Chapter 56: The Two People Inside the Secret Room and The Shock of Seeing the Spectacle


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

In a room enclosed by a wall full of dimly luminescent black stones. The room was 10 meters squared on all sides and right now I was inside of this room. Both the ceiling and the floor are seemingly made out of the same material.

「It’s not working…. It seems that as expected, the only entrance and exit is that locked door. Tooru-kun, anything yet on your end?」

Kirika was searching for any clues on the outer circumference of the room. Before my very eyes, I could see this huge double door, however there was not a single keyhole and even when I tried to move it, it didn’t budge in the slightest.

「No, it’s not budging at all. Right now, it seems that the both of us are completely trapped in this confined area」

「You seem rather carefree considering the situation we are in…… Well at the very least we have light and air in this place」

At that time….. the transference device suddenly activated and we were teleported, both Kirika and I were separated from our party members and before we noticed, we were already trapped in this place.

From analysing the floors and the walls, I could tell that we were still in the same ancient ruins we were in previously, but in saying that this was a closed space with nothing inside of it.

Well, at least I can still say that it is better than being stuck in a trap room where we might have been surrounded by a pack of shadow beasts. Indeed, if it was just Kirika alone she would be hard pressed to fight and protect me at the same time if we were to be completely surrounded.

「At any rate, how come Tachibana-san who was also supposed to be transported with us is not actually here?  Do you think that maybe she’s been teleported to a dangerous location all by herself…..?!」

Kirika had a worried expression on her face as he was concerned about her former classmate the “Gal Yuusha”.

If my memory serves me correctly, the last thing I saw before we got teleported forcefully was that other than me and Kirika, Riruna and the (being on her back “Oruto) was also transported by the device.

「You don’t need to be worried about that. I already confirmed her location with the Trace Emblem that was tracking her and it’s telling me that she’s really close by」

「Tracking Emblem? …..Ah, now that I remember correctly, you said that you secretly placed it on her before didn’t you?」

「It seems that she’s just wandering on the other side of this locked door. I’m sure that she’s also looking for us」

It is likely that the teleportation coordinates had messed up slightly.

But then again, she has the invincible magical reflection skill and an overwhelming hand-to-hand combat fighting power. Even if she was alone, I seriously doubt that she could encounter anything that could actually give her a hard fight.

We practically didn’t have to do anything to get this far and we were just following behind her so…

「I’m relieved. Then, I guess the correct answer is to quickly break this door down, right? Please move aside, Tooru-kun」

Showing a relieved smile, Kirika was brandishing her sword the Alkanshel and getting ready to use it on the door.

That makes sense, indeed if she were to use the Alkanshel sword which was capable of cutting through dimensional rifts, it is almost certain that no matter what kind of material this door is made out of it will be cut open.

However…. I placed my hand on my Princess Knight’s shoulder and stopped her from taking that action.

「Please wait a moment, Kirika. Before we join up with Tachibana-san, there is something that we need to do」

「Tooru-kun? What is it……. Nnnuuu!?」

Instead of giving her a reply, I spontaneously moved towards her and stole a kiss from her lips. Her skin was a little cold to the touch but when I made contact with her lips I had a sensation that my body was floating.

I gently combed my fingers through her silky black hair and a nice fragrance drifted towards my nose. I drew her body into my embrace and although she was slender, her swelling breasts were large and full of volume.

「Wait, sto……!? W-why are you suddenly doing it, in a place like th…….Nnnahh, Ahhh!?」

I reached my hands towards her soft pair of milky breasts and when I started to fondle them Kirika was showing an attitude of resistance.

However, rather than saying she didn’t like it, it was more because of being surprised and embarrassed at my sudden advances. This was nothing more than her trying to keep up a pretence, it was an adorable attempt.

When I first met her, I consistently needed to use my Enslavement magic in order to bind her movements and give her instructions, but now the relationship between me and Kirika has changed quite a bit…….. Thinking about it makes me kind of moved.

「Fuah, what are you thinkingg, Tooru-kun!?」

「Listen up okay Kirika, this is a tactically important action for battle preparations. After opening that locked door, Tachibana-san…… No, the threat known as the Hero Riruna will be waiting for us, and we need to be prepared to face her when that time comes」

「Prepared….? Nnnhyaaauuunn!? P-please don’t say it while nibbling on my earr……! Noo, e-even my breasts are being touchedd!?」

While enjoying the feeling of playing with her hot red earlobes, I was giving her a serious look as I explained to her my intentions.

That’s right, this wasn’t purely just for the sake of satisfying my lust……. but seriously though, why is the sensation of rubbing and fondling her breasts so addicting, what an outrageous set of tits. In any event, I feel like they are actually even bigger than before?

「Although we have just reunited with her in this world, if by some chance she were to suddenly turn hostile against us, it wouldn’t be all that unexpected. No, there is even the possibility that we may have to fight with her the moment we meet up again」

「Eh…….I-I don’t think Tachibana-san would do something like that….」

「Well, “Tachibana Riruna” may not do such a thing. However, what I am worried about is that thing on her back…… I’m talking about that Oruto」

Unlike Riruna who was a soft-hearted girl that was really down to earth, the magical living being who names itself “Oruto” is highly suspicious of me and is on constant guard. This fact was made obvious even from the first time we met at the cafe in town.

I am not sure if this is just because Oruto is a very careful being, or if there is some other unknown reason as to why it acts in this way towards me.

Even though my job-class as the Slavemancer has not been exposed, the fact that it seems to have doubts about my job-class is already a sufficient reason for me.

「Unlike when were were together with everyone. When we meet up with her this time, it will just be you and me……. Besides, although it is unfortunate, my power is totally useless against her magical reflection ability. If they are going to start something, it is their best chance to strike us while we are separated from the other girls」


Kirika was taken aback at the point I was making. She never even thought about the possibility, that was the kind of reaction she showed.

In terms of being both very good-natured girls that are easy to trick, our Princess Knight over here is equally as innocent.

「Moreover, do you remember Kirika? Just before we were transported here, Oruto suddenly volunteered itself claiming it had some knowledge of the transference device, and I find this really strange. And from its resulting “cooperation” we were “accidentally transported” to this place and divided from the rest of our group」

「In other words….. You’re saying that Oruto purposefully made the teleportation equipment go out of control?」

「Well, that is just one of my hypotheses.  After all it did react surprised when we were being teleported, and it’s really hard to believe that anyone would be able to control a transference device that they just saw for the first time in an ancient ruin, so it may really have been just an accident」

Of course these are merely my own conjectures.

No matter what Oruto whispers in her ear, it is also possible that the soft hearted Riruna is unwilling to listen to the suggestions.

But, I always want to take into consideration the worst possible scenario and build a plan around that.

When push comes to shove, I want to be able to at least defend myself and if I can turn the tables I also wish to find a method of breaking through her magical reflection ability in order to cast my Enslavement Magic on the Gal Yuusha.

「……Therefore, that’s how it is. So that my precious “love slave” is able to achieve her maximum war potential, I think that I should stock up and fill her full of magical energy」

「Eh….. Y-you mean to say that…..?!」

I pressed my hot throbbing member against her thighs and Kirika’s body trembled at the touch.

So that she will be able to completely remember the shape of it, I rubbed my male part against her soft womanly flesh.

「Yes. I will pour my fresh magical energy into you. Using this thing of mine, directly into your body」

My cock was rising up and curving upwards as it raised her skirt, forcing Kirika to take notice of it.

Without me needing to say a word, it’s presence announced itself.

「You are telling me that Tooru-chi…… might be the Slavemancer? No no no, that can’t be true!」

At the same moment, in the passageway that was connected to where Tooru and Kirika was currently locked in.

Tachibana Riruna was overreacting like an American as her huge breasts bounced up and down. She shrugged off the warning given to her by the sword which was shouldered on her back.

〈…… Riruna. Haven’t you been listening to my explanations up till now? His past actions has too many suspicious factors, and if he were to be the Slavemancer, than everything would finally be coherent〉

Although neither (Riruna or Oruto knew it) but they were right next to the room that Kirika and Tooru was in. Riruna was going around in circles in order to search for any clues in the passageway. She was unhappy by what she heard and she was pouting with a displeasure.

Riruna was by no means a slow-witted girl. Although it may be easy for people to misunderstand just based on her outward appearance, she barely attended any of her classes and yet her grades were actually quite good.

Logically thinking, even she understood that Oruto’s point had some truth to it.

「No, but. Tooru-chi is not that kind of a bad person. If it really is as Oruto has said, then Tooru is supposed to be a a menacing threat on the same level as a Demon King? He really doesn’t give me that vibe, not in the slightest」

The Slavemancer job-class who has recently been revived in this world for a “certain reason” had the potential to be on par with the Demon King.

Therefore, the Hero Riruna was on a mission to vanquish the Slavemancer, and so that she was able to prevent the evil ambition of such a being…… This particular mission was on an even higher priority than destroying the current high-ranking demons in the Noble Eight Household.

This particular fact was emphasized over and over again by Oruto many times up till now.

〈The personality of the person in question has nothing to do with the potential of him being a demon king level threat. Protecting the world from this kind of threat, isn’t that the mission of the person who holds the job Hero?〉

「What’s with that? Then Oruto, are you telling me that if you had a baby and that he was the Slavemancer, you would want me to crush that child and defeat him!?」

Instead of answering her Oruto stayed silent, which indicated that he answered in the affirmative.

Her bright coloured side-tail hair was vigorously shaken, and bluntly showing her displeasure Riruna turned her face away.

〈You are a little too good-natured as person. How can you say for sure that he is not deceiving you? Behind his smiles, he could be waiting for the chance to enslave you “the Hero” with his magic. As a person who has the strongest power as a human being, don’t you have a responsibility to keep that power from being abused by others…… Am I wrong in saying this?〉

This time it was Riruna’s turn to remain silent.

Only the sound of the footsteps of Riruna was echoing in this uninhabited passageway.

「If…… Tooru-chi is truly the Slavemancer, and he really is planning to do something evil then….. Then at that time…. at that time I will fulfil my duties as the Hero」

With a clear will and a strong sense of responsibility, Riruna was looking straight ahead as she declared her intentions to her partner on her back.

「But because of this. I will make sure to properly probe Tooru-chi. I will decide it with my own eyes, Obaa-chan had always told me to keep true to myself. Is that fine with you, Oruto?」

〈……Understood. If you have that kind of determination then I won’t interfere any longer. I will abide by Riruna’s judgement〉

Mn! giving an approving nod, Riruna restarted her investigation around the passage with lighter steps.

She was quick to take an action and also quick at changing her mood, that was just how the girl named Tachibana Riruna was.

「Therefore, for that purpose we need to quickly find Tooru-chi and Hime-chi as soon as we can! I’m counting on you Oruto. I bet that you have some sort of convenient function in order to find them right?」

Continuing that gloomy atmosphere and quarrelling with her trusted partner was probably something that she was unwilling to do.

Because the gloomy discussions had been set aside for me, Riruna returned to her usually cheerful attitude as she smiled brightly like the sun.

〈Yes. Leave it to me, Riruna〉

But…. there was something that Riruna didn’t notice.

The jewel in the shape of a globe that was fitted into the base of the scabbard was unusually shining with this strange colour.

〈However…. As expected, this ancient ruin is…..〉

In a voice so soft that Riruna could not hear.

Oruto’s inhuman sounding voice was slightly dyed with the intonation of human “anticipation”.

「Come on, raise up your hips more Kirika. If it’s at that height, it’s going to be difficult don’t you think?」

「B….but even if you say that…… This is just so….. embarassinggg…..!」

Whilst still wearing her Princess Knight costume, Kirika placed both of her hands against the wall and she timidly presents her round ass which was covered by her skirt towards me.

Even I am convinced that there is no place to lie down here, moreover it isn’t even a proper indoor room, added to the fact that she was in a standing position with her ass turned towards me.

I could clearly see that she was blushing from ear to ear and writhing her body in shame at this abnormal situation.

「H-hey do we really have to, must we really do this at this place, at this point in time!?」

「Didn’t I explain it to you just then? In order for you to be able to display your full strength as my love slave, I need to fill you to the brim with my magical energy……. things like my body fluids or my semen will need to be poured inside of your body so that we can “charge” it」

「Uuuu……. I-it’s still sounds kind of weird, that type of system…..!」

In the case of my normal magical slaves, I can send my magical energy through space as long as I am close enough to their location.

However when she became my love slave, her requirements to absorb my magical energy increased, and it became inefficient to do it in that manner.

If you were to explain it in a different way, right now instead of using a wireless connection, I can use the stronger LAN cable connection by pouring it inside of Kirika…… In this case I will be injecting my fresh semen directly into her womb.

「I…is this much, good enough….?」

Even though she was hesitating timidly, her hips was shaking and trembling as she continued to elevate the angle of her lovely butt.

Seeing the honest Kirika willingly do such an indecent thing, my sadistic heart was set aflame.

「Yeah, this is good.  Well then, will you allow me to see what’s inside of here?」

I lifted up her skirt and a good pure white curvy ass was exposed. Because she was probably nervous and shy, she was slightly glistening with sweat and this really turned me on.

Her voluptuous hips that could easily give birth to a child was wrapped with an elegant lacy underwear that was white in colour.

「Oh, this is the first time I’ve seen you wear this. By any chance, Is this the thing you bought just recently when we went shopping the last time?」

「uh……I-it is」

「Hohou, then allow me to fully appreciate it. at point blank range」

While saying that, I abruptly placed my face right next to her cute ass and pressed my nose against her crack.

She gave off this bittersweet smell of a woman, I took a good whiff as the smell enveloped my nose.

「Noo, nooo!? D-don’t bring your face so closee, don’t smell ittt!! Baka baka bakaa perverttt!!」

Kirika was struggling and resisting, but of course I turned a deaf ear to her pleas.

I firmly grabbed hold of her squiggling ass and so that she could hear the sound of me breathing I purposefully took a deep breath repeatedly; the Princess Knight’s shame level was fuelled even further.

「Calling me a pervert is such a harsh way of speaking. In that case, Kirika who is totally wet down here getting smelt by a pervert like me, what would she become?」

「Eh……? I-I’m not wet, at all…….!」

「Hohou. Then what do you call this?」

Sliding my fingers towards the gap between her thighs, I reached out towards her undergarments and pulled on that portion with a jerk.

In that moment.

「Hyaa, Nnuuuaaahhnn!!?」

As if she had her strings plucked, Kirika bends her back and arches like a bow, a scream of pleasure that was one octave higher leaked from her mouth.

The tip of my fingers were sopping wet and they felt like a wet tissue that had been crushed.

「Look, it’s so wet that it’s even started to seep outside you know? After seeing something like this, are you still going to say that it’s not wet? Look, look at this!」

「Nooo, Ah ahhh!? Hyaa, Y-you’re lyingg… I-I’m nottt….. Hiiiuu!?」

「You said that you didn’t like it….. Doing it in a place like this , and yet being teased by me you are anticipating what’s to come and you’ve become so wet haven’t you? You’re such a lewd girl, aren’t you Kirika?」

Holding her firmly from behind as if I was spooning her, I was gently whispering into her ears and interestingly, her whole body began to twitch and react to me.

「After this, we will be meeting up with Tachibana-san, if you continue to be like this your underwear is going to be sopping wet you know? What if she notices your indecent smell or something?」

「Eh……Ah, t-that iss……! That would make m-me so embarrasseddd…….!」

「Tachibana-san would also be really surprised. She would probably start to think “I haven’t met this class prez of mine in a while and yet her body has already become so perverted”」

I was speaking in a sadistic manner and Kirika could only keep shaking her head in denial.

I was barely starting to caress her, but she was already shaking her legs and her love juices were steadily seeping out as it began to soil her panties in a grey colour.

「If you were to feel troubled if your underwear was to become more wet than this, then wouldn’t it be fine to just take it off? If things continue as they are, you might not be able to do anything about it later, or do you want me to be the one to take them off?」

「Uu….I-I’ll take them off by myself, I’ll do it soo……! P-please don’t lookk, Tooru-kunn…..」

After hesitating for a while, she slowly put her fingers on her panties and timidly took it off.

Needless to say, I was fully appreciating the pleasant spectacle from behind.

Her salmon pink vagina which was exposed to the open air was slippery with her bodily fluids and the glistening fluids were created this silver thread of love juice connected from her crotch area dripping all the way down to where her shorts were half lowered near her thighs.

「You seem to be completely ready to take me in. Then in that case I will diligently and earnestly pierce Kirika’s hot and bothered pussy in this standing back style position」

「Uuu….. W-why do you always have to point it out so expressly……!」

Similarly, when I was teasing her with my words and sniffing her butt crack, my dick was already fully erected.

My former classmate idol who had a sexy,but still cute body was being ravished by me in any way that I wanted and the feeling of conquest rising up to my chest was exhilarating….. I placed the cock that I just pulled out against the the pussy lips of my love slave and just like that…….!

「Nnnah, i-it’s in, it’s coming innn……… fuaa, Afuaaaaaahhhnnnnn!!?」

I penetrated the core of her womanly body and that’s when I started to feel the pleasure of her hot flesh wrapping and sucking in my meat rod.

While enjoying the sweet long moans, with a jerk I shoved my waist propelling my cock deep inside of her, it was hard to exchange this moment of bliss for anything.

「Kuuuu……..! Every single time I insert it into you, you never fail to moan in such a wonderful way, Kirika…… Is it because you can’t endure how good it feels?」

「I-I don’t know……B-but when T-Tooru-kun comes inside of me, I just can’t help but to leak my voice, ahhh………Nnahh, Fuaaahhh haaa……!?」

The Princess Knight’s body was twitching and going into convulsions, and this was conveying to my cock, as to how much pleasure she was feeling.

To begin with she already had a good amount of sensitivity, but these days, I’ve developed her body so well that she would lightly cum merely just from me inserting deep inside of her.

As a man, I am glad that I have the power make her feel so good.

「Is that so? Then in that case, shall I continue to develop your body so that no matter which party my penis pokes you in, you will let out this cute voice?  Just like this…. Look, what about here?!」


「Ohh, I’ve already managed to perform a critical hit?」

Using both my hands, I held on to Kirika’s ass firmly, as if I was trying to reach her spine, I plunged my cock from the bottom and aimed diagonally upwards in this type of piston motion.

Unlike when we were in a missionary position, I was able to reach all the different angles that may have been hard to reach if we were lying on the bed, whilst in this rear-entry position I continued to gradually but surely change the angle of my insertion little by little to try out every single nook and corner.

「Nnahhh!? Noo, that’ place is not allowedd…… I-i’ll let out a strange voiceee…..Uuuuuu!!?」

「Who cares even if you let it out, we are the only ones in this place anyways, hora horaa!」

「B-but still, it’s still not alloweddd!! A-after all, just outside is…..!!」

Considering how thick these ancient ruins door was, there was probably no need to worry that any sounds might leak outside.

But even so, Riruna may actually be just right outside…….. This recognition, was actually psychological fuelling Kirika’s shame.

Even at the best of times she was already a shy girl, Moreover, the other person who might be hearing her lewd voice was one of her former classmate who is also a girl.

After coming to this different world everything was so unusual and extraordinary, therefore she was gradually forgetting what it felt like to live in modern day Japan……… But suddenly returning her thoughts to the previous world, she realized that it was highly inappropriate for her to have sex and that it was a taboo act, therefore, this only amplified her sense of shame.

「I’m telling you it’s alright……. Ahh, or is it that you actually want to be seen? Kirika, your inner vagina is undulating even more than per usual, and it’s squeezing my thing with an incredible amount of force, Kuhah!」

「Eh!? T-that’s not truee!? I-I’m not doing anything like thatt…….! It’s automatically, doing itt, therefore……..Higuuu, Nnaaauuu!!?」

Denying my words, her long black hair was becoming dishevelled, Although, in truth Kirika’s sensitive pussy was unusually wriggling itself nibbling on my cock as if it was the most delicious thing in the world, because she was dribbling down her hot love juices and she seemed like she was crying with joy, it couldn’t be helped.

The more vigorously that I slammed against her hips from behind, like some sort of rare utensil she was using every inch of her cell to counter attack the invader of her flesh.

「Geez you always deny it so soon…. Don’t you think it’s fine? At least when were are alone together, you should be able to tell me the truth. Although it may have been a coincidence, we are after all truly alone, you know?」

「uhh…….!? When we-we’re just alone……?」

I was feeling the impending danger of premature discharge and so I reduced the speed of my piston pump. While caressing Kirka’s back she was speaking to me whilst breathing hard.

That’s right……… Even during the time we were in the forest of the elves, There was a long distance between us and even when we got close enough, I would did not have sex with her and instead have sex with my other magical slaves like: Princess Sistina and numerous others (Even Flamia was violated by me during that time).

As long as I am the master of all the girls, it is not possible to give excessive special treatment to my love slave. This is because I felt a sense of responsibility towards them, as their party leader and as the person who keeps hold of their lives.

「B-but before that……..Tooru-kun you told me that this was a necessary ecchi conduct in order to be prepared for the battle ahead…….. 」

Kirika’s voice was slightly filled with dissatisfaction.

Apparently she seemed to mind the manner of my speech. How cute this girl is…..

「Of course that’s also the truth, however I’m merely taking advantage of that fact. If this is about me pouring my sperm into you, isn’t it better the faster that I ejaculate, am I wrong in this?」

「T-that may be true, however…..uu」

After all I was forcibly dragging Kirika into this kind of ecchi situation, and instead of just bluntly flirting with her which would also make me feel embarrassed, I opted to apply reasoning and logic to convince her.

……Well, she probably won’t admit it anyways.

「Well, if Kirika doesn’t want to flirt with me when we are alone together I don’t really mind it, I suppose. In that case, things will end immediately」

「Uu…Y-you meaniee…….! I-I am….!」

Stopping the movements of my waist, my dick which was digging half-way into her vagina was wiggling up and down whilst I waited for Kirika to answer me.

Looking over her shoulders and as if she wanted to say something badly to me she was going “Auu” or “Nnahh” but like something was caught in her throat the Princess Knight was just repeated this state of hesitance.

The inside of her thighs keeps trembling little by little and after a while, a line of her love juices were flowing down…. and then.

「Nn…….. Nnn!」

「Uohh, Ohhhh!?」

Instead of speaking, a very lewd sound echoed…. and my cock was being sucked in all the way to the base by her hot soft flesh.

Amazingly, Kirika herself was moving her own ass and pressing it up against my cock, in a very daring way, she began to swing her hips in a reverse piston motion.

「Uuu…… I’m so embarrassed but, do you know my answer from this….? I…. I also want to do ecchi things with Tooru-kunn you knoww……?」

「Kuuuu….. Ki-Kirikaa!」

What a roundabout way of expressing herself, but I really had no free time to be able to say this to her as her fiendishly cute surprise attack had completely taken me by surprise.

Her current conduct and the statements she just made… Just how much courage did she need to say that…….? When I thought about it the depths of my heart felt touched and the string that kept my reason together was instantly cut.

I instinctively grabbed both of Kirika’s arms that was against the wall and firmly pulled it back towards me with all my strength. I started to move in an even more intense piston action than before I stopped my movements!

「Nngiiii……… Hyaaaaannnn!!? Noo, it’s too intenseee……. S-suddenlyyyy, your movements have become so roughhh ohhhh!!? Naahh uuuuuu!!」

*Bang, slap* the sound of our flesh vigorously colliding against each other echoed and a spurt of wet water sounds which was composed of our bodily fluids and our sweat, was flying all over the stone floor.

By pulling her arms behind, our connected bodies were able to become even more firmly glued to each other, and I started my violent knock with the head of my penis to her ever tightening uterus.

「Hiiii, Nnyaaaahhhh!? W-why are you suddenly moving so muchh!?」

「It’s because I couldn’t help myself after receiving Kirika’s surprise attack, for you to ignite the lust in a man, you are an outrageously ero Princess Knight, you better reflect upon your mistake and repent! Be sure to cry out with my piston!!」

「Hyaaaauuu, Nnfuuahh!!? N-nooo Ahh, I-I’m so sowwyy…….! Auuuuuu Nnhyaaahhhhhh~~~~!!?」

My rampaging cock was breaking her, and while she squeezed me happily with her vagina, she  was repeatedly reaching her zenith, having me violate her from behind, my incessant pounding has already brought her to climax at least three times.

I could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying my advances within her heart and her body. The floor was dripping with with her love juices, and so that she could coordinate with the movements of my piston she was using her beautiful ass to match my movements.

「Ora, oraoraaaa!! Still wearing clothes on the outside, how does it feel to get screwed from behind like this Kirika?  Tell me the truth, say it whilst this sopping wet vagina of yours is tightening on my cock!!」

「Nooo Ahhhahhh ahhhh!!? I don’t know, I-I’m so embarrassed but my head is going numb and my body is going crazyyyy!! Noo, I’m going to breakk I’m going to become uselesss, Tooru-kunn!! 」

She was in a frenzy of pleasure and little by little Kirika was starting to become more honest with herself.

Whenever I launched myself and slapped into her plump white ass with my last spurt piston, her glossy long black hair was jumping about.

The huge breasts that was spilling out of her armour, was once again going *jiggle jiggle* as it danced about left and right like some sort of living animal, even though I was behind her I could still see it. If I could see her from the front, I bet that it would be an even better view.

「It’s fine, you can go crazy! I’ve told you before haven’t I? Everything about Kirika, including all her ero parts I will accept them all…….. Therefore, you also need to accept all my desires into the depths of your body!!」

「Yess, yess!! That’s finee, Tooru-kun’s ecchi parts and also slightly violent parts, I will properly accept them alll, thereforee……… Nnnahhhhhhhhhh!!? A b-big one, a big one is cummingggg ahh!!」

「Yeah, I’m also reaching my limit…….. It’s time for me to inject you with my long awaited semen, make sure to open the entrance to your womb and don’t spill a single drop, alright Kirikaaa?! Kuuuuuuu!!」

Byuruuu………. Dobyuruuuu!!

Gobu, Dopupu……. Bupi, Byukukunnn, Gubyururuu……………. Dopu dopuuuu!!

「Ah ahhhh Ahh!!? Ahhh noooo, Nnahhhhhh~~~!!? Ahhhhhhh………. Ahaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!?」

The base of my cock was right next to the entrance of the Princess Knight’s vagina, and the head of my penis was within zero distance of her baby making womb, I let out a jet explosion of cloudy thick fluids with so much force that it seemed to continue forever.

Byuru Byuru I was continuing to pour my magical energy with my fully loaded semen, my love slave Kirika ‘s baby making room was being filled up entirely.

「Ahhh…….! So muchh, you’ve come soo muchh……… Tooru-kun’s hot semen…….!」

「Uuuoohh, Be sure to properly receive it…… Kuuu, you’re a good girl Kirika, make sure to keep undulating your vagina so that it will be able to gulp it all down without missing a single drop…….!」


Is this the results of my frequent training? The honours student class prez meat hole was thoroughly accepting my male desires, it has completely turned into an indecent dangerous weapon.

Even If I couldn’t see it from this position, It was clear that the love slave pattern on her stomach was glowing with a luminescent light, signifying her desires to breed and have sex with me.

When the ejaculation I thought would continue on forever finally ceased, for a while the only thing we could hear was each others rough breathing within the room.

「Fuu…..Now that I think about it, when a woman has semen spurted into her, she would clearly be able to feel it right? 」

「Y-yeah…… Somewhat, we can feel it like something hot is hitting the deepest parts of us…..」

「It’s it amazing, the human body?」

「Although the feeling of this heat may just be an illusion, at least that’s what it feels like… for me」

We were still connected in this standing back position, and we were having an embarrassing follow-up conversation.

Normally when I asked this kind of question, she would just glare at me, but surprisingly she was being extremely docile after sex.

「By the way, how long are we going to remain in this position……?」

「That depends, so that my semen filled with magical energy doesn’t spill out of it, I want to remain connected, at least until the mana is absorbed to some extent」

「Uu……I-is it really like that……」

「If it were to spill outside when we met up with Tachibana-san, she would obviously question us and then we’d be exposed, you wouldn’t want that right?」

「…..T-that’s true」

My semi erect dick was still being wrapped in her vagina whilst being in this back style position. Kirika was still able to feel embarrassed even now and she was hanging her head down in shame as she trembled.

I could see that her ears were red peeking through the gap of her dishevelled black hair. It’s honestly a shame that I can’t see her expression from the front……… whilst thinking about these types of things, I noticed that she was mumbling something in an inaudible voice.

「Mn, what did you just say?」

「Eh? Ah……the thing is, they say that in this position…… it isn’t possible….」

「It isn’t possible? What is?」

I was nonchalantly asking her and a short while later, she answered me in a thin voice that seemed to vanish.



Because she made a critical statement at such an unexpected moment, my penis instinctively and instantly regained its hardness.

It goes without saying, that I was ready for another round and ready to pour my thick semen into Kirika’s womb once again——.

「Eh…….Wait a minute, what’s this? wawawawa what’s going on…….. Ehhhhhh!!?」

Riruna was confused beyond belief.

In front of her eyes, the Gal Yuusha was staring with blank amazement at the scene in front of her.


The thick door which was at least 2 meters in diameter was hit by the green light being emitted by the jewel stuck on Oruto, and the scene on the other side of the door became transparent for her to see.

Just a little while ago, it was mentioned that Oruto had a convenient function to search for Tooru and Kirika……. and precisely right now, the scene projected in front of her eyes was a big problem.

「Tooru-chi….. and Hime-chi….. it’s them right? Eh? ……..For real?」

By no means did her classmate notice that she was actually able to see past the thick walls and door straight into their room, the two classmates were having intense sex.

Riruna was unable to turn her gaze away, and from the beginning till the end she was standing stiff perfectly paying attention to the scene before her.

〈Yes. It seems that are having sexual intercourse〉

Oruto was reporting back with a voice that seemed uninterested, and after a very long, long state of stupor Riruna was finally able to return to reality.

Sexual intercourse, ecchi, sex.

Odamori Tooru and Himeno Kirika.

She had seen it. She had seen it for the first time.


Rapidly covering her face with both of her hands, she crouched to the ground.

Timidly peeking through the space of her fingers to have another look, and realizing that they were still going at it, she covered her eyes again with a start.

From her cheeks, to her forehead to her ears, Riruna’s white skin was very fast becoming completely dyed in the colour red.

「What, why, why whyy!? Wh….why are they doing ecchi things? Are those two going out? Or more like are they married? No I mean that that must be it right? doing that kind of thing, you need to do it with a person you like, exchanging marriage vows and uniting together they must have done that right? normally? Obaachan told me that as well, but hang on, aren’t we outside right now jyan? We are outside you know? there is no beds around here you know!? Ahh that must be it, this is the kind of this that happens at one of those private hotels, maybe this is like that kinda place? As expected of a different world’s culture! Oruto you also think the same right! 『Yes, I think the same Riruna』Of course you do right!」

〈Umm excuse me, Riruna? Please calm down a little bit, or more like who are you talking to? …..Umm hello?〉

Even though Oruto’s voice seemed to be perplexed, it did not reach her ears as she was in the midst of a pandemonium.

The Girl Hero Tachibana Riruna.

Not matching with her outer appearance….. she was in fact a totally naïve girl with absolutely no experience in regards to this particular area. (Light Novel Illustration: Riruna Shocked by Hime-chi and Tooru-chi)



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