Chapter 52:  Using Magical Potions to Tinker with Breasts and The Relationship Between the Two.


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「Unn~…… Was he really alright, that Tooru-chi?」

Her side-tail hair was reflecting light like an orange coloured sunset as it shook from side to side. Wearing a tight mini-skirt her long model like legs were energetically moving, the gal hero named Tachibana Riruna was walking along the main street of Paravata City.

No matter who saw her from this world, anyone would think that she was a “foreigner from another country” she had a beautiful face with this mysterious atmosphere. Regardless of their age or race, all the eyes of the men who saw her walk by didn’t cease to stare at her, and yet the person herself acted completely indifferent towards the men.

「Although he said that he was fine, but it’s seriously impossible for me not to worry. I think that I should have tried to tag along with him, at least until he joined up with his companions…」

After their meeting Odamori Tooru told her that he was going to meet up with his group of friends……. and just like that he left the cafe in a hurry. Just prior to him leaving, he had this really pale colour on his face and it made her feel anxious, even now she still had a worried expression on her face.

〈——Riruna. I believe that it is wise, you do not let your guard down around that man〉

「Eh? …… You know Oruto, are you still swinging that way?」

The Oruto who was on her back spoke with a cold-hearted voice, Riruna clearly goes into a bad mood. Why is her partner so vigilant towards her former classmate? At any rate, she wasn’t convinced in the matter.

〈I should have told you this before. You have been chosen to receive the job class of Hero, similarly amongst your former classmates one of them could have that “job” and it is natural for you to become even more cautious around them—〉

「You’re saying amongst them they could have the “Slavemancer” job? However at least for Tooru-chi, his outward appearance has absolutely no resemblance to the described Slavemancer you know?」


This is the job class that the Riruna and Oruto combo needs to be wary of the most, it is one of their highest priority targets to eliminate. Oruto had specifically requested that Riruna hunt down the recently revived Slavemancer, and he even gave her an explanation of the “precise reason” as to why this must be done.

「Or more like, we haven’t even seen a single person with the description of having black robes and being a macho man………. To begin with, it could be that the rumour was merely a sheer exaggeration」

She heard this information in a bar, and the witness reported that he saw a suspicious magician accompanied by a lot of very beautiful women. Although Riruna supposedly heard directly from the person who saw the events occur, reaching up to this point she hasn’t been able to make any progress.

〈That is not all. Judging from his attitude, I sensed that he was excessively calculative in his actions. Even if he may not be the Slavemancer, it is possible that he has bad intentions towards Riruna, therefore it is wise to be carefu——〉

「Like I said!! Tooru-chi is not that kind of a person!」

Because she suddenly raised her voice while walking in the middle of the street, all the surrounding people became surprised at the noise.

But then, she wasn’t a woman that worried about attracting the public’s notice.

「……Nn, I’m sorry. But you know Oruto, you know nothing about Tooru-chi, right? I know that your judgement has always helped us out, but… I know Tooru-chi, and he isn’t a bad person」

After coming into this new world, Riruna noticed that her strength was beyond the norm. When she first started her journey, she travelled with a free spirit, she would defeat evil monsters that attacked the humans or just simply save a person that was in danger.

In the middle of her journey she came across this village that had been worshipping this legendary artifact within their shrine, it was then she met with “Oruto”. Henceforth, Oruto would often support her by giving ancient knowledge and excellent battle strategies to defeat her foes, he was a reliable partner that struggled together with her on her journey.

〈You seem to have a lot of trust in him. In your previous world, did you have intimate relations with him?〉

「Fueeh!? Ah, no, Nn~………. It’s not like we have any special relations with each other but…」

Riruna had raised her eyes in order to look at the dazzling sunset sky with this distant look on her face. Unlike the scene at night time whereby there was two moons in the sky, the sight she was looking at right now was very reminiscent of what it was like at earth.

「A long time ago, just a little….. Besides, don’t you think that Tooru-chi looks kinda cute? A person that I think is cute, can’t possibly be a bad person you know? 」

As if she recalled something in her past, she suddenly began to smile broadly and giggle.

〈………..I still don’t really understand what Riruna’s standards is when she calls someone “cute”. After all, there has been a variety of things that in general would be described as disgusting, such as certain: insects and or hob-goblin, that Riruna has evaluated as being “cute”〉

「You really committed it to memory didn’t ya?  Well, even I don’t really fully understand everything about myself so…」

〈As expected, impossible to understand〉

「Yea, yea. That’s just how human beings are」

Giving a non-committal answer to Oruto’s questions, the gal hero begins to walk again amongst the traffic of people.

I wonder what that sour looking classmate of mine is doing around this time…..? She was absentmindedly dreaming about the answer within her heart.

「Naah, Ahhhhhh!? Afuuahhh, Uaaahhnn…… Auuun!!?」

On top of the bed, the woman soldier with the red hair was straddling me, beads of sweat was rolling down her body as she swung her hips in a seductive manner.

Even though she had a trace of suntan where her protective gear was usually worn, her dazzling breasts which was jiggling was a beautiful sight, it was one of the most delicious things about being in the cow girl position.

「Oi oi, what’s wrong Amelia, why don’t you report to me the findings on the information you obtained prop…… erly!  」

「B-but Master, W…..while doing this kind of thing, I-I’m so embarrassed that it’s impossible to concentratee……… Haaaauuu, Auuuuunnn!!?」

In tempo with when she opened her mouth, Zunn…….. I sadistically pumped my waist and pushed into her uterus, as I did this, Amelia’s supple body bent backwards like a bow, and unlike her usual masculine appearance, a lovely sweet moan that you could never imagine from her, escaped her lips.

Just from feeling how much she was strangling my engorged cock after I plunged it inside her, I could tell that she just climaxed from having her insides scooped out. Having her strength drained from her body, her wild Amazonian perfect body was lying on the bed and it only further stimulated my sadistic male desires.

「Sigh, I haven’t even cum once, you’re really weak when you’re cornered aren’t you? Well then instead of Amelia I’ll get Nina to take care of my cock whilst giving me the report」

「Ah, Yes! …….Yatta (Yay)!」

The blond semi-long haired girl magician strikes a small victory pose. Like some sort of cute small animal, she climbs up the bed in order to switch positions with the semi-conscious woman soldier.

At first glance, she seemed to be wearing her usual monotone coloured clothing, but taking a closer look the cloth that normally covered her chest was gone and a pair of modest breasts was daringly being exposed along with a set of her pink coloured nipples. Moreover, as if this was a matter of course, she was wearing a super short mini-skirt and underneath she was not wearing any panties.

「It’s no fair, Nina……. I’m jealous」

「Ehehe, excuse me for going first, Sierra-chan. Then, I’m going to put it in okay, Master? ………. Nn Ahhn, S-so bigg, it’s slipping right in ahhh………!」

She was running her tongue along my chest while the beautiful elf girl was looking at us in envy. The maid magician used her small vagina to insert my cock which was covered in Amelia’s love juices and swallowed it up.

Currently I was inside of the magical ship’s cabin which kind of resembled a high-class hotel from my earth. Furthermore, I was enjoying the company of the trio adventurer girls who were assigned to gather information in town.

「Haauu…….R-reporting inn, first is about the “hero”……I-if I’m not mistaken, a girl who introduces herself as such was known to go around defeating demons, a-and right now there are rumours of her being in this very town」

「Is that so? Is it really true then….?」

After that chance meeting, I quickly separated from the gal hero known as Tachibana Riruna.

Without a doubt she had the magic reflect skill and it was unknown how high her fighting potential is, therefore I decided that it was necessary to proceed with caution. If I introduce her to Kirika right now and that causes Riruna to suspect our relationship, it would not be a good plan.

I easily found out the place she was staying at by just asking her, moreover I placed the tracking emblem I used on Celesta previously when she wasn’t looking—– in an inconspicuous place so I am not worried about not being able to find her.

「Nnahhnn…….! I-I don’t know if this is the truth or not, but I heard rumours that there was this extremely strong demon that wanted to destroy this town, and the hero managed to defeat the demon by herself and save the town……」

The only known person to have been able to rival the legendary demon king was the hero. I don’t think that Riruna at her present state would have already obtained that much power to rival the demon king, but a high-ranking demon….. the possibility of her already being able to contend with demons of the eight great families is quite high.

Considering she was such a cheat like existence, even if you took her by surprise trying to take her on in a direct battle would be too risky. To begin with, my real intention is not to kill her.

Whether I can find a way to make her be affected by my Enslavement Magic, or I can find another way to conquer her, right now I don’t have enough information. At any rate, neither her goals nor her intentions were clear and it was unknown exactly what she and that being known as “Oruto” was planning on doing.

However, with that being said it is needless to say that I have no intentions of backing out and running away at this point in time.

Once I’ve decided that I want something, I will follow my heart and without fail I will obtain it. This is the ideal’s I’ve come to develop as I was reborn into this world.

「Good girl, to have found out that much information you’ve done well Nina. Even the artifact that I had you prepare for me became immediately useful, as a capable housemaid I need to give you plenty of reward don’t I……!」

「Ahyaannn!!? M-master is pounding my baby room so goodd ahh! Please knock on it moree!!」

「Nina…..T-that looks like it feels so good…….!」

She was using the momentum generated by this springy bed to intensely jump up and down my cock. Her upper body was half nude while still dressed in her maid uniform and I started to suck on her cute looking nipples.

Gulp…….a sound resounded from the distance as the elven girl was watching her close friend in such a coquettish state. At times she would steal small glances from the side as she watched how I was driving Nina into a world of pleasure. I continued to taste every inch of her slender body.

「T-that’s right Masterr…….! T-the medicine ordered…..h-has been completedd!」

「Ohhh, Did you already complete it?」

Nina fumbled around in her maid clothes and pulled out this transparent drug vial out of her pocket.

Whilst still moving my waist, I took the vial and opened the lid.

「As expected of you, you work really fast. Sierra, can you come over here and drink this for me?」

「Of course…. But my Lord, what is this……..?」

「Fufufu, I’m sure that the effects will be magnificently shown as it is perfectly suited for you」


Although she was staring at the vial with curiosity, she didn’t have any doubts and she drank the tasteless and odourless liquid without any questions.

The hypothesized change occurred and became apparently very quickly.

「Ehh………Nn, Nahh!? M-my breasts are swelling…….W-what’s happening!?」

「Aha, Sierra-chan………L-looks like it went as planned…..!」

In but a moment both of Sierra’s nipples were like they had just been carefully sucked on by me for several minutes as it became erect to its maximum capacity, even now it seemed like she was about to burst and it was already beginning to twitch and tremble.

Not only that.

Jiwawa (Spurt)……..right out of her nipples, pupyu, pyuru…….. she was spouting the thing known as milk as it scattered on to the bed sheets.

She was not pregnant and the beautiful elven girl should not have any mother’s milk.

「Fuaa, Aahhhhnnnn ahhhh!!? Breasts, it’s coming out of Sierra’s breasts…………W-why!?」

「A little while ago I obtained a stock of this raw product in town, with the help of Nina and her ability to mix and compound the chemicals, she was able to make a magical potion that is able to alter a person’s genetic make-up temporarily. Sierra you are known as my breast slave, and I definitely wanted to use this on you first」

「Sierra-chan, whenever you spout out the milk, you feel extremely good don’t you……..!? I-if Master was to directly suck it out of you, I think that you would feel even better…….!」

Whilst still being in the cow girl position, Nina drew closer to her friend who had a flushing face filled with desire as she whispered into her ears.

Hearing those words from Nina, Sierra’s long ears twitched as she had this expression of ecstasy on her face.

She only experienced a slight leak of milk just a little while ago…….. And this unknown feeling of pleasure was amplified by the magical potion, imagining just how good she would feel from being directly sucked by me she’s started to crave it.

「Ah, My Lorddd………! S-Sierra’s breasts……  P-please, suck on them……?」

Although she was blushing and acted really shy, she still brought her heavy swaying breasts under her arms and presented them to me, this beautiful big breasted elven girl.

Is there even a reason for me to refuse? Her pink erect nipples were trembling as they made their own introductions, leaking out the white liquid, I quickly aimed my lips towards her dripping tip and sunk my teeth into it.

「Nnhiiiiiii, Nnahhahhhahahh!!? I-it’s being suckedd……… Sierra is getting My Lord to kiss Sierra’s breasts and suck on her breast milkkk Ohhhhhhhh!!?」

In an instant, Sierra’s coquettish voice jumped up to a voltage that indicated that she reached the brink of climax.

When I started to massage her tits by sinking all ten of my fingers into her soft flesh, the blond bombshell stuck out her tongue like some sort of beast as she struggled to breathe, she was my Milk Slave Elf.

If it was made exactly as I requested it to be, the magic drug would be capable of making a woman feel several times better than a man experiencing his ejaculation when she was being milked. Therefore, her current reaction was to be expected.

「Ahaa, it seems to be a big sucess! M-master, how does Sierra-chan’s milk taste…….?」

「Yeah, it’s really sweet and delicious……… If it tastes this good, I can suck on it as much as she likes!」

「M-my Lord is acting just like a babyy…….. Nnhii!!? I-it’s not allowed to s-suck so much at oncee, it’s not allowweddd !!? Nnoooohhhhhhh!!」

Most likely this did not taste like the real breast milk, because this tasted like some sort of diluted version of condensed milk, or some sort of sweet syrup………. It was really indescribably delicious like a sweet nectar. The fact that she’s such a beautiful girl made these tits that much more appetizing.

Additionally, the thing that was excellent was not only it’s taste.

My lower body, it was like a hand warmer was placed against it but my lower body started to experience this hot, feverish heat spreading across it——!

「Nnhii, Ahyaaauuu!? M-master’s thing is filling with blood to the brim……..I-it’s become even bigger and harder inside of me and it’s curving upwardsss………!!」

Kahaa……. letting out a rough breath her breathing stopped for an instant as she bent backwards. From Nina’s abdomen, you could see the slight outline of my cock pushing up against her womb, that was just how much my penis was over swelling with blood.

The secreted milk from Sierra’s breasts had a fast-acting vitality agent.

「It’s exactly as I ordered it to be made, you are truly a genius Nina! However, you are also a very lewd girl, for you to purposefully tell me about the potion when I’m inserting inside of you……… Did you want to experience my enlarged cock so badly? you shameless ero maid!」

「Hyaaaannn!!? I-it’s so biggg!! T-that’s rightt, I’m so sorry Masterrr, I’m sorry Sierra-chann!!」

Even more so than usual, my dick was standing tall and fiendishly, I ravished her petite vagina with all my might. Nina was crying tears of delight as she apologized to us.

However, Sierra was being rhythmically squeezed by my hands as her breasts keep shooting out milk. Speaking in between her intense panting voice, she spoke out her honest desires.

「It’s fineee, it’s gooddd Ninaaaahhhh!! This feels soo goood, having my breasts be sucked by my Lord is unbearable Ohhh Ohhhhh!!? Thereforeee, thereforee togetherrr!! Ah my Lord as well!!?」

Pushaa a spraying water sound echoed, both her nipples were being sucked at the same time within my mouth and both Sierra’s breasts and her crotch area was spouting fluids.

I didn’t even need to touch her down there and yet she was able to let out a female ejaculation just purely from her intense feelings she got from her morphed breasts, her whole body was soaking in the pleasure. I was chugging down this special milk as it filled me with vitality and energy. Both my Breast Slave Elf and Nina was rapidly climbing up together and reaching their orgasm.

「M-Masterrr! Nina as well, Nina is on top of Master and whilst being seen by Sierra-chan, Nina is lewdly swinging her hips feeling sooo goodd…….. She’s cummingggg as welll!! Ahhhhhhhnnnn ahh~~~~~~!!?」

Performing my raw piston motion that could pierce the heavens itself. This Magician Maid had a tight and juicy vagina that could constrict with a force that didn’t at all lose to the two demonesses Palmyra and Flamia. Convulsing and shrinking I could tell that she was having her climax.

I had already endured my peak whilst I was enjoying Amelia’s body previously and now I was close to the limit.

「Alrightt, I’m also going to start pouring in my milk into you!! Drink up my reward inside of your womb, you ero maid, Kuooooo!!」

Dobyu byururururu, Dobyu Dokunnnn!!

Byupyu, Byururuunnnnn…………. Dopuuu, Dokukunn………!!

「Ahhhyaaaaaahh, Nnahhohhhhhhahh~~~~~!!? Hah, Hahyiiiiinnnn!!? I-it’s splashing out……..Yaaahhhh ah ah, Ahh My Lorddd!!? 」

The moment I ejaculated, I used my teeth to play bite Sierra’s nipple, almost like a sprinkler she was spurting out delicious milk into my mouth.

I was sucking it out from Sierra and at the same time pouring in my white stuff into Nina, it made me think of the Trinity optical illusion.

While appeasing my thirst with this delicious liquid, I tightly hugged on to the small body in front of me, and released all my remaining semen into her compact child making room, I was filled with pleasant sense of achievement. I forgot about my surroundings and just immersed myself.

「Kuuooh, you better wring every last drop, you erotic hip dancer! No matter what you do, you always do so well as a maid, Nina! Even your support in this situation is excellent……..!」

「Ehehe……. I’m so happy when you reward me by patting my head…….」

I was affectionately patting her head, when I did this, she had a delighted and melted expression on her face as she leaned against my chest. The maid magician had a broad smile on her face.

At the same time, the upper-body of Sierra who just received an intense climax was drained of strength as she leaned her body against me for support. Even now, she was still dripping milk out of her large volume breasts but it was gradually becoming less. Her huge breast cushion wrapped around my face.

Moreover, the reason that I’ve purposefully done these erotic actions is not merely for the pleasure of it.

「Now then. My Slavemancer ability, the Boost Levelling with the effect of growth…. have you been able to feel it’s effects slightly?

「Nn~ Indeed along with the feeling of Master’s semen inside of me, somehow I can feel a pleasant warmth spreading throughout my body……. Is it perhaps, the feeling of gaining experience points spreading through my body!?」

「Yeah, that’s exactly right」

Her eyes were dazzling as Nina rubbed the area around her stomach.

Boost Levelling: Growth Promotion —— This is one of the new skills I obtained after I levelled up from the battle we had with Flamia.

The effect of this this ability is that if my Magical Slave has a lower job-class level than my Slavemancer Class, then I can improve the rate at which they level up.

Even if they didn’t do anything, they can expect to feel the results, and as expected similar to all my Subjugation Magic, it uses my bodily fluids as a medium to activate the spell……. In other words, if I slept together with my Magical Slaves, it would increase the efficiency of the ability, it was a type of bonus I suppose.

Seriously though, this job that I have really has a number of side benefits.

「While I feel bad for asking this at such a time, but I must know, did you gather any specific information in regards to the Shadow Beasts?」

「Nnah. Umm, Sierra-chan is the one who gathered that info」

「Alright then, Sierra I’m relying on you……Eh arara, she fainted. If she’s like this, I won’t be able to ask her until she wakes up I suppose?」

「Then I’ll speak first! I still haven’t told you the essential parts of what I gathered, along with that juicy experience, unless I also get Master to pour his hot thing into me I won’t be satisfied…..!」

Before I knew it Amelia had already woken up, and she was sticking her burning hot body next to me.

Even without her asking me, I already planned to pour it into her.

For the purpose of strengthening my party members, I am happy to spend time with my cute Magical Slaves and have fun together.

Now then, shall I start mass producing the magic potion that I used just before——? (Light Novel Illustration: Using the Magical Potion)

As one would expect, this flying vehicle was owned by an aristocrat and it was naturally fitted with a bathroom.

The bathroom was able to alter the composition of the surrounding atmosphere and due to the enchantment it received, it was possible to generate water even during the time the ship was flying.

「Fuu, that was refreshing……Eh? Kirika?」

After pouring enough semen and giving an equal amount of experience value to the adventurer trio girls, they became tired and soon fell asleep, I left them in peace as I went to take a shower. After my shower I walked into the on-board ship lounge and that’s when I saw Kirika sitting on the sofa.

Instead of wearing her usually white inner mini-skirt and light weight equipment, she was wearing this dark blue corset with a high-waist skirt, the skirt had plenty of frills and this was combined with a beige long sleeve blouse. (TL: Beige is a mid 19th century clothing, usually undyed and unbleached woollen fabric)

Even the usual blue necktie she wore was replaced with a wine red ribbon.

Even for someone like me who is ignorant in fashion, I could tell that she was trying harder than usual to appear more womanly……. This is a casual wear that I’ve never seen her wear before, at least that’s the kind of impression I’m getting.

「Ah…… Tooru-kun. Umm, I want to talk to you about Tachibana-san」

Apparently she had something to discuss with me so she waited for me.

Naturally on my way back to the magical flying ship, I met up with Kirika and girls, so I told her the situation in regards to Riruna.

「Just like usual….. You’re also planning to make her into your Magical Slave, aren’t you?」

When it was with Flamia or Diane, Kirika had a complicated expression on her face but she somewhat accepted the outcome of such a development. However, right now I sensed that something was different.

Is it because the girls I’ve acquired thus far have not been her acquaintances……….. and because Riruna is one of her former classmates?

「Yeah. Although I still don’t know how high her fighting potential is, considering that she had the legendary job-class of “Hero” I definitely want her war potential by any means necessary. Moreover…..」

「Moreover, she’s really beautiful and charming? ……I suppose so, after all in the past Tachibana-san was quite popular wasn’t she?」

For some reason or another, she wasn’t making eye contact with me and she spoke in this tsun tsun tone of voice that clearly displayed she was unhappy.

No, weren’t you also really popular back then? Is what I wanted to tell her, but I realized that it would be insensitive of me to say such a thing.

「Oh yeah, if I remember correctly she even used to call you so familiarly by addressing you Tooru-chi in the classroom…… Isn’t that right? I guess you guys were really close back then….?」

Her face looks down gradually, and her voice became smaller and more subdued as she muttered.

…….What’s with this, reaction…?

「Ummm. Is this what I think this is Kirika….. Are you perhaps jealous?」

「Wha, eh….!?」

She suddenly kicked the sofa and stood up so vigorously and straight after her eyes started to spin “Amyuu…..” and she started to speak in this gibberish language.

Holding her mouth closed and hastily turning her back, it seemed that she may have even bit her own tongue accidently. Her ears which could be seen from the gap in her black hair was gradually becoming red.

Realizing that she was panicking instead made her even more flustered, she had that kind of really weird and cute response.

「Umm…… Kirika-sann? Hello?」

「D-don’t misunderstand!」

She came back with “misunderstanding”.

Should I use a generic thank you line in response? I think that she’d probably get angry if I did that so better not.

「That is…… I-I just don’t really know how to communicate with Tachibana-san! so if by some chance we both became your Magical Slaves, I wouldn’t know what kind of face to make or what to talk about, that’s all I was thinking!」

「Your Japanese is becoming messy you know? Former Class President?」

Well indeed, I also thought that Kirika wasn’t that good at dealing with Riruna….. So I strangely understood what she meant.

I guess so, within the class, Kirika had this very devoted and diligent attitude whereas Riruna was this carefree girl who went with things at her own pace. Comparatively, they were like water and oil. It’s no wonder.

Seeing such an understandable worry, I smiled wryly as I got closer to her and placed my hand on her shoulder.

Biku *twitch*, at the feeling of being touched, my former classmate the Princess Knight reacted with a startle.

「Face this way, towards me Kirika」


The moment she looked at me with her bitter upward glance, I immediately stole a kiss from her lips.

Having the soft part of our bodies connected, Kirika was starting to lose her strength within my arm’s embrace.

「Puaahh….. Wh-what’s with you, doing that so suddenlyy…….!」

「No well, I just felt like it……….. Wait, wait don’t get angry. Well you know, you looked like you were really worried about something Kirika…….. But I just wanted to say that you are my only “love slave” you know?」


Just like that, I started to slowly caress the area below her navel……. the place where the magical crest of the love slave mark was located. Her body was shivering, but she didn’t try to escape from me.

「That’s why, you don’t need to these weird concerns…… That’s all I wanted to tell you」

If I had to say anything more concrete than that, even I would be too embarrassed. Furthermore, I don’t feel like I have the qualifications to say anything more than this.

Therefore, instead I patted her head and lightly embraced her back as we exchanged each other’s body temperature. For a short while Kirika just stayed like this…. But before long.

「… okay…..」

She spoke out in a small voice as she nodded her head which was rested on my chest.

「There, there. Ahh, by the way, those clothes you are wearing…..」

「 !! Y-yes」

As if she was very expectant of something, she suddenly looked up towards me.

What’s with this sudden reaction.

「Ah… your corset really emphasizes your huge breasts and so I think that it gives you this really wonderful and erotic silhouette」


「As expected, you are trying to arouse me by wearing this? Next, I also want to say that your breasts have gotten bigger——」

「…….To…….Tooru-kun, you baka!!」

Without time for me to even use my subjugation magic to detain her, she interrupted my speech as she pushed me away. With loud footsteps, Kirika rapidly dashed out of the inboard lounge room.

「……Ara? Arara?」

Princess Sistina had entered the lounge and she had this wry smile on her face.

Apparently, they seemed to have passed each other in the hallway as Kirika ran past her.

「Did you see what happened? Even the Princess is teasing me?」

「I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to eavesdrop….. Fufu, Tooru-sama.  Although it may be impertinent of me to say this, but I think as girls we really just want to be praised by our men in regards to the new clothes we wore」

I became slightly embarrassed as she pointed out a reasonable point, I scratched my head and sat down on the sofa.

As expected, the clothes she was wearing just then, was the clothes she just recently bought at the shop today.

「Well I thought that was the case but. I just inadvertently let out whatever was on my mind」

Even for me, since the time that Kirika became my love slave —— the dynamics of our relationship has changed a little. It is likely that Kirika is also aware of this.

But…. am I also supposed to change the way I act around her? Or is it fine with the way things are currently? Although it may be pathetic for me to say, but I don’t really understand the correct answer to these kinds of things. I guess I will have to find out personally and accept it as things go along.

If it was the me before, it would be a simple matter of seeing her as an object of war potential and a way to fulfil my lustful desires…..

「Ufufu. Tooru-sama, is unexpectedly like a precocious child desune」

「…….Please don’t make fun of me, Princess」

This also applied to my relationship with Princess Sistina.

Since the first time I met her, she has always shown me goodwill…… However, how am I supposed to return this kindness? In all honestly, even now I still didn’t have many ideas.

Practicing all kinds of lewd acts with her at the very least I know that the Princess desires me and is delighted to do these things. Although, of course a big part of this is that I also lust for her and want to do things to her.

(In summary…. I am probably not used to receiving anyone’s kindness)

When I looked up from the sofa I could see Princess Sistina’s usual smiling face. When I view her from below, her gigantic breasts were so huge that it even hid her neck…….. I was thinking these kinds of trivial thoughts.

What did she actually think about me—— What did she think about my relationship with Kirika right now?

Just before, I think that Kirika slipped out her raw emotion of jealously towards Riruna……. However, within these full and abundant breasts, did she also hold such feelings of jealously towards Kirika?

「What’s wrong, Tooru-sama…… Kyaah!?」

Instinctively I pushed Princess Sistina down on to the sofa, I had this sudden thought.

Everyone loves her, she was the greatest treasure of Ranbadeia Kingdom, she was gentle and pure. She had fair hair and blue eyes, she was a Princess of absolute perfection.

Suddenly, I had a thought of wanting to be able to see inside her mind.

What if I used my Subjugation Magic and compelled her to speak whatever was in her innermost mind?……. What kind of things would she say, I wonder? this type of fantasy propped up within me.

「N-no we shouldn’t do this …… It’s still so early in the morning, Nnahhh!? Ah, ahh……Nnmuuuu……!!?」

I stole her lips that smelled like flowers, and whilst sinking my fingers into her squishy globes *Munyu munyu* (Squish, squish), I was thinking about the other girls even though it may be a discourtesy.

If Tachibana Riruna was to know of my true nature, what kind of face would she make…. I was thinking these kinds of thoughts.

…….The next day.

Two very surprising “requests” was brought to my attention.

One is a detailed letter of request made by Leifell who is the Deputy Mayor of the city to hire my services.

And the second request is from a completely unexpected “other party”, in addition the choices presented was astonishing.

Housemaid Magician Nina (Level Up!)

Job: Magician LV 8→9

Skill: 【Reinforcement Magic LV 3 – 4】【Space Magic LV 4】【Healing LV 1】



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