Chapter 61: The Memories at the Classroom and the Yuusha’s Breasts


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I remember it now. Back then Riruna ——— at this place, in this empty classroom, she was crying.

『Ah…… Odamori… kun』

After school I had forgotten to grab something so I went back in the classroom – and that’s where I saw this girl in a sailor uniform looking towards me. The tears falling down her cheeks were glittering as the sunset light shone from behind her.

I didn’t really know why she was crying. In those days, Tachibana Riruna was a plain looking girl that didn’t really stand out. Naturally the only point of contact I had with her was being her classmate.

She might have been bullied. Or perhaps there might have been some problem in her household. Or quite possibly, it was just some trivial reason that an adolescent girl would get upset about. Whatever the case may be, she was totally unrelated to me and I had no way of finding out the reason to her shedding tears. But that’s just how it’s supposed to be.

『Yo…… I just came back to get something I forgot……』

Feeling awkward, I quickly stated that I was just trying to get something and then leave the classroom.

At that time, somehow or other Riruna spoke out to me in this feeble voice. She asked me a question.

『……Why are things so difficult? How come I can’t live a good life?』

Hearing those words, I didn’t really know how to answer her. But, hearing her voice that was mixed with sadness and resignation, I reflexively answered her before I was aware of it.

『That’s because…. you already gave up before you even tried, isn’t it?』


I hardly ever had the opportunity to speak to other girls, and yet, why was I able to say such a straight forward thing? Even up until now it was a mystery to me. But at  that particular time, the words just flowed out of my mouth quite naturally.

『If you can visualize your goals and do everything in your power and do whatever it takes to achieve it, wouldn’t  that be better? Well, those are just my thoughts.』


Those words and ideas, could have been what I had kept hidden deep down in my own heart for the longest time. I was the one who probably wanted to live with those ideals. I didn’t really have any goals back then, and when I think about it, I also had a vexing life.

『You should try and do what you like, and if you really suck at what you like then I guess it’s really over then. But….. it’s much better than being tied down by your own negative thoughts, this way you will at least be able to feel satisfied that you’ve given it your all.』

『It’s better than being tied….. down….?』

“Eh, what the heck am I saying?”….. I remember panicking at that stage and leaving the classroom in a hurry. Thinking about it now, I was quite the loser myself back then so I am not sure how I had the nerve to say such haughty things.

But it would seem that Riruna  had listened to my words back then and was seriously taking them to heart. After that, we changed classes, so our point of contact  diminished, but at the same time I noticed that she was beginning to “change” little by little.

Her self-confidence increased, she smiled more often, the number of her friends multiplied and her voice became louder. And by the time we met again in high school she looked so different that I didn’t recognize who the innocent girl was for a second – she had been completely reborn.

『As I thought! It’s you Tooru-chi, It’s been such a long time~!』

「You remember……? Have you remembered it now?」

Before I knew it the background scene had changed from junior high to high school. Riruna’s looks had also changed to her current appearance of being the Gal Yuusha. But, her big and beautiful eyes were  a little teary….. and her voice was quiet and reserved. It somehow reminded me of her back when she was still a junior high student.

「Ahh… yeah. Well… it’s like you made me remember something I wanted to forget, it’s kind of embarrassing to be honest」

「Hehehe. If you’re talking about shame, then it’s the same for me too」

Tilting her neck to one side, Riruna was smiling broadly. Her side tail hair which was lighted up by the sunset was shining a brighter shade of red.

「At that time I…. obtained my dreams from Tooru-chi. I was able to realize that I could become who I wanted to be, I could be someone that I liked…….. You gave me the push from the back I needed.」

「I….. didn’t do anything. Tachibana-san is the one who put in the effort and did it herself.」

Those words back then were just me speaking my mind in a casual manner. Even if it was not me who said them, for the smart Riruna, it would not be strange if she found the same hint from someone else’s words. To begin with, even if I said those kind of words to another person, it was actually up to them to have the epiphany and take action to make it into a reality.

「That may true. But even so, the person who gave me the cue was none other than Tooru-chi and his words. That’s why, if it’s you, then I can believe in you Tooru-chi———I want to believe in you.」

Riruna walks towards me and stands in front of me half a step apart. Her eyes were very straightforward.

「That’s why, I’m so glad that I could tell you…… in this world. I’m really glad that you were able to remember…… Tooru-chi」

Her expression was like a shy, little girl. My heart suddenly pulsed and I looked away from her gaze.

「Ah…. is that perhaps the reason that you would sometimes call out towards me or talk to me in high school, Tachibana-san?」

「Uh huh, that’s right. But Tooru-chi, you looked like I was bothering you or that you didn’t like it, so I often restrained myself」

「……That’s natural」

Back then, I could only see her as someone who was satisfied with her own life and wanted to meddle in mine, that’s why I showed a bothered expression or thought of it as unnecessary and annoying…… But now I realize it….. That was actually Riruna trying to repay the favor and her way of showing her deep affection for me.

It would seem that I had been misunderstanding her intentions a little… The girl named Tachibana Riruna, who seemed perfect in every way and went at things with her own pace actually had her own troubles and hardships, her own weaknesses…. She was just like any other human being.

Even after she was able to come to terms with her own weaknesses and imperfections, she was still able to look towards the future with a positive attitude and advance towards her goals. Even after she was betrayed by her trusted partner Oruto, her mind did not break, and she was able to make the bold decision to become my magical slave in order to become stronger.

This is probably why ——— Tachibana Riruna was chosen as the hero.

「Hey, Tooru-chi. I want to stop Oruto. No, not just that….. I also want to talk to Oruto one more time.」

「To talk? With that fellow?」

「Yeah. After all, back then I wasn’t able to properly ask Oruto. What did Oruto want to do? Rather than just hearing about the reasons, I wanted to hear about the feelings.」

Oruto’s objectives? It should be to remove the threat of the Divine Corpse all the way from its roots. Therefore, just as it was doing to Paravata City right now, it’s going to act at the expense of victimizing all the people of this world in order to achieve its objectives——— Is there really another reason that can justify this?

Oruto was a weapon that was made for the sole purpose destroying, so would there even be any other reason for it to act?

「I was not able to understand Oruto’s thoughts all the way until the end. So, there just might be something that I’ve missed or not yet understood. No, there might be nothing that I’ve missed. But even so, if I don’t have another chance to talk with Oruto I will never be able to find out….. and I really wouldn’t like that.」

Is that the reason for her having such a determined expression? I understand in that case…

「So that’s what you want to accomplish right now, Tachibana-san? Then, I will also answer the same as last time. 『You should try to do whatever you like.』———」


「I will give you the power to accomplish those goals in exchange for being my Magical Slave. Just like that time, I will give you a push from the back.」

I extended my hand which had the Demon’s Crest towards Riruna. Now….. All that’s left is to complete the Enslavement Contract and all the preparations will be done.


But——— At that time…

I suddenly noticed a change in Riruna’s appearance. Her face was blushing, and her eyes were swimming around the place awkwardly. She was fiddling with her fingers as if she was nervous somehow.

…….What’s this?? It’s a reaction I have never seen her have before?

「I….I’ve resolved myself, or I mean….. I’ve prepared my heart. Or more like this decision took the longest to make…. G-going in front of Tooru-chi took the most courage…. or…」

「Huh? Preparation? Courage? What are you saying? 」

「I-I’m sayingg! I….”I’ll do it”! I mean that is… to become your magical slave we need to do that…. don’t we? Why are you trying to make me say it plainly, Tooru-chi you baka~! 」

Riruna’s face was bright red as she shouted out. For a moment I was just standing there dumbfounded with my mouth wide open but….

(So that’s…. what this is about)

………I finally understood it. For some reason or another, she jumped to the conclusion that the Magical Enslavement Contract “Requires a lewd act to be performed”. Did she hear about this from Dianne in parts…..? Or could it be that she thought this was the case because of that time in the Ancient ruins where I did it with Kirika?

No, who cares about the reason at this stage. Rather…. This has saved me the trouble of having to talk her into it! How convenient!

「I see that you’re very determined, Tachibana-san. That’s exactly right」

Riruna’s determination and the story of her past were all good but this and that were two totally different things. Taking advantage of her own assumptions and pushing things forwards is my way of doing things. This is my personality. Unlike Riruna, the moment I was reborn into this world, I had already decided to be like this.

Now then…… Allow me to fully taste your fantastic body which I have yearned for a long time!

Puchi Puchi, the sound of her buttons from her blouse being undone one by one. I didn’t hesitate to take off her pink bra and now finally… Poyunnn…….. two soft bulges were exposed right in front of me.


I instinctively raised a deeply moved voice.

Her long, slender and well-proportioned white body was proudly showing its assets. As I thought, her huge tits did not lose to Kirika’s in the slightest, they were gigantic. Moreover, they did not droop down or lose to the gravity, they were perky. They had an indescribably provocative force that drew you into them. Truly, her white, sassy tits looked like they’ve never been touched by anyone before.

「Auu, You’re embarrassing me….. D-don’t stare at them so much Tooru-chi…」

Riruna was totally red in the face, and was trying to cover up her large-volume boobs from my gaze with her hands. I was reminded of my first time with Kirika, her actions were so innocent and fresh. She looked like a “Gal” who liked to fool around and there was rumors about her floating about the school…… But seeing her like this made me think that she may just be a virgin.

「That’s not going to be possible. In order to successfully complete the Enslavement Process, it will be necessary for me to properly check on the target’s body.」

「S-seriously!? Uuu~ I-if that’s true then it can’t be helped but….」

Of course this was a pack of lies, but Riruna didn’t need to know that. In this dimension there was no one to obstruct me or to interfere so it’s really convenient.

「Come on, please remove your hand and show them to me properly, Tachibana-san’s breasts.」


I was sitting comfortably on the classroom chair and she was standing right in front of me. With my face looking directly at her body, she was about to expose her natural tits for me to see.

Alternating her gaze between the hands covering her own nipples and my face, she was looking at me all teary-eyed. But once she understood that I wasn’t going to budge, she resigned and slowly separated her shaking hands from her breasts.

「Is….Is this good enough?」

Just like the color of her light pink lips, Riruna’s beautiful nipples were fresh as if they had never been tampered with. Her areolas were on the smaller side but her nipples were completely swollen and were sticking out very clearly for all to see.

Did she have one of those puffy nipples? she didn’t just have a set of enormous tits, they also looked sexy and cute at the same time. Moreover, perhaps because she was really nervous right now, her nipples were already erect.

「U-umm……M-my breasts aren’t….. w-weird are they?」

「Eh? Ahh, I don’t think there is anything weird about them. Why do you ask?」

「T-that’s because I don’t have anyone to compare them with so….. w-well if they aren’t weird…. then I’m glad.」

「Ahh, rather than saying that it’s weird instead I would say that they are very cute. As expected of Tachibana-san.」

「C….Cute!? is there even such a classification for such a thing? Or more like, I don’t really get what you mean by “as expected” of me, how does that apply to my breasts….」

Probably because I was staring at her so intently, her unblemished white skin started to sweat. To finish it off, her pair of nipples were trembling as if they were embarrassed….. What a superb view this is. I wouldn’t get sick of it even if I had to stare at her all day, but naturally that would be a waste.

「Well then, now I will check on it by touching it」

「T-touch….!? A-after all that’s where this is…going」

Moving in an exaggerated manner I purposefully wriggled my fingers in a perverted manner as I approached her magnificent mountain peaks. Perhaps because she was scared by my actions, Riruna gulped down her saliva.

「———Y-You know what!」

Suddenly as if she reached some kind of limit she spoke out loudly.

「What’s wrong?」

「Umm, err…. The truth is I…….! I-In terms of…….having any sort of ecchi experience? I really don’t have any! Seriously, none….. at all.」

In the middle of her sentence her voice becomes thinner and smaller. As if she was reacting to her own words and fearing she would be judged from speaking the truth, her voice died down and she was squeezing out the last couple of words. She was really tense, her eyes were spinning as if this was some sort of manga, and she was sweating profusely.

「T….Tooru-chi you…  have experience….. don’t you? With the other Magical Slaves….. With Hime-chi… you’ve done this kind of thing before, right?」

For some reason she suddenly pinpointed Kirika, she was looking at me like she was trying to appeal something and had these puppy eyes.

「Yeah. Well, that and various other things.」

「A-As I thought. T-That’s amazing isn’t it?」

Just from her looks she appeared to be an experienced JK Gal who’s done plenty of lewd things. Back in our previous world that’s what any of the boys in our school would have thought, but right now our sexual hierarchies have been reversed, and it served as a strange situation.

「Then… Then. I….I’ll do as you say so… Tooru-chi, please give me…. some guidance.」

Oi oi, is it really alright to say something like that to me? I almost wanted to tell her after she made such a declaration. Combining the gap between her sexy outward appearance and her innocent mind, the contrast was truly destructive in power.

「Yeah…. You don’t have to worry, I’ll be sure to teach you properly.」

「……. P-please take care of me.」

Finishing all her excuses, I was finally able to extend by hands towards those milky tits of hers that was bare. Both of my hands and my fingers sunk into her soft jiggly flesh……. And an indescribable sensation ran through my hands.

「Nnha….. Fuwaa, Hyaannn!?」

「Ohh, this is….. This is what it feels like to touch Tachibana-san’s bare tits……!」

This elasticity seems to be between Amelia and Kirika? At first it would slightly bounce back against my fingers, but if I put a little more strength into them my fingers would sink. It was like a marshmallow or perhaps a water balloon, in any case I relished the sensations that wrapped around me.

Yet despite all that, her skin was still silky-smooth and fine to touch. They wouldn’t even lose to Princess Sistina’s royal boobs. They felt elegant and comfortable to squeeze.

「This is amazing…… outrageous, these are totally outrageous breasts…… If you were to lose these assets when you got reincarnated here, it would be a total loss to the whole universe———!」

「T-Tooru-chi, What are you saying? I don’t understand it at all!? Hyaa, Fuwaa!? N-noo, your fingers….. D-don’t grope them so stronglyy…… Fuawawaa!?」

When I massaged her tits and squeezed them strongly from the base, Riruna’s spine curved like a bow and she leaked a sweet moan. Her hands reflexively gripped my sleeves tightly.

「Hey Tachibana-san, you need to link your hands together behind your head. So that I will be able to properly grop— no I mean properly examine every nook and corner of your breasts, you need to keep your hands away so that they don’t hinder me」

「Uuuu, Y-yess……. I-Is this alright?」

She did exactly as I told her obediently, Riruna voluntarily sealed her hands and placed them behind her head, completely entrusting her naked upper body to me. She was in a totally defenseless pose that was exceedingly alluring.

Unexpectedly, she might be the type of girl that is really submissive when given an instruction in a commanding tone.

Now then…. let’s play! I’m going to diligently fiddle and tinker around with these cheeky Gal-tits to my heart’s content!

「There there, good girl. Then, first I’m going to do….. this」

「Eh, Wai———!N-noo!?」

It’s understandable that Riruna was panicking. I grabbed her pair of mounds by the base with hands and went purupurupuru……. I intensely jiggled them and shook her boobs. Interestingly they were bouncing up and down like large rubber balls in alternation. *boing boin* Her boobs were dancing in the palm of my hands.

「Noo, D…Don’t play around with my breastss…..!? I-I’ll get angry you know, Tooru-chi….. Eh, n-now what!?」

In no time at all, I couldn’t resist her showy and captivating cleavage and I dove head first into it. It felt a little nice and cold but still comfortable, this time the supremely soft feeling I got to experience with my fingers was now being transmitted to my face.

While smelling her slightly sweating body at close range, I felt a sense of oppression against my face that made me feel like I was in heaven. As a man this kind of feeling instinctively made me feel a sense of security.

Just before, it was my sense of sight, but now I was using both my sense of touch and my sense of smell. I was fully immersing myself in all five of my senses to fully experience and savor Riruna’s milky breasts.

「Just like that, don’t struggle Tachibana-san…..」

「———Hyaauuu!? Nhaa, don’t….. seriously not that…. spot!」

My face was buried in this super-ultra-high level milky-breast pillow, and as for my fingers they finally arrived at her vital points ——— namely, I aimed my fingers towards her two pink nipples.

First, I scratched the tip lightly with my fingers and I also traced along the contours of her puffy mammary areolas. As I expected, her sensitive Gal nipples reacted fast and was steadily filling with more blood.

「Fuuah, Hahh….! Nnoou…… W-whyy…….?!」

「What do you mean, “why”?」

While asking her the question back, I added the number of fingers that were touching her………. I aimed for the center of her nipples as I surrounded it with all five of my fingertips.

「Nhaaa, don’t talk while your face is buriedd———W…..why is Tooru-chi so good at this….. Fuaaah!?」

*Haa haa* she was panting with rough breaths, more and more her flawless skin was dripping with sweat, and although I couldn’t see it from this angle, her side tail hair was disheveled and I was playing around with Riruna who had never experienced this kind of pleasure before.

「I am? I wonder if it’s true?」

「I-I mean you seem really skilled at the preparations…….. A-and also, if that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t be able to explain why my body is acting like thiss……!」

Her prideful breasts, which have never been developed as an erogenous zone by anyone, were being unraveled by my hands. With her body heating up, she was finally made conscious of the pleasure that she could feel as a woman for the first time in her life.

Riruna’s reaction clearly indicated the situation taking place right now. Her womanly voice was fascinating and it made me remember this feeling of conquest as my body reflexively shivered.

She was the “underground” idol, that Tachibana Riruna was for the first time being made to feel the pleasures of being a female——— Not only that, just like Kirika, she was being made to experience all of this by none other than me.

「Even if you tell me that, Tachibana-san, I also think that you have a good sense. Receiving my stimulus and gradually feeling better and better transforming those sensations into pleasure…… I’m sure you know it yourself by now, your breasts have become even more sensitive than they were at first, right?」

「Eh…..y-yeah….! I have a feeling….. that I understand….. My breasts have become hotter, all the parts that were touched by Tooru-chi….. Nnuunnnahhh!?」

Kuryuu ——— Kuryuu riyunn, I pinched her nipples in a surprise attack and rubbed it with the ball of my fingers, when I did this Riruna’s voice increased by one octave higher.

Her left breast was pulled and turned roughly, whilst her right nipple was rubbed at a steady pace. Changing it up, I then started to fondle her right breast gently and affectionately and then using my fingertips I flicked her left erect nipple.

The Gal Yuusha’s virgin, huge tits was being caressed and stimulated and she showed me a very interesting response.

「T…Tooru-chi, a….as expected…. how do I say this…. You’re really a man, aren’t you….?!」


Without stopping the movements of my hands, I looked up, and for a long while I just looked at Riruna’s face. Her eyebrows were making a “ハ” shape, and her eyes were losing their focus, her expression was getting looser and more melted.

「Y-your fingers are….. really rugged……. and just like this, you’re able to make a girl’s body feel so ecchi……. and I just thought that it was kind of amazing…….」

「……What are you saying at this late hour?」

“Ehehe” Breathing roughly, Riruna laughed.

Even though I was the one on the offensive right now…… it felt like she was still very composed and grounded, kind of like a mother, it made my heart skip a beat and made me feel a little strange.

I was suddenly turned on as she fueled my rebellious spirit.

「Then ———  I’m going to do something even more amazing」

「Eh…..? N-no way? I-if you do something even more amazing than this I’ll be troubled…. Hyaaaaaaaannn!!?」

I moved one step further. All of a sudden I placed her nipple in my mouth, and her nipples which were now erect and congested with blood due to my sweet loving were now being sucked. Because the pleasure and stimulation was much greater than she expected, I quickly grabbed hold of her arching back to support her spine and I alternated between each nipple to play bite and suck on them.

「———I’m going to make you cum just from your breasts, Riruna」

「Y-you’re calling me by my first name……. Fuaaah!? Hyaaauuu, NNhiii Huuuuunnnnnn!!?」[1. Nefarian: calling someone by their first name in Japan is normally done only between very close friends, family or girlfriend/boyfriend.]

If it’s with these high-quality, sensitive breasts, I have confidence in the possibility of making it happen. At times I would use my teeth to lightly bite her, and just when she thought I would bite harder I would instead gently lick her. Using the carrot and the stick type stimulus I quickly developed Riruna’s sensitive nipples.

It was, in fact, using the same technique I used on Kirika to train and drill her body, but doing this to another classmate of mine strangely aroused me and I became  even more passionate.

「Nnhyaa!? Higii, Afuuaah…….D-don’t, Tooru-chi….. Ah, I-I’ll really become weird if you contin……nueee!? Nnnahhhhhhh unnnnn!!?」

「You aren’t going to become weird, don’t worry……… Just like the time in the past when you heard my words at that classroom, you don’t have to be bound by your old common sense any longer. Just let yourself go and you will be able to experience a whole new world, Riruna!」

Whispering into her ears as if to persuade her, I firmly embraced her back.

As if to deliver the finishing blow, I brought both of her nipples towards the center of her body and used my mouth to suck strongly making lewd noises!

「Ah——— Yaa Ahh Ahh, Ahhhhnn ahhhhh——— Fuaah, Fuaaaaaaaaaaaahhhnn!!?」

Squeezing me tightly in return, we were firmly holding on to each other’s upper bodies——— Riruna raised a sweet and long moan as she reached her climax.

Being made to experience it by someone else’s hands, the Gal Yuusha reached her first fantastic orgasm.

「Afuu, Fuaahhh….! Haa, Hahaaaa, Haaah……! What is thiss……?! Isn’t this way too amazing…..!?」

She was still convulsing and writhing her body in pleasure as she leaned her hot body against mine. A citrus and refreshing smell of her body odor drifted towards my nose.

Reaching a point where she needed to take a break, I continued to gently stroke her back in order to calm that trembling body of hers———.



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