Chapter 51: The Deceitful Appearance and the Proof of being the Hero


If the girl known as Tachibana Riruna were to be described in a few words she would be expressed as “an eccentric person”.

For me….. No, even amongst the classmates of my previous world, she would be taken as such.

She had this gyaru fashion and manner of speech, adding to the fact that my school was an academically driven school there wasn’t much popularity for her tastes, her personality was really bright and cheerful, yet she didn’t join any of the school club activities nor was she particularly close with anyone. (TL: Gyaru can be translated as Girl, Gal and is part of the Japanese culture of stereotype girls acting in a certain manner; there are manner types of “Gals” just as there are many types of “–dere”)

She was an elusive figure that did things at her own pace, it didn’t matter who she was dealing with, she would act the same.

Judging purely by her appearance and her manner of speech, at first glance she did fit the stereotype of being a gyaru character, however, rather than her actually copying someone she admired to act in a certain way, it was more like she herself preferred to act in the style by her own choice…….. She always had that kind of distinctive atmosphere and uniqueness.

In other words, she was able to mingle with her peers and yet she wasn’t able to completely blend in either, she was her own kind of “unique monster”. She was like a wild animal without it’s pair.

If I may be allowed to speak my mind, that was the kind of impression she gave me.

Even comparing to the literally different species of beings here such as the elves or the demonic species…… even up until now I have not met an existence like her before, it is precisely because of this that I feel like she is one of the people that is impossible to understand and is someone that I don’t really know how to deal with.

In saying this, both her body and her face were of high quality and so in that department, she was really popular with the boys.

Riruna was a type of “white gyaru”, unlike the other stereotype of gyaru’s Riruna had flawless white skin and she wasn’t the type to wear extremely heavy make-up that were commonly known as a trademark of the gyaru’s, she never went too far therefore, she didn’t look dirty or impure.

To us males, she was someone who could proficiently show her inner beauty without the heavy make-up, and since that was a rare type of girl within our generation, her unique charms made many of the males hearts throb.

Thanks to this, she was the target of many fantasies and jokes……… where her name would be brought up in many occasions.

If Kirika was the “public” class idol, then the “underground” idol would be Riruna.

Needless to say I was someone who was unrelated to their existences in the past (Well, in relation to Kirika I did mention in the past).

……. Having someone like her appear in this parallel universe’s cafe and on a table where I was sitting, looking at it from an observer’s perspective I have no doubt that it must be shocking for her as it is for me.

「Well it’s really you~ You’ve really surprised me! It’s really you Tooru-chi, this must be a lie, for real!? You really look the same, don’t you think this coincidence is amazing?」

「…….Ahh, yeah. I am also surprised」

「Right, right? You’d think that right~!」

What was so fun about this I wonder? She was speaking like an American person who overreacted, her side tail hair was swinging from left to right as she just went on and on. I was overwhelmed and my face could only freeze up as I tried to provide agreeable responses.

Not only that, the more she energetically moved around her body, her firm pure white breasts would jostle back and forth, it was to the point that I thought the buttons on her blouse would explode at any moment due to her vigorous movements.

Surely this was a delicious spectacle for any men around. Similar even I……No, I won’t say it.

「……….Tachibana-san, after you’ve come to this place, what have you been up to?」

「Nn~? I’m the same as always. I live every single day guided by my feelings and energy」

「Well, I guess that sounds like you….」

Back when we were still at school, she’s the kind of person who would be habitually late and leave school early, she was also regularly absent from school. Sometimes when I thought that it was odd for her to remain in class for the whole period, I took a peek at her desk and found out that she had been brazenly sleeping the whole time, Suzu-chan sensei who was supposed to be in charge of the class was always troubled by her behaviour. Kirika who was the class representative at the time also found her really troublesome to deal with.

Even so, for some strange reason, her grades weren’t that bad, this is what people would call the unfairness of the world I suppose.

When Riruna was not at school, her activities were shrouded in mystery, sure enough, there were many rumours that came out, speculating that she did “those kinds of things”.

Rumours such as her being seen with an old man wrapping his arms around her body, or rumours that if you payed her enough money she would let you do her…….. Well those kinds of nasty things.

As far as I knew, Riruna herself never denied nor affirmed these rumours, and I never really cared to find out either. I always thought that after graduation…… The moment that I separated from my classmates to go my own way, there would never be a second time where our paths would cross. Because we were a different species of human being.


「W, what’s wrong?」

Before I knew it, Riruna had sat on the table and rested her chin on her hands, as she gazed into my face.

Her originally big and beautiful eyes with the minimum amount of make-up really stood out, coupled with her pink glossy, wet and bewitching lips, made my heart skip a beat.

「Hey, Tooru-chi, I feel like your impression has really changed since the last time we met」

「My impression….?」

「Yeah. Ah, it’s not in a bad way! How can I put this, it’s like you’ve become cooler? More so than before, I feel like you’ve become more of a man」

「What the…….」

While showing a friendly smile she said such things without any concern.

That’s right…… I am really bad at dealing with this part of her.

Closing the gap and immediately reaching the core of a person and talking to them so familiarly without their permission.

A memory of the time when I was still back on earth flashed before my eyes.

When I think of it, even the time when she started calling me Tooru-chi without my permission——.

〈——Riruna. How long are you going to continue this meaningless conversation?〉

Suddenly I could hear a third party’s voice from behind her, and my recollection of the past was interrupted mid-way.

However, I could tell that there was nobody behind her.

「Nn, what’s wrong “Oruto”. Just when I thought you were staying really quiet, what’s up?」


「Ah! Oh yeah, I haven’t introduced you guys! Tooru-chi……..Nnn!?」

Suddenly, as if she realized something important, her thin eyebrows were frowning.

What happened? Did an emergency situation suddenly occur!?

「This is Oruto……….. That over there is Tooru-chi………. Oruto, Tooru! Holy crap, don’t they sound so similar!? Isn’t this just amazing!?」(Translator note: I just realized that their name is a Palindrome, which is something that is spelt the same backwards as it is forwards. オルト =Oruto,  トオル=Tooru. Well, I know that there is an extra “o” but yeah)

「……No, it’s not really that amazing, or more like I don’t really know what this is about?」

I was beginning to grow weak. Shit, as expected I’m bad at dealing with her. Her pace of doing things is completely messing with my own.

〈Are you referring to a palindrome? What’s the danger in that? I don’t really understand〉 (TL: Riruna used the word やばい which I translated as Holy crap! But can also mean “dangerous” or “this is bad!” Or “there’s trouble!”)

Unexpectedly the person who spoke agreed with my opinions on the matter, the person had a neutral voice and it was hard to discern a gender from the voice.

Apparently the sound was coming out of the ancient looking hilt that was carried on Riruna’s back, furthermore the sword had complex patterns across it’s body.

「You both are ruining the mood. Well anyways, this mysterious talking artifact is called Oruto. I consider Oruto to be my partner. In truth there is a longer name than Oruto, but it’s too difficult to pronounce so I just use Oruto」

〈Do as you like. I have already become used to Riruna’s fuzzy memory〉

「Look, see Tooru-chi, did you hear what was said!? Oruto always talks bad about me, doesn’t it make you feel kinda horrible?」

In other words, this Oruto, thing is an artifact with a pseudo-personality……?

Although that in itself is a rare thing, it was not like that sort of thing didn’t exist in this world. After all there are even living magical creatures like Nana that exist in this world.

Creating these beings for a single purpose such as being a guard or being a maid was quite normal……. however, being able to have their own judgement, in other words their own “sentience” is something that only a skilled magic user is capable of creating.

Nevertheless, the being known as Oruto was communicating with me with human level sentience.

〈Riruna, you’re getting carried away again. Please ask him the usual question quickly……. In the first place, haven’t you come here to look for a “particular person”?〉

「Ask me a question? a particular person?」

「Ah~ Yeah, I completely forgot about that. But I know for sure that it’s not Tooru-chi. He doesn’t have any resemblance, besides his outward appearance doesn’t even match the description」

〈The person who should judge that is not you. Riruna〉


What are they quarrelling about? I had no idea.

For a while she was just pouting at the voice that came from behind her, but then after a sigh……. *haa* she looked towards me.

「Nn well, there is something that I wanted to ask you……….Tooru-chi, what is your job-class?」

My heart went *dokun* as it skipped a beat.

「So… The person named  Leifell-dono, is the deputy mayor of Paravata city?」

「Y, yes. That is correct」

Inside of the Magical flying ship cabin that was flying above Paravata city.

There was a messenger working for the deputy mayor, she was wearing a classy military uniform suit, the person receiving her as a guest was a beautiful dark elf and even though they were the same gender she could not help but to be charmed by the dark elf’s looks.

While the dark elves were a rare species to begin with, the noble aura that this woman called Dianne wore, had taken a whole new meaning and it felt other-worldly.

「This behemoth monster—— is something that we have classified—— as a shadow beast, Hearing about the fact that you are the group of adventurers that have repelled these vile beasts, Leifell-sama wishes to hire your services 」

Continuing to explain, since a while ago the beautiful dark elf woman has had her eyes closed, is she by any chance blind…..? The messenger was doubtful of the fact.

However, she was the one who brewed the tea by herself. Moreover, it was delicious.

「I see. However, the decision of whether or not to receive this request is Tooru-dono’s……I cannot make this decision without our leaders permission」

「I don’t mind it. First of all, would it be possible if you could pass on the gist of the story that I spoke just now?」

After emptying her rose hip tea cup and placing it down on the table, the messenger’s expression became serious.

「Indeed, Paravata town is currently facing this crisis…… This is a very important request that is filled with danger」

「………My job-class? Why are you asking me such a thing? Did you want to become party members and explore the ruins in this city together?」

「Na, well, that’s not really the reason I’m asking. It’s just that Oruto really wants to know about it」

Riruna’s voice was slightly high-pitched. What can I say, she’s really bad at lying to people…

I on the other hand didn’t even falter or change my tone of voice as I answered her question without any hesitation.

「My job-class is Magician. Just like my grades in the previous world, the level of my job is not that high」

「….Nn, that so?」

For an instant, a relieved expression appeared on Riruna’s face.

That reaction made me increasingly worried…….like a black smoke of doubt that rose up from within the bottom of my stomach, I felt a suspicious feeling.

〈——So you were called Tooruchi-san?〉

「No the part at the end is totally unnecessary」

〈In that case, Tooru-san. If I may be so rude to ask, could you please show us some sort of magic skill pertaining to your job-class?〉


Standing up from her chair as it rattled, the person who suddenly spoke with an angry tone of voice was Riruna.

「What’s with that? Are you trying to imply that Tooru-chi is lying to us? Oruto, aren’t you being really rude?」

〈It’s just a small precaution. Can you please keep silent for a while Riruna〉


Before she could complain any further, I held her back. Taking out my right hand out of my robe I placed it on top of the table.

「I’m not too sure what this is about but, you want to see my magic spells right? Then here it goes….」

I snapped my fingers and at the same time a flame about the size of a lighter lit up in the center of the table.

With another snap of my fingers, the wavering light blows out like the wind.

「As you can see, this is the level one elemental magic spells Candle Light and Small Wind…….. Do you want to see more? As you would expect though, I can’t really show you any offensive spells in the middle of town」


Oruto stays silent for a moment. Not being able to see it’s expression at this point in time is a troublesome thing.

〈……I understand. I apologise for the impoliteness, Tooruchi-san〉

「For real! I’m really sorry kay, Tooru-chi!」

「No, I’m telling you my name is Tooru…….. Ahhh never mind, I don’t care anymore」

Riruna was seriously apologizing as she lowered her head, I could only smile bitterly.

While wiping the cold sweat from the back of my mind.

(……..This is what you would call, preparation is key)

Naturally, the low level magic I just used a while ago is not something I learned. Although this is probably obvious, I can’t use any other type of magic other than Enslavement Magic.

The trick is hidden under my robe, and on my upper arm I was wearing a bracelet artifact.

After being separated from Kirika and the other girls, I hid these bracelets inside of my clothes, the other rings and bracelets (used for my energy replenishment and contraceptive means, these convenient enchantments were taken off).

(Several of these level 1 spells were specifically enchanted for me, moreover it didn’t need to charge or recharge itself with mana, instead it was created to absorb my mana as an energy source………. I’m not sure what kind of eyes that sheath of the sword looked at me with, but I’m pretty sure anyone who saw me would only be able to see that I casted the spells)

Originally I had these prepared in case I was being doubted by the authorities (After all, practicing Enslavement Magic is probably considered to be a taboo act) However, I would have never expected that it would be useful in this kind of scenario.

Also after our conversation just now I’ve made up my mind.

「I’m really sorry kay Tooru-chi, to suddenly make you do such a weird thing…. Ah! As an apology, I’ll pay for the Cafe bill here!」

I’ve decided that the person in front of me, Riruna….. No, Oruto included ? The both of them are potentially people (?) that can become my “enemies”. (TL: the question mark is Tooru wondering if Oruto should be classified as a person or not)

Although I don’t know what her reasons are, the act of her trying to confirm my job class in such a deliberate manner leads me to believe that she has some sort of shady secret that she is keeping.

The possibility that she is on Cruz’s side is low……. This is because, if she was on his side, she would have known what my job-class was. (Translator note: Just a reminder, Cruz is the guy working with the demon Iblis right now, Also Cruz can be Cruise, Kurusu, I’m not too sure which name to use tbh but since I’ve already started with Cruz, I’ll just try to keep it consistent)

However, it may be possible that she also has a rare job that has the purpose of hunting down classes like my Slavemancer job class. Having one of my former classmates awaken into a rare job is not something that strange considering someone like me is able to obtain one.

In that case…… My next question should be this…

「That’s all good, don’t worry about it. Oh by the way…….. This is not really a payback but, I was wondering, Tachibana-san, what job do you have? 」

Well then, how will she answer? For some strange reason, I have a feeling that she does not have some sort of common job. If by chance she indeed does have a rare job, will she just easily confess her job-class? or will she try to shake me off and hide it?

Putting on a calm expression, I intently observed her—— In no time at all, Riruna immediately replied.

「Nna, Me? My job class is Hero!」


Looking completely indifferent, it was like she was telling me a break down of the side dishes within a bento box. Tachibana Riruna, had a legendary job class that was once rumoured to have defeated the Devil King.

「Haa…… Why did I blurt out those kinds of things?」

An Axe warrior by the name of Saineku was walking along the alleyway of the middle part of town as he depressingly criticised himself.

In the upper part of town, the party of beautiful girls repelled the attacking Shadow Beasts in a flash, and he was the only eyewitness to have seen the figure of the young man who seemed to be their leader quite clearly.

The youth was the target of extreme envy of all men and naturally having been the only guy to have seen his face clearly…… Everyone in the bar wanted to ask Saineku what this “enemy of all men” looked like.

『……I, Isn’t it obvious? He was wearing a black robe and he had this evil look on his face….. Yeah! As you would expect he looked incredibly strong, he was in fact a muscular brawny middle-aged man!』

This is what Saineku told them.

In fact, the man was much younger than he was and he looked both weak and gangly. However, because of his self-pride, he didn’t allow himself to answer in a truthful manner.

But then because he acted in such a cheap manner, right now he was tormented with a really big inferiority complex.

「Haaaa……….. As expected I should just go back to the country side…… But I wonder if Juno will come with me……?」

Concerning the result of him introducing false information to Riruna about the man who could potentially be the “Slavemancer” actually made it seem as if it was impossible for Tooru to have the outward appearance of the old man as was described—— However, it was unlikely that Saineku would ever find out the truth of this matter.

「You just said……. Hero?」

「Yeah, yeah, I am the Hero! Hehehe, are you surprised?」

Although I was hoping that I misheard what she just said, my expectations were broken into pieces.

Besides….. Riruna was acting so energetically as if she was an important person and at least to me, it didn’t look like she was lying.

Or should I say, she is not the type of human being to be able to tell a lie so calmly. Even before when she was trying to get me to reveal my job class, she acted in such a flustered manner and even went as far as to apologize to me afterwards.


Within Oruto’s monotonous voice, I could sense a slight dissatisfaction. In other words, this fellow did not want to tell me this piece of information……. Oi oi, doesn’t this make it even more believable?

Then are you telling me this is serious? Out of all the people, this Gyaru is the one with the legendary job class? This kind of silly joke is actually for real?

「It’s finee jyan, if someone was to honestly ask, shouldn’t it be my duty to answer truthfully?」

〈That isn’t the point, it isn’t as simple as th——〉

「It is the point! Manners are seriously important, even Obaa-chan said so!」(TL: Obaa-chan can either be grandma or aunt or an unrelated older woman not sure which one it is yet)

Well at the very least, Riruna doesn’t seem to doubt me in the slightest…… This girl is seriously good-natured.

The problem lies with Oruto who doesn’t seem to trust me yet, well in comparison to before, the degree of caution I’m sensing from it seems to have lessened.

(…..Should I give it a go?)

In the current state, I have an opportunity to subject her to my Enslavement Magic.

If the conversation were to continue I don’t know if there may be a time where she would start to become suspicious of me again. If Kirika and the other girls to finish their shopping and arrive right now, we may have to part and there’s no telling if there will be another chance like this.

And, if by some chance, Riruna is truly the Hero that she claims she is, this may be the perfect chance for me to obtain one of the strongest war potential.

「Now now, you guys shouldn’t be fighting with each other. Hmm, well excuse me but, I’ve got to go to the toilet for a bit……」

I casually stood up from my chair and I succeeded in approaching Riruna by pretending to walk past her. I immediately activated my abilities.

Along with the rise of my Subjugation Skill, I am able to operate my abilities and generate the least amount of magical effect so that it is unnoticeable by the naked eye. If it is at this distance, there is no need for me to worry about it being detected.

Obviously, it is possible that she has some sort of magical resistance skill. No, if she really is the Hero, the chance of her having magical resistance is very high……. For this reason, I’m only going to test the waters and cast this low levelled magic spell. I’ll be able to get a rough idea of what her level of magical resistance is from the response, and it will be able to tell me how much time I will need in order to completely dominate her.

(Don’t think badly of me, Tachibana Riruna……… I’m going to have you become one of my Magical Slaves)

Regardless of whether she is the Hero or not.

Following Kirika, Riruna was one of my classmates who had the title of being an “underground idol” and now I will have the chance of obtaining the both of them.

When thinking about it in this manner, it made my whole body shiver with excitement.

Her erotic body will be mine……… Moreover, I will be able to find out if all the indecent rumours around her were true as I play with her slowly on top of my bed.

(I’m looking forward to it…….!?)

Time stopped all of a sudden.

Cutting my delusions in two, I felt a terrible amount of discomfort.

As if I just got car sick, my stomach lurched as feelings of vertigo attacked my mind, my vision of the surroundings was shaking!

「What’s wrong, Tooru-chi!? Your complexion looks really bad!」

I instinctively sat down and Riruna worriedly checks up on me.

Crouching down creates a perfect distance at this height for me to be able to see her white thighs from below her mini skirt, I feel like I can steal a glance even deeper into her dazzling…… No wait, this is not the time to have such thoughts…

(This, is….. Don’t tell me this is……!!)

I have experienced this unpleasant sensation once before.

It was the time when I just arrived to this world and tried testing the uses of my Enslavement Magic in a variety of ways.

Just out of curiosity, I once tried to apply the Enslavement Magic on to “my own body”. Without really knowing what happened……. I felt this sensation of vertigo shake my brain, it was an extremely uncomfortable sensation.

Most likely it is the backlash of trying apply the magic to oneself.

Considering the timing of things and how the magic was supposed to affect Riruna, this can only mean one thing——!

(S….She must have the ability to Reflect Magic!?)

This kind of skill, I haven’t even heard of it from the knowledgeable Nina. However in a sense, this much is probably natural. It only makes sense…

Especially if she truly possesses the Hero class.

Several thousands of years ago…… The legendary being known as the “Hero” was able to fight the whole devildom all alone.

Without even needing to mention the Devil King who was able to make a whole continent vanish, there should have been an innumerable amount of higher devils capable of handling the most powerful satanic magic. Without a doubt they had access to Palmyra and Flamia’s super-offensive type spells, poison type spells, or even hexing and weakening type spells.

A skill that allowed the hero to contend with the might of such spells couldn’t have amounted to a measly magical resistance skill. There was no use in arguing about it, the skill that allowed the hero to fight against the demons was most definitely the Reflect Magic skill.

「Hey hey, are you feeling alright? If you are feeling pain anywhere, do you want me to pat it away? Or do you want to go to the toilet together?」

*There there*, I felt her gentle hand stroke my head. Considering she looked like a gyaru, her motherhood like actions were unsuitable for her appearance.

Moreover, my magic didn’t seem to affect her in the slightest.

That is to say, this girl who may be my biggest enemy yet……. is someone that my Enslavement Magic has no effect on!!?



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