you know!?」

「T-the princess is…? A-as expected I’m doing something so shameless like this ahh…. but, but my body is becoming so hott….. Ahhh, whyyy……!?」

「Uoohh! Mentioning the Princess name makes Celesta shame even more increased, nice assist Kirika…… Thanks to you her pussy is shutting and closing, Uuu!」

「T-that wasn’t my intentions you know!? A-and if I look closely what is with that underwear…..!?」

Celesta was wrapped in this extremely shameless ero underwear while getting screwed from behind in a place like this. raising her slutty voice while her best friend was watching, considering that Celesta had always acted so dignified, this kind of scene must have made a big impact for Kirika.

However, because she was in this narrow fitting room where the smell of a man and woman enveloped the room, with our steamy sex….. Kirika’s eyes started to be mixed with another type of look.

「Have a good look Kirika…..! When I lightly grab on to her ponytail hair and pull it like this, her vagina goes *kyun kyun* as it reacts by squeezing me and shrinking tight….. Kuuu!」

「U, uwaah….. S-so what….?!」

Whilst still grinding my hips persistently, I gave the reins of her ponytail to Kirika, who was standing close enough that our skin could touch.

「Therefore, in my stead I want you to do this…. and pull it for me. Ahh, even if you try to refuse I’m going to make you do it with my subjugation magic so don’t even bother trying」


Both Kirika and Celesta held their breaths at the same time. In a certain sense, this act may be the extremity of humiliation and disgrace for Celesta. However, because I compeled Kirika with my order there was no way she was going to escape.

「Uuu, baka, Tooru-kun you bakaa, pervertt…..! I’m sorry Celesta, I’ll try not to hurt you okay…… E-eii!」

「W,wait Kirikaa…….. Nnnhiiiii Hiiiiiiinnnnnn!!?」

In rhythm with when the ponytail was being pulled, I slammed my waist into her.

It was almost as if I was training some sort of animal with its reins or something, even though this was such an embarrassing and disgraceful act, she was leading her best friend with her hands. This woman knight who had strict morals was being made to feel shame and it only served to increase her pleasure even more.

「Ki, Kirikaa is pulling me….. pulling on my hairr, and that thing is so deep ahhh…….. Nnohhh, Nnnohhhhhh!!?」

「It’s not that thing is it Celesta? Come on call it by its proper name, it’s called penis! Come on, show me your spirit and say it loud enough so that the Princess outside will be able to hear it, oraa oraaaa!!」

「Haaunnn ahh, Nnhaaahhhh!!? P-penisss, Tooru’s peniss is piercing me, I-in front of Kirika whilst Kirika is disciplining meee!!?」

With a thump and a thomp her womb was being gouged out with my cock violently, the pleasure made her melt as her hesitation was completely blown away. Normally she would never dare to say such words but now her voice resounded clearly in this small narrow room.

「C-Celesta….. Eh, Nnnmuuu!!?」

Kirika was faithfully moving according to my orders as she pulled on Celesta’s ponytail at regular intervals, it was at this moment that I embraced her and stole a kiss from her lips.

Without giving her time to resist I licked and sucked her cute little tongue, I traced her pearly row of teeth, and when I made the sound of sucking her, the eyes of the black haired Princess Knight became enchanted as she melted inside.

「N-no Tooru-kun this is, embarassingg……..Yaa ahhh ahhh!!? D-don’t tell me this is what Celesta is feeling right now…… NNhiiiii!!?」

At the critical moment using my Enslavement Magic I connected their two senses together and made her feel the pleasurable sensation that Celesta was feeling in order to perfectly take control of the pace of things. Because she was suddenly made to feel the sensitivity of a body that was about to reach its climax, there is no room for resistance.

I inserted one of my hands into her huge cleavage while I roughly massaged her, I also gave Kirika a deep kiss. At the same time, I was still using my other hand to slightly support Celesta as I screwed her from behind.

Tasting both these high quality beautiful knights, I was having a luxurious 3P.

「Kuuu……. I’m about to cum soon Celesta! Be sure to cum when you receive my semen inside of you, don’t forget to apologize to Princess Sistina while you do so!! Oraa, Kirika go ahead and pull her ponytail without reserve!!」

「Ahhhhihyaaannnnn nnnOhhhh Ahhhhhhh~~~~!!? I-I’m so sowwwy Princessss!! C-Celesta is in such a disgraceful form, even though I’m so close to you right now I’m being violated like a beast, I’m cummingg…… ah, ahhh Ahyiiiiiiii cummminggggggg ~~~~~~!!」

Nbyurururuuru…………. Doku Dokunn!!

Byu, Dobyururunnn !! Byukuku……….. Dobyudobyunnn!!

「Ahh, Yaaaahh…….! Oh noo……..It- It’s coming outt, Tooru-kun has come so much inside of Celesta…… going Doku doku…….. Nnpuu!?」

While still firmly grasping on to the ponytail I embraced the stiffened Kirika and once again tasting her lips by giving her a slurpy deep kiss while I pumped a huge amount of ejaculate into Celesta’s vagina.

Right in front of our eyes, her T-back buttocks which was covered in sweat was having convulsions as her deep womb was drinking up a large quantity of my semen with great relish.

Using the mirror as her form of support Celesta’s body slowly slumped to the ground, Nupoh…….! just like that my still half erect penis slid out of her. the steamy vapours coming out of my cock was like a perfume that made the fitting room smell like sex.

「Puahhh………! Is….. is it over?」

Kirika’s breathing was become disordered due to the intense kiss, she was looking down at Celesta absentmindedly —— However, at that moment.

「….. Which room are you guys in, Kirika, Celesta? Tooru-sama is one thing, but where did everyone else disappear to I wonder?」

This time Princess Sistina’s disheartened voice resounded, and Kirika’s heart was about to jump out of her chest.

「Kirika, the Princess is worrying about you. Go ahead and call out to her」

「Eh, M-me!? In…. in this kind of situation!?」

She was in this obscene situation and was being made to talk to the Princess, the Princess Knight showed an expression of anguish.

「Don’t worry, you just need to show your face and say that the both of you are still trying out some of the clothes. You can also deceive her by saying that I am in the toilet right now, do it quickly!」

「I…. I understand」

After I pressed her onwards, Kirika nervously peeked her face from the curtains.

「P, Princess. Celesta and I are both here together trying out some clothes…… I’m sorry to have made you wait

「Oh, so that’s what happened. Because I haven’t been able to find you both since a little while ago I was feeling a little helpless, as long as you are both fine that makes me relieved desuwa. Ah, by the way, where is Tooru-sama……?」

「That guy is probably in the toilet……. Nhiii!?」

All of a sudden Kirika’s words got cut short. The Princess outside must of been confused.

Well this is to be expected……. that’s because when she pointed her defenceless ass towards me, I took off her mini skirt and promptly pulled down her shorts. I activated my energy reinforcement magic and my revived cock was pushed into her chasm from behind.

This place of hers was already totally wet due to her sharing Celesta’s senses and getting a deep kiss from me.

「Kuku, Don’t be worried. Because of my mute field, any sounds from within this room will not escape beyond the curtain so the Princess won’t hear anything……. neither will she notice. However, if you leak out your voice Kirika, then that will be an entirely different matter」

「Y-you’re lying….. D-don’t tell me…..!?」

「?? What’s wrong Kirika, is there a problem behind you?」

Using my subjugation magic I limited her movements so that she could no run nor could she retract her neck out of the curtain, even though this situation was already quite abnormal I suddenly used my erect dick and without hesistation—— I plunged it deep into Kirika!

「!!? ~~~~~~~~~Ahhh!! Nnnnnuuuu~~~~!?」

「…….. Kirika? You look like you are in pain, are you perhaps feeling unwell……?」

Trying to stifle her sweet moans, she was desperately trying to endure the pleasure that her vagina was feeling, spurring on my sadistic urge I continued to pierce her without any reservations, hollowing out her insides I made her completely take in my cock.

Due to the tension in her body, she was not only squeezing me tighter than normal, but because I made her feel the sensation of climax that Celesta was going through, her body was currently half way already there, bit by bit she was starting to convulse as if she was going to come, her vagina was play-biting my schlong that was going for its second round.

「Hora hora what’s wrong Kirika? If you don’t answer her properly the Princess is going to become suspicious you know?! Everyone outside will know that you have a penis inside of you, is that alright with you!?」

「Nn….. Nfuah, Nnnuuuu…… Ah, Auuu auuu…..! B-bakaa……..!!」

「Eh eh? Kirika what did you just say?」

「N-nothing….. at, all………! S-sorry Princess………Ce………Celesta is calling for me, therefore…..!」

「Eh? So you were talking to her desuno?」

Even though there was only a thin piece of curtain separating us, the third Princess of Randbadeia was showing a puzzled expression on her face, she didn’t even know that I had my cock deep within Kirika and that this was Kirika trying to hold back the pleasure from her face. When I thought it in this manner, the feeling of corrupting her made me feel even more aroused and my pumping could not be stopped as my waist moved faster and faster.

Moreover, the more that I pumped my waist without mercy, Kirika also started to consciously or perhaps it was unconsciously, grinding her ass that was wrapped in the blue miniskirt against my cock so that it would go in deeper and deeper inviting me in.

「Ohh, Uohhh!? Have a look Celesta, this is the ero technique that I trained Kirika in……. Even though the Princess is watching her, she is swallowing my dick with devotion, this is precisely what I would call a love slave pussy vacuum!」

「Ah……. Ahhh……. Kirika, w-what a vulgar way to use your waist……!? I-is that the extent of how much this man has trained you…..?!」

「N-noo that’s not….. I-I’m not like thatt……!?」

Celesta was in a half wakeful state and the words she just spoke only accelerated the amount of shame Kirika was feeling. Kirika used her three-stage squeeze technique with a Gyuu gyuu……. It was a fearsome constriction.

I was also unable to endure any longer, I began my last piston spurt, vehemently and intensely performing my piston I released my seed into her.

「Umm, Kirika your face is really red, are you really okay? I think that maybe you might be sick……?」

「I-I’m fine………. Nnuuu Fuaa Auuu!!? I-it’s coming…….!!? Oh no, it’s coming out…….it’s cominggg……!!」

Dokunnn……… Dobyu byuruuuuruuu!!

Byukun, Dokukunn………. Bichurururuuu, Byuku Byukunnn!!

「Eh, What is? Kirika what’s coming?」

「P…..Putting it on………..T-the clothes, I’m putting it onn……Ahhhhh, so much, putting on so muchh……. I’m sorryy Princesss…….!」

「Eh? Eh? Umm, you are in the middle of putting on a lot of clothes? Well, if that’s the case, is that really something you need to apologize for…..?」

Whilst giving out that lame excuse, Kirika was no longer able to supress the assault of pleasure to her body as she was nearing her climax. Her body shakes in the pleasure.

As for me, I stole a kiss from Celesta who was standing up and we entwined our tongues together. At the same time, I continued to ejaculate large amounts of semen into Kirika’s womb, this was a time of supreme bliss for me.

It was an amount that seemed to radically take out all the contents of semen from within my balls all the way to its roots, this continued on for a long, long time until the footsteps of Princess Sistina who had a confused face, became smaller and smaller.

「Puahh………! Y-you’re truly the worst pervert ever, you bastarddd….!」

「Uwaa, Nnahhh……. D-don’t forget about this later…….. Tooru-kun you bakaa……..!」 (Light Novel Illustration: Celesta in the fitting room)

Next to the huge clothing store we just attended was an out in the open terrace type of cafe shop.

I was sitting there as I looked at the crowd of people that went and came past the main street of Paravata city, I was watching them with a vacant look.

『I’m going to ignore Tooru-kun because he is a person that hinders girls who go shopping in that type of manner. Before we are finished shopping, you are banned from entering the shop! Just wait outside over there!』

『Umu, serves you right. Now then, Princess you can come with us over here』

『?? I’m not too sure what happened but, Tooru-sama I’ll buy a souvenir from the shop okay?』

Against my own will, I was driven away by the girls from the shop and was made to be alone like this.

As expected what I did back there was probably a little bit overboard, both Kirika and Celesta got angry and even involved the Princess who didn’t really understand what was going on. They decided that only the girls would go and take responsibility for the shopping.

Well, if I just let them buy as many clothes or accessories as they want and their mood is repaired than it is a cheap price to pay…….Thinking about these kinds of things, it seems that I am still quite naïve and over indulgent on the girls.

「Muu…… however, I still feel like it’s unfair that I’m the odd man out. Aren’t they supposed to show a little more respect to their master?」

Well fine, I’ll use this as an excuse later to teach them both a lesson, what kind of punishment course should I prepare for the knight combo? As I was thinking these thoughts my crotch was starting to get hard again………. At this time…..

「Huh….?  Arerere? You’re kidding me…. For real?」


A hysterical voice resounded from behind me.

What is it? is someone talking to me? besides this voice….. I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before…..?

「Don’t tell me…… is that you Tooru-chi?」


Did this person just call me………Tooru-chi?

There was only one person who called out to me in such a unique manner……. No it can’t be, is it really possible?

I held my breath as I slowly turned my head around, and…

「Uuwaaa~~~~!! As expected it really is you! it’s Tooru-chi~! for real for real? How have you been doing!?」


And then I saw. Waving her hands, was a cheerful girl smiling with a friendly face as she approached me.

She had white skin without a single imperfection, she reminded you of those really high-class dogs or something, her hair was starlike in its sparkle and she tied her hair to the side.

She had these bountiful big breasts that was being pushed up by the hem of her blouse shirt which was tied up carelessly. Her ass was a healthy lump of flesh that protruded out of her short mini skirt which was on the borderline of being too short, and she had these really long and slender legs that seemed to go on forever.

If you were to exclude the scabbard of the sword she carried her back, then her appearance would be exactly the same as “that time”.

Tachibana Riruna.

Without any doubt…. This is the appearance of my classmate from my previous world. (Light Novel Illustration: Meeting Riruna at the Café)




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