Chapter 62: Me and Riruna and the Descent of the War Goddess


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「Zeeeeeeii!! Aerial Grinder!!」

Kirika’s blade the Alkanshel made a great big circle that instantly cut all her surroundings. The shadow beast which was standing on its four legs, released a high-pitched shrill as it broke apart and turned into fragments of crystal. Inside the blizzard of broken crystals, the Princess Knight’s black hair was fluttering.

Normally, the Aerial Circle was used as a movement boosting type ability, but this time around it was being used to boost the speed and power of her Sword Techniques.

Behind her, Amelia was using the Chained Blade in its whip form, brandishing her weapon like she was throwing a hammer. The chained blade twined around a gigantic centaur type monster and killed it.

「This is going well! As expected when Master pours a lot of it into us, it feels totally different, don’t cha think Kirika?」

「Wha……. A-Amelia! Could you not say that kind of thing out in public!?」

The Princess Knight was embarrassed when she thought of the possibility that it was heard by the adventurers and guards supporting them from a little distance away.

The giant had gained control of the shadow beasts and was sending them towards Paravata City in large flocks. The city was sending reinforcements to meet these beasts. Just before Tooru slept to prepare his Enslavement Magic on Riruna, he left a message to Princess Sistina in order to let the other girls know that they should participate in the war.

The guards and adventurers were on their last string and were about to collapse their formation, but then Kirika and the other girls managed to arrive just in time to overturn the situation.

At any rate, not only were they strong, but the girls were also very beautiful. The morale of the troops went up.

「Oh ohh, the ones making all those explosive sounds are those two Loli Demonesses isn’t it? I think it will be fine if we just leave that area to them」

「Tooru-kun isn’t near us so they really should be saving up their magical energy but…. They are really going all out and being showy…… I wonder if it will be alright? In any case how’s Celesta?」

「She’s already assigned to go with Sierra. Well, after all she was assigned a duty that only she could accomplish」

Amelia glanced towards a distance quite far away from the battlefield. Their fight today was only a sort of teaser for the real thing which will take place in the future. As long as they hadnot managed to defeat Oruto, the shadow beasts under its control would continue pouring out of the giant, and sooner or later a second or third wave would swarm out.

Before Tooru and Riruna arrived to the decisive battle, it was necessary to intercept the oncoming waves and secure a route to the giant.


Before long all the shadow beasts in the surrounding area were eradicated and the joyous shouts of the adventurers were heard throughout the place.

However, Kirika seemed absentminded, as if she could not hear the cheers. She was looking into the distance somewhere and sighed – it was not merely because she was tired from the combat.

「Seeing you like this Kirika, as expected you must be really worried? About Master and that girl called Riruna?」


Grinning from ear to ear Amelia launched a surprised attack on the unprepared Princess Knight and her shoulders jumped up in reaction.

「No well, I get it I get it. She’s a really cute girl with huge breasts~. She’s definitely one of our formidable foes that we need to contend with」

「F……Formidable enemy? I mean I know that Tachibana-san is an….. uncommon girl but….」

Nodding her head, the woman soldier was clapping Kirika’s shoulder who had this complex expression on her face right now.

「First off, she’s actually a person from the same world as Master. Isn’t that one of the special privileges that was exclusive to you in the past Kirika? If it’s like this, even if you are his love slave right now, you can’t let your guard down」

「W-what do you mean special privilege……… if that’s the case, then unlike myself during those days Tooru-kun definitely talked to Tachibana-san way more frequently…… I mean even now she’s always calling him Tooru-chi, so I think they may have met a long time ago….」

Perhaps she started to become uneasy with her strange imagination going wild, but Kirika was fiddling her fingers whilst her eyes were suspiciously swimming left and right. Seeing such a plain reaction from Kirika, Amelia was secretly trying to hold in her laughter.

「But well, aren’t they just having a rendezvous at the dream world right now so that Master can use his magic to make her into a Magical Slave? Even taking into consideration Master’s lewd mind, it is unlikely for him to take action right now」

「…… I don’t think I can believe that」


Kirika had this premonition within her heart as she looked towards the sky with a scornful gaze.

「I have a bad feeling somehow. Moreover, I don’t think that Tooru-kun would let “this chance” go to waste, he definitely won’t———!」


Her half naked body was lying on top of the desk, facing up. Both of her healthy legs were stretched out and open as Riruna raised this suffocated voice. The normally cheerful and energetic girl was letting out a voice like a young maiden. It was something that made you even more aroused.

「T-Tooru-chi….. A-are we really going to…. do it?」

Her white tits were spilling out from her blouse. Her skirt was rolled up and looking past her thighs you could see a light pink panty. She was covering her mouth with her hands to stop her voice from leaking out and was looking up towards me with moist eyes. Riruna was trembling her body slightly and had a flushed face. In this type of situation, there is no man that could hold himself back.

「Yeah. Just like I told you before, in order for my Enslavement Magic to work properly, we need to have a deep connection with each other」

「I-I see…. I suppose so. In that case, we need to do it don’t we?……. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to save the people in town… right?」

Deceiving such a good and innocent girl like Riruna honestly pricked my heart a little. However, the male part of my mind had no way of stopping itself right now. I took out my erecting thing which was about to burst out.


Seeing my energetic cock that was twitching and warping backwards, the girl hero let out this strange scream. I expected her to react like this somewhat but this totally innocent reaction….. a large gap considering how she looked, was truly stimulating.

「Were you that surprised? I don’t think my thing is too big or anything though」

「No no no I mean even if you tell me you were of average size I wouldn’t know a thing about it! Besides, let’s not even mention about how big it is….. T-this is the first time I’ve ever seen it like that….. Uhyaah……!」

She was hiding her eyes in a panic behind her fingers, but just like any normal girl that would be interested in this sort of thing, she was looking through the gap between her fingers with a feverish gaze and I caught on to this.

Ah, when I squeeze my PC muscles, my cock will naturally jump and move suddenly. Seeing her individual reactions like this, she’s really cute.

「Don’t worry. I will be gentle so you don’t have to be afraid, Tachibana-san」

「Ah…..Y-yeah, please take care of me…… Eh, yaaaa!? W-why are you suddenly taking off my pants Tooru-chiii!?」

「Well I mean, we need to take these off, otherwise I can’t put it in can I?」

Quickly taking of the obstructive clothing (By the way, because it would be more sexy this way, I purposefully left it dangling on one of her feet) , I could see that Riruna’s secret spot was already quite wet and a transparent string of fluids could be seen.

I only had to play around with her breasts a little and this is the result of making her cum?……. More so than I would have expected, she really has a good amount of sensitivity.

Her slit was really clean and unblemished, it had a salmon pink color and perhaps it was due to her body type but she didn’t have much hair growing under there.

Looking at the Girl Hero’s secret garden, it really gave the impression of a young girl and  looked quite beautiful ——— Out of all of the men who have tried to get into her pants, I am the only man to have ever seen this beautiful sight, which made me experience this deep emotion for a while.

「Then here I go, Tachibana-san」

「W-wait a minute…. Wait! Hang on! Tooru-chi, T…this! You need to use this!」


Zubishi! with a lot of power Riruna thrust her hands towards my eyes pushing something towards me. That flat and pink object…… was a condom.

「Uoh, where did this thing come from!?」

「I-I don’t know. When I just thought about it and wanted it to appear, it just suddenly came into my hands…」

Right now we were in our classroom right after school had ended, I supposed all of these are also just products of our imaginations propelled by the power of the world of dreams?

「Or more like, have you ever used one of these?」

「Of course I haven’t jyan!? But I heard that when we do this kind of thing… w-we need to put it on otherwise it’s not good. Obaa-chan told me about it…..  I-if I really got pregnant with a b-baby… it would be really troubling」

To begin with, this was the dream world even if the sensations she felt was not much different to the real world, it would not really have any physical impact on her real body.

I mean even if I was able to create a link between our spirits and subject her to my Enslavement Magic, I wouldn’t expect that she could ever get pregnant from this.

Yet, Riruna seemed to be really bothered by it, or perhaps she was aware that it wouldn’t impact her physical body but she felt uneasy about it…… In any case, it would seem that her sense of virtue is really high.

「……..I understand, Tachibana-san」

After thinking about it for a little while, I nodded and smiled.

「T-thank you……」

「No no, you don’t have to worry about it. Yeah, I agree with you, this kind of thing is definitely important」

Yes——— It was here that I realized it.

If I thought about it, other than this particular space we were in right now, there was no other chance for me to use a condom in the current world I live in. Moreover, Riruna was a Gal. Even if she was actually naïve on the inside, her outward appearance was that of a Gal.

Doing a Gal with a condom! Will there ever be another chance for me to experience this super ero combination?! No, definitely not!

In actual fact, just from seeing Riruna blush and look at me with her cute teary eyes whilst requesting me to put on this condom has made my cock even harder and hotter!

「In that case——— Tachibana-san, can you please help me put it on?」

「….. Eh?」

My whole face was smiling as I spoke out and Riruna had this question mark on her face holding the condom.

Yeah, as expected she doesn’t know how.

「I mean that I want your help, to attach the condom to my penis」

「Eh!? T-Tooru-chi isn’t this something you are supposed to put on by your…..self?」

「No no, normally it’s the girl that helps to put it on the guy. That’s the general etiquette」

「Etiquette!? Seriously!?」

“Uwaaa I totally didn’t know” ——— Having this kind of shocked and astonished expression on her face, Riruna alternated between looking at my cock and at the condom.

Well, it’s obviously nothing but lies, but she’s totally falling for it.

「It’s alright, I will direct you so that you can put it on properly. First…. you need to turn the rubber in that direction, and suck it in towards your mouth without destroying its shape」

「Y-yeah, ok so first face it towards this direction…. and then using my mou———th!?」

「Is there a problem? If you use your hands, there is a risk of the rubber tearing due to your nails so… I mean look, Tachibana-san’s nails are pretty but, they are a bit long aren’t they?」

「T-that’s true… Uwaah, so that’s how it is…..? So everyone has been doing it like this……?!」

Well there is some truth mixed into what I just said, but to begin with there is no fundamental reason to apply the rubber in this dream world, but I think I’ll just stay silent about that part…

In any case I managed to bullshit my way through this and Riruna was currently using her pink glossy cute lips to hold the contraceptive rubber in place……. She was slowly coming towards my nether regions which had been thrust forwards.

「That’s good, just like that…. Uu, Ohh….!」

She was shutting her eyes as she got close to my magnificent male member and her lips were timidly pushed out towards the glans of my penis.

Riruna was a fast learner and even though I didn’t give her much instructions, she was able to guess the mechanism and what she needed to do. The rubber was starting to unwind over my cock as I continued to sink further into the interior of her lips.

Swinging her side tail from side to side, she had a pained expression on her blushing face ——— this was pretty much the same as giving me a blow job over the rubber condom, the virgin Gal was doing something extremely ero right now.

The soft feeling of her lips over the rubber was an indescribably comfortable sensation.

「Nn Puahh…..! D-did I do it, right?」

「Ahh, You’ve done really well, Tachibana-san. You’ve managed to properly dress my fully erected cock with that lewd rubber」

「W-wha, why are you saying things in such an ero manner!? Y-you sound like an old man you know? Tooru-chi….. Fu-fuah!?」

When I caressed her head as if to reward her good job, she showed a lovely reaction like some sort of a huge dog that was emotionally attached to you.

Seeing her face like that, my schlong which was covered in this fluorescent pink condom was inevitably becoming more excited. This really makes me want to take a commemorative photo.

In any case, both me and this fella down here can’t wait for much longer.

「Alright then, once again——— This time, I’m really coming alright? Tachibana-san」

「Ah…….! Hot, even after wearing the rubber, I can still feel the heat coming off Tooru-chi…..!」

Nyuru Nyuritto, rubbing my cock against her lewd slit, I was pasting her love juices all over the fluorescent rubber.

Finally, I will be able to obtain this girl who much like Kirika was yearned for by us boys. Aiming my cock towards this inexperienced virgin vagina ——— I slowly plunged my raging cock into her!

「Haa, NNhaaahh——— Ahhhhh, Ahh It’s…. inn, yaaa, it’s really…. insideee of meeeee!?」

Nupu, Nupupu…….. Tsupupuu, Puchuu ——— Nyutopunn!

「Kuu…… Uhaa, Ohhh…….!」

Probably because she was always moving her body intensely in battles and because she fought in hand-to-hand combat, her hymen didn’t have much resistance and it is likely that she didn’t feel much pain.

Her fresh and young girl meat hole was fully oozing out with vaginal secretions and as a result it wasn’t that hard for me to insert inside of her.

It doesn’t matter how many time I’ve tasted it, the feeling of conquest for making a girl turn into a woman makes my cock tingle and bounce very hard.

「Haa, Uwaah!? T-Tooru-chi is inside of mee……. I can feel it….! amazing, I can feel my thing spreading apart and squeezing tightly….!」

Although she seemed to be alright, after inserting myself inside of her I stopped a for a minute to see her reaction.

She was breathing rapidly and in short breaths, both of her arms were wrapping around her own body, and she seemed to trying to come to grips with experiencing this foreign-body sensation.

When I looked to where we were being connected, I could see that half of my cock was covered in the condom shine as it was covered with her love juices. It was a very sexy spectacle.

「Are you ready to continue, Tachibana-san?」

「Y-Yea, I think I’m f-fine….! but, Tooru-chi, can I please request two things….?」

What? I tilted my head to the side as if asking the question, I approached closer to Riruna and urged her to continue. I was close enough that her big and soft breasts were pushed against own chest. Wrapping her hands around the nape of my neck and putting her mouth against my ears, she whispered embarrassingly.

「First…. please hold on to my hands tightly… And the other thing is ——— please call me by my name」

「…….! I understand…… Riruna」

I could feel the warmth of her vagina being transmitted to my cock, and I could feel her throbbing heartbeat from her chest. I got close to her bright red earlobes and whispered into them.

In that moment, as if she was really happy, her whole body was shivering.

「…..Tehehe. the truth is since a while back. I’ve always wanted to be called like this」

Kotsun, both our foreheads touched each other.

This is dangerous…… She’s way too cute.

Because there is a gap between her appearance and her gestures, it makes it that much cuter.

Once again, I gently lay her on top of the desk and proceeded to connect both our hands and fingers interlocking them with each other.

「Ah…. this is, nice. I can feel you in the deepest parts of me….!」

She had moist pupils. On top of the desk her side tail and skirt was swaying about.

It was needless to say that my lower half of the body was delirious and was burning up. Perhaps it was the same for Riruna right now.

「Yeah, here I come, Riruna!」

「Nnuwaaa!? Ahh, It’s going so deep inside of mee……..!? Hafuuah HaaaaaaAhhhhh!!?」

I pushed my way through her vagina that was still a little stiff, this body of hers that has never been defiled by anyone was steadily and slowly being pierced by me right through the centre.

Kotsun……. The moment I hit her uterus with the tip of my cock, Riruna’s slender legs curved and slightly raised upwards. She released a strange voice whilst she trembled.

Apparently, just from this stimulation I was giving her, she was already lightly cumming. Way more than I would expect her bodies sensitivity is superb.

Just like this I thoroughly performed my second and third stroke.

「Nnnuu, Hauuuuahh…..Ahnn Ahh!? Hyaaauu…… NNhyaannn!? Fuaaah!?」

「Kuu…….. Riruna, is it painful if I go at this pace?」

「Ehehe, Tooru-chi as expected you are really kind….. But, I-I’m fine therefore….. Just move however you like, don’t worry about me…… okay?」

Even though her eye lashes were faintly wet with tears, she was bravely speaking out. In front of her loveable words, I once again felt a tinge of guilt through my heart. Even though I was deceiving this really good girl and making her have sex with me…… She’s still calling me kind even though I have no qualifications to be called such a thing.

「……That’s not true, Riruna. Please listen to me, the truth is that I am…….!」

「No, it’s fine. If it’s about that…. then I’m also partly to blame…. that’s why…!」


While still being connected all the way to the base, Riruna was smiling. She was smiling brightly like the sun.

「The thing is half way into it, I also realized it…..! The fact that Tooru-chi probably just wanted to do something ecchi with…」

「Then… Why….?!」

Then why did you accept my advances even though it didn’t have any relation with the completion of my Enslavement Magic? When I instinctively asked her this question, she showed me this mischievous smile.

「Aha, even Tooru-chi has things that he doesn’t know…… Then, let me tell you」

Riruna laughed teasingly whilst telling me. As if she was confessing some sort of secret.

「It’s because….. I was also interested in it. Doing it——— With Tooru-chi」

「tsu!!」[1. tsu =  In this context it means: gasp or shock, been refraining from using it but I’ll use it here]

Since the beginning I thought that things have been going according to my pace but this surprise by Riruna indicated otherwise.

It was a total reversal, in a single blow by the Hero.

「No but it wasn’t just that…… The truth is that I felt really nervous and uneasy….. Fighting with Oruto, I wanted to talk one more time….. therefore, just like before when Tooru-chi gave me the courage to act, I wanted to feel that again….. Being held and embraced like this, I wanted you to tell me that everything would be alright…..」

Having been deserted by an existence she believed to be her close partner, she really seemed to have taken a deep hit as a girl.

After coming to this world…. No, since that day I spoke those words to her and she decided to change herself, she’s been gallantly facing forwards and fighting all the way, but now her weakness which she tried to shut in resurfaced when she was betrayed.

If things didn’t turn out the way they did, it was probably the case that not even Riruna herself would have seen this side of her.

「That’s why… I pretended not to notice. Pretended to be deceived…. hehe, how were my acting skills? Today, Tooru-chi found out so many secrets…. about me didn’t he?」

This is the reason why she said it was even? Because we were telling a lie to each other?

So she wanted me to taste her body without feeling guilty….? No she wanted both of us to feel good together? The moment that I understood what Riruna was saying to me…

*snap*, something snapped inside of me.

「Riruna…. Rirunaa!」

「Hyaaaaaahh!? Wa-wait iyaa, don’t move so suddenly……. Eh eh, and it’s even bigger than before…… Nnfuaaaaaaahhhnn Ahh!!?」

The passion and lust burst out from within, this time for sure, the stopper in my body and in my mind had been released. Even more furiously than before I pound her immature vagina with my roaring penis over and over again, rubbing against her and making very lewd noises *zuchu zuchu*.

Blowing away all my worries I just let go and slapped my waist against hers.

「Ahhh amazing, this is badd, hyaaaauuunnn!!? It’s rubbing mee, Tooru-chi’s hard and hot thing is inside of meeee ahhhh!! I feel like I’m losing my mindd!!? 」

My piston movements were being firmly received, raising a sweet moan she was moving her waist to catch my movements and seeing her like this was truly adorable.

*dotsu dotsu dotsu*, every time I drove in my waist the desk would rattle and shake, *Burun Barunn* her huge raw breasts which were semi-naked would bounce up and down in her blouse.

「Nnhyaaauuuu, Hauuuu!!? T-Tooru-chi, is my body…… properly making Tooru-chi feel good!?」

「Yeah, It’s so good Riruna! It’s squeezing the rubber and my cock so firmly, it’s so tight and wet……. every single time I plunge into your vagina meat hole it’s so soft and I feel like I’m melting!」

Just like how flexible and adaptable she is in person, it almost feels like her vagina is changing its shape to suit the shape and needs of my cock, it’s optimizing itself and becoming the highest grade female meat hole.

*Kyun Kyun* her vagina would shrink at random intervals and it provided a random stimulation that was like a hit of spice, it was precisely stimulating my pleasure centers…… there was no way that it wouldn’t feel good.

On the contrary, if I didn’t pay attention I may accidently discharge my load.

「Ha! Fuaahh!! Hann, Afuaahnnn!?  I didn’t think it would feel this goodd, sex is amazingg……. NNohhhh!!? 」

*Guryunn* I was scraping against her erogenous zone, on the inner vagina walls on the opposite side of her stomach, with the tip of my dick. With this Riruna was becoming even more sexually excited as she gasped.

I promptly took hold of her white thighs, and at an angle so that my stroke would hit that exact spot over and over again I began my thrust…….. The difference in our experience was becoming apparent right now.

「Is this the weak point of your gal vagina? Riruna! I’m going to tease and torment this spot so that you will raise a voice of a bitch in heat, zora zora zoraaa!!」

「Hoheee, Auuu Hoooohh!!? N-no waitt, w-wait this is really bad, it’s seriously not gooddd…… Teeeehhhnnnn!!? Nnohh Ahiii ahiiii hiiigiiiiiiuuu~~~~~!!?」

Due to my piston movements, Riruna was being forced to release that disordered and vulgar moan. Along with my waist movements that were piercing into her, she was gathering all of these good feelings and was going to experience an orgasm that she had never felt before.

「Naahh Ahhhhhh!? T-this is, more than before! Something even more amazing than before is comingggg!!? Ahiiiinn Hyaaaahhh!!?」

「That’s good, now just cum for me! I’m also going to cum… with you so! let yourself go Rirunaa!!」

「Tooru-chi, Tooru-chiiii!!? yes, yes let’s do it togetherr!? together with meee, Ahhaaaaaauuuu!! 」

Desperately holding on to my back for support she even used her legs to wrap around my waist, the girl hero experienced an electric current of pleasure running through her body. My free hand was now being used to grope and play around with her huge tits, while my other hand was used to grip on to her ass which was tensing up. All the while I continued to pound my waist against her.

It was at this moment that the pleasures of both the man and the woman being wrapped with each other ——— finally reached its climax.

「Ahh holy I’m cumming, I’m going to cum, I’m cummingg…….. Nnnhaaauu Uuu Haaaaaaauuuuu uuuuwaaaaa~~~~~~~~~!!?」

「Ohhh, Uohhh its tight………..Kuuuuuuuu!! I’m going to let out my sperm Rirunaa!! UUohhh Kuuhaaa!!」

Dobubyuruuu……… Byururuuunn!!

Dopu, Dopupuu……. Byuba, Bupah……. Byukunn!! Byupupuu!!

「H-hott!? Ahh~~~ It’s comingg, all this hot stuff is exploding inside of my stomachh ohhh!!? you’re going byuu byuu and the rubber is expanding too, Nahhhhaaa……. Fuaaaahh…… Ahh…….!」

Riruna had experiencing waves of orgasm over and over again and her cute face was already thoroughly melted. Letting out a large amount of semen into her, my cock was twitching in tandem with the movements of her vagina.

Her energetic side full of curiosity and her lady-like side who was sophisticated and delicate, both of these coexisted and this is what I would describe Riruna’s pure virgin gal vagina feels like.

It definitely felt different to the sexy honor student Kirika, in its own way this had it’s on charm and it felt really comfortable so my ejaculation just didn’t seem to be stopping.

「Kuu……. I’m being squeezed dry…..! Fuu…… have you settled down, Riruna?」

「Eh, ah, yea……. oh gosh, I think I may have lost my consciousness, it felt like I was flying away……. Uuu, this is too amazing, Tooru-chi…..!」

Riruna, who was looking at me with watery eyes, had this look of respect towards me. She was satisfying my pride as a man, it felt quite good.

「Then I’m going to pull it out now, okay?」

「Nnah, yeah…. uwa, it’s sliding out…… auu, t-this feels a little weird…….. Haan!?」

Holding the base of my penis, I slowly pulled it out.

After nimbly removing the pink condom that was covered with her love juices, the condom was fully swelling like a small water balloon as it was filled with my semen.

「Look at this. I let out this much」

「U, uwaah…..! I-is this really all… semen? You’ve let out so much of it…..」

「Yeah, this is all the sperm that Riruna wrung out of me」

「Ah, auu….. l-like I keep telling you, please stop using speaking in that old perverted man style manner….!」

When I shook it in front of her, she turned her eyes away from this used condom which was filled to the brim and her sweat covered face was reacting in a cute way.

「No no, if I was really an old man I wouldn’t be talking like this you know? Let me give you an example———」

I whispered into her ears regarding the details and Riruna’s face turned redder than it’s ever been before, boiling up like a crab her whole body was trembling.

「T-Tooru-chi, that….. do you seriously want me to say that kind of thing?」

「Yeah, well if it is possible」

「Uu~~~~~!!? P-pervertt……….. There’s a pervert over heree….!」

Her eyes were swimming around for a while in various directions as she hesitated, but finally giving in, she had a cramp on her face as she smiled slowly.

「T….this thick fluid is something that my virgin-gina wrung and sucked dry, it is Tooru-chi’s piping hot and passionate semen~nn ♪ Yayy, peaceee♥」

Like some sort of trophy, she was holding up the swelling condom next to her face, using the pink tip of her tongue she licked the condom which was filled to the brim with semen in a lewd manner whilst making a V-sign.

Ohh…… This is perfect, as expected after having sex with a gal, the reaction you want them to show is precisely this!

「———Wh-wha are you making me say, mouuu!! baka baka baka pervvv!!!」[2. mou in this context means good heavens!, goodness gracious! arghh! Baka= silly, fool, idiot, etc]

Hanging her head down in shame she was trying to hide her face as she repeatedly slapped my face lightly.

I was smirking whilst eluding her slaps but before long she was also flinging the condom that was inside of her hand.

「Wait, oi stop, it’s going to spill out! it’s going to land on my face!? 」

「It’s definitely what you deserveee, Tooru-chi! Or more like I hope it gets all over you! Eii eiii……. Ahaa, ahahah!」

「Kuku…….. Fufufu!」

Our sweaty bodies were leaning against each other and due to the strange tension between us we both began to laugh. Having our eyes tear up from the laughter we stared at each other and we suddenly went silent.

Before long, not knowing which one of us took the initiative our lips locked together———.

「Nn…. Ehehe. With this, I am now officially Tooru-chi’s Magical Slave….」

I felt her soft and juicy lips. At long last, I had managed to complete the contract and make the Brave Hero Riruna become my Magical Slave. (Light Novel Illustration: Riruna and Tooru)

「It’s dangerous! Kirika!!」


All of a sudden, something came flying down from the sky, Amelia immediately reacts and shields them with the surface of her shield. A loud explosive sound resounded.

At almost the same time, a similar type of attack pours down around the surrounding area, giving rise to multiple small explosions.

「Owwwiee! What on earth is going on!?」

「Is it a new force of shadow beasts!? But there hasn’t been any of the shadow beasts capable of making an attack like this…!」

The beautiful girls who looked up into the sky all had their breath taken away. In the backlight, there was a shadow of a person who floated with an air of composure.

「That is———!?」

A long, slender and well-proportioned body that looked elegant, it had the shape of a woman but she seemed to be wearing some kind of white body suit. There were many pointy ends to the armor and it seemed to be mechanical and made out of metal parts.

There were also two pair of wings floating on her back, it was like a large sword or some kind of firearm, it was a really large mechanized equipment for battle. Almost like the color of emerald being dissolved, her hair had this inhuman luster, and her long hair was fluttering against the wind. Both of her eyes were covered in some sort of visor and from this thin slit a red light was shining through.

〈Armor Valkyrie VII——— Will now begin operations to exterminate all hostile life forms〉

This Silver War Maiden spoke in a very similar intonation to the way Oruto used to speak.

Nana’s core, which was deep crimson in color, was fitted…. onto her chest area. (Light Novel Illustration: Descent of the War Goddess)



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