Chapter 58: The Mystery Revealed and The Huge Transformation


「Tooru-kun, get away from there!」

Kirika was trying to reach me as she kicked down two or three mass produced armored golems that were blocking her path. However as you would expect Oruto who was right next to me was much faster.


It’s strong metallic arms were gripping on to my neck as it easily lifted my body off the floor making it float in the air. Because of the intense pain and suffocation, I couldn’t concentrate my mind nor use my Enslavement Magic.

〈Stop right there. If you come any closer, I’m going to break the neck of this Slavemancer〉


It stopped Kirika from advancing any further by using my life as a bargaining tool. Similarly Riruna who was still stunned at the sudden turn of events could only continue to stare in blank surprise.

「As expected…..You…. have realized that I am the….. Slavemancer……!」

〈Yes, however, I have only been able to obtain conclusive evidence just a little while ago. The mark carved into her abdomen, the thing that looks like a devil’s contract……. That is the proof that you are ruling over her as the Slavemancer, isn’t it?〉


「Hime-chi is…. Tooru-chi’s…..Magical Slave!?」

Panicking Kirika places her hand on top of her abdomen whilst Riruna was showing a reaction of astonishment. This fellow, when did it see the Love Slave mark……? Don’t tell me, it has some kind of X-ray type ability?

No, leaving that aside…

「What is going on Oruto!? I mean why are you suddenly doing this to Tooru-chi…… Or more like, what’s with your appearance now!? You haven’t even told me about any of this——」

Judging from her state of confusion, it would seem that Riruna was unaware of Oruto’s true colors, nor about the fact that he was going to take such actions. In response, Oruto speaks in its usual quiet and monotonous tone of voice.

〈My objective has not changed since the start, Riruna. I just did not tell you all the information I had in my disposal. And this once in a life time golden opportunity…… may have been ruined if you kept hesitating and denying his existence as the Slavemancer, therefore I made this decision〉


Riruna took a pained gasp of air. I was able to grasp the gist of the situation from her expression. Most likely they had previously made arrangements that if it was true that I was in fact the Slavemancer, then they would join forces to attack me together. This kind of arrangement was still within my range of expectations.

And, ironically, even the fact that Oruto may use its own judgement to forcefully create this outcome was within my predictions.

In any case, this Gal Yuusha was really a gentle soul. She was overly kind-hearted.

Even though she may have been aware of it logically, when push comes to shove, being forced to kill someone like me who was her former classmate in our previous world still caused her to hesitate. Without a doubt I was going to take advantage of her sweetness.

「Wait, why! Tachibana-san! Even if you say that the Slavemancer class is a dangerous job, is it really something that you must eradicate just because you have the job class of Hero? Tell me, Tachibana-san!」

Speaking on my behalf Kirika was shouting at Riruna. Without loosening the power of its arm, Oruto was the one who began answering the question.

〈That’s because, the Slavemancer is the sole job class that is capable of posing the same level of danger and threat as a Demon King. The inheritance of the Demon King….. No the remains itself the thing you call the “Divine Corpse” —— he is capable of casting his Enslavement Magic on it in certain circumstances〉

『I feel it. I can sense it, as expected….. “This thing” has its own consciousness.  Although right now, it is still in a deep state of sleep…..』

Like the color of snow, her white body was in the nude and her long white hair dangles down.

She was like two peas in a pod when comparing her current body to her younger sister Flamia’s body……..Iblis who was part of the Eight Noble Households, had her own right arm covered in crystal which merged itself with her biological composition. Her red eyes were shooting out a menacing glare.

『This “Divine Corpse” if we are able to gather all the fragments together and merge them into one, we may be able to call forth it’s consciousness. This would be akin to the revival of the Demon King』

Slowly grasping on to her own hand which was covered in the transparent crystal of the Divine Corpse.

Sharinn——the sound of glass being rubbed together and vibrating echoed.

『If, this is just if. But what if it was possible to cause an imperfect awakening of the Demon King’s will, thereby placing it in a state that can easily be ruled and controlled?』

Iblis’s eyes were flickering with a slight dreamy gaze as she continued her monologue.

Unlike Mikura and Vladoveri who hoped that the devildom would enter a period of stability and peace, her eyes were glittering with the color of ambition.

『The being who is capable of recreating the body and mind of the Demon King, and then control the will and dominate it’s consciousness…… If it is possible to do such a thing, what is the difference in that compared to becoming the Demon King?』

(To think that this was what it was about…..?! I see, as the Hero who is supposed to prevent the revival of the Demon King by any means possible, that would actually make me one of the highest priority targets……!)

Collecting all the fragments of the Divine Corpses together, and subjecting the Demon King’s will to my Enslavement Magic.

If I could turn this into a reality, I would pretty much become the Demon King himself, and now I who is capable of controlling the Demon King has revived into this world.

But, right now I have another concern. I should try to clarify another mystery.

For Oruto to know of this fact, and also Nana who is the same type of existence, what exactly are they?

〈Before I kill you. I shall have you return to me my fellow companion, the core unit. This is not an item that someone like you should have〉

Nana’s Core….. The red jewel ball was now visible as my grip loosened due to me losing my strength. Oruto carefully uses his huge palms and stole it away from me.

「The same type of being? Nana-chan and Oruto? You’ve never told me up until now…..!」

〈Riruna, I…. No, “we” are not dwellers from this universe. Just like you three people, we are beings that have come from a different world〉


An astonishing confession. Not only Kirika, but Riruna also had her eyes wide open.

The story it’s been telling us so far is that it was sleeping in an ancient ruin and it was one of the magical living beings that was made long ago.

Naturally even I had no doubts about this until now.

〈Several thousand years before, the decisive battle between the Hero and the Demon King occurred. Due to the enormous energy clashes between the two it was powerful enough to cause dimensional distortions, you people should also know about this historical event right?〉

Certainly this is the same as what I’ve heard. Even this Paravata floating ancient ruins were influenced by a variety of factors such as geographical terrain and structure, even the law governing this place’s space and gravity was disarrayed.

〈The effects of the hyper spatial clash was enough to travel beyond the dimension and have a serious influence on other worlds. Namely it’s effects spread to my world and the being you call Nana. The Divine Corpse which are fragments of the Demon King have scattered and part of it fell into my world, much like the shadow beasts that have appeared in this ancient ruins, my world also had these types of creatures which eroded the human body and flesh of living creatures〉

「S-such a thing occurred……!? 」

Oruto’s words just sounded so crazy.

However, now that you mention it, it was plausible enough for this to occur in theory.

The Demon World, this world, and Earth they are all separated by their own dimensions. In other words, if you were to possess transcendental power to cross the boundaries, it was likely that you could have some sort of influence on different worlds.

〈Barely being able to exterminate the Shadow Beasts, we started our own investigations into this “Corpse” and when the people of our world realized the potential of this thing, naturally our world feared what this could be used for. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to remove this threat……charged with the mission of eradicating the “source of the danger”, our unit was created, sending us through space straight into this world〉

「That is…. Both Oruto and Nana-chan…..?!」

〈To be precise it was not just us two. Our series was named the Armor Series with a total of 128 units, we also had 1024 spare body parts also named as the Slave Unit, these were placed in a mobile manufacturing plant, barely passing the experimental phase of inter-dimensional metastasis technology we were sent over into this world〉

Armor V 7. When Nina and the other girls discovered Nana’s remains, this was the letters engraved into her pedestal.

In other words, that ancient ruins were actually one of the machinery plants that had been sent from a different world? And this place as well…

In that case, this would explain why Oruto would be able to operate the transference device and also open the doors.

〈Nevertheless…. Our machinery plant was not able to endure the impact from interdimensional travel. Torn asunder we were scattered throughout this world, and most of them have become extinct. The ones that did survive were merged with the current geographical features of this world, and the majority of its functions have been suspended〉

So that is the reason why there was so many of this ancient ruins existing all over the world.

But then, no one would be able to predict that the origins of these ancient ruins were one and the same.

As it were, Nana was able to miraculously possess an unharmed body while losing her memories and on the reverse side of things, Oruto had lost his body and the ability to move freely but had retained all of its memories.

「The reason Nana’s body…… Is able to take in the Divine Corpse, is because there was a mechanical function built into her….?! This was already preprogramed into her as one of the counter measures…. wasn’t it?!」

〈Yes. Fortunately, we were able to analyze the fragment of the Divine Corpse that had appeared in our world, that’s why it was possible〉

My neck was still being firmly gripped by Oruto’s stout arms and I spoke in between painful gasps.

As some sort of computer terminal that was sent into this world with a mission to exterminate the Divine Corpse, naturally they would have built in some counter measures to fight against the corrosion.

〈Since the very beginning, my mission has been to eliminate both the Divine Corpse and the Slavemancer. And in order to be able to fulfil my mission I needed to regain my body so that I could take an autonomous action……. This ancient ruin Paravata city has merged with one of the lost machinery plants, and with the help of the nucleus core located in the depths of the city I was able to discover this place〉

「Then…. Then, Oruto, all the things you’ve been saying about travelling together with me to defeat the evil demons and saving this world and its people, were all of these things just a lie!?」

Riruna’s sorrowful voice shouted out.

Although their personalities didn’t match, she trusted Oruto as her partner and had been travelling together. For it to double-cross her in this manner was something that would cause her pain and this was understandable.

〈The reason I told you that I would cooperate in exterminating the High ranking Demons was because of the possibility that they had information in regards to the Divine Corpse and about the Slavemancer’s ability. In short, this was merely a mutually beneficial agreement. Moreover, I believe that defeating the Slavemancer, is also part of our aligning interests, am I mistaken….?〉

「Advantages or disadvantages, I didn’t travel with you because of something like that…..!」

Even now Riruna could not understand it and she was on the verge of crying.

After all, she was the type of “hero” who would help anyone that was in trouble free of charge without seeking the profits.

Much less to say, that Oruto was some form of cold, calculative artificial intelligence whose existence was created for the accomplishment of a single purpose.

Additionally, Oruto did not seem to possess a sense of good or evil.

Rather seeing it from their perspective and the people who created these things, it probably believes that their retaliation is completely lawful.

Just like Riruna was not able to fight me, she probably wouldn’t have the heart to start fighting Oruto seriously. Even if this wasn’t the case, the emotional attachment to Oruto who had been her partner all this time is surely to cause an internal conflict in her mind.

Then….. in that case, this will be my duty.

The person who will fight this fellow will be me, the “Evil Magician”.

「So what now……? What are you planning on doing now, Oruto….?」

〈What, you ask?〉

「Don’t play dumb……… It’s here in this plant isn’t it? A weapon more capable of destruction, unlike this meek body that is merely able to squish the neck of someone like me…..!」


Crossing dimensions, they must have also sent a weapon capable of destroying the Demon King’s inheritance from its roots.

Although I don’t mean to be rude to Nana, but even if they had 100 armor golems with her capabilities or even 1000 bodies, would it really be a sufficient amount of force to completely exterminate the Demon King’s inheritance?

If they only needed to gather the fragments of the Divine Corpse and then eliminate them, then this may actually be sufficient.

However, as long as the events in this world cannot be predicted, beings that will be able to control and manipulate the Divine Corpse will appear in this world (Iblis is one of the current prime examples of this occurring), there could potentially be obstructions, or even the revival of the Demon King himself.

Those guys that sent Oruto and the other Armored golems like it, should have created a detailed back up plan, and I think that surely they would have taken something like this into consideration.

And above all, if that was not the case, the current timing and the actions of Oruto right now doesn’t make any sense.

If killing me wasn’t the end goal, then considering the fact that it was already prepared to toss away the relationship between itself and Riruna who was one of the largest war potentials, must mean that it has already grasped another method to completely exterminate the remaining fragments of the Divine Corpse.

〈……Indeed you are definitely a dangerous human being. Slavemancer Tooru. Although I am sorry to inform you, but in a double meaning, I cannot let you keep your life. Continuing to explain anything further than this is useless, as it does not seem to be able to change Riruna’s heart, therefore….〉

「Guuuooo… Gaaa!?」

So all of this explaining was for the purpose of persuading Riruna to join your side? You stupid machine head! is what I wanted to retort it with, but I had no time for that.

Mishi Mishi…… The pressure on my neck was increasing like a pressing machine was trying to slowly crush it, it was a merciless action.

The acute pain caused my vision to flicker, my consciousness was going dark. Within a couple more seconds, I am surely going to die.

〈It is not too late for me to you examine later and find out whether you indeed possess one of the fragments of the Divine Corpse……! 〉


「S…..Stop ittttt, Orutooooooo!!」

Both of my classmates were shouting out, the distance between us was conclusively far away.

No matter what steps they were going to take, without a doubt it was going to be faster for my neck to break.

This was certainly a desperate situation.

However—— Even so, I still held one trump card in my possession.

(Though I don’t want to be indebted to you, I’m going to use it for now….. Ero Kitsunee!!) [1. Ero Kitsune = Ero Fox]

I shouted out within my own mind and thrust out my feebly clasped fist towards Oruto.

This was the comma-shaped bracelet I acquired after my sex match with the Immortal Fox Goddess.

I completely believed in its power…. and my trust was rewarded.

〈What……Is this!?〉

Bachin, an explosive sound.

I was abruptly liberated from the pain, and a hemisphere of light which originated from the bracelet enveloped me, I recognized that I was currently floating in mid-air.

Oruto’s gigantic arms were trying to reach out to me but the barrier of light emits sparks whenever it comes into contact with anything and prevents Oruto from touching me.

「Cough……..cough, Do it now Kirikaa!!」

「By my sword which exterminates all evil…….. Holy Light Burst Wave: Brilliant Burst!!」


Before I even finished shouting, Kirika had already anticipated my intentions and she prepared her Holy Sword Technique in order to launch it.

A torrent of red magic rages in waves and the 10 Armor Golems who were blocking her path, no the Slave Units were all blown away.

Even though it was only Oruto’s will controlling the spare body, no matter what, it still highly resembled Nana’s figure and if I were to see it destroyed it would be a shame but it can’t be helped.

「As expected of a fully charged up Love Slave, the power you can exert is way more than I anticipated!」

「I-is that really the time to be saying something like that!? Tooru-kun quickly come over here!」

Firing a hole through the enemy’s camp with her holy sword technique, Kirika was deftly jumping across towards me with her Aerial Circle ability as she shouted out.

I’m fine, more importantly, pay attention to Oruto….. is what I wanted to shout out but, my opponent’s judgement was also very quick.

Giving up trying to destroy the magical ball that was defending me, The green eyed Armor Golem was moving in a speed that didn’t match its large body, doing a back step.

And, stepping into the rotating metallic floor, a circle shaped floor began to rise up, a light I recognized started to glow and envelop Oruto’s body.

「Shit! Was there a teleportation device in this room as well?! 」

What a guy! Only after securing its escape would it start to taking aggressive actions.

The remaining Slave Units were standing in a row forming a shield that protected its master. Their overbearing presence made it impossible for us to reach Oruto in time.

〈Slavemancer Tooru……..Why bother with this futile resistance, when it will not change the final results?〉

「I wonder about that, if I don’t at least try I’d never find out right? Just now, aren’t you the one who made a miscalculation?」

It’s green mono-eye was observing me, as per usual it was an unchanging cold gaze.

However, I also sensed a flicker of irritation or perhaps a tinge of anger mixed in its eyes, but perhaps this was just my imagination.

At any rate, without being able to confirm that fact clearly, the gigantic figure wrapped in the light of the teleportation device vanished.

「Did it escape? I’m afraid that it is unlikely for us to be able to operate the teleportation device…..」

Perhaps because the magical energy stored in the bracelet ran out, the light which wrapped around my body coming out of the bracelet was beginning to vanish.

Descending back into the floor, Kirika was still in position with her sword on guard to defend me from any remaining Slave Units, but almost like they had their strings cut their functions ceased and they crumbled to the floor.

「Eh, why did they stop moving all of a sudden? Out of gas?」

「It just means that their job is complete and they no longer need to delay us. I think that if we don’t get out of here soon, we may run into some trouble」

As soon as I said it, my bad premonition came true.

The vibration in the room gradually increases in strength, the entire room……… No, the entire ancient ruins was beginning to shake.

It was impossible to have an earthquake as Paravata was floating in the air. This is definitely something that Oruto generated.

「If Oruto has control over the functions of this ruins, then we are pretty much akin to being in the belly of the beast right now. In the worst case scenario, the walls may even start to fold and squish us like bugs」

「Please don’t say such scary things. Then we really need to hurry up and look for a method of escape!」

I’m a little worried about the kind of war potential Oruto has been able to obtain after using the teleportation device, but since there is no way for me to follow it and find out, the first priority is to retreat.

The prospects are unknown, and even Nana’s core has been stolen from me, although the situation looks bleak, I naturally have not given up.

The legitimacy of Oruto’s actions are irrelevant. For taking away Nana, for attempting to kill me, this act of aggression will be repaid in vengeance. That’s all there is to it.

As if responding to my determination, suddenly a roaring sound was made and a large hole was opened from the back!

Have the ruins finally begun to collapse……? I was preparing myself, but an unexpected voice resounded from beyond the hole.

「Cough…… H-heyy, can’t you hold back slightly, Flamia! If Tooru was standing right in front of us what if you injure him jya?!」

「Ehh, but I’m already holding back you knoww~? …….Oh, Oniisan’s here jyann! Yayy!」

Without having anytime to be surprised, the lithe body of the loli demoness jumped into my embrace as she smiled with her whole face.

Behind Palmyra, I could also see the appearance of Nina and the other girls.

「Everyone, how did you manage to come here!?」

「Or more like Palmyra and Flamia, aren’t you girls supposed to be taking care of the Magical Flying Ship?」

「Umu, well the thing is, Flamia told me that she wanted to help everyone out by all means. I was the one who made the decision to pursue you guys….. therefore, the responsibility is mine alone jya. If….. If you were to hand out punishment, j-just punish me alone, alright?」

Palmyra was blushing and fidgeting as she explained.

This fellow, doesn’t she just want to be punished by me? Thinking this I was rubbing my head, well her decision did in fact consequentially save us from this predicament…

「Well, after examining the teleportation device for quite some time, these two caught up with us. Fortunately, Master called out for us through the magical connection we share and we were able to determine the general direction…….」

「And you started forcibly destroying the walls one by one?! Flamia are you the one who came up with such a reckless idea?」

「It wasn’t me~ it was Sierra~」

「Because it’s an emergency…… I cannot choose any other means」

Sierra firmly put a thumbs up along with her usual cool poker face look.

As usual, her ideas are bold and she was still as taciturn as ever, this oppai elf. [2. Oppai Elf= Breast elf]

「Well, in any case the results were alright in the end so… Nina, can you secure our escape route?」

「Yes, sure thing! The ruins seem to be shaking somewhat, let’s hurry up and get out of here!」

「Umu. If that has been decided, then Kirika and Riruna-dono quickly come over here…… Riruna-dono?」

Since a while ago Riruna has been really silent and Celesta was calling out to her with a puzzled expression.

Considering none of the girls knew of the circumstances, it was reasonable.

Because unlike when they first met, the Gal Yuusha who had a sunny disposition and smiled brightly was now looking down weakly with a downcast expression.

「Oruto…… Whyy…..?!」

Deputy Mayor Leifell who receives our report after we escaped from the ruins acted very promptly. After reporting to the Mayor, the emergency evacuation procedures for the citizens were initiated, the people who living in the floating huge rock part of Paravata and also the people in nearby areas were evacuated.

The mysterious shaking gradually increased in power, and even the people of Paravata city who was used to troublesome events was able to perceive how unusual this phenomenon was. Therefore, panicking that an accident would behold them, all of them quickly rushed for a secure shelter. It was straight after that…..

「Please take a look Tooru-sama, Paravata is?!」

「Oi oi…… are you serious, this is….?!」

Riruna has currently boarded the flying ship with us and Princess Sistina was pointing out the window at the events occurring before our eyes.

The situation that was unfolding was something that was beyond our imaginations.

The huge floating rock right in front of us was “transforming” slowly.

An earth defying tremor and an innumerable amount of cracks were appearing in the huge rock, and like some sort of budding flower the lump of rock splits on all sides and something begins to rise up from the inside.

The countless wall structures clinging on to the outer circumference started to fall in slow motion and collapse towards the ground as it could not endure the drastic change taking place.

「Don’t tell me that….. the hidden weapon was the whole entire ancient ruin itself?!」

「Is this the Plant’s core that Oruto fellow was referring to !?」

If this is truly the case then this massive levitating rock capable of defying gravity; this City of Paravata is no ancient ruins that was left behind during the Demon King’s war, this was the technology of the world that Nana and Oruto came from….. It is likely that the technology they possess surpasses any technology in this world, it was a hybrid of magic and super-technology.

In this case, it wasn’t that strange that the people of this world were unable to distinguish between the two.

And the thing rising from the center of the massive rock was a massive metal pillar, almost like the stem of a flower. It was transforming into this complex shape.

It was becoming into something that looked like the upper-body of a person.

Somehow it resembled Nana and Oruto’s bodies, it was the upper-body of a warped giant.

〈Roarrrrrrr…… rawrrrrrrrrrrrrr………!!〉

“this thing” was slowly extending its huge arms into the sky, and it was bellowing out with a very loud voice that sounded like innumerable stringed instruments. Almost like a baby’s first cry after being born.

Like a monster film or some animated robot cartoon; or perhaps it was like a movie scene from the last stageof a masterpiece fantasy RPG, for a long while nobody was able to speak out any words.

「…….Oi oi, Master, what in the world is that thing!?」

「I don’t know. I don’t know but there is one thing I can say for sure」

Right now, the entirety of the Ancient Ruins of Paravata has become our enemy.



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